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Four young college girls on a skiing vacation had to find other things to do when an excess of new snow trapped them in their cabin. This is the eleventh and final episode in this series of the adventures of The Three J’s and Sara at Mountain Lodge Resort. This is a VERY mild wrap up for this series of stories. This story might make more sense if you have read the previous days of “Three J’s and an S Go Skiing,” For the most part, the stories in this series are pretty mild. If you are looking for heavy duty stuff, try one of my other story series.
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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

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The Three J’s and Sara were sitting around the kitchen table of the cabin. Ron and Kevin were on duty, so they had left early to go up to the aid station. Sara, as usual, was busy clearing away dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. And as usual, she was wearing nothing but the velvet collar that Joan had given her.

“This is our last day here at the cabin,” said Joan. “Tomorrow we have to start our long drive back to the real world.”

“This is our real world,” replied Sara. “It is just that a whole lot has changed in the past ten days that we will have to fit back into the world we left back at college.”

“Some things will change, now.” said Julie. “Kevin and I are engaged, and that means I am basically out of the heavy duty partying circuit now. No need to keep fishing when you have already caught your limit of prize trout.”

“We can party,” answered Judy, “but we go together, and come back together and make sure none of us does anything stupid that can screw up what we have found here.”

“Sara and I have to figure out how things between us are going to change,” said Joan. “I mean, do we move into the same bedroom? Do we tell people at school that we are now a couple? What do we tell our parents? I know some stuff has to change, but some stuff has to stay the same. How do we decide which is which?”

“I know one thing that is going to change,” snickered Judy. “Sara won’t have to go tearing ass into the kitchen to put her clothes on every time she hears us moving around in the morning.”

“You knew?” asked Sara. The surprise on her face was very evident.

“Since about the third day of Freshman year,” answered Julie. “But you are not the only woman who likes to do housework in the nude, so we figured we would respect your privacy. That’s why we always made sure we made some noise so you would hear us before we came out into the living room.”

“Everyone except Joan,” said Judy. “She would sneak out to the end of the hallway and stand there watching you clean the living room and kitchen. I scared the piss out of her a couple of times by walking up behind her and tapping her on the shoulder.”

“You used to watch me?” Sara asked Joan.

“I told you I always more than liked you,” replied Joan. “I just didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else.”

“You didn’t have to admit it to us. We knew. We always sort of expected you to run out and jump her bones one day, but you never did. I was tempted to shove you out into the living room a couple of times myself when you were standing there in a nightie breathing heavily and rubbing yourself.”

“I didn’t rub myself!” countered Joan.

Julie just raised her eyebrows and looked at Joan while nodding her head.

“Oh,” said Joan. “I didn’t realize I was doing that.”

“But now the two star-crossed lovers have gotten their stars uncrossed and just have to figure out how to make that work in their lives from this point on,” said Judy. “As far as plans for the day, I plan on skiing this morning, and then skiing or hanging around at the lodge this afternoon with Ron.”

“That’s sort of my plan for the day also,” said Julie. “Except I plan on being with Kevin this afternoon.”

Sara cleared the final plate off the table. “So that plans our final day,” she said. “What about our final night?”

Judy brightened and said, “Ron is staying here with me tonight. We will be apart for a long time and tonight will have to last us for a while, so I will probably be screwing Ron most of the night.”

Julie added, “Same for me.,” Then she turned bright red and stammered, “I mean... except not Ron... Kevin... Kevin and I will....”

Joan said, “Stop digging Julie. You’re at the bottom of the hole.” Everyone laughed and she continued, “Sara and I won’t be separated like you guys, so tonight isn’t quite as frantic for us. But we have a bunch of toys to finish cleaning up and put away.”

“So the plan for the whole day is this.” said Sara. “We go skiing together this morning, come back here for lunch, go back on the slopes with our fiancee’s, come back here for supper, and then, after some wine and relaxing in the hot tub, go to bed and screw our brains out until dawn.”

“Not exactly,” said Joan. “We have a nineteen hour drive ahead of us tomorrow, so at least one of us has to be ready to drive first thing in the morning. Someone has to stop screwing at a reasonable hour and get some sleep. I think that will be Sara and me. You two can sleep in the car for a while and drive later in the day.”

“Lets get dressed and hit the slopes.” said Julie as she got up from the table. “The day is wasting. We’ll ski down to the intermediate hill chair lift from here and once we are at the top, we may even convince our no-longer-a-snow-bunny to go over onto the real slopes for a while.”

“I think I’m ready to try that,” answered Sara as she started downstairs to get her ski clothes.

= = = = = = = = =

The Three J’s and an S spent the morning together and then came back to the cabin to eat lunch. Ron and Kevin were getting off duty at 1:00 so Judy and Julie left early to make the trip down the slope and back up to the aid station.

After they were gone, Joan asked Sara, “Is your butt as sore as mine?”

“Probably not,” answered Sara. “It is red and bruised and still swollen, but I had the sense to say 30, not 150.”

Joan replied, “Mine is sore enough that I’m not really in the mood for more skiing. I think that I am going to alternate between applying hot and cold to the bruised areas.”

“In other words,” said Sara, “you are going to sit in the hot tub until your muscles relax and then go sit in the snow until your butt stops hurting.”

“Something like that.” answered Joan.

“Well,” said Sara, “there are three bottles of wine left in the case and if we get a head start on them, we can finish off one of them before the happy couples get back. We have all afternoon to alternate between hotties and coolies until you aren’t sure if your ass hurts or not.”

“I don’t know if I’m in for an afternoon of fast, marathon sex,” said Joan.

“Then we will have to go slow and take some rest stops along the way,” answered Sara as she took off her collar and carefully put it on the table. When Joan looked at her she explained, “Now I don’t have to worry about getting that wet if I should have to put my head under water for some reason.” She then gave Joan one of her lop sided grins and added, “Maybe we will find out if my breath control is greater than your orgasm control.”

Sara started for the door. “I am going to go out and get that bottle of wine. I will meet you in the hot tub.”

Joan got up from the table, stripped off her clothes, and left them on the counter on the way over to the patio doors that led out onto the deck.

After she was in the hot tub, Sara set two glasses of wine on the edge of the tub and came down into the tub with her. “How’s your bottom?” she asked.

“Much better,” answered Joan. “The warm water feels good on it tonight.”

“Does it feel good enough that you can sit up on the edge of the tub?”

“Why should I do that?”

Sara gave her another of her lopsided grins and answered, “Because I can’t breathe under water, silly. And if I use a snorkel, I can’t do this.” Sara submerged her head under the water and went between Joan’s legs where she gave her several quick licks and nibbles before having to come up for air. “Besides,” she said, somewhat breathlessly, “you said we should take our time this afternoon and float together in a cloud of pleasure. I figures I would start moving you up toward that cloud.”

“That’s not exactly what I said, but it sounds good to me,” answered Joan as she used her arms to push herself up out of the water and onto the edge of the tub. “But when we go out into the snow, I’ll be the one giving you the pleasure.” She laughed softly, “And that way I’ll be on top. I absolutely don’t know how you can lay in the snow on your back and still get so turned on.”

“You’ll always be on top for me,” answered Sara as her kisses worked their way down Joan’s stomach until her lips began to nibble at her cunt.

= = = = = =

Later that afternoon, Joan was sleeping on her stomach on a deck chair when Ron and Judy walked up onto the deck. Ron walked over to her and bent down to examine her ass cheeks. “Pervert,” giggled Judy and Joan suddenly snapped awake.

She looked up at Ron and he explained rather sheepishly, “Purely medical. I was looking to see if any of the cuts or bruises were infected.”

“I’ve been alternating heat and ice. And in between, Sara has been rubbing that ointment you gave me into - I mean onto - my butt. It really is feeling much better now.”

“It’s looking much better, too,” answered Ron. “And that is from both a medical and horny young man point of view.”

“We’ll take care of the horny part later,” said Judy. “Why don’t we change and relax in the hot tub before supper? Kevin and Julie should be down soon. They were on the phone with her parents up at the lodge when we left.”

Sara came out onto the deck carrying three robes. She handed a short, white robe to Joan, and another, similar robe to Judy. The larger, flannel robe she handed to Ron. “You can change inside,” she said, “or, if you are comfortable with it, you can just hand me your clothes and I will take them into the bedroom.”

“I think I will change in the bedroom,” said Ron, but Judy began stripping off and handing him her clothes.

“Then you can take my clothes inside for me,” she said with a smile.

As Judy began to step into the hot tub, she turned her head over her shoulder and asked, “And what is your opinion on MY butt?”

“Medically speaking,” Ron replied, “healthy looking. Horny young man speaking, perfectly delectable, and enticing.”

Joan looked up at him from her deck chair and said, “You two are going to make it. There were about a thousand wrong ways to answer that question, and you picked one of the few right ones.”

Judy laughed as she settled into the water and then added, “He’d better have... he’d better have.”

Ron decided he would leave while he was ahead and took Judy’s clothes with him back into the bedroom to change.

“Why are men so shy about getting undressed in front of women?” asked Joan.

Judy laughed and answered, “I don’t really know. Maybe it is because of the underwear. Despite anything that anyone says, there is no such thing as sexy men’s underwear.”

“Or maybe it’s because men know that what women really look at is their butts and that the front side of a man just isn’t that attractive unless you are already half-way to orgasm.” suggested Judy.

“So you are saying that it takes a cute butt to get you wet before a man’s junk looks sexy to you?” asked Sara. “No wonder men are so confused. According to that, they would have to approach a woman backwards in order to make an impression.”

“Or play football in those really tight pants,” added Judy. When Joan looked up at her, she added, “You don’t think I watch the those games for the cheerleaders, do you?”

“I do,” answered Sara, “but that’s probably why I am sleeping with Joan rather than Ron or Kevin.”

“Speaking of Kevin,” said Judy. “Julie has a request. She said Kevin has loosened up quite a bit, but please, no sex in front of Kevin. ‘Take it to your room when it gets to that point’ is the way she said it.”

“I don’t think we have to worry,” said Joan. “I think Julie will have Kevin back in the bedroom before Sara has the supper dishes done and put away.”

“Speaking of supper,” said Sara, “I can hear Kevin’s snowmobile now. I will get things ready to go in about twenty minutes.”

= = = = =

Following supper, events unfolded pretty much as Joan had predicted. Everyone recessed to the deck / hot tub for some wine and conversation, but before everyone had completed their first glass of wine, Julie was hinting strongly that it was time for them to go back to the bedroom.

After they left, Ron said, “Ok, why is everyone trying not to laugh?”

“Because Julie is so sweet and straight and predictable,” answered Judy. “She is going to make a great lab rat somewhere after she gets her doctorate in chemistry or physics or whatever.”

“And you are a business major who wants to teach the future corporate giants of the world,” said Ron. “Joan, what is your major?”

“English literature and composition,” answered Joan. “I am going to be writer who doesn’t starve because I will be teaching others how to go out and starve trying to live off their writing.”

“I am stopping at an undergraduate degree and am going to teach grade school,” said Sara. “I really do like little kids. There is something about their openness and honesty.”

“It helps that you are going to be a little kid forever yourself,” said Judy. She emptied the wine bottle, refilling her wine glass and Kevin’s, and said, “So isn’t it time for you kids to get off to bed?” When Joan and Sara looked over to her, she added, “You’ve had the hot tub to yourself all afternoon. Now it’s our turn.”

“OK,” said Joan laughing. “I need to drive first tomorrow anyway.”

“I have three empty wine bottles to put back in the case first. And then I have to figure out what to do with the cases,” said Sara.

Ron replied, “Leave them with your trash bags. They will get taken for recycling. Did you girls really go through 24 bottles of wine in 9 days?”

“We had help,” answered Judy.

“But the help brought 48 bottles of beer that also got finished off.” insisted Ron.

By that time, Sara was making her last trip into the snow to return empties. When she came back she was carrying both cases of empty bottles. “I’ll leave these here on the deck and set them out in the morning before we leave. Right now, Joan and I have to finish putting away toys. We got most of it done this afternoon, but there are still a few things left.”

When Sara got downstairs, the lights were on, but Joan was already in bed. All of the Jurgensen’s toys were washed, sanitized and locked away in the drawer. Sandy and Mandy’s Saint Andrews Cross had been disassembled and returned to its place under the closets along with the parts and clamps for the pillory. The specially built bench that could be a Sybian horse stand or a pillory was back under the deck alongside the hot tub. But the door to Joan’s aunts’ closet still leaned against the wall alongside the opening. And in the other bedroom, sitting on its pad next to Joan’s bed, was the Sybian. The double penetrator attachment was installed on the top of the saddle. The unit was plugged in and the remote was lying on the floor next to it.

As Sara came into the room, Joan looked up sleepily. “I really do need to get some sleep tonight. I thought you might want to float off into pure pleasure by yourself for a while.”

“Won’t it keep you awake?” asked Sara.

“Not unless you start screaming,” answered Joan.

Sara kissed Joan goodnight and said, “I will save the screams to wake you up in the morning.” Then she centered herself over the Sybian, knelt down, and settled back onto the dual dildos.

“It’s already set to what you had it the other day,” said Joan.

Sara turned the switches and in a little while, her head was back and she was humming along with the Sybian.

“If we recorded that,” said Joan sleepily from the bed, “we could call it The Sounds of Contentment. It is so peaceful sounding.... so peaceful... so peaceful.......” Her voiced trailed off into sleep.

Sara looked at Joan sleeping nearby and closed her eyes. As she drifted into her special place she thought about the previous days of their vacation. “What I have learned in the past ten days,” she thought to herself, “besides the fact that Joan loves me as much as I love her, is that pure pain is terrible, and pain mixed with pleasure can be really nice, but pure pleasure is wonderful.” Soon Sara was swaying slightly on the Sybian saddle as she gave herself over to the pure pleasure that she was feeling.

“Yes,” she said softly to herself as she rocked slowly back and forward, “this has truly been a wonderful winter vacation.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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