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P.S. This chapter of the story will allow you to see through both Estelle's and Matthew's perspectives.

In the Mind of Estelle:

I woke from a deep slumber, and for a split second couldn’t recall where I was; then it hit me. I turned over to find Matthew sleeping soundly; he was softly snoring into his pillow. My previous emotions started flooding back over me, and the air caught in my throat as I gazed upon his handsome face. Even in his sleep, he still turned me on. I suddenly felt, very, guilty. My eyebrows furrowed and I bit my lip hard as I contemplated what I had done. Inside my mind I thought, “I’ve changed this man’s life, this human beings life, forever. I’m in too deep now.” I started to panic and the old Estelle, the frightened and cowardly creature started to grab hold again.

I slipped silently from his bed, and walked around to the end where my dress and high heels lay on the floor. I picked up my dress and put it on quickly but quietly; I then grabbed my heels in my left hand and started to make my way to his window. Right before exiting out of his window with one foot outside on the metal landing and the other still in his home, I turned back to gaze at his sleeping form one more time. I started to have second thoughts about leaving, “He looks so beautiful and peaceful.” I thought to myself. Then Matthew stirred and turned over, grasping at the sheets where he last knew me to be. My heart ached and I quickly lunged out of the window and started my decent down the stairs; leaving his window wide open and his curtains swaying in the cold night breeze.

In the Mind of Matthew:

My left hand wandered over to where I thought she lay, and found nothing but slightly warm bedding. My eyes snapped open and I looked at my bed, just staring, suddenly feeling so lonely; and seriously confused. “Did I dream her? Was it all some seriously hot and vivid but messed up dream?” I muttered quietly to myself as I propped myself up on my elbows and looked around my bedroom. I turned to my left and looked down at the floor beside my bed, and saw my shirt, jeans, and boxers lying in a messy pile on the floor. I don’t usually sleep naked and I wondered why I would start now. I took a peek under the sheets at my flaccid cock, “Yeah, definitely naked.” I sighed and then slowly got out of my bed, and grabbed my cell to check the time and saw that it was 5:26am and then I started towards my bathroom, stopping only to notice my bedroom window was completely open and I shivered from the cold breeze against my bare skin.

I thought that was completely strange, because I remembered in my dream that she must have entered through the window, so why was the window now open like this? I swiftly walked to the window and slammed it shut, setting the lock in place. I scratched my head and continued on to my bathroom. I flicked on the light and walked over to the toilet, throwing up the lid and seat and then grabbing my cock and I started to pee. I closed my eyes and allowed my head to hang back as I enjoyed the wonderful sensation of the evacuation of my bladder. Once done, I gave my cock a couple good shakes and then flushed the toilet. I went to the sink then and squirted some soap in my left hand and turned on the water with my right. I started to lather the soap between my hands and then scrubbed it all over; I washed the soap away and turned the water off, and then looked up into my bathroom mirror for the first time, and what I saw made me jump and stumble back against the wall.

Now leaning against the wall I stared horrified into the mirror, just now noticing the welted scratches and 10 tiny nail marks all over my chest and my well sculpted pecks. I had no words to explain how I felt. I slid with my back against the wall until my bare ass cheeks hit the tile floor. I then spoke out loud hysterically to myself, “I couldn’t have scratched myself! I couldn’t have left my window fucking wide open! I don’t fucking sleep walk and I don’t sleep in the nude!” I put my head in my hands and rested my elbows against my knees. I just stared down at my cock and then at the tile floor and then back to my cock again. “What the fuck happened to me last night? There’s no way. No…” The events from last night came flooding back into my mind. The club Diamond and the mysterious and insanely sexy woman whom I met at the bar. We only told each other our names and then… my memory went foggy there. I knew she had kissed me but then it was almost like I was high off a very strong drug. It happened as soon as her tongue entered my mouth, it was so strong, and it felt so good but it put me in a daze. I can only assume that’s what heroine must feel like. I laughed then, but it too was hysterical.

I brought my head up from between my knees and thought out loud, “I have to find her. She can’t just do something like that, sneak into my room, claiming to be a… vampire.” Then the other event from last night came back into my mind. She killed that man. That man in the back alley. She drove her teeth through his throat and began to drink his blood. I remember backing slowly away, completely in shock and horrified at what I was seeing. Then once I was far enough away, and she hadn’t appeared to notice my retreat, I bolted all the way home. Once I got to my bed I remember only having enough time to remove my boots before I passed out. Then when I woke up she was there hovering above me; just staring into my eyes and I stared back. Those eyes of hers were so enchanting… and frightening. I abruptly stood up then and looked at my phone again; it was now 6:00am on the dot.

I set my phone down on the bathroom counter and then walked to the shower to turn on the water. I turned the knob almost all the way to hot and then stepped into the shower; allowing the steaming water to spray down on my face, my scratched up chest, and my now tingling cock. I started to think about what she had done to me. I recounted how she smashed her cunt in my face and forced me to eat her out. I remembered how she sucked my rather large cock all the way down her throat with ease and how she rode me raw until I came deep inside her pussy. I was starting to get really turned on and I knew I had to appease my growing member. I grabbed hold of my cock with my right hand and started to slowly massage my shaft. I leaned my left hand against the stone wall of the shower for support and then started to quickly jerk my cock; up and down the shaft, and giving the sensitive head a squeeze every now and then.

I reached orgasm quickly as I thought about all she had done to me and then I gave out a low moan as my cock jerked and twitched as I my load squirted all over the stone of my shower.

I massaged my cock a while longer, bathing in the after math of my orgasm; and then finally I grabbed the shower nozzle and sprayed away my cum and watched it go down the drain. I then began to soap up my entire body and washed my hair. Once finished I turned off the water and got out of the shower and started to dry off my body. I hung up my towel on a hook on the door and then started into my bedroom to get dressed. I first quickly ran a comb through my relatively short, naturally black hair and then I just grabbed some fresh boxers, another pair of black jeans, a black t-shirt, and then I decided to wear the black leather jacket that I rarely wore. I slipped it on, not bothering to check out how I looked in the mirror and then went and sat on the edge of my bed, to put on my boots.

Once completely dressed I grabbed the keys to my truck and walked out of my room through my living area/kitchen and out the door I went; locking it behind me. As I started down the stairs of my apartment building I realized I had no idea where I was heading, so in an instant I thought to myself and decided a coffee sounded nice on this Saturday morning, and realizing how tired I was, I could really use the caffeine. Once I reached the lobby I exited out the main door quickly and went around the back of the apartment where tenants with cars could pay for a parking spot. I walked to my truck and hopped in, putting the key in the ignition and listening to the engine roar I decided on a whim, to try a somewhat new coffee shop I had never been to before.

In the Mind of Estelle:

It was still very early, about 6:15am. I paced my large elegantly furnished living room like a mad woman. Back and forth in front of my lit fire place; I loved the warmth from the fire. It warmed my skin and faintly reminded me of how it felt to be human. I could hardly think straight; I was just so confused about what to do with Matthew. I knew he must have woken up and thought I was just a dream, but I also could tell that there was just something about him… He would be too intelligent to believe I was just the work of his own imagination, and as soon as he saw all the marks I left on his chest in the heat of passion, he would absolutely know he didn’t dream me up. I finally plopped myself down on the couch in front of the fire and gave a long exasperated sigh and slowly I stared up at the huge portrait of my long lost lover.

His name either was or still is Damianus because you see I have no clue if he’s still alive; he is the one and only person from my past that I still remember, and that is because I was deeply in love with him; but he is also the bastard who gave me this curse; how, I cannot recall. But he was the one who poisoned and killed my precious body and trapped my soul. I glared up at his ancient portrait and remembered what he told me when I was nothing but a young and foolish girl, “My precious Estelle, I have a way for us to be together, forever. I can take you away from your controlling father and the pressures and sadness of your arranged marriage. I will make you mine.” I suddenly got the stinging sensation of crying, and out of habit I reached up to wipe the nonexistent tears from my face. I pulled my hands away and stared at them; they were completely dry. I could feel the very real pain of loss, regret, and sorrow, but I could never express it and release it through tears. The anger welled up inside of me and I gave out a shriek of fury as I swiftly stood and with my right arm I smashed one of my favorite lamps off its side table and it gave a deafening sound as it crashed to the floor. Realizing what I had done only made me more furious. I needed to escape to one of my favorite public venues; there I would be able to focus and think about Matthew; there I could feel somewhat normal and human.

I ran quickly up the stairs to my powder room to freshen up. Once there I turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on my face. I had already taken a hot shower as soon I got home from Matthew’s house, so there wasn’t much else for me to do. I just grabbed my comb and ran it delicately through my incredibly long blond hair and once it was adequately tangle free I set the comb down and began to French braid my long hair. Once finished I tied it off at the end and I didn’t bother putting on any makeup this time. I just stared into the mirror at my beautiful clear and pale complexion and then walked back into my bedroom to my wardrobe. I quickly chose a pair of black lace panties and matching bra and then went on to wear a pair of skin tight blue jeans, a white loose fitting blouse that showed off just enough cleavage, and then some tan strappy sandals. I grabbed my tan leather purse and picked up my cell phone to call George to come pick me up.

Once I knew he was on his way I quickly said Goodbye and hung up the phone because he was being extremely chatty this morning and I knew he would have enough time to talk my ear off in the cab anyways. I took one last look at the time on my cell as I made my way slowly down the stairs to my front door. It was now a quarter to seven and I thought to myself how glad I was that coffee shops opened up so early. I didn’t get any sort of high off of the caffeine in the coffee but I just found that after all this time I still enjoyed the taste. Not to mention it allowed me to observe human beings in one of their many natural habitats. I giggled quietly at the thought and then pulled open my front door to see that George was already parked outside of my house. “Oh dear…” I muttered under my breath as I managed a fake smile and walked towards the taxi regretting I had ever kissed him on the cheek and gave his cock a squeeze. Now he was going to be even more obsessed with me.

I made my way around to the passenger’s side and got inside the car. I snapped the seat belt in place and turned my head and smiled at him only to catch him staring down my shirt. This was the usual behavior for him but then he did something very unusual. He leaned towards me and grasped my face gently in his hands and as I realized he was moving in for a kiss it was too late. He kissed me passionately and jabbed his tongue into my mouth. I shoved him away by placing both my hands on either of his shoulders but it was too late. I could see my saliva starting to take effect. He all of a sudden blushed deeply and turned his face away from my sight. “George, what were you thinking? Hey listen, I’m sorry for what I did last night. It was wrong and I stepped over the line. You are married, to a wonderful woman, and I’m half your age.” I laughed inside my mind at that last bit, because it was definitely the other way around. I continued on to say, “Look if you think that by being my taxi driver you’re around too much temptation then I can find another-“ He cut me off, “No! I’m sorry too; I also crossed the line just now. You don’t need to find another taxi driver. Estelle I love talking to you, and you’re right, it should stay that way.” I smiled then and gave his shoulder a squeeze and then I patted him lightly on the back. “Friends then?” I asked cautiously and he nodded and returned my smile.

Though I could see right through it, and as he started the car and took off in the direction of the coffee shop I thought that he most certainly wanted to do more than just talk. I sighed quietly in the awkward silence as he drove me to my destination and I turned my body more towards the window so he couldn’t take another peek at my tits. Even though it was still pretty early, as we pulled up in front I watched people coming and going to and from the coffee shop. I turned and paid George, giving him a generous tip, patting his shoulder one more time and then quickly exiting the vehicle. I turned and waved to him as he drove away and I could see the expression on his face was one of disappointment. I let it go and started thinking about the topic most important; Matthew.

I comtemplated what I was going to do about him as I walked slowly towards the entrance. I swung open the door and stepped inside, taking in my surroundings. Men and woman sat at little round tables drinking their coffee, whilst reading a book, using their cell phones, and even their lap top computers. There was a relatively short line of people ordering so I decided to hurry over before it got any longer, because there were still people piling inside behind me. I walked up to stand behind a very tall younger gentelman, with black hair, tan skin... and he wore all black. If my heart were still functioning, it would have skipped a beat. I took the tiniest step closer to him and inhaled his scent. My eyes widened and my throat went dry; just like the first time I had smelt his delicious blood. It was Matthew, he didn't even have to turn around, I knew it was him. I could turn around and quietly leave and he would never have known I was there. I glanced behind me and saw that the line was now going out the door; it was a very small coffee shop after all, but very popular and it seemed that eveyone in the city just had to come all at the same time to get their morning fix of caffeine. I realized I couldn't leave because if I did I would have to ask people to move out of my way, and then he would hear my voice, therefore removing the "discreet" part of that plan.

Meanwhile as I thought about what I should do, it was Matthew's turn to order. The lady working at the cashier stared up at him and smiled hugely and then I noticed the change in the color of her cheeks and her voice sounded higher pitched than when she had been speaking to the people before him. She was attracted to him, turned on even by the looks of her posture and in the way she stared in his eyes. "What can I get you, Sir?" She spoke cheerily and batted her eyelashes at him, and thats when I felt it. It was strange, I almost felt slightly sick to my stomach and I realized I was glaring at this woman for no reason; I didn't even know her. Then it hit me, I was jealous. Matthew spoke then, "Uh, yeah, can I just get a regular hot mocha, please?" he asked. "Yes sure thing, I'll have that right up for ya." She smiled again at him and then passed his order on to the other employees. This was it, there was no escape now. He said, "Thanks." and then turned around, I'm sure to go find a seat, but he stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me like a deer caught in the headlights.

"It can't be... Estelle?" He muttered quietly under his breath as if he didn't want anyone to hear. I didn't know what to say, I just stared at him like an idiot until finally the man behind me made a coughing sound, obviously wanting me to hurry up and order so he could do the same. "Uhm, Miss?" The cashier stared at me expectantly; tapping her finger on the counter. I decided to just ignore him for the time being and I stepped forward to make my order, "Yes, I'm sorry. Can I get a caramel machiatto, blended, with no whip?" She said, "Yeah, I'll have that ready for you in just a min." I gave her my money and she gave me back my change and then she smiled half heartedly at me and then I turned to go find a seat and almost walked right into Matthew's chest. He had been standing there the whole time while I made my order, not wanting to let me out of his sight I assumed. "Oh, I'm so sorry." I said under my breath and he completely surprisde me when he wrapped his left arm around my shoulders and pulled me off to the side and took me all the way into the corner table right against the front window of the coffee shop. I just allowed him to lead me over there, not wanting to create a scene.

He gestured for me to take a seat and I did so immediately. He took his seat right across from me and then just stared blankly at me for a while and I did the same right back at him. Then finally he broke the silence, "I knew I hadn't dreamed you..." I gazed back at him and said, "I bet you wish you had." I tried to smile but then my face fell and I looked down at the table and played with my hands absent mindedly. I felt his warm finger under my chin, pushing my face up so I would look him in the eyes; just like I had done to him at the club. I smiled then as I looked upon his chiseled features. He spoke then, "No. I'm happy, excited, confused, and terrifed all at the same time, simply because you are not a dream at all." He took my face in his hand and caressed my right cheek lightly; gently rubbing his thumb over my cheek bone.

I grabbed his hand and pulled it away from my face and set it back on the table, but then held his hand in mine still. I leaned in closer to him and glanced around the room quickly, and then looked back to his face. "Matthew, I have so much to explain to you, but only if you honestly want to know. You must want to commit to our relationship, whatever that may be. To be entwined in my life, is a very dangerous thing. Especially for one such as you..." I spoke softly but sure. "You mean, because I am human?" He asked, and I shushed him, bringing the index finger of my other hand to my lips, "Speak quieter." I ordered. He nodded his head once in understanding and then leaned in closer to me as well. Our faces now only inches apart, I could almost taste the sweet smell of his breath on my lips, and I coudln't help but notice the dull thumping of his heart and the vital vein on his neck pulsating. My tongue darted out and swept across my bottom lip and then I made myself focus. I was in a public place, and the creature within could not be allowed free roam at this moment what so ever.

Just then both of our orders were called. I turned to him quickly and just decided to take a chance. "Come back to my home, we can drink our coffee in peace and talk without hushed words."

In the Mind of Matthew:

I couldn't beleive it, she was asking me back to her home, again. Except this time I knew that thats exactly where we would be headed; I wasn't running away this time. I shook my head up and down and said, "Sounds perfect. I'll drive." grabbing my keys from my pocket as we both stood up to go and retrieve our coffee. She walked in front of me and grabbed hers first off of the counter and as I stood behind her I couldn't help but admire her tight round ass and the gentle sway of her hips. I grabbed my coffee then and I took the chance to snake my arm around her waist as we exited the building. She made no protest and just smiled warmly up at me with that angel face. I walked with her half way down the block where my truck was parked on the street. I unlocked it and opened the passenger side door whilst gesturing for her to get inside. She did so quickly and then I shut the door behind her tightly. Once I had her in my truck I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. Here I was with such an insanely gorgeous woman in my vehicle, I wished I could parade her around town.

But that thought quickly vanished and faded into another as I got into my truck, turned the key in the ignition and then turned to ask, "Alright Miss, so where to?" I smiled at her and then fastened my seat belt. "Get on the highway and start to head out of the city; I live on the outskirts so just drive like your going out of town." I quickly absorbed the information and then headed in the direction of her home. As I drove to her house I couldn't stop myself from stealing quick glances at her. She still didn't seem real to me. I mean my whole life I've been fascinated by the paranormal, and just all things, well shall I say, taboo. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think vampires actually fuckin existed and even after witnessing her chomping on that poor bastards neck I still coudn't make myself fully believe so I knew either A, I was crazy or B, she was fucking insane, and lastly C, all this was real and I was seriously in denial. We drove for about 15 minutes or less and then she ordered for me to stop in front of a large and old looking house. "This is it?" I asked her cautiously, and she turned to me and smiled, "This is it." She then wasted no time in getting out of the truck and heading up the stone path to the front door of her home. I quickly got out of my truck also and followed closely behind her.

In the Mind of Estelle:

I lead the way into my extravagant home with him right on my tail. Once inside I noticed how his mouth parted slightly and he started to walk into the living room, his head whipping back and forth taking everything in. I closed the door behind us and locked it; with the sound of the lock he spun around suddenly. I just laughed, "Oh relax, I promise you are safe here." I walked with him into my living room and muttered under my breath as I gestured to the broken lamp on the floor, "Just ignore that mess. I was a tad bit angry this morning." He didn't seem to care and didn't even bother to ask why it was broken. He just sat down on the couch and patted the space beside him. I smiled and slowly sat down next to him. I set my coffee aside on the table and then took his from his hands and set it aside as well. He looked puzzled for a moment and then he smiled as I took both his hands in my own. I stared into his eyes, but lost his attention as he abruptly looked up at the huge portrait of Damianus above my fire place. "Who... is that?" He looked back at me with an even more confused expression. I pressed my lips together firmly for a second and then said, "I'll tell you about him another time. Right now, is about us."

I scooted closer to him and put my left hand on his right shoulder and my right hand on his knee. I let my left hand wander up his shoulder and wrapped it slightly around his neck, "Matthew, you don't have any idea what you've gotten yourself into..." But then I paused. "Wait, that's not right. You have no idea what I've gotten you into." I said softly and looked away from his face. I closed my eyes and kept them closed as I spoke again, "I'm only going to ask you this once, and if you're answer is yes, there is no going back..." I snapped my eyes open so I could examine his face, and try to see what emotion he was feeling. He then said, "Well go on then." I took a deep breath; not that I need the oxygen but because it always has that slightly calming affect. "Will you be with me, please me, and love me? Will you try your best to take away my pain and wash away the anger from my lonely heart? If you do all these things I will give you nothing but the same in return. I can provide for you and care for each and every one of your human needs; but you will also have to care for my needs... But know this, and be warned now and from here on, if you say yes, I will never let you leave me, and you will never be one hundred percent safe with me. There will always be the risk of other humans finding out what I am, there will always be the risk of others of my own species finding me with you, a human. Both can end very badly for both of us."

I finished speaking and only then did I see it in his face. He realized how serious I was, how serious all of this was. He realized I was telling the truth. He just stared at me with sudden lust filled eyes, but he still didn't answer me. "Matthew please, the suspense is kill-" I was caught off by his warm moist lips pressed hard and forcefully against my own. At first I was shocked and I didn't move my lips at all, so he drew back and breathed his hot breath on my face and stared intently into my eyes. I stared back into his eyes, and what I saw all of a sudden somehow warmed my soul. When I looked into his eyes, the pain and suffering was pushed aside, and there was nothing but him and myself; just in this one moment together. I abruptly started to rip his jacket from his body, pushing it off both his shoulders and tossing to the floor. His mouth found mine again and I kissed him back passionately; his hot tongue warming my own as they danced around each other inside our mouths. Once I got his t-shirt off, I started on his belt but then he surprised me yet again, but forcefully pushing me back onto the couch. I lay there on my back staring up at him smiling as he quickly undid his belt and stripped the rest of his clothing from his body, including his boots.

He stood there before me naked and then he came towards me quickly, closing the short distance between us. He literally ripped apart my blouse and tossed it to the floor. "Oh you're going to pay for that!" I teased as he smooshed his face between my tits and roughly massaged both of them through my black lace bra in his hands. A moan escaped my lips and I allowed him to do his thing as I layed my head back against the couch. He reached both his hands around behind me and unclasped my bra, pulling it off my arms and tossing it also to the ground. My breasts bounced free and his hands then sought them out again and he pinched and teased the nipples before taking the left one in his mouth and suckling at it softly, whilst massaging the right with his hand. I enjoyed him teasing my nipples and massaging my tits both with his hands and his tongue before I finally decided to take control. I grabbed him by the throat with my right hand abruptly pulling his mouth away from my chest. A look of panic crossed his face as I pulled him onto the couch and made him sit down while I simultaneously got to my feet in front of him.

I released my hold on his throat and he coughed quietly and then he just stared at me intently. I began to slowly unbutton my jeans, slipping them down over my ass and my toned legs before letting them hit the floor and stepping out of them and kicking them to the side. I now stood before him in nothing but my black lace thong, but that too was soon removed and I walked forward to him and straddled his groin, allowing my cunt to rest upon his rock hard cock and balls. "Here, hold these will you?" I said as I pinched his cheeks, making him open his mouth and then I stuffed my panties in his mouth and made him hold them with his teeth. He made no protest and just awkwardly smiled at me with my thong in his mouth. I smiled back and kissed him lightly on the cheek, and whispered, "Good boy." in his ear. I then stared deeply into his eyes as I positioned his swollen member at the entrance of my tight cunt.

I teased him first, rubbing the very sensitive head of his dick back and forth across my pussy lips and in little circles against my clit. I moaned softly and licked my lips enticingly as I rubbed his cock against my pulsating rose bud. His chest started to rise an fall quickly in excitment and he grasped both of my hips in his hands, only to reached around to squeeze and massage my ass cheeks. I then pressed the head of his cock back to my entrance and sat down, slowly impaling myself on his huge cock. Finally my ass cheeks hit his balls and my clit pressed agains the top of his groin. I threw my head back and bit my bottom lip softly, just taking a moment to enjoy the sensation of my cunt being so completely full. I then brought my attention back to his face and saw that he held my panties still in his mouth like a good little play thing, and I started to slowly grind my hips back and forth with him burried deep inside of me.

This excited him even more and moved his hand from my ass to my tits and he squeezed them in each of his hands firmly, and then rubbed little circles over my nipples with his thumbs as I continued to grind against him but I picked up the pace and ground against his groin roughly and fast. I stopped then and decided it was time to bounce myself on this wonderfully huge cock. I grabbed hold of his shoulders for support as I lifted myself almost all the way off of him and then slammd back down hard. Each time I let my ass and cunt come crashing back down he let out a grunt and moaned quietly as I fucked myself with his dick. After riding him for a long time I could tell from the way his cock pulsated inside of me that he was close to cumming and so was I. I suddenly ripped the panties from mouth and tossed them behind the couch and he let out a sigh of relief. I brought my lips to his and kissed him hard and wetly; I licked my tongue all over his lips, tasting my panties in his mouth.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and still kissing him, I pulled him over to the side and on top of me. We now lay with me on my back beneath his strong and masculine body, my thighs parted wide around his hips and with his cock still burried inside of me. I broke away from our kiss to say, "Now pound my fucking cunt hard Matthew." His eyes slightly widened and he kissed me forcefully. Not hesitating for even a second he brought his hips up and then let them crash down hard, his cock pounding my tight pussy and his balls slapped against my ass cheeks. He then stopped kissing me and raised himself up a bit, pulling each of my legs higher up to let the backs of my knees rest against his shoulders. In this position he could force his cock deep in to the hilt and the head bounced against my cervix again and again harshly; but I loved every second of it. I reached my arms between my legs and then around his mid section so I could dig my nails into his back as he fucked me to orgasm. With each of his thrusts he brought me closer and closer until finally I couldn't take anymore and my leg and abdomen muscles went rigid as my orgasm washed all throughout my body.

I twitched and shook beneath him as I came and he never stopped fucking me. As I started to come down off of the high my orgasm created he started to fuck me slower, pulling out a little more with each thrust. He then let my legs down off of his shoulders and he pulled out completely. At first I was confused as to what he wanted but he made a show of staring at my mouth and he smiled. I then pushed myself up into a sitting position, only to get down on the floor on my knees beneath him. He sat on the couch and spread his knees open wide and I grabbed hold of his cock in my right hand roughly and began to stroke it as I said, "Mmm, yeah I know what you want baby." I jerked his cock roughly and he moved his hips up in time with my thrusts. I then wrapped my soft lips around the head of his cock and dug my nails into either side of his hips, forcing him to stay still as I slowly engulfed his member down the narrow passage of my esophogus. I watched him the whole time, my eyes wide open until finally my nose hit the top of his groin. I heard him moan loudly and I realized that's all it took, and he released his load deep down my throat. I had no need for oxygen so I kept his cock burried in my throat as it spasmed and pulsated, unleashing jet after jet of his cum and it coated the inside of my throat; of course I had no choice but to swallow every last drop.

Once he was finished I slowly withdrew his softening member from my mouth. I sucked on the head hard until finally letting go and his cock flopped over against his stomach. I licked my lips slowly and climbed back on top of him to straddle him once more. I grinded and massaged his flaccid cock with my pussy lips, as I slowly brought my mouth to his and kissed him softly. He grabbed handfuls of my long hard and started to kiss me harder, our mouths moving against one anothers roughly in the heat of passion. I finally stopped the kiss and stared into his eyes. He smoothed back my hair way from my face and said, "Oh by the way, the answer to your questions is yes." He gave me a sarcastic smile and I just laughed and kissed him again.

I knew I would never get enough of this man. Yet, I also knew in the back of my mind and in the coldest corners of my heart that he was fragile, and he would grow old, and inevitably die. I was already in love with him and couldn't ever see myself letting that happen... But could I do what was done to me oh so many years ago? Would I steal away his life in another way, and trap his soul like my own? I had no answer to these terribly important questions yet. I would enjoy our time together now, and worry about that in the not so distant future.

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2014-04-28 06:25:33
Holy shit, good stroy. Keep it coming!


2013-05-27 23:04:48
Thank you! I know it has been very long, but I will have the third chapter posted tomorrow!

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2013-05-10 04:04:47 I am amazed keep writing! You are very talented!!!!

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2013-04-16 23:03:54
I hope it'll be ready soon.. I can't get enough of your stories!


2013-04-14 17:22:15
I am writing the 3rd chapter right now. (I know, I know, Finally!)

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