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As I concentrated hard on the road before me my mind was buzzing! Although I had never owned one, I was overly excited about getting my first Mito! Yes, a Mito. Professionally trained sex slaves with different personalities.They were LIKE sex slaves, but a bit different. They were captured, against their will, and thrown into a quite harsh training class where they are pushed to their sexual limits each day. As this process continued for about a year, their personalities developed and as soon as they had a defined catagorey to be placed in, they were dressed up, shipped off to clubs, and sold. My friend Alex was eager to buy one and had wasted his money on a Mito that he actually didn't want. Alex wanted the tall, slender, beautiful type. The one he bought, well, he wasn't sure what her type was. He described her as cute, sweet, sensative, short, a tad bit of leftover baby fat, big hzel eyes, and very wavy hair that she perferred to keep wavy. As I turned into Alex's neighborhood, I pressed down on the gas pedal a little harder. I was excited, very excited, and I wasn't about to turn around. You see, Mitos cost up to thousands of dollars, so the price Alex was offering her for was great! Only 150 bucks! I know right, but I wasn't going to say how crazy a deal that was! I only had 160$ on me, and couldn't afford a higher price. Besides, I still have to wash, feed, groom, and take care of her, right? Oh, and by the way her, my Mito's name, is Boo! As I pulled into Alex' driveway I stumbled out of the car and raced to his door way. Excited, I rang the doorbell several times and waited, impatiently, for Alex to come. Afew seconds later the door swung open and he greeted me with a grin and urged me to come in. I slipped inside and kicked my shoes off on the mat just inside the doorway as Alex stepped inside as well. He pushed past me, and led me into the next room immediately getting onto the topic of Boo. "She's been feeling kind of down today, probably because she knows she's leaving, but I'm sure she'll cheer up once she sees you! She's gets attached very easily, but I'm not sure how long it will take her to grow unattached." He said, finally leading me into the living room where Boo rested comfortably under a blanket on a couch, with a pillow proping up her head. "Boo," Alex started, with a warning in his voice, "This is Josh, the boy I was telling you about. He's here to take you to your new home!" We waited quietly for a few seconds, but she didn't respond. Disregarding her, Alex turned to me and quietly inquired, "You got the money?" I was in a daze for a moment that this was actually happening, but quickly got out the money and handed him the stash. As he counted it I walked over to the side of the couch and peered down at Boo. Maybe Alex didn't think so, but she was ADORABLE. Being as sappy as I am, I would probably think so of anything. "Hey," I whispered in a hushed tone. Softly, I reached my hand down and stroked her wavy hair, twirling it in my fingers. I crouched down after afew minutes and gazed into her soft eyes. "I'm Josh," I offered again, this time she turned to me, and glared at me for several seconds before flipping over and turning her back towards me. Alex saw it all and excused himself as he moved infront of me, and mumbled something into Boo's ear. Then, he watched, annoyed and angry, as she shoved her head into the couch cushions, flicking him in the face with her hair. Alex loudly breathed out his nose and turned to me, "Could you excuse us for one moment?" Unsure of what was to come next, I turned and walked out of the room, but, still curious, I poked my head around the corner wall and watched, surprised and sympathizing, as Alex mumbled afew more words to her and was, again, rejected. So, he harshly jerked her off the couch by one arms, and held her up in the air so that she was balancing on her tippy-toes, then, he gave her five hard slaps on the backside leaving squeeling and whimpering with tears streaming down her face, unendingly. Alex stuck his finger in her face and said afew more silent words before looking back up and gesturing me in. Sighing, Alex glared down at Boo and said, threateningly, "So, Boo, do you have anything to say?" Still sniffling and hiccuping, Boo forced out a quiet, "Hello M-Mr. Jo-osh..." Smiling, I softly placed a hand on her head and tilted her face towards me. She had her hands up in loose fists, covering her mouth and chin in fear, habit, and what not. "Hello, beautiful," I replied, and that was the beggining of our story.

This is only the first part of probably a long series, but I hope you enjoyed!! Comments are appreciated and votes, good or bad, will not be held against you. This story does not YET have porn in it, but soon will contain hopefully graphic scenes. When the stories are updated or a new chapter is posted will not be on a basis, but will be unevenly spread appart. If you are a very impatient person, I recommend you check in on the story's progress every month or so. If not, I discourage you to read this series. If you ARE, infact, patient I appreciate that and hope that you come to find the story as interesting and definitely entertaining!!! Please comment and vote, and I'll post 'Boo 2' as soon as possible!!! Thank You!!! Sincerely, TouchMe305!!!

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2014-02-15 08:07:46
Try visiting 3single (dot) com. There you can talk to amateur women who look like your neighbor. Have fun :)

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2013-05-12 01:37:21
The wall of un paragraphed text certainly set a bad vibe, but the story certainly interests me so far.
Try and work on spacing text out, and paragraphs.
Unless you're hoping to become a diamond in the rough.

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2013-04-22 14:15:12
To Anonymous 2013-04-22/13:19:45:: If you are so easily offended why are you reading stories on a XXX story site. Barbie and Little Red Riding Hood are at your local library; So FUCK OFF. Now as to the story: Concept Good but you need a proof reader and learn to use paragraphs and punctuation correctly.

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2013-04-22 13:19:45
YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE, and I hope you get captured and raped repeatedly since you seem to find it so entertaining. Next time properly tag your stories so us readers who are not entertained by the rape, torture and slavery of innocents can avoid reading your sick shit. your opening sentence was enough to ruin my mood and piss me off. so GO DIE SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY.


2013-04-22 06:04:56
a couple of comments
- you need to have paragraphs : a wall of words will cause people to simply leave as soon as they arrive.
- you need a little bit more length to the story : this one has not even finished the initial encounter

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