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I woke early the next morning and slid out of bed to make coffee. Tina had to work today and had to be in early so I figured that since I was up I would treat her to a nice breakfast. I had had my first cup of coffee and read the paper when I heard her get up and go into the bathroom. I took a cup of coffee made the way she likes it and walked to the bathroom. I pushed open the door and found her sitting on the toilet. I bent over and gave her a kiss and handed her the coffee. She smiled at me took a sip of coffee and said "I don't know if I will ever get used to the lack of privacy around you. But once I get over the shock I do like it."

I helped her off the toilet and started the shower for her. We both got in and I took my time washing her body, running my soapy hands all over her, lingering on those special spots and then washing her hair for her. We finished without having sex, much to her disappointment. "You don't have time." I told her. "Stay horny all day and I'll take care of you when you get home."

"There won't be enough of you left by the time my slut of a sister gets done with you today." She laughed as I dried her off. With a smack on the ass I sent her to the bedroom to get dressed while I made breakfast.

I slaved over the hot stove making her favorite omelet and toast. She came into the kitchen after getting dressed and sat at the table. I was a little miffed when she turned up her nose at the omelet I put in front of her, she pushed it away and nibbled on the toast and coffee. She could see I was upset and apologized.

"I'm sorry I'm just not hungry. I really don't feel like eating this morning." She explained.

The apology and a kiss was enough to mollify me. I ate the omelet rather than see it go to waste and we talked.

I started the conversation by saying "I'm a little worried about you and Tammy. I mean how are you going to get along when your parents get back. Life is certainly different the last week and a half than it will be when they return."

"I know." she answered "Its something I have been thinking about and talked to Tammy about when you were sleeping yesterday. We love our parents, but they can be really ... stifling at times. So we both need to get out of there. I have to admit that I don't think I ready to face their wrath by moving in here yet. So when I talked to Tammy I suggested she get a job in town and then with both of us working we can afford an apartment, hopefully in this building. I called the office yesterday and the people across the hall are moving out in a couple of weeks. So we would be close to you."

"You know that a couple of weeks ago I never would have considered sharing an apartment with my little sister. That was before you reintroduced me to her and I realized how much I love her and how much she loves me and looks up to me. Anyway, she's going to ask you to take her over to the hospital today to apply for a job. She took some tech courses in high school for nursing and she's hoping she will be able to get a nurses aid job."

"I'd be glad to take her over." I said.
She smiled at me, "I know you would. If she gets the job and because she doesn't have a car. My parents will think it's a good idea for us to share an apartment. They think we don't get along, which we didn't before, so they figure we'll keep each other in line."

"That sounds like a plan. I was considering asking you to move in with me but was hesitating. I guess I was a little scared after going though the shit with my ex-wife, I didn't want to repeat it. But I think I'm over that now. If you want to I'd be happy to have you live with me." I offered

"That's sweet and thank you. I may take you up on that later but one step at a time with my parents. First we let them meet the nice guy who watches out for us, then you can become a friend, then my boyfriend, then my live-in. I don't want them to go into fits all at once." She said "For now I have to go to work. You go back to bed and screw my little sister silly, she loves you almost as much as I do you know."

She gave me a hug and a kiss as she got up and left. I cleaned up the mess I had made and went back to join Tammy in bed. I was ready for a "little lovin" after having showered with Tina.

I crawled back under the sheets and cuddled up next to a naked Tammy. She was warm and as usual ready and willing despite being asleep. As I snuggled up against her back to lay in spoon fashion she wiggled back into me and got comfortable. I draped an arm over her and began to trace slow circles around her nipples. I got an immediate reaction as they stiffened to attention, I continued to tease her tits for a few minuets before moving my hand down to her ass. I loved moving my hand around on her smooth ass and just gently squeezing it. I occasionally let a finger wander to her pussy and I would brush across her lips. Not hard just a little touch. It took only a few of these before she was wet and I could easily slide a finger up and down her slit and finally into her pussy. She gave a little moan as I slipped it in and pushed back on me. I pushed the digit in a little farther and began to slowly stroke it in and out. She responded to my efforts but still had not woke up so I slid it out and placed my dick at her entrance and slowly slid it up and down her slit with my hand until it was juiced up real well. Stopping at her pussy entrance I applied pressure with my hips and slid it into her. That brought a loud groan as she spread her legs to give me better access. Slowly, I started to pump on her. At some point she woke up.

"What a wonderful way to wake up." she breathed heavily.

"I'm glad you like it. I figured since Tina went to work we could have a little time together." I answered.

"I like your ideas." She said as I continued to pump. After a minute or so I pulled out and rolled her over on her belly, I got between her legs and grasped her waist to lift her butt up a bit to give me access as I plunged in again. Now as I pumped on her I reached around and started to run my finger tip very gently over her clit. That brought an immediate reaction as she humped back into me with a vengeance. In seconds I felt her pussy tighten on my dick as her orgasm neared climax and then suddenly I felt her release as the juices flowed out over my cock, down my balls and onto my thighs. I slowed down my pace allowing her to relax and enjoy the euphoria. Once again I pulled out and rolled her over. Now she was on her back and I wanted to get my face down between her legs and munch away.

I love eating pussy. The only two things that beat it are getting a blow job and fucking and depending on my mood not necessarily in that order. So I let my tongue go to work on her. I ran it up and down her slit, getting the juices all worked up. Then flicking her clit with the tip and moving down to lick out her insides as best as I could reach. Times like this I wish I had a 10 inch tongue, just so I could get it all. But instead I have to suffer with the old standard model and do the best I could. My best was apparently good enough as only a minute or so after I started she grabbed my head and shoved it deeper into her pussy, "You're going to make me cum again! I'm cumming!" she shouted and I tasted her sweet juices flooding my mouth.

After I had sucked up all there was to get I crawled up to her face and kissed her, as I did she began to lick her juices off of my face. My dick was still hard as I had not cum yet myself and now it was resting in her slit between her spread legs and it wanted to get in to the warmth and wetness of her pussy again. I started to slide it in when she stopped me. "Do me like you did Tina last night, hard and fast."

I backed off and drew her legs up onto my shoulders before I reentered her and I began to pound with all I had. Now I was ready to blow my load I was so worked up my balls were beginning to ache. So I pounded her with everything I had. I looked down and watched as her tits bounced with each stroke. Then I felt my own orgasm rising and with a final hard shove drove into her as deep as I could go and sent my sperm into her with force. Each spurt brought a little grunt from her. Finally I was done and the last of it dribbled out and I held still while the post orgasmic sensitivity passed. Then I laid down next her and held her in an embrace. As I laid there holding her she whispered into my ear. "I love when you fuck me, I love when you eat me, I love to suck your cock, I love watching you fuck my sister but I especially love feeling you sperm swimming in me. I love you." Then we both fell asleep.

She woke me about 2 hours later, woke me by giving me a blow job. She was sucking me into her mouth and taking me down her throat when she noticed I was awake. She looked up at me and took my dick out of her mouth. "I was wondering how long it would take to wake you. You did so well on me earlier I wanted to just suck you till you cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cum again" then she went back to work rolling my dick around in her mouth and running her tongue up and down it as she swallowed me. Since I had fucked her earlier I knew this would take a while so I relaxed and let her work her tongue and lips around me. It was a very good blowjob and she worked it nonstop until I started to swell even bigger than normal and shot my reduced load into her mouth. She took it and rolled it around in her mouth before swallowing and then went back to work cleaning me up.

We laid together for a while before she spoke again. "I need to ask a favor." She said

"What's that?" I asked

"Could you take me over to the hospital so I can apply for a job. They're hiring nurse's aids and Tina and I talked about it and I want to try to get a job in town." She answered.

"I'd be happy to take you over." I answered. "Besides I talked to Tina this morning and she told me the plan you guys made. So let's get our lazy asses out of bed get showered and get moving." As I said the last I reached down and smacked her hard on the ass.

"OW! That hurt! You shouldn't do that you know." She admonished me.

"Why's that" I asked as I started to get up.

"Cause it makes me horny when you do that." She said with an evil grin.

I stopped and stared at her for a second before I said, "So what would happen if I gave you a spanking?"

"I'd probably cum on your lap" She answered, not losing the grin.

"Well maybe we'll have to try that sometime." I offered as I pulled her to her feet and toward the bathroom.

We showered and dressed with a minimum of fooling around and I took her out job hunting. The first application struck gold. They were indeed hiring at the local hospital and were so eager to hire her that they interviewed, hired and did all the paperwork without letting her out of their sight. They even gave her a check as a sign-on bonus to help her out with uniforms and shoes and such.

She had been in there so long I was beginning to worry and had just about decided to go look for her when I saw her running across the parking lot, waving the check at me. They had put her on the schedule to start the next week, she was so proud and excited. She wanted to go tell Tina immediately so we drove over to see Tina at work. Both girls were jumping around with excitement. They calmed down after a few minutes and I pointed out that we had some work to do and Tina had a few hours more on her shift. I promised to take them to dinner to celebrate and off we went again.

I took Tammy to the bank to open an account so she could cash her check and then to the store where she could get the uniforms she needed as well as those ugly but serviceable shoes that nurses used to wear. She still had a few days before she had to report for her first shift but I wanted to get the stuff done while we could. We finished up and still got home with a couple of hours to spare before Tina got home. I stretched out on the couch to watch some TV and Tammy squeezed in next to me.

She got bored quickly and decided it would be fun to tickle me. Now I am ticklish in a few spots and she managed to find them. I resisted and that started a wrestling match, one she had no hope of winning as I had twice the weight on her. I got her hands behind her back and held them there with my left hand and put her across my lap. Thoughts of our conversation earlier about spanking were in my mind and I decided to see what would happen with a light spanking. So I pulled down her pants and exposed her ass. That did not quite satisfy my desire to dominate so I pushed them down around her knees and administered the first crack with my bare hand. It wasn't hard just enough to sting.

She squealed and I brought my hand down again and again. After 5 whacks I stopped "Are you going to behave now?" I asked.

She was laughing through tears. "Yes, until you let me go." She answered.

"Ok a few more whacks then." I ordered and proceeded to administer 5 more cracks across the ass but this time I wet my hand from a glass of water on the table. I still wasn't putting any force behind it but her butt was definitely getting red. After the fifth crack I stopped and asked again "Are you going to behave now?"

"Yes, yes, I'll behave." She called out still laughing.

"The proper response is, yes master. Say it." I ordered.

"Fuck you." she laughed at me.
"That was not the proper response." I said as I brought my hand down again and again. I put more force behind it this time playing the role out a little farther. I lost count of the number of times I brought my hand down. But soon the laughter stopped to be replace by squeals. About the same time I noticed that she was squirming around on my lap. Finally she began to call out. "Please stop, I'll be good. Please stop...master."

Once I heard the "master" I stopped but did not release her. "Are you going to behave?" I asked.

"Yes master." She replied

"Are you going to do exactly what you're told, when you're told?" I asked

"Yes Master." She answered.

I returned my finger to her pussy and ran it in and out a few more times, a little more slowly this time so she could get some enjoyment out of it. Then I withdrew from her pussy and again put my finger at her asshole. This time she did not tense up. I ran it around her butt hole a little and applied a little pressure, but not enough to go in yet. "Do you want me to do this?" I asked

She looked back over her shoulder at me and shook her head yes. So I applied more pressure and felt my finger slide in. I pushed it into the second knuckle. She pushed her ass back on my hand a little. "So, I guess you like that." I said

"Yes master. I like everything you do to me. I am your bitch, your slut and your slave." She answered. I was surprised. She had taken to this game immediately and enjoyed it. I ran my finger in and out of her ass a few times before letting it slide out all the way. I released her hands.

"Stand up and strip all your clothes off." I ordered. She complied immediately and stood there for me waiting her next order. I rose and went to the spare room closet and retrieved a piece of rope I kept there for when I had to move things in a truck. I cut off about 6 ft and tied the end in a loop so that I now had a piece of rope with a loop in one end and a tail about 4 ft long.

"You were bad today and you will be punished." I said. "You will be the house slave today. You will wear this rope as a sign of your slavery, you will remain naked and you will serve me anyway I demand all day. You will also serve anyone who enters this house in the same way."

Her eyes suddenly got big. "What about strangers?" She asked

"Anyone!" I answered "If you're not careful I will call everyone I know and invite them over, I may even go out and invite people walking down the street in."

"Yes master." She answered.

I draped the rope around her neck. The tail hung down to below her knees and as she stood there I realized how turned on I was. She stood there straight and tall, almost at attention, naked except for the makeshift collar and leash. Then I began to feel a little guilty. "What if she didn't realize this was a game?" I thought to myself.

"Tammy," I said softly, "this is just a game, if you don't want to play all you have to do is say STOP, and we will stop, Ok"

She smiled at me and answered "Ok, I'm having fun so far. I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me. You love me too much."

I stood there and realized she was right. I did love her and her sister. But that did not stop me from having my fun. I went and sat on the couch again leaving her standing in the center of the room.

"Get me a beer bitch." I ordered. She scampered off to the kitchen and returned with a cold one from the frig. "What took so long?" I demanded.

"I'm sorry master. I moved as fast as I could." She answered.

"No excuses, Bend over." I demanded. She bent at the waist and I quickly grabbed the tail of rope and smacked her across the ass with it. She yelped and stood up. "Did I tell you to straighten up."

"No master." She answered

"That's two lashes for disobedience. Now bend over again."

"Yes master." She said as she bent to receive her two lashes across the ass. I gave her two good whacks with the rope, hard enough to show red marks but not raise welts. Then I kept her running around doing various things, dusting, fetching things, whatever I could think of.

Time passed quickly and suddenly Tina came walking in the door. She took in the strange sight of her sister kneeling on the living room floor, naked, with a piece of rope around her neck and just looked at me with a question on her face.

"She was misbehaving so now she is being punished. She is the house slave and will serve anyone who is in the house in anyway they want. If she fails to perform properly or satisfactorily she gets spanked." I explained.

Tina stared at the two of us for a minute, then a smile crossed her face. "You have no idea how long I have waited for this day." She said with a truly evil grin. "How do I get her to do something?'

"Watch." I said "Bitch get Tina a drink." Tammy sprung up from her place on the floor and ran to the kitchen and returned with a cold soda and knelt before her sister with the can held up

"How did you do this." She asked me.

"It's just a game we started playing, mostly by accident." I said.

"Oh I am going to like playing this game!" Tina said as she sat down on the couch with me. "Bitch remove my shoes."

Tammy quickly knelt in front of her sister and took her shoes off for her.

"Oh this is good!" Tina said with relish. "What can I have her do? I mean what do I really want my little sister to do to get even for all the shit she caused me over all these years? I know. A bath would feel really good after a long day at work. Bitch, draw a hot bath."

"Yes master." Tammy said as she began to run to the bathroom.

"Wrong!" I said and she froze in place. "I am Master I am a man. Tina is a woman and she is Mistress. Three lashes. Bend over."

Tammy looked at me and bent over without hesitating. "You are the one she insulted do you want to punish her or should I."

"You mean I can spank her on the ass?" Tina asked

"No she gets lashes with the rope for that one." I corrected

Tina walked over to Tammy and took the end of the rope. "How hard do I do it."

"Hard enough so she feels it but not hard enough to really hurt her." I said.

With that Tina swung the rope three times in rapid succession. She smacked her harder than I had, hard enough to get a yelp from Tammy. Then she stopped and looked at me with a question. I walked over and inspected the marks. She had raised minor welts. I stuck my hand between Tammy's legs and checked her pussy. Wet as ever. I looked at Tina and told her. "Check her out she loves this see how wet she is." Tina reached out and put her hand to her sister's pussy.

Tina Exclaimed "My God, she's dripping. You're right she loves it! Go draw my bath Bitch."

Tammy scampered to the bathroom and we heard the water start to run into the tub. Tina stood there staring into the direction of the bathroom with a look of incredibility on her face. "I can't believe how much she seems to get off on this." She finally said. "I don't know if I could do what she's doing."

"You don't have to." I answered. "It's a game. She knows it and when she gets tired of it or doesn't want to play anymore she will say "Stop" and we will stop. Those are the rules we set."

"After being smacked around by that asshole I used to live with, I don't know if I could play the part." She said to me.

"You don't have to unless you want to but keep in mind there is a difference between an asshole beating a woman and a love tap. You don't mind when I give you a smack on the ass. You usually smile at me or giggle." I pointed out.

"Yeah, that's different, you're playing and doing it with love and I trust you." She stopped at that and stared at me it was as though a light had gone on. "That's why she likes it so much she knows you're playing and doing it out of love. Right?"

"You'd have to ask her but I think you're right." I answered.

Right about then Tammy came out of the bathroom, "Mistress your bath is ready." She said. Tina looked at me and smiled, then turned and headed for the bathroom. She ordered Tammy to undress her and I watched as Tammy removed her clothing one piece at a time. Tina stepped into the tub to test the water, she let her foot set all the way in and turned to her sister. "It's acceptable but next time, make it hotter."

"Yes Mistress." Tammy replied.
Tina got all the way in and sat down and I watched as Tammy kneeled by the side of the tub and began to wash her sister's naked body. It wasn't long before Tina's eyes began to go half closed as she enjoyed the attention her body was receiving. Tammy first ran the wash cloth over her back slowly and gently she used the hot wet cloth to massage her sisters back and shoulders then she moved around to her chest. "Make sure you pay special attention to her nipples" I ordered. Tammy did. She gently ran the cloth over her sister's tits and around her nipples slowly massaging each one till it reached its full erect state. Then she moved down to rub her legs down. She ran her hands up and down each leg with gentleness and when she had finished that she started to wipe off her pussy. ""I want that clean enough to eat off of." I ordered. Tammy looked back at me and without hesitation said "Yes master." Then returned her attention to her sister's pussy. Very carefully washing it. Sliding her hand and the washcloth up and down her sister's slit and as Tinaautomatically spread her legs, up into her hole.

It was only a few strokes like this before Tina opened her eyes and spread her legs farther apart and ordered her sister, "Pleasure me bitch."

Tammy then went to work finger fucking her sister. She inserted two fingers in her pussy and began to pump them as her thumb rested on her clit and massaged it. While her hand worked her sister's pussy she bent over and took a nipple in her mouth and began to suck it in. She massaged her sister's pussy and sucked her tit until Tina gave a shudder and a moan in her orgasm. She let out a breathy "Enough." That told Tammy to stop.

As she came down from her sexual high she looked at her sister and said "You did that well slave. We will have to find a way to reward you. What reward would you like."

Tammy beamed with pride and happiness. "Whatever the Mistress thinks best." She answered.

Tina rose to get out of the tub. "Dry me while I consider this" She said.

Both girls, it seemed were getting into the game and enjoying it. As Tammy dried her sister with the towel Tina considered, finally she offered "Perhaps we will allow you to have the pleasure of being fucked by the master. Is that a good enough reward."

"Yes Mistress that would be wonderful. Could he fuck my ass Mistress is that too much reward?" Tammy answered.

We both stared at her for a second before Tina answered. "I suppose that that is OK. But you will have to be prepared for it. I think we will wait till after dinner to reward you."

"Thank you Mistress." Tammy answered.

"I was going to take us out to dinner to celebrate Tammy's new job. So why don't we suspend the game until we get home?" I offered.

Both girls looked disappointed. "You don't want to go out in public with a rope around your neck do you." I asked.

"No, I guess not." Tammy answered.

"Don't worry as soon as we get home we can start the game again. Pick up where we left off and if you're really good I might have a surprise for you." I offered. "Now since this is your celebration where would you like to go.

She gave me a hug and a kiss and choose to go to a pizza place that was located in the local mall. A place where her friends hung out. I suspected that it was as much to show off to her friends as anything else. But I agreed.

The girls dressed and I waited. It did not take them long to get ready and soon we were off. As I suspected there were a bunch of Tina's friends at the pizza place and she made a show of tucking her arm into mine and saying hello to everyone she knew and when we were seated she sat so close to me that she was practically in my lap. She hung all over me while we waited for our dinner and while we ate. Tina watched the show with humor and allowed her sister to monopolize me because she knew what she was up to, showing off to her friends.

When we finished dinner I sent the girls shopping saying that I had to go see if I could get the surprise I had planned. They headed off to browse the mall while I went in the other direction. I knew exactly where I was headed. I entered the shop I had been looking for and picked up the two items I wanted. Then as an after thought I decided to get two of each, incase Tina felt as though she wanted to play. I paid for my purchase then went to the card shop to get a gift box and have it wrapped before I met the girls at our arranged place and time.

They were standing there waiting for me. Their eyes immediately went to the bag I was carrying, trying to see through it with X-ray vision or something. I offered to take them for ice cream or walk around or whatever and they both told me they wanted to get home, as they took my arms and began pulling me toward the door.

Once we got home, barely in the door, Tammy began to strip off her clothes and start "playing" again. She got her clothes off and was going for the rope loop she had been wearing when I stopped her. "Here open your present first." I offered. She took the package and ripped the paper off and opened the box. The look on her face was precious, first puzzlement then disappointment then with the dawn of understanding, delight and laughter. Tina looked at her in bewilderment as she demanded "let me see!"

Tammy held up her gift. It was a black leather dog collar and light chain leash. The collar was one of those studded ones with the spikes. The leash was the light chain ones they sell for small dogs, with black leather handle. Tammy started jumping around asking me to put it on her. She knew what it was for without my having to explain it. I snapped the collar in place and hooked the leash onto it. The length was perfect and it looked exceeding sexy on her. Her naked body standing there with the collar and the leash hanging down between her tits. I got an instant hard on. She stood there and looked at me for a minute before she went to her knees and said "Thank You master for my gift. It is much nicer than my old collar."

Tina stood there looking at her and then at me. "I think I'm jealous." She said.

"Do you want to play too?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think I want to try. So long as I can stop when I want." She answered.

"If you want to not play anymore all you have to do is say STOP." Tammy told her acting like the old pro.

At that point I handed Tina the other package. She looked at me then at the package. "You knew I would want to play also didn't you." She said.

Tina wasted no time in opening her package and trying on her matching collar and leash. She immediately went to her knees and looked me in the eyes. "Train me gently." She said.

I bent down and gave her a gentle kiss "always." I answered before giving a similar kiss to Tammy.

Tammy accepted the kiss and returned it then asked "Can I have my reward now?"

I looked down at both of them and said, "Ok, Bitch go to the bedroom. Tina get the lube and meet us there."

I grabbed a drink from the frig and headed to the bedroom to find Tammy on the bed on all fours and Tina standing there holding a tube of K-Y. "Ok Tinalube her up and get her ready." I watched as Tina squeezed out some lube onto her sisters asshole and rubbed it in a little. "Make sure you get some inside." I ordered.

Tina looked at me and then slid a finger into her sister's ass. Tammy pushed back onto her sister's finger and began to work herself on it. "It looks like she likes it master." Tina offered with a smile.

"Yes it does, now stretch her out a little so I don't hurt her. Add another finger when she's ready." I said. Tina worked her finger in and out of her sister and pulled sideways occasionally before pulling her finger from her sister and adding more lube she inserted two fingers. That brought a groan from Tammy and she began fucking herself on her sisters fingers. Watching this got me really horny. Two beautiful girls, wearing studded collars and leashes, one finger fucking the others ass. I dropped my pants and underwear and peeled my shirt. I wanted some of this but I was having fun watching and gently stroking my dick..

I looked at Tina and found that while she had two fingers from her right hand buried in her sister's asshole she had her left hand buried in her own pussy. That was about all I could take as I moved to the bed and told Tina. "Ok my turn now. Give me some lube." She squirted a little lube on her hand and rubbed it into my dick. I positioned myself and aimed my cock at Tammy's asshole. It was stretched out from her sister's fingering and as I place the head of my cock against it I pushed. I slid right in and Tammy grunted. I waited a minute and began to slowly apply pressure. It wasn't long before I was buried to the hilt in Tammy's back door. I started to pump, slowly at first, then faster. "How do you like being ass fucked?" I asked her

"Just keep pumping and shut up." She said.

I smacked her hard on the ass and said "Is that anyway to talk to your master?"

"I'm sorry master, I won't do it again. Please keep fucking my ass." She grunted out between strokes.

Tina had crawled up onto the bed to join us. She was sitting next to me watching my cock plunge in and out of her sister's asshole as she played with herself. "Do you like watching this?" I asked Tina. She responded by nodding her head yes and not taking her eyes off of the sight inches away from her. It was not much longer before I knew I was getting close to cumming. So I sped up my strokes, then I felt the familiar feeling. I jammed myself as deep into her ass as I could go and let my seed pump into her colon. The sensation of my hot cum flooding her sent her over the edge and she shuddered beneath me and her pussy began leaking juices as she orgasamed.

I looked over at Tina as my vision cleared and found that she had her eyes closed and was ramming her fingers into her pussy as she too shuddered to orgasm. I stayed there holding my dick into Tammy's ass while I slowly softened. Finally in shrunk enough to plop out and I collapsed on the bed. Tammy fell next to me and we both laid there. It was a minute or two later that I realized that somebody was washing me with a hot rag. I opened my eyes and found Tina cleaning me up and then as she finished she wiped her sister's ass with the rag. She disappeared again and returned crawling in bed with us and lying on my other side. She reached out and hugged me then gave me a kiss.

We laid there recovering for a minute before I said, "Well Tammy, how did you like it. The first time you were ass fucked, how was it."

She hesitated for a minute. "I liked it, it was fun and different and felt neat. But honestly I like having your dick in my pussy better. So if you ever want to you can do my ass but I really like feeling you cum in my pussy."

Tina chimed in. "It must run in the family because that's the way I feel about it. It's Ok and once in a while I want it but mostly I would rather be pussy fucked. I have to admit that watching you get it up the ass was a real turn on though."

"You were watching, how close were you?" Tammy asked.

"If she were any closer her nose would have gotten in the way" I teased .
We laid there teasing joking, stroking and talking for a while, before I decided to have some fun. "Come on slaves, time to get your lazy asses out of bed." I announced. I got up and took hold of both leashes and led them into the living room. I lounged on the couch and had each of them sit on the floor in front of me. We played the rest of the evening. I put the TV on and had them turning the channel. Adjusting the sound, fetching me things from the kitchen and sucking my cock as I felt like it. As the evening wore on I was getting tired and I could tell the girls were also so I called a halt to the game and removed the collars.

We all headed for the bedroom and crawled in under the sheets. I laid down with one girl on each side of me and my arms around them as they rested their heads on my chest. Each leaned up and gave me a goodnight kiss before giving each other a kiss and we all drifted off to sleep. None of us had to be up particularly early the next day so we didn't set the alarm.

I woke the next morning to find myself alone in the bed. I looked around and found neither girl in the bedroom so I headed for the bathroom to take care of morning needs. When I was through I went to the kitchen to get some coffee. I found the coffee made and the sisters sitting at my table each with a cup of coffee wearing nothing but the collars I took off them the previous night.

They looked at me and in unison said "Good morning Master." Then sprang up and got my coffee for me. Tina brought me the morning paper while Tammy pulled out the chair for me to seat me. "Would the Master care for breakfast?" Tina asked.

I smiled "Just toast with butter and jelly." I answered. I thought to myself "I guess they like the game we played last night."

Tina fixed my toast for me while I read the paper, Tammy kneeled next to me ready for my command. I finished the paper, the coffee and the toast. Both girls were kneeling next to me now, naked except for the collars and leashes. It was still early and I was sitting here looking at these two naked women while my cock was at full attention. "What to do next?" ran through my head. What else, get laid.

"Tammy, stand up. Lean over the table." I ordered and as she complied I stepped behind her and put my dick at the entrance to her pussy. I gave it a shove and buried myself into her. She groaned in response as I began to pump on her. I did not fuck her for long before I drew my dick out and turned to Tina. "Suck me clean bitch." I ordered. She immediately took me in her mouth and swallowed my length then sucked on me as she moved her head back until I plopped out of her mouth with a pop. She opened her mouth to go back for seconds but I turned away and plunged back into her sister's pussy. I repeated this rhythm for a few minutes before ordering Tina to the Table and Tammy to her knees. I was getting close to blowing my load now and wanted to put it into Tina. I let Tammy suck me off twice before I entered Tina for the last time and began to pump in earnest. It was only a few strokes before I let my seed loose into her. I pushed in as far as I could go while I drained myself. I held inside her till I softened and as I slid out of her I stepped back. "Clean my cum from your sister I ordered Tammy."

Tammy jumped forward and immediately stuck her face into her sister's pussy and began to lick and suck as much of my cum as she could get from it. She worked that sweet patch for a few minutes before we heard the whimpers from Tina. She was going to add her own cum to mine for her sister. This spurred Tammy on to greater efforts and in no time at all Tina was sprawled out over the kitchen table in orgasm while her sister lapped up our combined juices. As Tina's orgasm came to its conclusion Tammy licked more slowly helping her sister down and back to reality. I stood there watching her eat her sister out with my dick dripping onto the floor and could feel the beginnings of another erection starting.

"Slaves, I want to shower. You will bathe me." I ordered as I turned and walked to the bathroom. They rushed past me and were waiting for me in the bathroom. Tammy was starting the water running and Tina stood waiting to help me into the shower. I stepped in and both girls joined me and began washing my body. I allowed them to work on me. Running their soapy hands over my arms, my back, my chest and moving down to wash my legs. While they were on their knees I figured I would get my erection fully ready again as I had a desire to fuck Tammy now since I had done her sister already. "Bitch, suck my cock. Make it hard again." I demanded as I turned to put it into Tina's mouth.

She immediately sucked it in and began to work me toward another hardon. I ordered Tammy to stand up where I could reach her tits with my mouth. I sucked first one then the other into my mouth and played with her nipples with my tongue. She gave out little mews as I sucked and I knew she was enjoying the attention. Tina's work on my dick had had the desired effect and I now had a raging hardon again. I took my mouth from Tammy's tit and told them the shower was done as I stepped out they turned off the water and each girl grabbed a towel and began to dry me.

I had a plan formulating in my mind and I put it into action as they finished. "Tammy, you did a poor job of drying. You must be punished." I said. Her eyes lit up a little as she answered me "Yes Master."

"Tina, go get the wooden ruler from my desk drawer and bring it to the bedroom. Tammy, go to the bedroom." Both girls scurried to obey. Tina met me in the bedroom holding the ruler looking a little apprehensive while Tammy stood there with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. Now I was sure that Tammy enjoyed the punishments. I had thought so before but now I could see I was right.

"Tammy bend over the bed and prepare to be punished." I ordered. She was bent over with her ass sticking out even before I could finish. I took the ruler from Tina and pulled back. CRACK. I came down on Tammy's ass cheek. CRACK. Again. Each stroke brought a little whimper from her. I gave her five strokes total and moved to the side to check on her. There were tears running down her face and I began to feel ashamed of myself for abusing her when she smiled at me and I noticed the lust in her eyes.

"I think I deserve more, Master. I am a bad girl. I need to learn to serve my master properly." She said to me.

I looked at Tina who just smiled and shook her head in disbelief. I moved back to her rear and administered five more swats. By now her ass was cherry red and a quick glance I could see that her pussy was dripping wet. Literally dripping juice. I was still sporting the hardon that Tina had sucked me to and I wanted to use it. I stepped behind Tammy and in one quick motion I plunged into her and began to pump my meat back and forth. She grunted with each thrust. I glanced over at Tina and noticed she was playing with herself while she watched me fuck her sister from behind.

"Did I give you permission to pleasure yourself bitch?" I asked her.

"No Master." She answered.

"Bend over next to your sister." I demanded.

She hesitated for a second then complied. I brought the ruler down on her ass, not as hard as I had Tammy but with a definite crack. She jumped a little and I brought it down twice more. Each time pausing long enough for her to stop the game. But she didn't, she took it. I pulled out of Tammy and stepped behind Tina and once again pushed my dick into her pussy. She was hot! The inside of her pussy was hot, she got turned on it seemed by the spanking. I fucked her for a minute before switching back to her sister. Once I had gone back to sticking my dick into Tammy, Tina began to stand up.

"Stay down bitch, I'm not done with you." I ordered

"Yes Master" and she resumed the position. I kept this up for a few minutes, switching back and forth between the girls. Fucking first on then the other as both stayed bent over the bed. As I entered Tina again I figured I would let her get off so I reached around and began to play with her clit while I fucked her. As usual that brought her to an almost instant orgasm. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and the gush of warm wetness engulf me and begin to leak out and run over my balls. I slowed down a little and let her come down before I pulled out. I still wasn't done yet or done with Tammy either. I picked up the ruler and used it on Tammy again. Not as hard as before but enough to sting, I brought it down.

Having now spanked her with the ruler until her ass was cherry red I plunged in for a good fuck. I talked to her as I rammed my dick into her pussy. "Have you learned your lesson slave?"

"Yes Master." She answered.

"Will you perform poorly again?"

"I am so bad master that I probably will and you will have to punish me again."

"Do you want to be punished again Bitch?" I asked

"I deserve to be punished master. It feels so good to be shown the correct way to behave. You may punish me anytime master." She answered.

I knew she liked the spankings. Now we all knew it. I brought the ruler down on her ass as I fucked her. With each stroke of the ruler her pussy clamped down on my dick and squeezed it. After about the fifth stroke of the ruler she clamped down on me and let out a combination of groan and scream as she came. I pulled out immediately and she came so hard that it was running out of her pussy under pressure. She had cum like this before but never in this position where Tina and I could watch her ejaculate. As she finished her orgasm she collapsed on the bed and laid there. I got in behind her again and let my meat slide into her slowly, gently I fucked her and then my own orgasm began to build, my balls began to tingle and I felt the rush of cum down my cock and spurt into Tammy's waiting womb, my seed flowed.

"Thank you Master. That was wonderful punishment." She purred as I collapsed next to her. I motioned for Tina to join us and she crawled into bed and lay on my other side. I removed first her collar and then her sisters.

"Game's over for now." I said "Tina has to go to work in a couple of hours and needs to get ready and you have to go to orientation at the hospital."

"I don't want it to be over. I have fun playing the game." Tammy pouted.

"Do you like when I spank you?"

"Well it hurts but it's kind of fun, and it definitely gets me wet." She responded with a huge grin.

"You're sister is a pervert." I said to Tina.
"I've been telling you she's a slut. But nobody was listening." Tina laughed in answer while Tammy just laid there with a huge grin on her face. I hugged them both to me and we lay together talking and teasing until Tina decided it was time to get ready for work. She made Tammy get up and get dressed so she could drop her off at her orientation on her way to work. I got up and walked to the living room without bothering to get dressed. Nudity had become the norm around here anyway. I lounged on the couch with the TV on until the girls kissed me goodbye. Each of them leaned over and gave me a tender kiss on the lips then each kissed my dick before they left.

I had some planning to do tomorrow would be the last full day I would have both girls staying with me. After that they would be heading home to arrive and get things settled in a few hours before their parents were to return from their church retreat. I wanted to do something special with them but couldn't decide what.

I spent the rest of the day wracking my brain for an idea of how to make the next day special for the girls, since it was to be the last full day we had together before their parents returned from the church retreat they had been to for the last two weeks. Unfortunately I was drawing a blank. So I set about making dinner for that evening for the three of us. Homemade spaghetti sauce with meatballs and garlic bread. One of the few things I could make well. I put plans for the next day on the back burner and figured I would bring it up with them over dinner to see what they wanted to do.

I had dinner ready when they walked through the door that evening. Tina had picked up Tammy from the orientation session she had for her new job and they arrived hungry and tired from a day of work. I had them both sit in the living room and poured them each a glass of wine with orders to put their feet up and relax for a few minutes while I finished getting dinner on the table. A few minutes later I announced dinner and we all sat down to a simple dinner and conversation.

Tammy was excited by the prospect of starting her first job but a little overwhelmed by the paperwork. She had brought most of it home with her to ask my assistance in filling it out. I agreed that after dinner we would go over it. Tina was quiet throughout the meal. I sensed that she was a little upset at having our little short term live in end so soon and allowed her to brood in silence. I had, after all, given her the option of moving in if she choose but she had felt it was too soon to inflict her parents on me all at once.

We all enjoyed our dinner and conversation and as we were finishing I brought up the subject of the next day with them. "I spent most of the day trying to figure out what we could do tomorrow. I figured that since it is the last day we would have together, I would like to do something special for you girls but I don't know what."

Tina and Tammy looked at each other from across the table and Tina said, "We were talking about it on the way home and we want to do something for you. You have done so much for us the last two weeks and we want to thank you."

"What are you talking about? All I did was take us all to the shore for a couple of days and buy you some clothes. No big deal. It's not like I flew you to the French Riviera or anything. Besides I got a lot out of it too. I was able to have sex with two beautiful women and a couple of other pretty nice ones too."

Tina looked at Tammy again and answered me, "It's not just that. We really did enjoy it, the clothes, the people, going out, the beach, and the sex. You may not realize what you did for us. You brought us together. You forced me to get to know my sister and realize how much I do love her. You showed me that there is love and there is lust and that there is a difference."

Tammy chimed in. "For me you showed me that my sister wasn't somebody to be jealous of that she was someone I could be happy for when she was happy, that I could help her be happy instead of trying to ruin her day for the hell of it. You showed me that there is a world out there and that my life did not have to include a bunch of hypocrites pretending to be pious. God I hated that, all those assholes preaching and then running around behind everybody's back. But most of all you made a woman of me and did it with love instead of in the back seat of a car. No wham bang thank you ma'am. You cared. I don't think I will ever meet anyone that I would more want to give my virginity to. I've had a lot of boys and men want it and try to convince me to give it up but you were the one."

"You see. As far as we're concerned you are a very special man. Besides the fact that you are great in bed and can even satisfy both of us at the same time. You have showed us more in the last couple of weeks than anybody else ever has. But like you we could not think of anything special enough for you."

I looked at both of them and decided that we had a pretty good thing going and I was very lucky. "Well how about if we just hang out here tonight, relax, maybe rent a movie and we will deal with tomorrow when it comes."

Tina smiled and offered, "That sounds like a plan. So I will clean up the mess you made making this dinner and you and Tammy go to the video store and pick out a movie or two for us. On the way back stop at the grocery and get us some munchies."

With those instructions Tammy and I headed out. Now the only video store around was in the local shopping mall, so as we entered it was no great surprise that one of Tammy's friends from school was behind the counter. I went to browse the selection while Tammy caught up with her friend. I picked out a new release that I had not seen and another that I thought the girls would like and I approached the check out counter. Tammy approved of my choices and I handed them over to her friend who bagged my selections and handed the bag to Tammy. I glanced at the bag and thought it looked larger than it should have for two tapes but decided that maybe they were both two reelers and dropped the thought as I paid for our selections. Next we hit the grocery and picked up movie necessities, popcorn, chips, dip etc. Then on to home, Tina had the kitchen clean when we arrived and was just finishing loading the dishwasher. I was ordered to go change into comfortable clothes, which to Tina meant my running shorts and a T shirt while she and Tammy reviewed my movie selections. While I was getting changed Tammy came into the bedroom and started to undress. Once she was down to her underwear she asked my help with her bra. She dropped that and slid out of her panties before she turned and gave me a hug and a kiss. I reached up to grab a handful of tit and she melted into my embrace as readily as always but them broke it off and said "Later." Then she put on the oversized T shirt she used for lounging around in and occasionally sleeping in, when we left it on that is.

We moved into the living room where Tina was setting up the tape. "Tammy, would you do the popcorn while I get changed?" she asked and she headed for the bedroom to return in her oversized T shirt. Tammy joined us with a big bowl of popcorn and I found myself quite comfortably on the couch with a sister on each side leaning against me. I once again pondered on how lucky I was, to have these two beautiful women who both apparently were in love with me and treated me like a king. Whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted they never denied me anything. I had gotten used to having them both around all the time and knew it was going to be lonely around here once they went back home, at least until they got there plan in motion and moved in across the hall.

The next two hours drifted by, we watched the movie and ate our popcorn and cuddled on the couch. It was a quite and comfortable evening. The movie finished and we all got up and took our turns in the bathroom, being a gentleman I let the girls go first and took last place in line. When I finished and came out Tina was calling at me to hurry up that the next movie was starting. I remember thinking that they must have decided to watch both films in one sitting so I moved back to my space on the couch and sat down.

The movie had started and I watched about 30 seconds and realized it was not one I had chosen. "They gave me the wrong movie." I exclaimed.

"Really, well the stores closed now so we might as well watch it." Tammy offered.

I settled back and started to watch the movie, feeling a little disgruntled at not getting what I paid for. I had no idea what we were watching but soon realized what it was as I saw a woman on the screen answer her door to find an appliance repairman and in 60 seconds flat she had his dick out and she was sucking him off on the screen. They had given me a porno film!

Now keep in mind that this was in the mid 80's( I may have forgotten to write this in first chapter), VCR's were new and the adult film industry was still kept under the counter at the few video stores that there were and even the stores that had adult films under the counter did not admit to it unless you were a regular customer. So I was a little shocked and apprehensive. Would my girls get offended or think it gross. I doubted it as we had all experienced group sex only a few days before and they were not in the least inhibited around me. But still, this was the kind of film you showed at a bachelor party, or at a boy's night out poker game. Not with your girlfriend(s) sitting next to you. I carefully watched Tina and Tammy for reaction. What would they think? How would they react?

What I noticed was that they watched it as they would any other film and I started to relax a little. I glanced over at Tina and saw that her half inch nipples were standing straight out at attention as the blonde on screen deep throated the appliance repair man's dick.

"I thought all the guys in these movies were supposed to be well hung?" Tina asked. "That guy is nothing special, he's not even as big as you."
Talk about a way to inflate a guy's ego! We watched more as they guy laid the woman over the back of the couch and started pounding her then as the paperboy walked through the open door and offered his dick to her mouth as she was fucked from behind. I glanced over at Tammy and saw that she had her hand in her crotch under her T shirt, nothing new there she was about the horniest girl I had ever met. Then at Tina, she was absently rubbing her tit while she watched. I had grown a wicked hardon with all the sex going on, both on the screen and sitting on either side of me. I figured, "what the hell" and reached my hand into my shorts to stroke myself a little. Before I could get to my target, Tina grabbed my hand. "Save it for us later." She said with a smile on her face.

So I sat for a while longer and watched as the blond finished with the appliance guy and the paperboy and her friend came to visit, a redhead with huge tits and before long the blond was sucking the redhead's tits and then her pussy when some guy enters the scene and both women jump him and practically rape him. "I know how that guy feels." I quipped. That brought a giggle from both girls.

By this time Tammy had her T shirt up around her waist and was working her pussy full force and Tina had her own fingers busy. "This is not fair." I complained. Both of you are playing with yourselves and I can't get any relief. They both looked at me and I watched as evil grins spread across their faces. Then to tease me further they took their hands from their pussies and offered their pussy soaked fingers to each other. Not I was starting to get desperate.

Here I sat with my two women on either side of me, watching a porn movie while they openly played with themselves and then licked their juices from each others fingers. My dick was straining to come out of the waistband of my shorts and I was beginning to feel some real pain. Then they made it worse. After they finished cleaning each others fingers off they sat up and pulled their T shirts off and laid down against me. Now I had two naked women leaning against me, watching a porn movie while they openly played with themselves and then licked their juices from each others fingers.

Well now I at least had access to their bodies and could tease them a little while they watched me suffer. I let a hand roam over each of their bodies lingering on their tits and then moving to their pussies to tease them. So now I was brining them to the state they had me in. We watched the movie like this as the blond took on another guy who may have been her husband home for lunch then went shopping and got fucked in the dressing room at a store in the mall. About the time this happened I let my fingers slide into the girl's pussies. Tammy broke first, she had the least self control where sex was involved.

"I can't stand it any more." She said as she pulled the waistband to my shorts down and exposed my cock. Without pause she immediately dropped her mouth down on me and began to suck me off.

Now since I was getting some attention I drove three fingers into Tina and she moaned in appreciation. Both girls were as hot as I was and it took only a minute of finger fucking before Tina's pussy clenched down on me hand as she orgasamed. Tammy was going to town sucking me off but she was being careful to not let me cum and I soon knew why. She came up for air and kissed me, passionately, then leaned over and kissed his sister before she swung her leg over me and straddled my dick. I slid inside her with no effort at all and she began to ride me.

While Tammy rode me, Tina pushed me so I slid off of the couch and was sitting on the floor with my head resting on the couch cushions. Before I knew what was happening she had my head pinned back and had her pussy on my mouth and was grinding into me. I was in heaven getting fucked by one sister while the other rode my face. But unfortunately their teasing had had its effect and I felt my balls tighten and my sperm rush up my prick and shoot into Tammy's womb. I pumped spurt after spurt of baby juice into her womb and it had its effect because as I pumped into her I felt her clamp onto my cock and squeeze it in her own orgasm.

Tammy sat still on my cock allowing it to drain into her fully while I continued to eat her sister. Now that I could concentrate I used my tongue to find her clit and gently flicked back and forth over it as I felt her build to another climax. I flicked her back and forth and suddenly drove it deep into her cunt, pushing as far as I could reach and sucking at the same time. That did it and she started to cum, she leaked juice down onto my face faster than I could suck it up and it ran down my chin, onto my neck and then to my chest. I felt her pussy start to relax and I felt another flood of pussyjuice flow down me then I felt a tongue on my own nipples and chest as Tammy leaned in and began to lick her sisters cum from me.

As her orgasm ended and she came down from her sexual high Tina slid off my face and onto the floor next to me. "We were going to tease you all night and then fuck the hell out of you." Tina said as she rested against my shoulder.

"We still may be able to fuck the hell out of him." Tammy offered. "She shot a huge wad into me and he's still rock hard inside me. See." As she slid off me and exposed my still hard dick.

Tina smiled and asked "My turn?" as she bent over and took me into her mouth cleaning her sisters juices off of me in the process." Tammy sat next to me on the floor and leaned against me as she stroked my arms and chest. "Go for it. I hope he makes you cum again Sis." She sighed.

Tina picked her head up and said "Come on lets take him to the bedroom." As she took my hand and led me to our bed with Tammy holding the other one.Tina laid on the bed and spread her legs in what has been an invitation to men from women since the beginning of time. I responded in the way men always have. I crawled between her legs and sunk my cock into her pussy and began to slowly work it in and out. Tammy laid next to us and kissed her sister then kissed me. "I get him again when you're done." She told Tina.

I began to pump away, quickly losing myself in the sexual ecstasy. As I fucked Tina, Tammy ran her hands over both of us, occasionally stopping to kiss me or her sister or suck her sister's tit into her mouth and chew on the nipple a little. Tina slipped into the world of sexual fulfillment and whispered to us, "Do you know what my dream is?"

"No, tell me what's your dream." I answered as I slid my meat in and out.

"That one day you will fuck me like this and I will end up carrying your child. That would be the most wonderful thing I could imagine"

I was so lost in the moment that all I could do was answer "That would be wonderful. I would like that."

"After you make Tina pregnant, can I have your baby too?" Tammy asked

"Of course you can. It would make me proud to make you both pregnant." I breathed as my balls tightened and the cum rushed up my cock again and splashed into Tina's womb.

"Talk about thinking with the wrong head! What did I just promise? Who cares I just got laid again" All ran through my head as I shot my load into the older of the two sisters. I collapsed on the bed between the girls and lay there enjoying the attention and the tenderness that flowed from both of them. We lay together for a while before Tammy decided she was horny again and began to take me into her mouth. She worked me until I was hard again and then asked me to fuck her with her legs in the air and her back on the bed. I slid between her legs and put them on my shoulders as I kneeled at her pussy and paid homage to it as well as any man could. I fucked her for what seemed like forever before I finally came again and slid into the oblivion of exhausted sleep.

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