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Sex with a sleeping girl
The Sleep Device

A Real Head Ache

I had been playing around with an electronic device that I hoped
would stimulate colors in the visual center of the brain. Unlike the
device I had read about this one was intended to not require wires. I
carefully began tuning the two frequencies involved and began to notice
an minor irritating sensation somewhat between a buzz in my head and the
feeling in my ears when changing altitude. Thinking I might be on to
something I kept tuning trying to increase the "buzz".

The next thing I knew everything was dark and forehead hurt. Looking
over at the lighted numbers on the clock radio showed it was 2AM. It had
only been around 6:30 PM when I had started tuning. Somehow I had
fallen asleep and my head hurt from resting on the hard desk. The buzz
I had felt before was barely detectable and I noticed that the LED on
my device was giving a faint glow barely visible even in the darkened
room. I pulled the nearly dead battery from the device, it had not been
a fresh one anyway, and both the faint buzz and the faint glow of the LED
were gone.

As I sat there I wondered how I could have fallen asleep at the desk
in the middle of working on the device. I had not remembered feeling
sleepy or of forcing myself to try and stay awake. The house was quiet
and I assumed that my parents had noticed that my room was dark and
thought I had gone to bed. Remembering how late it was I considered
going to bed but I wasn't tired and considering how long I had slept
that wasn't surprising.

Finally I switched on the desk lamp. Tossing the battery in the trash I
reached for a fresh one to continue my tinkering. I was on the verge of
plugging it in when it hit me that possibly the device had been
responsible for putting me to sleep. Then I was in a panic wondering if
it had somehow damaged my brain. I calmed down pretty quickly though as
I considered that I felt OK other than where my head had rested on the
desk. I instead started thinking of how I could verify that the device
had put me to sleep without sleeping through next thursday.

Being careful to not make much noise I scrounged into my junk box and
found a spring wound timer I had salvaged from an old microwave oven.
Snip with a wire here and twist with a few wires there and I had
inserted the timer between the battery and my device. A few tests
showed the the timer could be set for 10 seconds and would then open the

Remembering my sore forehead I rested my head on the desk, got comfortable,
set the timer, and then connected the battery. Next thing I knew I was
opening my eyes and the timer was at zero. I reset the timer to 30 seconds
next time, noted the time on the clock, and tried again.

Again the timer was at zero but my clock showed 7 minutes, rather than 30
seconds had passed. It must have taken some time for me to wake up after
the device switched off.

I sat back in my chair and considered what I had learned so far. I was
definitely on to something! No where was there described any device that
could put a person to sleep like I was seeing. The closest thing I had
heard about was the "Russian sleep" device but that required wires to
the person's temples. Visions of fame and fortune from my invention
danced through my head.

Got to be scientific about this I thought. I knew that the device could
put a person to sleep for 10 seconds or several hours. What was the
range? I fancied with the idea that I might be putting the whole
neighborhood to sleep every time I turned on the device but considered
how unlikely that was given the small battery I was using to power it.

Testing the device was going to be difficult if every time I tried an
experiment I fell asleep. I needed to somehow isolate myself from the
device and try it out on an animal of some kind. The device was
electronic so some kind of electrical shield should work. Images of a
test chamber, lab rats, and control panels flashed through my mind but
I soon realized I didn't have the resources to set something like that
up. Perhaps all I really needed was to shield my brain.

My motorbike helmet was on the shelf by the door. Perhaps I could line
it with something to shield me from the device in addition to its normal
function of protecting my brain from the asphalt. I was about the head
off to the kitchen to search for aluminium foil when I considered how I
would explain being up and dressed to my parents.

On further thought I would also need to protect my face. Covering my
face with foil might protect me but not being able to see would only be
slightly better than being asleep. How about wire screen? Radio
stations used wire screen in the walls to block out unwanted signals.
I would drop by the hardware store after school tomorrow and pick up
some copper wire screen.

As for a test subject the neighbors behind us had a dog in their yard.
They were typically gone most of the day and would not notice if fido
(actually they called him Horace) took a nap or two.

With my test plans beginning to form I began working to repackage my
device from the bread board construction I had been using into a more
portable box. The timer went into the new box.

By the time I finished it was "time to get up". I heard my mother
getting up and going downstairs to start breakfast. I showered, got
dressed, and went down to join her. She thought it was a little unusual
that I was up so early but soon put me to work helping her set the

Later it was off to school on my motor bike. You might think it is a
little unusual for a 15 year old to have a motor bike but we live in a
fairly rural area and school was 7 miles away. Also this was no speed
machine that I could use to impress girls and get into an accident with.
At full throttle I have had bicycles pass me. But still it got me to
school with having to peddle myself to death.

School passed in the usual slow boring way that school does and
eventually that bell we were all waiting for rang and the stampede to
exit started. As I was putting on my helmet I remembered that I needed
to get the copper screen at the hardware store. I gazed across the lawn
of the school and noted that it was one of those wonderful spring days
that are wasted being inside a class room. One of the girls was laying
on the lawn, soaking in the sun and my teenage eyes locked onto her and
ignored the sun, the flowers, the birds, and everything else.

She was blond. She was stacked. Her tight blouse and short skirt
displayed her figure and long legs. I should have just gone up and
introduced myself. Sure, I would be tongue tied and she would tell me
to get lost. Instead I stood there fantasizing what it would be like to
reach out and touch that marvelous bod.

Of course I knew that such action would get me a slap and more trouble
when she reported me to the school, her parents, my parents, the police,
the FBI, CIA, and her big boy friend. Maybe after I perfected my device
and made a million dollars ... I drew a sudden intake of breath as I
realized that if my sleep device were on then I actually could touch her
and not only would she not stop me she would never even know I had done

It might actually work but was I the kind of person to take that kind of
advantage of someone? As I sat there thinking of reasons why it was
wrong a red pickup truck pulled up to the curb and honked its horn. The
object of my attention stood up, collected her books, and jogged over to
the truck.

As my eyes followed the bounce of her hair, the bounce of her breasts,
and the firmness of her butt my objections seemed to fade away. I
decided that if I wasn't that kind of person then perhaps I should be.

I went straight to the hardware store and they had exactly what I
needed. I only bought a yard and the guy selling it didn't seem curious
as to what I would use it for. I got more batteries too. Straight home
and I began modifying my helmet. I had a purpose in life and it wasn't
being famous. Maybe later but for now I had a more immediate reason to
get the device perfected.

With snips and a piece of wire to sew the edges together I lined the
inside of my helmet with the screen. A second piece fitted inside the
visor. The visor was tinted and from the outside the screen was not
noticeable. With the helmet on I could easily see through the screen and

Now for the crucial test. With helmet on my head I set the timer for 10
seconds, lay down on the bed in case it didn't work, and flipped the on
switch. I felt a faint "buzz" like I had felt previously but I wasn't
unconscious. I watched the timer count down to zero, ding, and the
power LED wink off. I set it for thirty seconds and began to wiggle the
helmet this way and that and move the device in different directions.
The "buzz" kind of faded in and out but never got strong and I never felt

But maybe the device was not working! I hadn't tested it after
repackaging it into a box. With helmet off I set the timer for 10
seconds and flipped the switch on. I awoke to the sound of my dad
knocking on my door and announcing that it was time for dinner. I felt
fine. In fact I felt more rested than I had before my nap. Maybe this
could replace sleeping pills.

I went down to eat and my folks asked a few questions about this and
that but mostly they talked to each other. Don't get me wrong. They
are good parents and all that. It is just difficult to relate. Here I
am a horny teenage boy and my mother is all straight laced and
saying how bad it is for teenagers to have sex and that 99% of sex is
bad and generally expressing a whole world view at odds with by hormones.
My dad must have been a horny teenager at some point but now he seemed
to accept my mothers views and be more concerned with work and family.

As we ate they talked and my thoughts were divided between planning the
next tests and fantasies about what I could do with the device. The
girl from school featured in those fantasies which was only fair
considering that I came up with the whole idea staring at her.

The key was to test the range. I couldn't make any plans without
knowing that. I couldn't see explaining me peering over the fence with
my motorbike helmet on. I would have to wait until there was no one
around before I could test it on the neighbors dog. My folks would both
be at work tomorrow and I would have an hour to test between getting
home from school and their arrival.

As for now I grabbed a few tissues from the nightstand, lay back on the
bed, and began to masturbate while dreaming about the blond girl from
school and what I could get away with if my device worked as I hoped.
It was a very simple fantasy that involved stripping her naked, running
my hands over all the forbidden places of her body, and then fucking

Later as I was cleaning myself up I began to give my fantasy a little
more thought. Even with the device working I would need some private
place. It would not do to have someone outside the range of my device
be able to see me. And while anyone wondering into range of my device
would be put to sleep too much of that might create too many questions.

And even if I had the ideal location there were other practical
considerations. What about pregnancy? Or VD! I was going to need
condoms and getting those would be difficult. And while I had no
personal experience my limited reading indicated that there would be
little lubrication with her asleep.

No way was I going to try to buy condoms and KY at the drug store in my
town. Maybe I could ride over to the next town sometime. In the
meantime I would have to limit my activities. Thoughts of the remaining
possibilities almost sent me for more tissues but there was homework
waiting. I needed to keep up at school so I would have the free time to
work on the device.

Range Testing

The next day at school went pretty much as all days at school go,
booring! As school let out blondie was not sunning herself on the lawn.
But a few minutes later she come running out and some other girl called
out to her. Turns out here name was Connie. Some how having a name to
go with the face was better.

At home not only were my parents gone but the entire neighborhood seemed
quiet. I grabbed my helmet and the device and went to the backyard to
start my "range testing".

Peering through a hole in the fence I found my first problem. How was I
going to tell if the neighbors dog was being effected by my device if he
was already asleep? I called out his name and banged on the fence.
Horace looked over in my direction and finally got up and began
wondering over in my direction. Making sure the helmet was in place I
set the device for 60 seconds and looked back through the fence.

At about 50 feet horace began to look around as if he were hearing
something. I called his name again and he again began to walk closer.
At 40 feet he suddenly wobbled on his feet, fell over and just lay
there. A few seconds later the timer dinged and I made a note of the
time on my watch.

Horace continued to sleep and 15 minutes later I was getting impatient.
He had been sleeping when I found him. Perhaps he would continue to
sleep for hours regardless of the device. I tossed a rock near him and
the sound of it skittering across the yard brought him awake. After
looking this way and that for about a minute he wandered back to his
original location and lay down to continue his nap.

In spite of Horace not being the ideal subject I had gathered some
useful data. The range seemed to be about 40 feet. I also was now
aware the the subject would just collapse. A standing person could hurt
themselves falling like that. I would have to be careful about the
timing and location for use of the device. It had been a lot simpler in
my fantasy.

The Plan

In a few days I was able to get the general direction that "Connie" went
each day after school. While there was no way I could keep up with her
dad's pickup I could arrange to be at the last place I had seen them and
then follow a little bit farther each day. It also helped that there
were few roads out in that direction. Eventually riding along one of
those roads I spotted that red pickup sitting in front of a house. Out
back there was a barn and a pen with a horse in it.

I kept going until I was out of sight. Then I pulled my motor bike out
of sight of the road and hiked through the woods until I could look down
onto their property. The device was in a daypack along with a few other
items I hoped might come in handy. I sat and watched for about a half
an hour and was just about to give up when mom and dad came out of the
house and headed towards the truck. Connie, now dressed in jeans and
cowboy boots, waited on the porch. While getting in the truck they
yelled back for her to "remember to feed the horse" and that "dinner
was in the fridge".

This was interesting. By all indications Connie was going to be "home
alone". I had expected to have to do more research to find the right
opportunity. Logically caution would be the better choice but my
hormones didn't want to hear that. As the truck drove off down the road
I worked my way around to where I could approach the barn on the
opposite side from the house. There was a small door there and I
entered the barn with my hand ready on the switch to the device just in
case it was occupied.

The barn was empty and I found a location behind some sacks of grain and
settled down to wait. The barn suited me perfectly. It was just the
range of my device. No one would see anything from the outside and
anyone coming in would be knocked out by my device. I found a knot hole
in the wall through which I could see the house and waited.

A little later I saw Connie come out of the house and head over to the
barn. As she entered the barn and I crouched down to avoid being seen.
She busied herself raking the stall, and checking the water.

She exited the stall and went over to a stack of hay bales sitting on
the floor. Grabbing hold of the ties on a bale she began tugging one
away from the rest. This was my opportunity. I twisted the timer over
to the full range activating my device. She promptly collapsed face
down onto the hay bale.

I watched and listened for a few seconds. All was quiet. I walked over
to her all the while ready to bolt out the back door if she stirred.
Nudging her arm produced no response and a firmer shake convinced me
that she was out.

Lifting the arm I was holding along with one knee I was able to turn her
onto her side. It was now or never... I reached out my left hand and
cupped her right breast. All I was really touching was a flannel shirt
with the additional layer of a bra underneath but all I felt was the
delightful soft firmness of the first breast I had ever fondled. Any
doubts I might have had were gone as I explored the shape and feel of
her tit. Trying to find the nipple proved too difficult through the
layers of material so I unbuttoned her shirt. I left it closed across
her chest until the last button was undone. Then, with my heart
pounding from excitement, I slowly drew it open exposing her shoulder,
her bra, and finally her stomach. This time both of my hands went to
her her chest exploring the satiny feeling of her bra.

I really should have been more nervous and if this had been coping
a feel on a date I am sure I would have been. But for all practical
purposes I was alone. She was not going to react one way or another to
what I was doing. The device provided a unique freedom to explore a
female body at my own pace.

I looked over at my device to check the time but only a few minutes had
passed. It somehow seemed longer. Determined to get past the layers of
fabric I worked the shirt off her shoulders and arms. Her bra turned
out to be easier than I expected. Using both hands and being able to
see what I was doing, the clasp was the work of only a moment. As
it opened I took a moment to run my hands over her back and savor all
that bare female skin. I wanted to enjoy all she had to offer.

I pulled a light blanket from my daypack and spread it over the
haybale. I didn't want the rough hay to leave marks on that beautiful
skin. Maneuvering her onto her back, (she was heavier than I expected),
I gazed down at her chest covered only loosely by the bra. Enough of
that! I grabbed both shoulder straps and drew them down and off her arms.
There before me, clearly visible in the light filtering into the barn,
was the first pair of live breasts I had ever seen.

My hands again returned to her tits and this time they met with bare
skin. There was no question of finding her nipples. It would have
been nice if they were hard. I tried rubbing and tweaking them but
between her unconsciosness and the warm weather there was no response.
I finally grabbed the base of her left nipple with my left hand and
rubbed the palm of my right hand back and forth over the tip of the
nipple. There was no response from her but I did manage to get a
throb from my penis which was feeling very confined in my jeans.

Releasing her nipple I quickly unbuckled my pants and pushed them and my
undershorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them. My penis was
has hard as I had ever seen it and throbbing almost painfully.
Knowing I wasn't going to last long I considered what to do for my first
orgasm. Those breasts were sure appealing but then I noticed her
slightly parted lips. Did I dare? Oral sex was supposed to be even
better than fucking according to some stories. Feeling her jaw I
confirmed that it was completely relaxed. I pushed my thumb between
her lips, past her teeth, and poked it around in her mouth. There was
no response and when I withdrew my finger it was slightly wet with her

Sliding her body up I moved her head so the back of her neck was on
the corner of the haybale. As hoped this caused her mouth to open.
Positioning myself behind her I bent forward and allowed the tip of my
dick to rub against her lips. The pre-cum on the tip left a moist
trail. Then I pressed inward between her parted lips. There was a
slight scraping from her teeth. I changed the angle slightly and eased
in farther.

Ideally she should have been licking and sucking but for my first time
just the sight of my cock sliding between her lips was heavenly.
Gradually I slid farther and farther into her warm mouth. At first it
was a little dry so I slid it slightly in and out to spread what
moisture was there around. With everything nice and wet I again
gradually slid in to see how deep I could get. Things began to get a
little tight around the head and then suddenly she jerked under me.

I was out in a flash and stared down to see if she was suddenly coming
awake. A quick look at the timer showed I had 20 minutes left. I
figured I must have pressed deep enough to trigger a gag. Actually it
had felt pretty good so I slid back in and gradually pressed inward
until again I felt her jerk under me as before. This time I pulled
back only slightly. I gave her a few seconds to recover and then pulled
out till only the head was in her mouth and then slid in again.
Again she jerked and I felt a sucking sensation on the end of my penis.

I was getting close. As much as I wanted to I knew I could not cum in
her mouth. She would probably choke to death. Still I had to risk one
more insertion. I grabbed a breast with each hand and again slid into
her waiting mouth. This time when I felt her throat spasm instead of
pulling back I pressed in slightly farther. She thrashed about under me
and I felt that wonderful suction as she involuntarily tried to inhale.
A few seconds of this and then I pulled out, released my hold on her
right tit, and used my hand to aim towards her and pump myself. Still
wet from her mouth the sensation was irresistible.

I shot off and the first stream went all the way to her belly button.
Correcting my aim the second spasm made a diagonal line across her right
breast. Leaning closer I pressed the tip against her nipple and my
third ejaculation spread out and coated her nipple. I continues to pump
as I wound down and slowly drew my penis back leaving a moist trail from
that nipple to her throat. I stood there massaging her left breast as
I slowly jacked the remaining cum into a puddle in the hollow of her

As I stood there gazing at my handy work I realized that jerking off to
some nudie picture was never going to satisfy me again. I walked over
to reset the timer back to 30 minutes. Using a box of wet wipes from
the pack I cleaned myself. Then I wiped her off starting with her
throat and her belly and leaving the breast for last.

As I wiped the last bit of cum off of her breast I had a sudden urge to
see what she would taste like. That was going to be a little difficult
with my helmet on. I tried working her nipple under the bottom edge of
the visor but I could barely reach it with the tip of my tongue.

Remembering that the effect of the device did not seem to wear off
instantly I decided to try an experiment. Keeping my hand on the
control I switched the device off and carefully watched her. She
continued to sleep peacefully. I switched the device on for 5 seconds
and then switched it off again. Keeping my right hand on the control I
reached out and began to fondle her left breast. Still no response so I
tweaked and twisted the nipple. After about 30 seconds of this I heard,
and felt through her chest, her breathing change and she moved slightly.
On went the device. Thirty seconds was not great but it would have to
do. Actually I would limit myself to 20 seconds.

Planning each move ahead of time I switched off the device, removed my
helmet, and leaned over taking her left nipple, the one I hadn't cum
onto, into my mouth. I licked and then sucked the entire pink area
surrounding it into my mouth. With her left nipple in my mouth and
gazing across at the rising peak of her right breast I longed to savor
this moment. But I stopped, replaced my helmet, and again reset the
timer to the full 30 minutes.

I would have to think of some method to allow me to use my mouth without
risk. But for now there were enough other pleasures to keep me busy.
Until this moment the only time I had touched her below the waist had
been to reposition her. This was not from lack of interest but to pace
the experience. Her breasts, along with the bonus of her moist mouth,
had been more than enough to hold my full attention.

Now I reached out and ran my hand across the front of her jeans, down
along her thigh to the knee and then back up the inside. Sliding
between her legs and underneath I grabbed her ass and held it for a
moment before moving my hand back up across here crotch where I allowed
it to lay for a moment. Satisfied with what it felt like to touch a
clothed woman I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. I could see the top
of her panties, not black lace, just white cotton.

Her boots proved to be a problem. I had to straddle each leg and clamp
it between mine while pulling the boot off. The hips of her jeans also
had to be pealed back until they were loose. Hard work but I was not
complaining. I considered leaving her panties on but they started to
slip down with the pants and I was concerned about how much time I would
have anyway. I pulled both off and turned back to the first totally
nude woman I had ever seen in the flesh.

I again allowed my hand to make the same journey, across her stomach,
along her thigh. Up the inside and then under to grab her naked ass.
I quivered with excitement and pulled her thigh against my penis. Then
I drew my hand drew back up and placed the palm against her mound. I
had thought she didn't have much hair there but with my hand I could
feel that there was more than I had thought. The blond hairs were just
not as visible.

Taking her left leg by the knee I moved it to the side opening her up
to me. I did the same to the right and then knelt between her thighs.
It was time to learn more than pictures can show. On a date I would
lucky to get a quick glimpse of her naked body. Now I could not only
look at what I wanted I could touch and explore as I chose.

Spreading the outer lips of her mound I probed and explored. Pulling
them to the side and upwards opened her hole to me. I slid my right
index finger into that hole. It was a little dry but the relaxation
induced by the device made it easier.

Feeling the soft warmth of her cavity I cursed myself for not having
obtained condoms. I couldn't even have a quick try of inserting myself
into her. Sex Ed had taught me that you could get a girl pregnant that
way or catch VD. Besides, I knew that once I started I wouldn't have the
will power to stop.

But a little rubbing on the outside of her sex should be safe. Standing
up and stepping forward I rested the bottom of my cock against her slit
and while holding her hips I thrust forward and rubbed back and forth
against her. Visually it was great but I really wasn't getting much

I reached down and hooked my hands under her knees and then stood.
Raising her legs still farther I brought her knees together trapping my
shaft between them. This increased the sensation and I slid slowly
forward and back varying the pressure by moving her thighs closer and
then farther apart. This was good but a little too dry.

Back to my daypack for lubrication. I hadn't gotten KY but I did have
a bottle of hand lotion. Spreading a generous amount on my penis, oh that
felt good, I wiped the remainder from my hands onto her mound and
thighs. Resuming the previous position I again tried thrusting. With
the added lubrication I could now squeeze her thighs closer together.

This was as close to being inside her as I was going to get until
I could buy some protection. As the sensations built I found myself
taking quicker and harder thrusts. Sound was added to the experience
as each withdrawal produced a squishy sound and each trust ended in
a slap of my skin against her thighs and bottom. Her breasts set up
their own rhythm in response to my motion.

Suddenly my pounding doubled in speed and I was thrusting with such
force that her body started to slide upwards on the blanket. Grabbing
her thighs more tightly I made three final thrusts and felt the fluid
rising inside me. I spurted out onto her belly, paused, jerked back and
thrust with another spurt. I slowly drew back and then thrust forward
with no control to spurt a final smaller jet.

My energy, so violent seconds before, left me and I allowed her legs
to slide down my arms to the floor. Leaning forward I lay on her
wallowing in the sperm on her belly. Her breast pressed against my
shirt so I pulled it up so I could feel them against my skin. I lay
there slowly rubbing my penis against her sloppy stomach as my erection
subsided. It would have been so nice to kiss her but my helmet
prevented that.

At last I roused myself and began using more wipes to clean myself and
then her. I was discovering that the better sex was the messier it

Satiated for the moment I began thinking about how much time I might
have left. There was still 10 minutes on the timer but I reset it
anyway. Kneeling between her legs I again began to explore more out of
curiosity than sex. Her piss hole was obvious but the clit was not.
Without her being aroused there just wasn't enough for me to find it.

Returning to her vagina I again slid my finger in and explored the inner
surface. Curiosity turned to excitement as my erection returned.
Instead of exploring I was now thrusting first one finger and then two
at a time.

I repositioned her so her head was again resting on the edge, her mouth
again invitingly open. Moving back around I slid into that now familiar
warmth. A few short strokes and then I slid in until her breath sucked
and she surged under me. Grabbing a breast with each hand I began a
cycle of sliding in far enough to get a response and then nearly all the
way out.

Having just cum twice I was in no immediate need to cum again so I kept
this up for 5 minutes. I varied the pattern of my thrusts between her
lips. I massaged her breasts and gazed down to her belly, her naked
thighs and her sex. I had left her legs spread so the view was

I was gradually working my way in deeper as I found the best angle
and it was feeling really good. As long as I didn't stay in for more
than a second she no longer gagged very much.

I decided to find out her limit before moving on to something else. I
released her breasts and took hold of her neck and jaw. Holding her
steady I slid in as before but this time I didn't stop. There was an
incredible tightness at the back of her throat and then a sudden easing.
It was amazing! I could see and feel the bulge in her throat. My balls
were now resting against her forehead.

I slid out, watching and feeling the change as I withdrew. After a few
short strokes to give her a chance to recover I slid in again. But this
time I held the position sliding out only a little and then back in to
savor the tightness. I stayed like this for about 15 seconds as she
jerked and sucked under me increasing the sensation.

Placing my fingers on her throat I felt the skin and muscles move as I
slowly and finally pulled back out. This was deep throating and I
definitely liked it. But her breasts still beckoned to me and I wanted
to try that also.

Starting at the right nipple I squirted hand lotion down the inside of
her breast, between, and then up to the left nipple. It oozed down
towards her breast bone. Pulling on her knees I slid her down so her
head was on the blanket. Her legs, still parted, angled down on either
side of me to the floor.

Moving forward I rubbed the bottom of my shaft against her pussy and
then climbed up on the blanket with her. I straddled her chest
spreading my knees until my cock was sitting on the pool of lotion
between her breasts. Taking a breast in each hand I raised and squeezed
them together with my shaft in the middle. She was not really big
enough for this and I made a mental note to someday try this with
someone really endowed. I didn't find huge breasts particularly
attactive but I could see they might have uses.

With my shaft now trapped I began thrusting with my hips. The first few
thrusts spread the lotion but much of it started to run across her ribs.
I grabbed the bottle and applied more to the top of my penis. Holding
her tightly on either side I began a regular thrusting. It was not
quite as good sensation wise as thrusting between her thighs had been
but visually it was great and holding her by her breasts definitely
added to the experience.

I decided to finish this way so I kept up my thrusting, varying the
rhythm and the pressure. I picked up the pace thinking that her breasts
were going to be sore but she would likely blame that "fainting" on top
of the haybale. I was thrusting farther now with the head of my penis
reaching the hollow of her throat. If I had had a free hand I would
have tilted her head up so I could slip between her lips. But letting
go of her breasts would have released the pressure I needed.

Feeling it coming I pulled back so the tip of my dick was locked
between the soft wetness of her breasts. Thus trapped my cum was
restricted and instead of jetting it flowed slowly out. When I could no
longer stand this I thrust forward and my now free penis spurted a jet
onto her neck. Another spurt and then the flow slowed. I continued
to slide forward and back gradually easing the pressure.

I was finally satiated. All those raging teenage hormones were consumed
and I gazed down at here with no sexual desire for her cum covered
body. Climbing off I reset the timer and started to clean myself but
my penis was just too sensitive so I began cleaning her up starting at
her mouth and working my way down.

I finally had to wet the end of the blanket and use it to wipe her off.
I had made a real mess. After cleaning her up I began dressing her
starting with her underwear and pants. Not nearly so much fun as
undressing her had been. Surprisingly the socks were difficult. I
should have put them on before the pants. The boots were as much work
going back on as coming off.

By this time my penis has shriveled and I was able to clean myself up an
put my pants back on. I fondled her breasts one last time and then put
her bra and shirt back on.

With the blanket bunched up against her I rolled her back onto her
stomach as she had been when I started. The blanket, lotion, and wipes
went back into the daypack. As I gazed down at her reclothed body I
compared it to the mental picture of her nude form that I now had in my

Darn if I didn't start to get hard again. In particular her butt
reminded me that she had been on her back the entire time while
undressed. Butt fucking? I unsnapped her jeans and pulled them
down just far enough to see her crack. Releasing my own zipper I rubbed
my cock against her. Yes I would try that but some other time. For now
I pulled up and rezipped her pants.

Moving around I placed my glans between her lips. Grabbing her head I
slid in. The sensation was different. In this position her tongue was
on the bottom. I slid in a few times just savoring the feeling. The
idea of cuming in her mouth was tugging irresistibly at my thoughts.

With her mouth facing down like this maybe it would work. When I came I
would simply point off into her cheek. My sperm would simple run out of
her mouth like saliva. I resumed my thrusting gradually working my way
deeper. Surprisingly in this position her gag reflex caused her to press
forward instead of jerking back.

As practice I tried aiming myself into her left cheek. It was obscene
and exciting to see it bulge with my cock pressed into it from the
inside. Grabbing a handfull of her long blond hair in my left hand I
put my right hand at the back of her neck and pressed inward.

I was past thinking about anything but the sensations and plunging into
her. I slid deeper and deeper until her forehead was pressed against
my stomach and her nose was buried in my the hair above my cock. This
bent her head backwards slightly and it must have allowed her to breath
because I could feel her breath, first cool and then warm as she

Thus assured that she was able to breath I held that position. I
shifted my grip so my right hand was across her neck and my left held
the back of her head with my fingers tangled in her blond hair.
Withdrawing my cock I could feel the ripple of it through the skin of her
throat. Sliding back in the feeling reminded my of jerking off in my
hand but no hand job had ever been this good. I kept up this thrusting
for about a minute savoring both the feeling and the view of her
bouncing hips.

It should have taken quite a while to cum again but the sensation of
being buried in her throat along with the knowledge that I intended to
spurt my load into her mouth was getting me there more quickly than I
expected. I slowed down taking ten seconds to slide in each time in
an attempt to make myself last a little longer. I could now feel a
wetness on my balls as her saliva ran down her chin and onto them.

Seeing that I only had 5 minutes left on the timer I decided to go for
it. Taking a firmer grip on the back of her head I switched from the
slow thrusting to quick jabs, barely withdrawing from her throat before
plunging in to full depth. After about 15 of these quick strokes I felt
myself about to cum.

I reluctantly withdrew from her throat feeling with the hand on her neck
the last bulge of my presence there. Sliding my hand up from her neck I
lightly placed the palm against her right cheek and then angling my cock
slid it into that cheek. I hit the back of her cheek before full
insertion and the teeth were scraping me on one side but it didn't
matter much. I was so close that just that pressure set me off.

For the first time I was cuming inside a woman even if it was her cheek
instead of her cunt or throat. Unlike the previous times I felt no urge
to thrust madly and no violent spurts came forth. Instead I just held
her head and oozed into the waiting cavity of her left cheek. It was
less intense but instead lasted several times longer. I closed my eyes
and just stood there savoring the warmth of her mouth and the gradual

Finally feeling a tiredness in my legs I withdrew from her mouth and let
her head tip down. My cum began to drip from her lips onto the floor of
the barn. I kicked over some loose hay to catch the drips. Resetting
the timer I got the wipes back out and cleaned her mouth inserting one
in and running it around to clean out the remaining sperm. Then I wiped
off my balls, and very carefully, my penis. The front of my pants had
several damp spots but they would dry. The damp hay went into the pile
raked up from the horse stall.

I repositioned her as she had been and zipped myself up.
Taking a slow walk all around I looked for any evidence I had been
there. With a final pat on on her bottom I picked up my pack and the
device and walked to the back door. Seeing no one I exited the
building and walked towards the woods. On entering the trees I switched
off the device and leaned against the tree to look back towards the
house and barn.

About 10 minutes later I observed Connie exit the barn and look around
as if confused. She slowly walked towards the house. Seeing that she
was OK I turned and made my way back to my bike and then home.

It was surprisingly easy to concentrate on my homework that night. And
I slept very well. In the morning I awoke from an erotic dream. It
was much more detailed than any previous dream which was only natural as
my subconscious now had a real experience to draw from.

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