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Following the lives of several boys/men in a group home in California.
Richie place his small, slender hand on Edgar's thigh, they locked eyes and they both leaned their heads in for a kiss. Their lips locked and Edgar slipped his tongue in Richie's mouth. Their tongues danced around in each other's mouths until Edgar finally pulled away. Edgar was sixteen, he had a lean, muscular build and a tan from the San Diego weather he enjoyed so much. He was tall for his age, he stood about 6-foot. As for Richie, well, he was the complete opposite. He was only thirteen, and probably only weighed about 115 pounds. He had skinny legs that led up to a round bubble-butt that Edgar couldn't keep his hands off of. They were both Hispanic but Richie had fair skin because he grew up in Seattle, Washington.

Edgar put both his hands around Richie's soft face and brushed his hair out of the way revealing his beautiful hazel-coloured eyes. "I love you," Edgar told Richie, as he wrapped a protective arm around him. "I love you too," Richie replied.

Richie moved his hand further up Edgar's thigh. He moved his hand up those final few inches and cupped Edgar's package. Edgar let out a soft moan as he did so. Richie began softly massaging him, and as he did, Edgar began to stiffen. Richie undid Edgar's zipper and reached his hand inside of his grabbing a firm hold on him. He pulled out Edgar's penis through the flap of his boxers and revealed his massive tool. At only sixteen years old Edgar had a dick that was at least 9-inches.

Richie licked the palm of his hand and started to twist it around Edgar's fat mushroom head. The pleasure was so intense for Edgar he almost came right then and there. "Put your mouth on it." Edgar whispered. Richie leaned down, opened his mouth as wide as he could, and went down on Edgar. As he did so, Edgar let out a loud moan. "Oh god, don't stop!" Edgar exclaimed. Richie had no intentions to.

The small boy began to bob up and down on the older boys cock. Richie simultaneously jerked Edgar off and sucked on his head at the same time. The combination was so intense for Edgar that he couldn't hold back anymore. "I'm about to cum!" Edgar warned as he got that familiar feeling at the base of his dick. He began to thrust his meat deeper and harder into Richie's mouth, and within a few seconds he began to bust inside of his mouth. But that didn't stop Richie. He just started to suck harder, cum began to seep out of his mouth and onto Edgar's dick. It was the best orgasm Edgar had ever experienced. And he wanted nothing more than to have it happen again ...

Edgar woke up drenched in sweat, and with a raging boner. That was the third night in a row that he had a sex dream about Richie, who just so happened to be his roommate. He turned over in his bed to see his roommate still fast asleep. They still had about another thirty minutes before the morning staff would wake them up.

Before Edgar had had to come to this place he had been a ladies' man, getting pussy like no other. But ever since he had arrived at the Willow Creek Home for Boys', he started getting feelings for men. It all started when one day when he saw, Miguel, one of the other boys naked. And ever since then he had a craving for cock.

The cock he wanted was his roommate's. Richie was already here when Edgar arrived and when they became roommates, Edgar wanted to do nothing more but fuck his tight little asshole. He had tried to seduce Richie little by little. Giving him things, doing his chores for him, anything to make Richie like him. But it wasn't working. Edgar figured he was going to have to take desperate measures.

He got up out of bed and looked at his hard-on. I guess I'm going to have to do something about this, Edgar thought to himself. He walked over to his dresser, picked out some clothes and a towel, and tip-toed to the bathroom, being sure not to wake Richie. He went into the bathroom and got undressed, as he removed his underwear, his boner sprang to life.

He got in the shower and immediatly began to jerk-off. His motivation was the dream he had just had about his young roommate. He could tell he was about to cum so he picked up pace. After a few minutes of that, he blew his load. He watched as his spunk went down the shower drain. He got out the shower and dried off. "How am I gonna fuck this kid?" He said to himself. "How?"
Meanwhile, in the lobby ...

"Welcome to the Willow Creek Home for Boys', come on, I'll show you around the facility." Javier said with a smile to the new admit. He had been working there for years and he was in charge of checking in the new patients and making sure the settle in comfortably. He was in his late thirties but still had a nice physique. He had played college football so he had a very defined muscular build.

"So son, what's your name? Can I get you anything?" He asked the new patient as they exited the lobby and walked to the main corridor.

"My name's Benjamin," the boy said shyly, "and no, I don't want anything." He looked down to the ground as he spoke, and didn't make contact with his tour guide at all. Javier had seen his kind before, most of the new boys that come to a place like this are usually like that. And he knew just what he had to do to break him in.

"Here, come this way," Javier said politely, "I know a short-cut." Him and the boy went up a set of stairs and into an old office. The boy was caught of guarrd.

"What, what is this place?" Benjamin asked. But before he could get an answer, Javier pressed his big muscular body against the boy and positioned on a filing cabinet.

"What are you doing?" The boy said, but he knew exactly what was going on.

"It's okay Ben, don't worry, I'll do all the work?" He said with a sly smile. He reached down and unbuttoned the boy's pants and reached his hand down the front of his underwear and worked the boy's tool until it was rock solid.

"Sir, sir, please." Ben tried to say, but he was overwhelmed by pleasure. Ben was fourteen and had jacked off many times, but he had never had anyone touch him and make him feel good like this. It was heavenly.

Finally Javier pulled Ben's pants down to his ankles and began to stroke the young boy. He tried to fight it but deep down he didn't want it to stop.

"Please, please sir. Please, keep, going!" Ben said in ecstasy. Those words gave Javier the exact consent he needed. He dropped down to his knees and took the boy's moderately sized dick into his mouth and began sucking like a professional.

As he did so, he whipped out his own monster and began jacking himself off. "Oh god, I'm, I'm, I'm gonna cum!" Ben said. Javier immediately took his mouth off the boy's dick before he could cum and turned him around and bent him over the filing cabinet.

He spat in hand and lubed up his dick. Then, without warning he thrust his cock into the young boy's tight, warm asshole. Javier let out a soft moan while Ben let out a loud one. He had never even explored ass play, but it felt good to him.

Javier reached around and wrapped his fingers around the boy's cock and jerked him off while he pounded his asshole. "Fuck yeah! Don't stop!" Ben exclaimed. Javier felt his balls tighten and he knew what was about to happen. He increased tempo and as he did so the boy busted his young nut all over the place.

Javier pulled out before he came and pushed Ben to his knee's and began face fucking him. Ben could hardly breathe but Javier didn't care. After a few more minutes Javier started moaning loudly. "Holy shit, I'm cumming!" And as he said those words he spewed his hot jizz all down the young boy's throat.

"Oh god," he sighed. He took his penis out of the boy's mouth and they began to get dressed. "This will be our little secret, understood?" He said sternly.

"Only as long as we get to do it again," Ben said with a wink. He licked his lips and as he did so he looked so enticing to the grown man.

They made their way to the unit, and they were both glad their little escapade wasn't over ...

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