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I jog in the morning and in summer I wear only my nylon shorts and my running shoes. I have to be careful because my shorts don't have the inner basket to keep my cock and balls in place and when I perspire my shorts are somewhat transparent. The other morning I was out jogging and it began to rain. As I ran by the building on the corner, a group of 4 African-Americans were working to gut the building prior to condo conversion, and they called me from a doorway to come out of the rain. I'd seen them before and didn't think anything of it and it was beginning to pour do I ducked in the doorway with them. They told me to come inside until it stopped and I went with them into the empty room not noticing that one had taken my arm and that the door had been closed behind me. A single light hung from the ceiling illuminating the room and I could see them all looking at each other smirking. Then the one holding my arm put his arm around my bare shoulder and held me to him saying we been watchin' you honey and they all sort of laughed. We glad you come by. We been waitin' on you. I started to feel uneasy and before I knew it the one with his arm around me slipped it under my arm and turned me into a full nelson lifting me off the ground. He said get his shorts off and before I could move they had grabbed my legs and were pulling my shorts off so I was naked except for my running shoes. One in front of me said now, honey, you be good and nobody gets hurt and we all have a good time, see? And I nodded pretty much knowing what he meant. A tarpaulin was spread out in front of me and the one holding me pushed me down so I was on my knees as the one in front of me opened his pants and pulled out his long black cock. Now just so you understand, these guys were very black and they were all bigger than me and my chances of resisting against them were nill so I went down on my knees and watched as he wigged his huge black member under my nose. It must have been 8 inches long even though it wasn't erect, and it was very black with a large black head, and it was growing before my eyes. The one holding me whispered in my ear you gonna be good honey? I nodded and he released me from the hold and I sunk down with my knees under me. This dick ain't here for you to look at honey open up and give it a kiss. So I leaned forward and kissed the massive head of his cut black cock and they all snickered as precum stuck to my lips as I pulled away. Start suckin' white boy, I was told. I had been used for sex by men since I was 8 so I knew what was expected of me and I knew that under these circumstances I had no choice so I took his dick in my mouth and started to move my mouth up and down his huge shaft almost gagging and not getting even half of it in my mouth. Hold him the guy said and my shoulders were clasped and he put his hand behind my head and started fucking my mouth. The others 2 were unbuckling their jeans getting ready for their turn and the one behind me released my shoulders and grabbed by hips and pulled me up so I was on all 4's with a dick in my mouth as he felt around for my asshole. He found it pretty quick and stuck his finger in my ass while the one in front held my head and kept fucking my mouth as he was moaning. White boy knows how its done he said and the other one said his ass is tight and kept finger fucking my ass adding a 2nd finger. The one in front started to cum in my mouth and he shot a huge load down my throat as he groaned loudly, ahhhh yeahhh!!!! There was so much of it that it began dripping out the sides of my mouth and down my chin and it just seemed to keep cumming. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep from choking on it. The one behind me took his fingers out of my ass and spit on his hand rubbing saliva on his dick. As soon as he was ready he shoved his dick straight up my ass and my asshole quivered around it. His dick went far inside me and he held my hips as he kept going deeper inside me. He was down on his knees holding my hips and pounding away at my ass pulling me onto him as he thrust his black cock deep into my ass. I had all I could do to keep my balance as he was pile driving my ass. He came with an explosion of warm cum up my hole that I could feel going into me as his dick kept throbbing repeatedly. When he was done he pushed me down on the tarp and said yeah that was good. Then in succession the other 2 who were waiting took their turns mounting my ass as I lay prone on the tarp. The last one had taken off his shirt and his bare skin felt cool on my back as he laid on top of me, his dick in my ass and holding me in a full nelson again as he forcefully humped me repeatedly until he shot his big load up my ass and then he relaxed on top of me. When he was done the first said ok break's over. Back to work. Before the last pulled himself out after his dick stopped throbbing inside of me he put his face next to mine and gave me a wet kiss on my cheek and said you a real sweet bitch. Then he got up but before he pulled his pants up he came around in front of me and said clean my dick honey. I got up on all 4's and was looking around for a rag or a tissue and he said lick it off bitch. So now I knew what he wanted me to do so I took his dick in my mouth which had just been up my ass with the cum of the others and sucked it clean as it went limp. One of the others said never thought of that. Now kiss it he said and I kissed the head of his dick on his pee hole. Then he stepped back and pulled up his pants and put his shirt back on. One of them threw my shorts over my face and told me to get up, so I did. I was pushed out onto the sidewalk holding my shorts in my hand, still naked and gobs of their cum dripping out of my ass. See you again soon honey one of them called to me from within the building. I quickly put on my shorts before anyone saw me and as I walked home, cum running down the insides of my legs and my asshole still twitching, I wondered when it would be appropriate to go back to see them again.

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2013-12-05 16:00:26
great story : when is the sequel to be published ?


2008-11-22 17:29:06
Needs paragraphs

Very hard to read

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2008-09-15 08:08:51
awesome story write more 10/10


2008-04-10 06:32:03
kill those fuckerssss


2007-04-28 14:45:32
ur a dumb bitch,,,no wonder y people wanted to reape u coz ur stupid as a mutt,,,

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