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A snobby girl gets raped by her pet chihuahua
Lola was what you could call a Paris Hilton fangirl. She was 19, had nice D-cup tits, long blond hair, and a light tan. She belonged to the richest people in town. Her father was a business man and was often away from home for a long time. He usually took her mother with him because she was his manager so that left Lola in charge of their house. To keep her company she had bought a chihuahua like Paris had, but a male and she called him Tarzan, which was quite ironic given his small size. Lola was often seen at parties and usually took a guy home for some 'pleasure'. On such a night, her parents would come home the next day, a guy decided that it would be kinky if he tied her up so she would be helpless. Lola always was a bit on the kinky side so she liked the idea and they tied her up to the walls so that she was laying on her back in the living room with her hands behind her head and her legs spread wide open. Suddenly the boy remembered that he had not brought condoms, and fearing a lawsuit by Lola's family if he knocked her up, he rushed outside to the store to get some, leaving Lola naked and bound. She did not know that the guy was robbed near the store in an alley, tried to fight back and then he was shot ten times and died on the same spot.
Tarzan was quite fed up with his life. He could never go out and screw bitches, he hated his boss. She was never affectionate to him. He was sleeping when he woke up hearing Lola screaming. But this screaming wasn't like yelling, it was more like fear. He decided to investigate and what he saw was his mistress tied up and with her nude pussy right in front of him. Even being a dog he knew what that was, he had often been present while Lola was screwing some guy. He did know that it was a place that made you feel good. Lola saw Tarzan approaching and reaching between her legs. She saw him sniffing her sex and what came next was the biggest shock in her life. First she saw Tarzan putting his front legs on her hips, then out of his sheath came his penis and it quickly reached as far as under his chest! She never knew that little dog could have such a big dick. Now she understood what Tarzan wanted to do. She screamed out loud when Tarzan put his dick in her pussy in one single move and started humping like crazy. It was his first fuck ever and it felt amazing! Lola was instead having the most horrible time of her life, getting raped by her dog! She screamed and screamed and it annoyed Tarzan a lot. He pulled free from her pussy and moved over to her head. He stepped over her head so his rear was above Lola's forehead and his head was facing her breasts. He positioned his penis right above Lola's lips. He tried to push in but Lola wouldn't open her mouth. So he bit her and while she creamed out Tarzan quickly pushed his meat down in Lola's throat, so she would shut up. Tarzan was delighted that his new place was warm and soft also. He pumped her mouth hard and felt an orgasm rising. Gallons of cum flushed down to Lola's stomach. Due to the shock of this, and the booze Lola had at the club, she passed out while Tarzan pulled free and cleaned himself.
After an hour he started to get aroused again and went off to Lola again. He put his pawns on her stomach. Then he positioned his swollen member at her entrance. This time he dove straight into her pussy. While Lola was unconscious her body still reacted to the action in her nether regions. She became wet because of the simulation and now easily sliding in and out, this encouraged Tarzan also. Now humping like a madman he was in heaven. He enjoyed the feeling of human pussy around his canine cock. It was so much different than that of a dog. What a cruel bitch she was that she kept this beautiful feelings away from him. But now it was different. Now she was HIS bitch and he would enjoy her as much as he could. After a while he felt his second orgasm coming and pumping as deep as he could he came and filled Lola with baby juice. He knotted her for the first time and now he could feel Lola orgasming too in her unconscious state. He then pulled out and with that came a lot of doggy cum that dribbled on the floor.
And then after a while for the third time he mounted Lola and fucked her now well lubricated pussy again. This time he did not knot her, instead when he felt an orgasm rising he pulled out for a while and then he entered her again. With this method it took longer before he came. And how he came! A new flood of dog semen stuffed the helpless girl.

After filling Lola again, he also did not pull out, but left his dick in Lola. It softened off course, but due to the slight movements Lola made, Tarzan became stimulated again. This was exactly what he wanted. When he was horny again he would fuck her again, let her own body get him ready for another round, fuck her again, and so on. A neverending fucking session.
When Lola's parents came home they found their daughter lying naked on the floor. Her arms were tied to the wall. Under her laid a pool of a liquid they didn't know what it was, but after seeing a little chihuahua ravaging their sweetheart's vagina they didn't have to guess long.

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2013-04-03 18:51:12
You also need to work on your formatting, you need to avoid massive blocks of text. Think things through before you write them, this story was not the least bit realistic and it was incredibly rushed. You have a lot of work you need to do if you want to submit stories here and not be ridiculed!!!


2013-04-03 12:58:46
I will in the future. This was the first story I've ever written, it's quite old now. I wrote it for a site where below 18 wasn't allowed. But there's more to come in the future, longer stories also...I'm working on it!

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2013-04-03 11:47:40
19 is not young.
Try 13 or 14.

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