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An afternoon of fun with an older woman
The Sleep Device; Chapter 2

A few days after my first "field" use of the device it was the weekend. Remembering the frustration I had found in not being able to "go all the way" I decided to ride over to the next town and get some useful supplies.

Coming into town there was a hill and I could look down onto some buildings and houses. In the back of one I could see a woman in a bikini lounging by the pool. Normally I would not have noticed her
much but her rather full bustline reminded me of my intention to experience someone with bigger breasts.

I found the drug store and parked. Inside there were few people and I quickly found the section I needed. I bought two 5 packs of condoms and a tube of KY. There was a young woman at the checkout counter. I was pretty nervous but I remembered suggestion for public speaking. Being extra nervous instead of imagining her in her underwear I
imagined her naked.

Outside I added my new supplies to my backpack. I had brought all the items I had found so useful before. My first experience had taught me that opportunity could happen any time and I was very horny and eager
to try again. Several times I had thought about going back to Connie for seconds but decided that was just too risky.

Instead I tried to find the house with the woman I had seen from the hill. Eventually I found an alley that ran between some houses. Thinking I had found the place I stopped and fished out my receipt from
the drugstore. Pretending to study it I instead peeked through a crack in the fence into the back yard. It looked like the same house and changing angles slightly I was able to see the woman reading on a

She was brunette. Nice figure and skin but with remarkable breasts. Thinking about them I decided to give it a try. Seeing no one else in the area I reached into my backpack and turned on the device. Her head dropped back to the recliner and the book fell from her hands. I quickly entered through the back gate and walked over to her.

Tempting as it was I dared not touch her out here. I had seen her from outside and someone else might see me! Instead I walked past her to the patio door and into the house. A quick search found no one present in the house so I switched off the device. The bedroom closet seemed
to have only her clothes. The other bedroom was set up as an office and had clothing bags and boxes in its closet. By all appearances she lived alone.

I peeked out through the drapes to see if she was still sleeping. I patiently watched until after a few minutes she stirred, glanced
around, and then picked up her book and resumed reading. People fall asleep like that all the time. There was no reason for her to suspect that my device had been the cause of her nap.

Now to get her inside. While waiting for her to awaken I had come up with a plan. I happened to know the number the local telephone installers use to test with. I dialed the number and hung up. After a second the phone began to ring back. Through the curtain I saw her get up and head towards the house. I retreated into the closet and hid.

Luck was with me as she came into the bedroom the answer the call. Picking up the phone she flopped down onto the bed and answered it "Hello?". A few hellos later she finally gave up and hung up the phone. She took a moment to stretch out with both hands.

It was then that I activated the device. She promptly went limp. I exited the closet and walked over to her. A shake of her arm produced no response so I reached out and grabbed her left breast and gave it a good fondling.

Then I went into the living room and locked the patio door. I also checked the front door and deadbolted it. No visitors allowed. Returning to the bedroom I quickly removed her bathing suit. The breasts were truly amazing. When released from the bathing suit they sprang apart and bounced. Down below she had a large muff of dark hair. I wasn't going to be able to see everything as clearly as with delightful Connie but I was more interested in fucking this time.

Out of my bag came a new addition. A layer of foil on fabric it fit over my head like a ski mask would. It shielded me from the device
like the lining added to my helmet but was less bulky and had an opening for my mouth. I switched off the device and quickly changed from my helmet to that. Once it was on I reset the device to its full timer setting. Then I stripped my own clothing off.

During my last experience I had not been able to try actual penetration. I was hard enough to be ready and there was no need to
wait for her. Rather than go slow I decided to just fuck her and explore her body later. It looked like I had the entire afternoon but
my cock wanted release now!

I parted her legs and put a few fingers into her opening. Not as tight as Connie. Finding no obstruction I fetched the condoms, KY, and blanket from my day pack. I put the blanket under her, rolling her
onto her side and then back. Now there would be no telltale stains on the bed.

I opened a condom and after studying it rolled it to my hard cock. Rather than put the KY on me I simply parted the lips of her vagina an squirted some into her opening. This was less messy than trying to
spread it over the rubber.

Kneeling between her spread legs I poked at her trying to find the entrance. With a partner who was awake this might have been
embarrassing experience but I found it entertaining. With practice I would get better an I intended to practice. Finally I used my hand to position myself and started to slide in.

It was very different from being in a mouth or between thighs. Warmer was the first thing I noticed and softer too. No worrying about scraping teeth here. I worked in and out a few times until I felt the KY spread around and then slid all the way in until I felt my pubis meet hers. I ground my hips against hers trying to get deeper. I lay
there for a minute realizing that I was finally there. Despite having discovered that there were plenty of ways to enjoy a woman's body
without penetration there was still a certain sense of achievement to being inside her.

I experimented pulling out and sliding back in. Short strokes, long strokes. All the way out so the tip of my prick was just touching her opening. All the way in and just short strokes barely withdrawing at all. It was a new and delightful experience.

Remembering an erotic story I had read I withdrew and raised her knees and bent them back to her shoulders. She was wide open to me and this time I had no trouble inserting myself. With her legs over my shoulders I resumed my thrusting. I had thought I was all the way in before but in this position I could get even deeper. I tried a few different strokes and eventually as I was pulling all but the tip out and slowly inserting I surprised myself by cuming.

Even as horny has I had been I expected to last longer than this. Being inside her was more stimulating than expected. I stayed deep inside her as my penis drained. Then allowing her legs to slide down I collapsed on her. The full body contact was very nice. I could feel the the smooth skin of her thighs against my legs, her soft breasts against my chest, and the smell of her hair in my nose.

Upward and onward. I withdrew loosing the condom in the process. Why don't the instructions tell you about these details. I pulled it from her with a plop and dropped it and its wrapper into a plastic bag I had brought. Then I wiped myself and her crack. The used wipes also went into the plastic bag.

I was still slightly hard and eager to play now. After resetting the timer on the device I straddled her hips and began playing with her breasts. These were more than a handful. Even with two hands on one
breast I could not enclose it. I pressed them together marveling at the large area of contact. They could not only enclose my entire cock I could get lost in there.

I placed an extra pillow under her head so it tilted towards me. Then rising up on my knees I leaned forward and used my right hand to rub the tip of my prick against her lips. I wasn't able to get between her teeth in this position but remembering my previous trick I slid along one side into her cheek. Seeing it bulge outwards in the rough shape of my cock had the desired effect. I felt my cock swell and reach full size.

Withdrawing and deciding to save the KY I pulled out the hand lotion and applied it to the inside surface of each breast and to the top of my shaft. With a hand on each breast I pulled them together causing a little of the lotion to leak out. Spreading my knees I bent my hips forward until my glans was resting against her breastbone.

I knew that this was going to be better than my previous try with a less endowed pair of tits. Relaxing the pressure slightly on each side a small opening formed and I slid forward. The slick surface of her breast was softer than satin. I had been right about this. Not as good as fucking her vagina but better than fucking Connie's breasts had been.

As I reached the end of my stroke my piss hole touched her lips. I withdrew and slid forward again coming to rest between her lips. Tinkering with electronics sure can improve one's life! Not caring how long I lasted I set up a regular rhythm plunging forward to her lips and then withdrawing.

It was annoying having to hold her breasts together. I liked touching them but wanted to be free to move my hands around instead of having to maintain the pressure. Fetching two bolsters from the living room couch I raised her arms behind her head, and positioned a bolster on each side. Back in between I resumed thrusting this time playing with her nipples, stroking her breasts, and grabbing her shoulders to thrust
more firmly.

Grabbing her head with both hands I held her jaw open. Sliding forward I placed my prick between her lips and then slid forward stretching her breasts upward. I slid into her waiting mouth and paused for a moment. Not really thrusting into her mouth for sensation, just for the fun of doing and watching it.

Withdrawing I noticed that I had pushed the bolsters apart making for a sloppy fuck. I readjusted them, added a little more lotion, and resumed thrusting. Gradually I increased the speed of my thrusts until
finally I came. My spurts sprayed onto her lips, neck and upper chest. Even after the last spurt I kept thrusting for several more
times enjoying the sensation.

More wipes and I began cleaning her mouth, neck an chest. After that I wiped myself and the wipes went into the bag. Then I reset the timer and plopped down beside her to recover. Noticing her book I picked it
up. It was a romance novel and thinking it might be interesting I started reading. Finding it booring I started skipping ahead trying to find the "good parts". One part seemed to be pretty hot but then it got vague leaving the reader to their own imagination.

Tossing it aside and gazing at the nude woman beside me I decided I had
something better to get me up than a novel. Sliding my hand across her mound I inserted my middle finger into her hole. Then I leaned over and began sucking on her nipple. With the "ski mask" I could now do
easily what had been very restricted on my first experience. I added a my index finger to the middle one stroking in and out of her and switched nipples. I kissed her on the lips licking them and then trying to insert my tongue between them. No go.

I removed both pillows allowing her head to lean back. Now her mouth parted slightly and I was able to tongue kiss her. Moving back to her nipples I gave each one a hard suck and then moved down between her legs. I licked the inside of her thigh and then spreading her vaginal lips reached out to stick my tongue into her hole. Whether from the KY or her natural taste it was not really appealing. None the less I licked upward across her piss hole and to the top of her mound.

But I was hard again and had to decide how to use it. I decided to try "69"ing as I had read about it and wanted to try as much as possible. I dragged her sideways on the bed and then inserted a pillow under her
shoulders. This had the desired effect of allowing her head to lean back with her lips parted. Spreading her legs into a vee I then worked up as much spit as I could and applied it to my dick as lubrication.
Kneeling at the edge of the bed I leaned forward and braced myself with my left hand. My right hand went to my erection and I guided it into her waiting mouth. Once the glans was past her teeth I switched my
right hand to the back of her neck and, lifting her slightly, slid right in.

She must have had a bigger throat opening because I never felt the tightness I had expected. Instead I easily inserted myself into her throat and stopped with my balls against her forehead. She sucked and then twitched under me once but there was no other reaction.

Pulling back out I gave her a few seconds to breath and then lowered myself onto her. I kept my hips back until I was lying full across her with my face against her hairy mound. Spreading the hair and outer lips apart with my hands I applied my mouth to the exposed pink area and sucked. Finally I relaxed my thighs and eased my cock back into her throat.

When I could feel her chin pressing against me I knew I was all the way in. Holding that position I savored the feeling and then inserted my right finger into her vagina penetrating her from both ends. I set up a pattern of thrusting my cock into her throat and my fingers into her hole. Sometimes together and sometimes alternating.

After a couple of minutes of this I began to think about cumming. I didn't think I could come in her throat due the risk of choking her. I settled into her throat one last time and lay there for a moment swirling my fingers around in her hole. Then I withdrew from both openings and rolled off her naked body. There were other things to try.

Rolling her onto her belly I grabbed her hips and worked her legs off of the bed. With her hips on the edge I dropped a pillow on the floor between her knees. After applying another condom I grabbed the KY and again squirted some into her vagina. Then I spread her ass cheeks and squirted some into her anus.

Kneeling on the pillow I inserted myself into her vagina and tried a few thrusts. Again the feeling was warm but also slightly different in
this position. Grabbing her hips I banged into her hard for a few times. One advantage of this position was that I could look down and see myself sliding in and out.

Pulling out, my condom covered cock popped up slightly. Positioning it at her anus I pressed inward. There was some initial resistance getting the head into the opening but after that it slid right in. When I bottomed out against her backside I just held the position for about a minute, giving my cock a chance to calm down and feeling the
differences this opening had to offer.

It was the same soft warmness as her other openings. The lubrication provided by the KY made for a wonderful slippery feeling. But the outer opening of her anus was tighter than either her cunt or mouth had been. It gripped me at the base of my penis in a way that reminded me of how I sometimes held it to masturbate.

Sliding slowly out the ring of tightness slid up the shaft of my cock milking it while the rest was gently stimulated by her inner walls.
The next inward stroke was smoother as the KY was spread more evenly. Grabbing her by the hips I started a steady in and out stroke. It was an easier position for me as instead of having to raise and lower my
hips I could simply shift them forward and back.

I kept this up for about 5 minutes until I could feel myself getting close. Then taking a firmer grip on her hips I changed from simply sliding in and out to pounding hard against her. Her whole body shook as I bottomed out against her butt. At last I came and came holding myself deep in her as I pulsed. Then leaning forward I rested my head on the warmth of her back and rested.

Feeling my cock shrink and start to withdraw I carefully removed it from her. This time I remembered to hold the base of the condom as I pulled out. Pulling it out I gazed at the pool of sperm in the end. None of it had gotten in her.

None of my sperm had gotten in her! What a fool I was. If I wore a condom while in her throat then I could cum there. Only one problem. I was spent and in no condition to take advantage of this wonderful idea.

After wiping her down I reset the timer on the device and then went into her bathroom to take a leak. I used her toilet paper to clean myself up and, making sure to flush and put the toilet seat back down,
returned to the bedroom.

I used the time while I recovered to drag her body around on the bed until she was face up with her head hanging over the edge of the bed where her hips had previously been. Her legs I spread in a vee, bending the knees slightly to open her sex to my inspection. If anyone had told me a week ago that I could be dragging a nude woman around on a bed and not be instantly hard I would not have believed them. But after three cums I needed more time to recover.

I decided to fool around while waiting to get hard again. Placing her left hand on her breast I positioned her thumb and index finger on either side of the nipple. Then I took her right hand and inserted the tip of her middle finger into her cunt. Stepping back I gazed at my handy work. She looked like she was in the middle of masturbating.

Then I removed the finger from her cunt and inserted it into her mouth. This was having the intended effect as I was now about half way hard. Wrapping her hand around my cock I moved it up and down as if she was jerking me off. Then I returned her finger to her cunt.

Arranging her head on the edge of the bed I kneeled down and placed the tip of my dick against her lips. Dragging it this way and that I felt it swell in my hand. Not fully erect but stiff enough to insert into her mouth which I did.

Grabbing part of each breast, they were too big to grab the entire thing, I started thrusting into her. Her finger stayed limply in her cunt for the first few thrusts and then the bouncing caused it to slide out. I let it lay there and continued my thrusting into her throat. Allowing my fingers to lay across her jaw I felt myself sliding in and out. I pressed in even deeper feeling this from both the inside and outside.

I was in no danger of cumming so I kept this up for about a good while. Then I pulled out and rolled her over on her stomach with her head still hanging over the edge. Kneeling again I grabbed her head in both hands and lifted it up until she faced my sex. Then placing my left hand on her forehead and my right on the back of her neck I inserted my
cock back into her mouth. After sliding back in I paused with her nose buried in the hair above my cock. Sure enough I could feel her breathing through her nose. Taking a firmer hold on her head I resumed thrusting between her lips, across her tongue, and into her throat.

Shifting my right hand to her throat I could feel it bulge slightly on each inward thrust. Wanting some suction I moved the hand at her throat to her nose and pinched it shut while only half inserted. For a second nothing happened then there was a slight suction pulling me inward. I slid in with it until I was buried between her lips.

Returning my hand to her throat I resumed thrusting and kept it up until I began to feel that I was approaching orgasm. Then I pulled out and rolled her back onto her back. Fetching another condom I rolled it
on and kneeled and inserted my rubber coated cock into her mouth. It dragged slightly so I pulled out, worked up some spit, and applied it.

Grabbing her head and inserting I found the going much easier and was soon buried to the hilt. Grabbing a nipple with each hand I took a few easy strokes and quickly worked up to a fast face slapping pace. I was going to cum in her throat and do it as soon as possible.

I was taking nice long strokes into her throat while holding her nipples and gazing down at her naked body. With her legs spread her
cunt was exposed and I could see a hint of pink there as the outer lips opened enough to let me see the inner folds. I knew I was going to cum deep in her throat.

It was sexy as I could imagine and I was feeling close but I just could not quite make that last little bit and cum. It wasn't surprising considering how many times I had already cum in such a short time. But it was really frustrating considering how much I wanted to do this.

Maybe I was trying too hard. I stopped my rapid thrusting and instead began sliding slowly into her mouth until her nose touched my balls, holding that for five seconds, and then sliding slowly back out until only the very tip of my glans was between her lips.

It was a weird combination of pleasure and excruciating sensation. My reflexes kept telling me to thrust madly and I could barely resist doing that. But as I continued my slow halting strokes I was finding they allowed me to focus on the sensation more than the rapid thrusting had. And somehow denying my body's urge to plunge madly was enhancing the sensation. The frustration and the sensations built on one another and soon I was feeling an intense need to thrust madly and cum.

I was so close I knew I could easily finish now. But instead of doing so I slid even more slowly in and held that position gazing around the room at her things, not looking at her and trying to not think about my latex covered cock buried in her throat. I took this opportunity to reset the timer. I had plenty of time to enjoy this so I might as well
make it last.

When I no longer felt quite so close I again resumed the slow in and out as before, halting for a few seconds at each end. Rather than speeding up I was moving ever more slowly. My cock was so stimulated
that every movement was intense and each ripple as it slid against her mouth, tongue, and throat was sending shivers through my body.

At last I could stand it no longer. I grabbed one tit and placing my right hand behind her neck I plunged quickly and deeply. Two quick strokes and on the third insertion I felt the cum rising in my shaft. I held still as the first spasm jetted out. Then I withdrew and thrust in again for the second. Pulling slowly back I felt a series of tremors through my shaft. Suddenly it was so sensitive that I had to hold still as each attempt to move in or out was unbearably intense. Just the sensation of my still spasaming cock was all I could stand.

At last the tremors stopped. I waited, feeling exhausted and relaxed, while my cock slowly started to shrink. Grabbing the base of the condom I pulled it and my dwindling erection from her lips. There was
some tearing at the base of the condom, no doubt from rubbing against her teeth. But the end was intact and bulged slightly from the amount of sperm.

The used condom went into the plastic bag. Her mouth didn't really need wiping and my penis was much too sensitive at the moment.
Instead, after resetting the timer, I went into the bathroom and rinsed off with her shower. After drying off I put the towel back as it had been. I hoped it would dry before she noticed it.

Returning to the bed I positioned her back as she had been when I started and lay with my head on her stomach. I had fucked her cunt,
her ass, her tits, and now her mouth. I was running out of ideas and it looked like I still had plenty of time left.

Remembering my desire to see nipples that were erect I ran into her kitchen and got a bowl and some ice cubes. I began gently rubbing one against her right nipple. In a few minutes the skin began to pucker up. The nipple became hard but not much larger. I returned the ice cube to the bowl and leaned over to suck her. It was definitely a new feeling but it faded as my mouth warmed her nipple.

Switching to the other nipple I again applied the ice cube and it also puckered up. Using my thumb and index finger I grabbed her breast so only the nipple was sticking out between my fingers and used the ice cube on just that. I found that certain combinations of rolling it between my fingers and applying the ice caused it to enlarge farther. Over a period of several minutes the nipple became both larger and darker. Eventually it was quite large and my mouth returned to suckle
it. While sucking on the left nipple I used the ice cube on the right.

The left nipple lost some of its hardness but remained fairly large. Meanwhile the right nipple was also darkening and enlarging. Grabbing both breasts I worked them together until the nipples actually touched
each other. I rubbed them against each other marveling at the change. Leaning forward I took both in my mouth and proceeded to suck and tongue them both.

Rolling her face down I arranged the pillows so I could lean back against the headboard with my legs on either side of her. Then
reaching down I grabbed an armpit with each hand and cradling her head between my arms I dragged her to me so her mouth was over my crotch.

My cock was still quite small so when I used my fingers to open her mouth and lower it on to me she was in no danger of choking. Wrapping my legs around her waist I rested my feet on her butt. Leaning back I savored the visual spectacle of her head between my legs with her naked back and legs beyond.

I spent the next ten minutes stroking her hair, face, neck, arms and shoulders with my hands. Gradually I felt myself become more confined as I grew in the warmth of her mouth. Finally I grabbed her head with
both hands and lifted it up. My erection was about half sized and just stiff enough to be able to hold its position.

I lowered her head back down on my shaft and then lifted it again. I repeated this for about a minute watching her lips descend around my shaft and then drag slightly when I raised her. Eventually I tired of lifting her head and allowed it to slide back down on my shaft. I lay there wishing I had some sex slave that I could command to fuck me
while I relaxed.

I lay there imagining several positions. Her on top was obviously not going to work if I had to do all the moving. Her on bottom I had tried. Thrusting into her vagina while kneeling had been OK but not very relaxing. Suddenly I thought of a new position and proceeded to try it.

Lifting her head my cock sprung free from her mouth and I slid out from beneath her. Rearranging her on her back and putting a fresh condom on my erection occupied the next few minutes. With her knees lifted back
to her shoulders I lay down perpendicular to her with my erection against her sex. Then I positioned her legs with her knees arched
across my hips and her feet behind me.

Reaching down and adjusting my position slightly I was able to penetrate her. I wiggled this way and that trying to get deeper but was unable to get fully inserted. It was enough though and the lack of
depth was made up for by the relaxed position. I could lie there on my side without any need to exert myself holding her or me.

Dragging one of the pillows over I placed it under my head and got comfortable. The timer was within easy reach and I reset it to the full time. Then I began a slow relaxed thrusting. This position required very little effort and I knew that, combined with having cum so many times, meant that I could keep this up for quite a while.

The sensation was simply pleasant rather than the intense sexual need I felt before. I continued to move my hips just enough to maintain the feeling. Occasionally I would stroke her thigh or reach out to touch the breast closest to me. The pleasant sensation and the relaxed position combined for a kind of dreamy feeling and I finally closed my
eyes and drifted with it.

The ding of the timer reaching zero startled me. Had it really been 30 minutes? I quickly reset it. I was slightly frustrated by the lack of depth. Gazing down at my hips and hers I decided to see if could get deeper. Pulling my left leg back I moved her right leg between mine. Then I got a leg lock on her thigh. Her left leg was still bent over
my hips. Using my lock on her thigh, combined with the slightly lower
angle of her hips I was able to insert myself deeper. I tried a few strokes and found the going much more interesting.

Her book was out of reach so I had to use my foot to push it close enough to grab it. Settling back down I resumed my easy in and out movement and started to read the novel. It wasn't a very interesting novel and I made a note to include something I liked along with my other supplies in case the opportunity to try this presented itself

I kept this up for what must have been another 30 minutes. At times I would get involved in the book and forget to thrust. Then realizing that I was shrinking I would focus on moving in and out more firmly.
Once my erection was restored I would resume reading while thrusting at a more relaxed pace. It was a fantasy come true. A nearly effortless fuck that just went on and on.

Eventually the timer dinged again. After resetting it I extricated myself and got a drink of water in the bathroom. Returning I resumed the same position and began pumping into her vigorously until I was
hard. Closing my eyes I focused my entire consciousness on my shaft sliding in and out of her warm opening.

Despite the presence of the naked woman I was fucking my thoughts returned to Connie. It started when I imagined how this position would have been with her. Of course this position required a bed and the
haybale she had been layed out on would have made it impractical. Still it would have been nice to slide into that young vagina and
better yet to cum inside her. If only I had possessed condoms then.

As I imagined what might have been, and remembered what had been, my hip movements changed from a relaxed pace to something more purposeful. I realized that a sexual reality did not replace the imagination previously used while masturbating. Instead both could work together to enhance each other.

With my eyes closed I stroked the thigh of the woman I was moving in and out of. But in my mind I imagined that I was stroking the thigh of Connie while pumping into her. Then I thought about other girls at school, along with one female teacher, that I would very much like to have sex with. Imagining the teacher nude was difficult so I opened my
eyes and used my current subject as a model.

My mind raced through the different activities that I would love to try with each of them. Finally my thoughts returned to Connie remembering that with condoms, and knowing what I knew now, my last fuck into her mouth could have ended with me cumming deep in her throat instead of
into one cheek.

With that thought I felt myself approaching the point of no return. I concentrated on the image of my cock sliding in and out of Connie's mouth. As I felt the cum rise up in me I imagined it spurting while deep into her throat. That was enough to put me over the edge and I came and came.

It was a funny cum. Not funny "ha ha" but just different. It started out with the normal spurt and feeling but changed into a kind of
gradual oozing. The really unusual part was I could never really say when it ended. It just gradually got less and less and even a minute later I could still feel lingering feelings.

Finally I knew I was finished. Not just with that fuck but for the entire day or possibly longer. A parade of naked women could walk through now begging me to have sex with them and I would be helpless to

Getting out of this position turned out to be somewhat awkward. I needed to keep on hand on the condom to keep it from coming off and making a mess. That left me with only one hand to lift her legs and maneuver myself away from her. Once out I started cleanup. After disposing of the used condom and carefully wiping my worn out member I
cleaned her up.

The bowl of ice cubes, now water was dumped into the kitchen sink. After drying it I returned it where it had been. Back in the bedroom I rolled her this way and that to extract the blanket. Then I rearranged her in the position she had been in when I started.

After dressing myself I sat on the edge of the bed and gazed down at her and ran my hands over her still nude breasts and thighs. I was
checking to see if I would have a last minute erection as had happened the first time. While it was pleasant to touch her I was not
responding so I went ahead and put her bikini back on. First the bottom and then the top. Getting everything to fit back into the suit top was a challenge. It took some tugging this way and that to get her breasts positioned as they had originally been.

The book went back by her left hand. I switched off the device for a few seconds while changing from mask back to my motorbike helmet. I made a quick walk through looking for anything left behind. No wipes or used condoms left lying around and my wallet was still in my pocket.

Finally I stroked her hair and the side of her face. It had been a great afternoon for me and I appreciated it even if she had not done it voluntarily. At the front door I removed the dead bolt leaving it as it was before. I unlocked and exited through the patio door. Half way to the gate I switched off my device. Peering out I could see the alley was empty so I exited closing the gate behind me.

I rode off thinking that it was pretty late and I better go straight home. I did stop at a roadside trash bin to get rid of the plastic
garbage bag. At home dinner was waiting and I watched TV for the rest of the evening. Finally as I went to bed I tried to think of what my next opportunity would be like.

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