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The phone rung three times before I picked it up" hello" I said but I got no reply then out of no where I grunts ." Hello " got no answer in return. "Stop playing on my damn phone childish fuckers " just as I was about to hang up I Hurd a voice." What did you say I'm sorry I was about to hang up on ur sorry ass." I yell the last part in the phone. "I said you stupid cunt is about to get fuck brutal in 3 holes " deep voice said on the other line . " oh yea who's gonna do it the gingerbread man . This isn't some movie where you ring the doorbell I answer to find no one at the door then you mysteriously sneak in my house without me knowing and you kill me sorry buddy its not gonna work " I rant but its true I got guns everywhere in the house and I never miss a shot ."Hahahaha you watch to much tv baby " (ding dong ) the door ring " cause when you open the door ... I will be there" I run and get my gun then walk to the door and find no one outside ." See cunt face no one " he laughs ." Other door slut " I walk to the back door and open it . No one . I walk out on the the deck and scream that all you got a bunch of words no promise." I stand out for a few more seconds then turn to head in when something grabs my head and sticks peroxide up to my mouth knocking me unconscious.

Once I wake up I feel blood rushing to my head then I notice everything's upside down. I try getting up but I find I'm not on the floor but in the air legs wide open making me split with my hands behind my back . I see 3 masked men walk up to me ." Happy to see your awake now we get to fuck your mouth...ass.... and pussy til well til our dicks fall off " they all chuckle which starts to piss me off I don't take shit from no one and if I wasn't high jacked in the first place they would be dead ." Put your dicks in my beautiful mouth if you want to ill bite them off " they laugh. one grab me by my hair " oooh we got us a feisty little slut ,huh " he rubbs my face against his jeans where the huge buge was was forming " mmmmmm little slut I can't wait to shove this dock down that tight throat of your hmm, I bet you like getting cock shoved down that throat of your " and I can't wait to bite that bitch off to bathe in your screams how bout that huh ." Ooo look man I think this little slut likes the thought of getting her throat fucked.... yea... like that " one guy says wile slapping my pussy and rubbing my clit .I felt something poke my ass hole and insert a finger halfway in ." This whores been playing with her ass,, this cunt is lose but I dought it'll be lose around my huge cock " they lower the rope just a little so my pussy and ass was in front of there cocks . They all undress except the prick that wanna throat fuck me ." Come one man arent you gonna fully undress" " yea I'm just gonna let this hoe suck my cock threw my boxers " he slam my head into his large length trying to push half in my mouth from the side ." Come on cunt open that mouth and get a taste " he force my mouth open a bit just for the side he rubs my head up and down the large length . I tryed closing my mouth but it hurts my teath I know it hurt him and I'm not about to ruin my perfict white teeth so ill let this go for now .I open up and starts sucking " mmmmmm yea take it in cunt . Hahahaha this slut is likeing it ." Then I felt two other cocks smacking my pussy one rubbing my clit hard making it twitch . Yea this cunt is so wet just slapping it with our dicks..... like it slut ... Take it " pervert in front takes off his boxers and they all stop I feel pervert #3 position at the intrence of my ass pervert #2 rubs my pussy vishisly coming to my intrents in and out and pervert #1 position at my mouth " one " perverted one say " two " pervert 2 say in grunts " 3 " they all enter me with full force and starts ducking me hard and fast . Pervert 1 dick was the biggest about 17 inch monster cock shoving his length down " yea cunt .. yea .. yea .. take that meaty cock .take that meaty cock Down the throat .." he picks up the paste gagging me . Monster dick #2 is about 15 inch and 7/8 inches thick stretching me wide " fucking whore mmmmmm mmmmmm yea fuck that tight cunt ....yea it ....take it grrrrr" doing like dick head # 1 and decides to spread up and fuck my brains out .cock head #3 wasn't that big as the other guys his dick was just so thick " pussy ass cunt take our dicks . PICK UP THE PASTE AND FUCK HER BRAINS OUT THIS WHORE STARING TO LIKE IT " they all spear up going faster and fucking me harder than any Normal man . Me making sounds .they all slowed down and did deep thrust. #2 face came down " I'm gonna come all in your pussy cunt and ur going to " he made his thrust slow so I could feel every vain bumb and inch and deep so far I could see the tip poking out . Then he started rubbing my clit hard and fast . Thrusting one time and I came hard sweezin my pussy hard wile he Still thrust making my orgasm last long " yea yea URRRRRGGGGGGGGG MMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEEA GOOD PUSSY GOOD PUSSY " he moan and groan as he came wile the others cum to .they cut the rope and drop my pulsing and twitchy pussy ass on the floor . I take a breather thinking theyre done with me but number 2 stays " you think I'm done bitch Nooooooo that pussys mine for now "

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2013-04-06 20:16:06
please learn your grammar, english, and basically on how to write stories cause you suck.

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