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Lori was a young, beautiful mom who badly wanted to make the choice
The Choice – Chapter One
Lori fidgeted as she sat in the car waiting for her Choice to appear. Today was the culmination of 6 months of fantasizing and planning for the fulfillment of her desires. Ever since the fatal auto accident of her husband Bryan left her wealthy and free to follow her dreams, the beautiful blonde 32 year old mother of two had lived and planned for this day. And her incredibly beautiful 8 and 6 year old daughters, Michelle and Stephanie would soon join her in the life she so hoped would follow.

As she sat there, Lori thought of the dark fantasies that has sapped her once active sex life with Bryan and filled her with lust and longing. Which path of submission would she follow, perhaps becoming a sexual slave to a large and sexually aggressive male dog and raising her daughters to belong to the world of bestiality? Or would she find an equally aggressive, old and ugly black dyke to serve as a sexual slave and train her daughters to lick and rim the skank as well. Though both of these choices excited her, it was the third of her fantasies that became The Choice.

It hadn’t taken her long to hunt through the registry of offenders and find the object of her desire. Frank lived not far away in the city and fit her requirements perfectly. He was 60, 28 years older than she, with a pock marked face and a large mole on his forehead, unkempt and at 5 foot 8, 210 lbs. sloppily overweight with a soft, bulging belly. The registry showed he had been convicted of 2 counts of molestation, 1 count of indecent liberties and finally, a count of 1st degree rape. He had only been recently released from prison and his crimes had been the most recent of any of her finalists. She was sure those urges had not left him.

Her plan was simple. Find a way to meet him, let him seduce her and force her to submit to his needs and then for the ultimate submission, let him molest and then train her sweet and innocent daughters to serve his perverted sexual appetite.

As Lori looked up, she saw Frank approach on the street and enter his house. He wore a too small wife beater tee shirt that rode up over his belly fat to disclose white, pasty flesh and filthy jeans. It was time to act.

Lori checked to make sure her cell phone battery was dead and got out of the car. She cut quite a figure in her cut off jean shorts that rolled up nearly to her tiny Veronica’s Secret white panties. She was bra less and the low cut tank top she wore revealed beautiful breasts that one would never guess suckled two children. They stood firm without a bra and hardened at the thought of what might come next.

She had planned her story carefully. Looking for the address of a man she was interested in but unable to find it, her cell phone battery dead, she would have to knock at the door of a stranger and rely on their kindness to let her use the phone.

Mounting the steps to Frank’s house, she prayed that he would answer the door. To her relief, the door opened on her second knock. Before she began her story, she could not help but see the look in his eyes as he sized up the stranger at his door. His eyes dropped involuntarily to the low opening of her tank top and stayed rested on the upper curve of her breasts.

“I’m so sorry to disturb you but I’m looking for an address in this neighborhood and I can’t seem to find it. I have a phone number but I guess I forgot to charge my phone last night and wondered if you could help. I’d really, really appreciate it if I could come in and use your phone” she said softly.

Frank asked to see the address and took the piece of paper from her hand, brushing against it with callused, dirty nailed fingers. The address was bogus so he could not help with that. “Of course,” he said, “the phone is in my bedroom” As Lori entered the house, and she was excited by the smell of mustiness and unwashed clothing. He led to her to the bedroom and to the unmade bed with sheets yellowed and smelling of pungent body odor. She dialed a number that she knew would not answer and let in ring for several minutes before hanging up.

A she had practiced, Lori let out a long, sad sigh, sat down on the bed and put her head in her hands and began softly crying. “Why can’t anything turn out for me” she sobbed. “Ever since my husband died and left me and my two daughters on our own, I’ve just been so lost and lonely”. And now the one person who has shown any interest in me obviously gave me bogus information” “Doesn’t anyone want me?”

Frank was startled but quickly realized how vulnerable this beautiful young woman was. He moved just in front of her and put his hand on her shoulder saying “It’s all right, I’m sure a beauty like you will find someone, if I was younger I’d break down the doors for you”. Lori stopped crying, stood, stepped forward and put her arms around Frank saying “Thank you, thank you so much. That’s the kindest thing that any man has said to me since I’ve been alone” Frank slowly put his arms around her letting his hands come to rest just above her shorts and below her tank top immediately turned on by the feel of her flesh. Lori could read his reaction as she pressed herself close against him and began to feel the hardening of his pants next to her crouch.

She snuggled against him and softly said “It just feels so good to have someone hold me. Could we stay like this for a while longer, it just feels so right” Frank was so overcome by lust he could only grunt. Lori looked up into his face contorted in desire and saying “I can’t thank you enough” gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

So close now, Lori could smell the foul combination of cigarettes and alcohol. As soon as her lips left his, Frank, losing all sense of fear, brought his hand up behind her head forcing her lips hard against his. At the next moment he dropped his hands down to cup the cheeks of her ass and force her body hard against him. Lori acted startled and pretended to push away. As Frank forced her back against him, she acted as if she was succumbing to his strength and slowly brought her arms up to embrace him while softly sliding her tongue into his waiting mouth.

“It’s been so long” she moaned, “It feels so right to be in your arms” “I, I want this so badly” she said kissing him fervently. Frank broke off their kiss and reached one hand down to undo the zipper of her shorts while holding her tightly by her hair. She moaned once more as he tightened his grip enjoying his hold over her and became even more excited as she winced in pain. The zipper down, he took hold of her shorts and pulled them down revealing the pure whiteness of her panties. He forced her back on to the filthy bed stained with semen from night after night of masturbating alone. Still holding her firmly by the hair, he slid her panties down as she moved her legs to help him. Emboldened by her reaction to his forcing her down, Frank suddenly let go of her hair and told her to take off her top. Lori met his gaze with a look of utter and complete submission and quickly pulled her tank top over her head.

He reached out and grasped one breast in his hand, fingering the nipple roughly. Lori moaned once more, closed her eyes and reached out to rub his now bulging pants. Frank may have been 60 but his lifestyle of Viagra and child porn had enabled him to become as hard as men 20 years his junior. Seeing her lust, he reached down and unbuckled his belt, unzipped and pulled his pants off. His underwear was yellowed and piss stained and had obviously been worn for days. He pulled them off and as he freed his hard on and balls, Lori could smell the sweat of days without a shower.

Lori’s look went straight to Frank’s crotch and she couldn’t take her eyes off the wrinkled and sweaty balls. Seeing this and understanding what was needed, Frank again grabbed Lori roughly by her hair, forced her face down to his balls and sneered “Lick my balls bitch” The last word he said with sharp emphasis and all the meanness of a man whose fantasy is overpowering and raping women and little girls. He turned Lori’s face to his and sneered into it saying “That’s what you want isn’t it, to be my bitch.” Lori closed her as eyes as if in shame and simply said “Yes, that is all I want, now and forever”.

With that Frank forced her mouth down once again to his sweaty sack and she began hungrily licking and sucking his balls. Frank lay back, pulled up his knees and brought Lori’s face and tongue down to repeatedly lick his asshole, forcing her tongue as far into his anal cavity as possible. She formed her lips around the center of his anus and sucked as hard as she could to draw any juices out and into her mouth. After a moment Frank threw her roughly on her back and mounted her, thrusting in her as only a man who had not been with a woman in years can.

In just a few moments, he groaned loudly as he came harder than ever in his life, shooting stream after stream of cum deep inside her. When he came Lori climaxed as well, once when he first came and a second time with an incredible shudder of her whole body as she felt him fill her with semen. When he was done, he lay beside her and simply said, “Clean up”. At that Lori obediently licked every drop of semen, sweat and her own juices from Frank’s penis and balls. She lay beside him, curled up tenderly next to him and simply said, “I love you, I’m yours completely and that includes these”. Leaning over to grab her purse, Lori took out the special pictures she took of her sweet little girls in their sexy thong panties blowing kisses as they unknowingly headed for a life of total subjugation at the hands of a convicted rapist and child molester. Frank leaned back with a smile on his face, excited in knowing for sure he had taken not only the beautiful young mother, but would steal the unspoiled beauty of her daughters as well, using them for as long and for whatever cruel and lustful purposes he wanted. At that same moment, a deep sigh and fulfilled smile came to Lori as she thought about her future of sharing a bed with Frank and helping him to rob her daughters of a normal life while training them to obey him completely. Lori was happy finally, she had made her Choice.
End of Chapter One


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