A girl has a tramatic experience that sets her on a course to an enouther with her teacher.
By Tanya Writer

Copyright© Tanya Writer 2013

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. Any places mentioned, had nothing to do with this story nor do they endorse anything mentioned herein, or have any knowledge of their being mentioned in the story. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.


It had been Maddie and Ron's, habit since it opened, to go the Coffee Cup for breakfast on Sunday mornings. The coffee was great and the food pretty good. It was kind of slow on those mornings, so the service was also good. But after 10, the early church crowd would come in, and things could get hectic. So the service level might go down and the food quality as well.
But earlier in the morning, it could be a nice leisurely breakfast, in peace. When they first started coming, they would often be seated at a table where the server was a woman named Sherry. It got so that they would request the hostess to seat them in her section. They both enjoyed her and she took good care of them.
But when Maddie died after a battle with cancer, Ron didn't feel like going out. It took a couple of months before he was ready to face the world again without his beloved wife at his side. He was seated in their old booth the first time he came back to the Coffee Cup and Sherry was still there. When she saw him, she asked "Where have you two been? And where was Maddie?"
“Maddie had breast cancer, and we didn't know it until was very advanced. Her large breasts hid it from us. There wasn't much the doctors could do when they found it, and she died a couple of months ago.”
“My condolences. I liked her." said Sherry. "She was nice with a great sense of humor. If there is anything I can do for you I would be happy to do that for you.”
“Thanks so much. I know she liked you too," Ron added. "We had both agreed that we wanted to be seated in your section when we came in here.”
Since Maddie died he had been putting myself into his work to get over his grief. After a while it began to show. He had been the teacher of the year at his school, Paradise Valley Elementary, where he taught fifth grade. So at least there was a bit of a silver lining to this dark cloud.
Ron was a middle-aged man. He was still nice looking, despite the graying of his hair, and was still in fairly good shape. He stood 5 foot 8 inches, and only weighted 155. Not bad for 55 years old. He had all his hair with pleasant facial features, despite a few wrinkles. Besides being his being smart he was also a kind person.
Now as he was having breakfast, he would sit for long periods of time just enjoying being out. Sherry when she wasn't too busy would stop and talk with him. Ron got to know her more as a person than just as his waitress. She was a single mom, with a young daughter. It turns out her daughter went to his school.
The start of a new school year brought a new class of students. It seemed it was going to an usual year. As usual there was the normal school open house. The kids got ready by making name tags for their desks. The parents would come to class, and sit in their child's seat; dads in their son's seat and moms in their daughter's seat. He was a bit surprised to see Sherry sitting in Jamie's seat. He didn't know Jamie was Sherry's daughter.
Now on Sunday mornings there was more reason to get to know Sherry better. He learned more about Jamie as well. He was able to give reports to Sherry about her progress and behavior in class.
It turns out that Jamie was a good student, if a bit shy. But she seemed to be a strong person, able to stand up for herself on the playground when the boys would try and pick on the girls.
He enjoyed having her in class. He told Sherry that Jamie was a joy to have in class. Sherry confided in him that he was Jamie's favorite teacher; she liked him even more than her kindergarten teacher who had been her favorite previously.
As he got to talking to Sherry on a more personal level, he learned that she was a single mom. She had never married. She was young, only 28 years old. She had moved away from her home when she was 18, and pregnant with Jamie. Seems her family didn't want to have anything to do with her since she had been only 17 when she got pregnant.


Since he was emerging from his cocoon, and having dealt with the grief of Maddies's death, Ron went out and about more. Of course he had to do his own shopping, and he went places that he hadn't gone often because Maddie took care of those things. But he decided to branch out and do things that he and Maddie didn't do or to go to places they didn't normally go to. But sometimes he just went to the ordinary places.
One of those ordinary places was the movie theater. As Ron stood in line to buy his popcorn, he was behind a young girl. Ron was looking at a poster for an upcoming movie as he waited his turn. He wasn't paying attention to the girl in front of him until he heard a familiar voice.
“Thanks for holding the place in line baby, you want to go before we go in?” he heard.
He turned to see Sherry and the young girl. The girl turned to go and saw Ron there looking at him, she said, “Hello Mr. Baker.” Ron looked at her, she seemed a bit familiar but couldn't really place her. She said, “You don't remember me? I'm Molly Collins and I was in your class six years ago.”
With that Sherry turned to see him. “Oh hello Ron,” Sherry said. “You know Molly?”
“I do, I was thinking you looked familiar but I couldn't quite place you.”
“Yeah I grew up a bit since I was in the fifth grade.”
“I would say you have,” Ron agreed.
“Isn't she just a lovely young lady?” Sherry asked.
“Yes indeed she is,” he replied.
“Honey, hurry and go to the bathroom so we don't miss any of the picture. If I am not in line here when you come back look for me in the theater. You know which one?”
“Yeah, be back in a flash.”
With Molly gone, Sherry said, “Molly is my babysitter. But today Jamie is spending the day with a friend. So I wanted to do something nice for Molly. She has been wanting to see this picture.” She told him which move they were there to see.
“That is an R rated movie, isn't she a bit young to see it? She's what? 16 years old?” he replied.
“Yes, that's why she needed someone to take her to see it, and I am the lucky one. Actually she is a dear, and both Jamie and I like her very much. So this is my little reward for her. You will be a dear and not mention that I took her here? Or even that you saw us together?”
“Oh sure discretion is not a problem for me,” Ron nodded.
Sherry got their popcorn and drinks, walking off saying bye, and leaving Ron to get his popcorn. As it happened Ron was going to see the same movie. As he walked toward the theater, she saw Molly come out of a bathroom, and join Sherry. She didn't see Ron walking down the hall behind them, as he had just rounded the corner.
Molly came up taking Sherry's arm pulling her to a stop and planted a kiss on Sherry's lips. That kiss Sherry seemed to return with a bit of passion. Ron stepped back around the corner, and waited a couple of seconds before he walked on, around that corner to see Sherry and Molly walking arm in arm down the hall to the theater entrance.
Ron paused a bit upon entering the theater to allow his eyes to get used to the dim light. He started to walk up the steps to the seats. He could see Molly and Sherry sitting in the last row. They looked very friendly there. Ron took a seat down many rows below them. The movie started very shortly after being seated. Since the film had been out a while it was not very crowded in the theater.
After the film he ducked into the men's room quickly to wash the butter off his hands from popcorn. He was again walking outside behind Sherry and Molly as they walked to Sherry's car, only this time they were walking hand in hand in the darkness.
The following Sunday he came in for breakfast as usual and was seated in Sherry's section. It seemed not to be as busy as even the usual slowness on the early Sunday morning. Sherry asked Ron how he liked the film. As they discussed the film, Sherry thanked Ron for not saying anything about Sherry being there with Molly.
She said, “Molly's parents think she was babysitting for me. It is the only way she can get out, and do things. I do take her places. So I not only have to pay for it all and I have to pay her as if she was sitting for me, plus Jamie's sitter.”


Ron laughed and said, “That sounds like a suggestion that the tip needs be bigger.”
Sherry smiled, and said, “You never know where that will get you,” then gave him a wink, as she walked away to get his order.
His bill for breakfast was $7. He took his bill up to the front register. Sherry took his payment. Ron told her that her tip was back on the table, and walked out. Ron had left a $20 on the table.
The following week when Ron came back Sherry said, “Thanks so much for your tip, a couple more like that and I can afford to take Molly out again.”
Ron said, “So that was a date?”
Sherry blushed and said, “No I couldn't be dating a girl, especially one who is 16, could I?”
Ron said, “Who you date is your business, I don't worry about other people.”
“Thanks,” she replied.
“But if you need to get extra tips to afford to go out then you need to go out with someone who will be picking up the tab for you.”
“Is that an offer?”
“It can be if you want,” he replied with a smile.
Ron got his bill. For a change there were two pages to. The first one was his bill the second was a page with a phone number written on it. He left a large tip again.
A couple of days later he gave Sherry a call. She accepted a date with him for the next Saturday night. Sherry arranged with Molly to sit Jamie.
Ron picked her up after saying hi to Molly and Jamie, then they were off.
He took her to a finer dinner restaurant, saying, "I thought I would let you check out the competition.” It was a good meal, then they went to a movie of Sherry's choosing. Since it was a comedy, it wasn't a long movie and they were home before too late.
Ron paid Molly for her babysitting, and was going to drive her home. But Sherry said that she would drive Molly home if Ron would stay with Jamie. Jamie had gone off to bed. Ron agreed to stay with Jamie until Sherry was back. Jamie hearing the voices got up.
While Sherry was gone Jamie showed Ron their house, including her room. Ron visited with Jamie. Jamie told him how much she liked Molly, she as a good babysitter. She said her mom liked her too. She confided that sometimes she hires Molly as a babysitter, and then she stays home and the three of them rent a film or do something all together.
“Sometimes Molly would stay the night, because mom gets back late from dates,” Jamie said.
“Does that happened very often?” asked Ron.
“No,” Jamie said, “Most times she doesn't get back too late, but still Molly would stay the night anyway. Molly sleeps on the couch in the living room," Jamie continued.
“But one night I got up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom, then out to the kitchen to get something to drink. Molly wasn't on the couch. But when I got up in the morning Molly was still here. She had breakfast with us before going home.”
It seemed to take some time to drive Molly home. When Sherry got home she sent Jamie off to bed. Ron noticed that Sherry's lipstick seemed to be a bit smeared. Also her blouse seemed to be buttoned up wrong. He was sure it wasn't like that all night. Sherry offered Ron a night cap. He only wanted some coffee.
As they sat in the living room drinking coffee, Sherry noticed that her blouse was buttoned wrong. Ron could see it too.
In an effort to cover herself, she said, “You didn't let me walk around all night, with it buttoned wrong?”
“No, it was fine all night, I don't think that happened until after we got back here.”
To which Sherry blushed a very deep red. Ron said, “Don't worry about it, like I said I can be discrete.”
While saying that he could see that Sherry wasn't wearing a bra under her blouse. He was sure that she had one on when they left; it was a good bet if he looked he would see it in her car.
He told her, “I like to be up front with things, and didn't mind what you do in your personal life. You know if you would rather, some time I could babysit and let you and Molly go out.”
Sherry turned red again and said, “It isn't like that, it isn't what you think.”
“Isn't it? Like I said I can be very discrete." Ron got up. "I think I should go. You have work in the morning. I'll see you for breakfast.”
As he left he walked past her car, and he could see her bra on the floor on the passenger’s side.


The next morning, he was back for breakfast as was his habit. Sherry got a minute and asked, “You can be discrete? You wouldn't mind babysitting?”
“No, I already babysit Jamie for you every day, five days a week several hours each day.”
Sherry looked puzzled. Ron said, “I'm her teacher, she's with me several hours every day at school, in class. In addition to babysitting her, I also try to teach her things. Actually she's a good student, one of the better ones in my classes She's a joy to teach, and I get paid by the district decently for doing it.”
Sherry looked relieved at that. But Ron added under his breath to her, “I can be discrete too, so don't feel bad if you wanted to date someone, and you needed a different babysitter that night.”
The following Thursday Jamie brought a note from home for the teacher. Sherry was asking if Ron could babysit Friday night. Ron sent a note home with Jamie that day saying that yes he could do that.
Friday came and Ron was there at the appointed time. Jamie thought that Ron was taking out Sherry again. But she had to be corrected that no Ron was the babysitter. Sherry was going out with someone else. Jamie asked where Molly was if Sherry was going out. Sherry just told her that she was busy that night, and not available to babysit.
Sherry was dressed, and her date wasn't coming over to pick her up. She would go meet her date somewhere, or more likely go and pick her up. The night went fast with Jamie and Ron talking and playing games. Jamie was to go off to bed at 10 P.M. She went without any complaints. Sherry was home a bit before midnight.


Sherry joined Ron with a cup of coffee before he left. While she talked to him, she was a bit reluctant to say anything about her date. Ron asked her if her date was who he thought it was. Sherry blushed and said, “Maybe I shouldn't say who I was out with.”
Ron nodded and said, “Maybe that is best that way.”
Sherry said, “Well, I guess I should pay you so you can go home.”
“You know I don't mind doing for free. I don't mind helping you out.”
“There must be a way to pay you back.”
“It isn't necessary.”
“Well then at least let me give you a kiss,” she said as she leaned over toward him. He accepted her kiss, but very quickly it became rather passionate and hot, as she returned it. He was running his hands through her light brown shoulder length hair while holding her head to his so he could kiss her.
This was a long-running kiss and his hands began to roam. They landed on her A cup breasts, as he kneaded them through her blouse and bra. It didn't take long before she backed off and removed her blouse and bra. Ron got a good look at them. Her nipples were sticking up like bullets off her areolas. She said to him, “Do like them?”
Ron answered her by diving in and wrangling one into his mouth. He sucked and nibbled on that one, while he twilled the other. She pulled his t-shirt off him and pushed her breasts against his chest, while she kissed him. They were dueling with their tongues in each other's mouths.
Ron was as hard as he could be. It tented his jeans. Sherry run her hand over it and decided that she needed to have it. She opened his zipper and dropped his shorts. He was about average size maybe a tad over 6 inches with a nice circumcised head, not too big a round. But for Sherry it was enough to make her happy.
Sherry got his pants down far enough that she could get to his hardon easily. With one hand she began to jack him. While she took the business end in her mouth. She sucked and swilled her tongue around the head. She licked that special area under the head before more moving over to be able to suck the pre-cum from his piss slit. She alternated this with taking him deep in her mouth and licking and sucking him. She moved her head up and down on his shaft. She was getting into as much as he was. It was some time since he had sex. Maddie had been dead awhile and the last month or so before she died, she wasn't in any shape to be having sex. So this felt great to Ron.
Jamie heard her mom was home and decided to get up, and see her, to ask about her date. As she walked into the living room she saw her mom on her knees in front of Ron. It didn't take but a second for her see his pants pulled down to his ankles, and it dawned on her what her mom was doing to her teacher. Her hands flew up to her mouth. But she was not able to stifle the sound of surprise that escaped her mouth.
The noise attracted the attention of both the lovers. Sherry pulled her mouth off Ron just then to turn her head to see Jamie standing there. Without thinking Sherry was still stroking Ron's purple-headed engorged cock with the top looking like a ripe plum. Not only that, but the moment she pulled away was when Ron began to ejaculate with a tremendous groan. His sperm began to fly up several feet into the air and splat down on his belly since Sherry's mouth wasn't there anymore.
Sherry pulled her hand away just as Ron tried to stand to pull up his pants. All that it did was turn him so he was facing Jamie and shooting out his cum, rope after rope of hot, shiny man juice. The 10 year old got a look at his cock from a side view, and now she had a full on front look at it, before Ron fell over. But the act of falling over while trying to pull up his pants didn't stop his cock from throwing up his love juice all over, and now going on the living room carpet.
Sherry grabbed for her blouse to cover her bare breasts. At the same time she shrieked “Go back to your room!”
Ron getting up said, “Maybe I should go!” He pulled up his pants. He looked at the little puddle of white spurts he had made on the floor. “Sorry about the mess.”
Sherry responded, “Don't worry about it, not a big problem. But I think Jamie just got a big dose of growing up just now. We will have to talk about this later, OK?”


Ron let himself out, while Sherry did a quick job of wiping up the mess. Then she went to Jamie's room. Jamie was cowering under her blankets. Sherry sat on the side of the bed. She spoke to Jamie, “I guess you saw some things and you maybe have questions?”
Jamie pulled her head out from under the covers, “You aren't mad at me? I only wanted to come out and see how your date went.”
“No, I'm not mad at you. But you did come at a very inopportune time. It did surprise us both.”
“You had his thingy in your mouth?”
“Yes, I did, and his thingy is called a 'penis'.”
“Why were you sucking it?” asked the girl.
“I was giving Mr. Baker some pleasure.”
Jamie asked, "Putting his penis in your mouth gave him pleasure?”
“Yes, by doing that it felt good for him, and I liked doing it too. You see what we were doing was a form of sex. Some call it oral sex, the crude name for it is a 'blow job.' It does feel good for him, and actually you could see that it felt good for him when you came in.”
“How do you mean?”
“You saw the stuff come out of Mr. Baker's penis?” asked Sherry.
“Yeah,” Jamie said.
“That happens when he reaches a climax, that means he felt good. When the a man feels good like that, he ejaculates. That means his sperm came out of him.”
“What's sperm?” her daughter asked.
“That is tiny little cells that a man uses to make a baby,” Sherry replied.
“Are you going to have a baby now with Mr. Baker?”
“No, because, his sperm has to go in me, and it has to be the right time of the month for me to make a baby,” her mom explained.
“So if I hadn't come in his stuff would have gone in your mouth, and made a baby with you?”
“No this isn't the right time of the month for me, and his sperm going in my mouth wouldn't make me pregnant. His sperm has to go in my vagina,” she said pointing to her crotch.
“You mean the little hole I have under where I pee?” her daughter asked, pointing between her own legs.
Sherry nodded, "Yes.”
“How does his sperm get there?”
“He puts it there," Sherry explained. "What a man does is puts his hardened penis into the vagina, and when he gets the good feeling, he ejaculates and his sperm goes into there. Sperm are like little tadpoles and they swim up inside the girl looking for an egg. If they find one then the egg and sperm join together, and start a baby growing her in.”
“Why do they do that?”
“They do that to make babies, and because it feels good,” Sherry said.
“You like it, Mom?”
“Oh honey, I love it!”
“How did your date go?”
“It went very well,” Sherry looked a little uncomfortable.
“Where did you go?”
“We went out for a drive, just to talk and be together.”
“Who was he? Do I know him?”
“You do know 'him', but it wasn't a 'him'. It was Molly. But you can't tell anyone one, OK?" Sherry whispered, "It's our little secret.”
“OK, I won't tell. But a girl can go out on a date with another girl?” Jamie looked puzzled.
“Some girls do, not many but Molly and I do. Remember you can't tell anyone about this.”
“How do you give her 'pleasure'” like you did Mr. Baker?" Jamie asked. "She doesn't have a penis.”
“No dear she doesn't have a penis, but there are other ways of giving girls pleasure. One way is to lick her vulva, that is the area around the vagina,” Sherry again pointed to her own crotch.
“Isn't that kinda dirty?”
“Not if you bathe and keep yourself clean it isn't, and it does feel good, to both do and have it done. In fact if you hadn't come in tonight maybe Mr. Baker would have licked mine. I would have liked it if he did. So it is not dirty, it is very nice." Sherry looked over at the clock, which showed the lateness of the hour.
"You need to get to sleep. We will talk more about this another time. Don't tell anyone, and don't say anything to Molly about knowing she was out with me, OK?”
“OK mom goodnight,” Jamie said as she walked back to her bedroom, feeling kind of tingly between her legs.
The next morning Sherry talked to Jamie about seeing Mr. Baker, and being back in his class on Monday. She told her, “Be nice to him and friendly, but don't say anything about last night and what you saw. I am sure he will feel better about the whole thing if we don't talk about it anymore.”
The next Sunday Sherry spoke to Ron telling him that she talked to Jamie and that it will be all put in the past and forgotten. He needn't worry about Jamie and what she saw.
Ron did babysit once more for Sherry as she went out on a date. But she didn't say with whom she was out with. They had a good time playing games. She went to bed when she was supposed to. And this time stayed there.
When Sherry got home, once more she was going to pay the babysitter, without using cash. Ron suggested that they go into her bedroom this time. Sherry showed her appreciation by sucking Ron and swallowing his discharge. But she insisted that it was her turn to be serviced.
He was delighted to see that she was clean shaven. He especially liked the way her large clit poked between her lips. Zeroing in on it, Ron proved to be very good at eating pussy. Sherry had two climaxes before she had too much and pushed him away.
“You're good you have very talented tongue,” she gasped.
“Why thank you, I aim to please.”
“I need a rest, but if you can stay hard for a few minutes while I catch my breath, I will take care of that thing of yours.”
“Just seeing your sexy body will keep me hard until you are ready,” he assured her.
“Seriously Ron, do you like my body?" Sherry asked. "I think my boobs are rather small.”
“I like your small ones. Maddie's were larger, and when she was older, they sagged a lot, They were so big that they hid the lumps until it was too late. So, no I don't mind small ones at all. It looks very sexy on you. Before tonight I didn't know you shaved there too,” he pointed to her shaven pussy.
“I love to be eaten, and it feels so much better when it is skin to tongue contact. Do you mind if I am on top?”
“No, go ahead, I don't mind it in any way. It has just been a while since I have been with a woman, well other than when we were together last time.”
Sherry mounted Ron and rode him hard until they were both wet with sweat. Ron had finished in her because Sherry said she was on the patch. A quick shower for them and Sherry went off to her bed, and Ron home to his. It would not be good if Jamie found him still there in the morning.
Life continued on as normal Ron would see Jamie in class every day. They would both act as if nothing had ever happened, nor did they talk about the times Ron babysat her. Also Ron and Sherry would see each other on Sunday mornings. They could talk as before, and having had sex together made them much closer than if she was just his server, or she was the mother of one of his students. It continued on this way until the school year came to an end.


Another year was done, the end of year parties finished, the report cards handed out. Jamie would be moving on to the 6th grade, and a new middle school. Ron was happy, life it seems was moving along nicely.
As he was pulling out of the parking lot on to the street. He had to stop suddenly, an old panel van painted over in the worst primer gray came speeding past the parking lot exit. Ron had looked, there were no cars coming, “Where did this rolling POS come from?” he thought. He looked again then pulled out of the lot.
He could see down the street that same van. It slammed on it's breaks and stopped along a girl walking down the street. A man got out of a side door in the van and grabbed her. As Ron approached closer, he could see her struggle against him. By the hair color and her clothes, Ron could tell it was Jamie. Whoever it was she didn't want to be with him. He picked her up and threw her into the van which speed off.
Ron wasn't going to just let this pass. He sped up to get behind it. It had no license plate, and was moving out of there fast. Ron grabbed his cell while trying to stay on the van's tail as it moved off the quiet streets, and on to a major traffic artery. He dialed 9-1-1, and reported what he had seen and where he was. I gave a description of the van and the man he saw come out of it. He told them where he was, and that he was following it. He relayed to the dispatch where he turned and which way. It was a wild chase as the driver in the van seemed to have figured out that they were being tailed.
It took a couple of minutes and Ron was passed by a cop car speeding along with lights and siren going, then quickly two more police cars. They were following the van. It went faster if that was possible, Ron tried to keep up, as best he could, but with the cops on his tail the 9-1-1 operator told him to stay back and thanked him for giving the location of the van.
It didn't take long, the van tried to run a red light and clipped another car in the intersection sending them both spinning out of control. The van hit a light pole and wasn't going to be going anywhere. The doors opened just as Ron got close enough to see that was happening. The driver was running down the street. The guy in the back came out with a gun in his hand. He took a couple of shots at the nearest cop. He fired back along with one from another car. The man was hit several times in the chest falling backwards. He was a big black man, maybe 6 foot 4 and must have weighted near 275 pounds. He had his shirt off.
Ron ran up, The cops tried to keep him back. He told them that he was the one who called them, and that they had one of his students in the van. One cop went inside and Ron could see Jamie curled up in a ball in the corner of the van. On the floor in back of the van was a mattress. Jamie had her shirt off and she was holding together what was left of her pants. But he could see that she was safe.
While Ron was checking on Jamie. He didn't see that the third car that joined the chase, it was a K-9 unit. When the driver ran off, the officer let loose his dog. It didn't take long for the dog to run down the driver and with the dog's handler right behind him he was cuffed and brought back.
His partner wasn't so lucky, though the paramedics were there quickly there wasn't much to do for the man. The cop's bullets had found their mark He died from several gunshots to the chest, his gun falling near him.
The ambulance that was called picked up Jamie, instead of the man, since he didn't need a doctor any more. Ron rode with her, while calling Sherry to tell her. She would meet them at the hospital. Ron was sitting with Jamie waiting for Sherry, while an officer sat nearby.
When Sherry joined them, Ron and the officer stepped out while the doctor examined Jamie. While the doctor was busy, the officer was questioning Ron. When she was done, she allowed the officer back in. Sherry said that Ron could stay too. He joined Sherry as she held Jamie while the officer asked questions.
Jamie said the man had grabbed her while she walked home. He tried to stop him but he was too big, and he picked her up and threw her into the van, and they took off. He took Jamie's arm pulling her to him. He told her to take her shirt off. When she wouldn't he ripped it off her tearing in the process. He then grabbed her jeans. He was trying to pull them apart the snap on the top came open easily. But the zipper didn't slide down, but he didn't try to open it. The force of his pulling on her pants ripped the zipper apart tearing her pants.
He pulled her pants off of her. He had grabbed her panties. But now the driver was saying that someone was following them, and he sped up and started weaving through the traffic. The big man pulled on her panties and got them off Jamie. But they were bouncing around in the back of the van that it was hard to hold on. But he pulled his pants down and Jamie saw his penis. It was huge she told them. Holding up her hands to show how big it was. If she was right about the size, he must have been 12 inches at least. She said it looked like it as a big around as the size of her wrist. He tried to stick in her but she was fighting him, and the movement of the van was making it hard for him to do anything to her.
Then she said she heard the sirens of the cop cars, and they were thrown around inside the van even more as the sirens got close. Soon he stopped with her and he put on his pants and some shoes. She saw him take a gun out from under a corner of the mattress. Very shortly she felt the crash. She hit her head, but when he opened the door she grabbed her pants and quickly put them on. She was putting them on when she heard the shots. She curled up in a corner. She was still there when she saw the cop and then Ron looking in the van at her.
The officer had statements from both of them. Jamie had a few bruises, but she wasn't raped and was free to go. Sherry got things together. She gave a kiss to Ron and told him she would call in a couple of days she wanted to get home now, and she would be able to take it all in.
Ron came to breakfast on Sunday but they told him that Sherry was taking a few days off.
On Monday Ron read in the newspaper that they had caught the other guy, and when the police searched his place, that he shared with his partner, they found all sorts of evidence there. It seems they had been responsible for the killings that had been going on. A woman or girl would be kidnapped, raped and then killed. Their bodies where turning up along hillsides around the area. One was now dead, and the other in jail, the community was much safer.
On Thursday he got a call from Sherry. Things were getting back to more normal. She told him that he was a hero for reporting the kidnapping. He was a hero too, to Jamie. He was invited over for dinner Friday night. Ron came over at 5:30 and they had time to sit and talk.
As they waited for dinner to finish cooking, the phone rang. It was somebody from the D.A.'s office. The imprisoned driver was dead. Word had gotten around the jail why he was being held. He was in the shower room alone. Seems he was raped several times by the other inmates. Then someone strangled him. The DA was sure they had the hillside stranglers that had been raping and killing young woman in the area for the last year.
With both of them now died the police had enough on them to prove that they were the hillside strangles and they could close the case. Ron it turned out was very important to this whole case. He kept had Jamie safe and alive. He saved who know how many other women girls who might have died before they were caught.
Jamie would not be needed in court. They offered counseling for Jamie if she needed it. Sherry thanked them for that, and said she would let them know if it was necessary. She mentioned to them that Ron was there at that moment. They asked to speak to him. They gave their heartfelt thanks for his quick thinking, and all the help he gave by following them.
It was strange, but with the other guy dead they felt like celebrating. Strange to celebrate someone's death. But his death meant Jamie wouldn't have to relieve that afternoon on the witness stand. After dinner they put on the happiest movie that Sherry could find on the internet.
It was getting late, and Ron thought that maybe he should go. But Sherry said, “No, Jamie needs to go to bed, but you can stay and have a nightcap.”
Jamie got ready for bed and came out gave her mom a kiss goodnight. Then she went over to Ron and gave him a kiss too, not an innocent one either, but one square on the lips.
Ron was a bit taken aback by that, but Sherry said not to worry. She asked if Ron would like another one, from her. With Jamie in bed, Sherry showed her appreciation for Ron's bravery. “You know we were right here a couple of months ago in this place, and I never got to finish what we started then. Do you mind if we do?”
Ron nodded and he got his pants off quickly. His cock was standing at proud and tall. Sherry bent over and took it in her mouth. It was very wet in there, as she wrapped her tongue around the head, licking it as well as sucking on it. She was bobbing her mouth up and down. She was hungry for him.
But Ron was bored just sitting there get sucked. He needed something to do. He reached over and took Sherry's boobs in his hands. I was squeezing them and lifting the like he was weighing them as he gauged them. The clothes would have to go. He took off Sherry's blouse then her bra. She moved her arms to help him undress her.
When he finished with her top, he removed his own shirt. He wasn't finished yet, he reached for Sherry's pants. She lifted her hips and moved her legs in ways that helped Ron get her clothing off.
Getting sucked was good for Ron, but he got greedy and wanted more. He stopped Sherry and told her that he wanted more. He wanted to eat her pussy while she sucked him. She was all for it Rom laid on the couch and Sherry reversed her position. Her cleanly shaven pussy was over top of Ron's face.
Following that line down of his feet it led across the living room and down the hallway. Down that hallway were the doors leading to the bed rooms. There was a small face peeking out of one of the bedrooms. Jamie could hear that Ron had not left, as she could see his car parked out front. But there was no more sounds of talking coming from the living room any more. It was that which made her peek out. She saw her naked mother stand up and squat over Ron's face then stretch out on top of him taking his penis in her mouth. Her mom was bobbing her head up and down on his hard shaft.
Ron couldn't see Jamie because of Sherry being on him. Sherry didn't see her because she was very content with what she was doing with Ron's cock. Jamie could see fairly well from her position, but because she was looking from a distance, she couldn't see detail. So she moved quietly across her room and got her small binoculars. Now she could really see what her mom was doing.
It made Jamie feel funny in her tummy and below. The more she watched the more the feelings came. She was starting to get itchy around her vagina. She had to reach down and rub it to take away the feeling. But it didn't take away the itching, instead it made it feel more funny and itchy. After a bit, it felt she had peed her jammy bottoms. But she knew she hadn't.
Ron could feel himself getting close to cumming. He redoubled his efforts on Sherry's pussy. He was licking inside her vagina, and then moving up to lick and suck on her prominent clit. He reached up and over her bottom and began to finger her pussy. He was sticking in three fingers in her banging her hard and fast. His left hand he first wetted in her pussy juices then put first one then two fingers in her ass. He finger-fucked both holes. He could feel his fingers separated only by a bit of tissue. It did wonders for Sherry driving her mad with the feelings. She had never felt so hot.
Sherry couldn't take any more. She was cumming, Ron could feel the contracts of her pussy on his fingers while were going in and out of her, as he sucked on her warm, hardening clit. No need to wait any longer for Sherry. Ron let it happen, and felt his orgasm come on. The sperm was racing from his balls up his shaft. In a moment it was out in and Sherry's mouth. She slurped it all down.
With both spent, Sherry got off Ron, and they sat down side by side. It took a minute to catch their breaths. As they sat back Jamie pulled her head back in her room but kept her door open, just in case. As they started talking she could hear.
She told him, “Your cum tastes good.”
He laughed and said, “It must have been something I ate. But I am not sure if it was something I was just eating, or if it was from dinner.”
“You old smooth talker, I bet you say that to all the ladies.”
“No, I don't get to eat like I did tonight. My late wife wasn't into that very much, and she didn't shave like you do. Actually I really like it the way you are. You're right! I loved that tongue-to-skin contact. Also I could see your pussy and great looking clit much better. It's a cute one. Maddie's inner lips extended far below her outer ones. Not that, that was bad, but just different than yours. Yours are mostly up inside you. That is different and rather cute. I would never tell Maddie this, but I think I like yours better.”
“Molly says I look like a little girl that way,” Sherry admitted.
“Well I don't know if that is true, since I don't see little girls naked, but I will say you are cute like that. And if that is what little girls look like, than I guess I would have to say they must be cute in that way too.”
Ron and began to kiss Sherry again. They were tongue dueling. With the quiet from in the living room, Jamie stuck her head out of her room to see what was happening out there now. She could see Ron and Sherry naked sitting on the couch kissing. Ron reached over and was fondling Sherry's boobs. He was rolling around her nipples between his thumb and fingers. Sherry broke her kiss and rolled her head back. Ron was kissing her neck and Jamie could see his tongue licking her. He moved up to her ears, nibbling on them and licking them.
Ron said into her ear that Jamie could just hear, “I love your boobs.”
“You don't think they are not too small?” Sherry asked.
"No," Ron continued, "Being with you has made me change my thinking about a woman's body. I find little boobs sexy now, that I have seen the light. I was brainwashed for so long to think like everyone else to think that big ones were best. But now I think flat is where it is at. Now I know the truth, flat is sexy.”
Ron laid back on the couch pulling Sherry over top of him. Jamie could see his cock was a stiff again. Sherry reached back and took in her hand and lead it to her vagina. Ron slipped in easily. Jaime watched as Ron pushed his up, and he sank into Sherry's body. Sherry lifted her body up and Jamie thought she would get up and get away from him. But Ron was pulling away too. But then they moved back together again. They went back and forth that way pushing towards and then pulling away from each other. Jamie could see that Ron's hard, hot cock was going in and out of Sherry's bald, sucking pussy. Jamie could only see the lower part of their bodies from where she stood on shaking legs. She couldn't see what the upper parts of their bodies were doing. But it looked like they were kissing again, while their lower bodies were moving back and forth.
Sherry called out "Ahhhh!" which Ron soon echoed. She pushed his body into hers and Jamie saw his butt muscles tense and relax several times. Sherry laid on him as they were still now. Jamie could see some white stuff run out of her mom's vagina when Sherry got off him.
Jamie quickly ducked back into her room. Sherry told Ron, “I think we need a shower.” She led him back to the bathroom, holding on to his now limp cock. As she walked by Jamie's door she noticed that it was open a crack. She was sure that the door was closed all the way when Jamie went to bed.
They got in the shower and helped each other get cleaned up. Just for fun they dried each other. But her Ron was all done in, and he wasn't going to get hard again for some time, surly not until tomorrow. They went out into the living room, Ron got his clothes and dressed. They made small talk while he dressed, and she gathered up her clothes. With a kiss she let Ron out and taking her clothes went back to her room and get into bed.
Sherry though she heard some movement in Jamie's room. What she heard was Jamie getting back into bed after watching Ron drive away. Jamie had a lot to think about tonight. She just saw her mom and her teacher have sex. She knew that was what they had done. It was what that guy wanted to do with her. She didn't want him to be dead, but she was glad that he was. He would never hurt her again. But he wanted to have sex with her. Did older guys want to have sex with her? It looked like her mom liked what she and Ron were doing, and it seems Ron liked it too. Jamie idly wondered if it would it feel nice for her too?
When Sherry got up in the morning, Jamie's door was closed. So, she thought, somewhere along the line Jamie must have been up and closed it. Sherry wondered if Jamie was spying on her again when she'd had sex with Ron. Jamie said nothing to Sherry when she got up so Sherry let the matter drop. It was a normal Saturday.


Sunday morning Sherry was back to work, and Ron came in as usual. When Sherry got a chance and when she thought no one else would hear, she told Ron that she thought they might have had an observer Friday night.
Ron asked, “Will it be a problem?”
“Jaime hasn't said anything to me. I didn't want to bring it up in case she didn't see anything. But if she asks questions I'll let you know what she asks and how I answered it. I hope you're not embarrassed that she would have seen us that way.”
“She is sure getting an education, seeing me naked twice having sex, and with those guys with what they tried to do to her. I hope she is doing OK with everything.”
“She seems to be OK," Sherry admitted. "I haven't seen her being afraid of anything. It seems like she is coping OK. She's getting older, it is about time to have 'THE TALK' with her. Though I would think that she has some ideas already after seeing us and what those creeps tried to do to her," said Sherry.
“Ron I don't know how I can very repay you, I mean seriously if you hadn't risked yourself Jamie would be dead now. How can I ever repay that?”
“There's no need to repay me, I like you both, and I feel that as her teacher, I had an obligation to keep her safe. I educate the children in my class, and I keep them safe while they are at school. It happens that she was on her way home. But she needed to be able to get home safely for me to have done my job.”
“Still I can't thank you enough, I will always be in your debt.”
Three days later Sherry got a call from the D.A.'s office. They said that the police had finished their investigation, The DA also was done; they had concluded that the two men were the hillside stranglers that had been plaguing the community for the past year. Since they were now both dead. They would not be needing anything further from Jamie.
Also they could rest assured that justice had been done quickly. The DA would have sought the death penalty for those two, but a trial with all the endless appeals it would have taken a long time before they got what was coming to them. But this way it was done and over with, and justice was served.
They would go after the inmates who killed the guy in jail. But Sherry wouldn't have to worry about them and they wouldn't be contacting her about that case.
Sherry called Jamie to her. She explained about that the DA's office had said. She asked if Jamie understood and if she had questions about it.
Then Sherry took a deep breath and asked Jamie if she had watched her and Ron the other night. Jamie blushed. That gave all the answer Sherry need, she now knew that she had been watched. It was time for "THE TALK". Good thing Sherry had stopped at the library on the way home from work and had picked up a book to help her.
She explained that Jamie was growing up and her body would be changing. As she changed she was becoming attractive to boys and men. That was why those men picked her up off the street.
Sherry showed Jamie the book and they talked about the parts of a girls body. There were illustrations in the book. To help Jamie see and understand Sherry got a hand mirror and took off her panties and let Jamie see her parts so she would know what they were and were they were. Once Jamie had finished her guided tour of Sherry's body. She had Jamie take her panties off. This time the guide tour was of Jamie's body so she knew where all her own parts were. But also it was a chance to see the difference between a girl and a woman.
She told her about the changes that would happen in her body. Her breasts would grow, and she would get her period in a few years, then she would be able to have babies.
Once Jamie understood, they turned to the section on boys. They looked at the illustrations of boys' bodies. She talked about Ron's body and what Jamie had seen of it.
She explained about how babies were created by the sperm coming together. Jamie wanted to know how his sperm got to a girl's eggs. To answer that she asked Jamie how much she had seen of her and Ron having sex. Jamie told her she saw almost of it. She saw her mom take Ron's penis in her mouth, like she had before. Jamie asked if Ron was using his mouth on her when she was turned around with her butt in his face.
Sherry said yes he was. He was licking her vulva. This was a way of pleasing your partner, it was most often called oral sex. Jamie asked if was not nasty. Sherry assured her that it was not only not nasty but rather it was very good. That she enjoyed it very much. She said in fact Ron had been very good at what he done.
Sherry then explained about intercourse. She and Ron had done this when she was on top of him. He had put his penis into her vagina. This was how a man's sperm got into a woman's vagina to create a baby. She explained how he moved in her. Also there were other ways of them doing it; with her lying on top of him was just one way.
Jamie asked if she was going to have a baby now that she and Ron had done that. No Sherry reassured her, not only was it the wrong time of the month for her to get pregnant, but she took something so she wouldn't get pregnant.
Jamie asked since those men wanted to do that with her, if they did would she get pregnant. With a laugh Sherry told her no, she was still young to have a baby yet. She would need to get her periods before she could have a baby. That would most likely be a couple of years away.
Jamie asked about why people have sex anyway. Sherry told her that one reason was to have a baby, but most times people didn't do it for that reason. But rather they do it because it feels good.
Jamie asked how it feels. The best way Sherry could think of showing Jamie was to tell her about masturbation. Since they were both naked. Sherry showed Jamie how to masturbate. Sherry did something to herself and Jamie copied it doing the same to herself. For Sherry this had gotten a bit over exciting. She masturbated until she had an orgasm. She Jamie watched her cum. Jamie couldn't cum, but she said that it felt and she liked it. Sherry told her could practice and enjoy doing to herself. Just that she should do that in private, not when others were around.
Jamie changed the whole tone of things; she asked if those men were going to have sex with her. Sherry said, yes. Then Jamie asked if they meant to kill her afterwards. Again Sherry said yes. Jamie said then it was lucky that Mr. Baker saw them and called the police. Yes Sherry agreed that his actions mostly saved Jamie's life.
Jamie said that he had been her favorite teacher, and she liked when he babysat her, he was nice to her then. She liked him even if he wasn't her teacher any more. Now she really had something to like Mr. Baker for he had saved her life. She asked if it was true that the Chinese say that if you save someone's life you are their slave. Sherry told her, “That what is what was said, but of course we don't have slavery any more. But yes we both owe a great debt to Mr. Baker.”
Jamie wanted to get dressed, and go out and play.
A week later Jamie came to Sherry saying, “I was thinking, I know how to pay back Mr. Baker for saving me from those men. Since they wanted to have sex with me, I want to have Mr. Baker have sex with me. Will he like being my first guy?”
“Oh honey that is a nice idea, but you think you are ready to have sex?”
“I think so, those bad men thought so didn't they?”
“Well yes they must have, but they are bad guys, and maybe they were making a mistake about that with you. Besides they didn't care about you. You were just something to use and throw away.”
“I saw you and Mr. Baker, it looked like you enjoyed it, and he did too.”
“But we are adults.”
“Yeah but you do sex with Molly, and she isn't an adult.”
“Yes it's true. Molly and I do that, and she is not an adult; but you can't be telling anybody about that. Adults having sex with people who are under 18 can get the adult in trouble. If Mr. Baker did that with you and someone found out about it, he could be in trouble, and maybe me too.”
“But Molly hasn't told anybody and Mr. Baker knows and he hasn't told. I won't either. Can I try it please?”
“I don't know if Mr. Baker would want to.”
“I heard him talking with you, he said he liked your little boobs, and he liked that you didn't have hair on your vagina. It is just like me. I don't have any hair there and my boobs are small, well not really, I guess you could say I don't have any. But he will like them anyway? Will you talk to him, and ask him? I'd like to try it with him. Please mom?!”
“OK I'll talk to him, but no promises. He might not want to,” Sherry repeated.


The following Sunday as Ron was ordering his breakfast Sherry asked him, “Can you come by my house Tuesday about 3 PM? I want to talk to about something.”
“OK, what's up?” he asked.
“It will have to wait until you get there, OK?”
Ron arrived at Sherry's at the prescribed time.
“Hi! come on in Ron. Have a seat.”
“So what's up?" Ron was puzzled.
“I have a favor to ask of you, actually it something that Jamie wants.”
“What can I do for her?”
“Well, it's bit dicey. I do need you to be discrete about it,” Sherry confided.
“You need a babysitter for Jamie so you can go out again with Molly?”
“Well something like that, but not really. I am going to tell you some things that could get me in trouble. But I think I can trust you. You know that I date an underage girl and you haven't reported it. Did you know that I have been dating Molly since she was 14? I am sure you realize that she and I have sex together.”
“Yes, I knew that, I kind of figured that you, were bi.”
“How do you feel about adults being with under-aged girls?”
“Well as a teacher I am suppose to report something like that. But I haven't reported you and I am not going to. You don't have seems to have hurt her. So I am going to play dumb on that as long as I can.”
“You don't think it is bad, to do that?”
“I don't know. If Molly is able to handle it, and you both wanted it; she was 14 then so not really a little kid.”
“What if she was younger?
”You mean if Molly was younger?”
“I do hope you don't think bad of me; Molly has a little sister: Tammy, she in Jamie's grade just not her class.”
“Yes I know, Tammy, she was in another 5th grade class this past year, not mine, so?”
“How would you feel if I told you I would like to take her to bed too. I would love to, but I am afraid that Molly might get jealous.”
“Wow Sherry, you would want a girl so young! That's surprising. I can see why you didn't want to talk about this at work. But how can you think of sex with one so young?” Ron had a hard time hiding his surprise.
“I think Tammy might have some ideas about Molly and me,” she said.
“That can be dangerous for you.”
“Well maybe be, but I think it is more that she would like in on the action her sister is getting.”
“What do you mean?”
“I think Tammy would like a time in bed with me. Which is one reason I wouldn't mind a roll in the hay with her.”
“Wow the girls you know! What can I do, you want me to babysit Jamie while you go out with Molly or Tammy?”
“I can trust you to be discrete?”
“Well, here is what I really want from you. Or I should say what Jamie wants from you...Jamie would like to make love with you.”
“Jamie wants sex? With me? Really do you think she is ready for such at thing?” Ron was both surprised and a little pleased. In fact, his cock had been on alert from the start of this conversation.
“Yes, I think she is ready and wants it. She has now started masturbating, and she has seen sex, albeit spying on us. Plus these guys were going to rape her. So she figures that she is ready for that. She sure has the interest if she is spying on us.”
“But why me?” Ron asked.
“Come on Ron, if it wasn't for you she would be dead right now. She owes you her life. Also you are quite the hero to her. Plus she has said that you were her favorite teacher. I think she has had a crush on you for most of the past school year. So I think she is ready, and she wants you to be her first. She is hoping that you will want her.” Sherry stared into Ron's eyes and then at his tenting crotch.
“I've never been with a girl like her. This really something! You sure she wants this and she can handle it? I would really be going out on a limb to do this. Can she even do this, I mean physically? ”
“Yes you wouldn't believe how much a girl that age can handle. But Ron, you can be sure that we will not breath a word of this. Just as you have been discrete about me and Molly, we can hold this in just as much confidence.”
“If you are sure she wants this, and you think she can handle it, both emotionally and also can fit me in her." Ron stopped. "But let me think about it a bit please But then we are even, you won't have to feel that you owe me anything. Really I don't consider her paying me back, but rather I am doing her a favor to make her life better. I'll talk to you on Sunday, and we'll make what arrangements we need to make.”


“What will I have this morning? I'll have the omelet platter, and I think my head on a platter.”
“Well we don't have that on the menu, but if you come Wednesday about 6 to my place I will see if I can get you something from off the menu.” Sherry whispered, “If you have a bike, ride over, and come back through the alley I'll leave the back gate unlocked. You can come in that way without any one seeing you.”
Ron had showered and shaved very closely, and with a lot of shaky nerves he got on his bike about 5:45 and rode over to Sherry's via the alley. The gate was marked with a red S hung over the back of the eight foot high gate. He pulled the string on the gate latch. He slide in moving across the short patch of grass up and the small cement slab that acted as a patio up to the sliding glass door at the kitchen where he parked his bike
Sherry was in the kitchen when Ron knocked. She led him to the living room she told him dinner would be ready in about 10 minutes. Jamie was also sitting in the living room watching an adult movie.
As Ron came in she ran over to him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She said, “Thanks for coming over. We are going to do like they are?” she said pointing at the screen. On it, a couple were engaged in the missionary position. The man's cock could clearly be seen slipping between the shaved lips of the flat-chested woman's pussy.
“Yes, that is what you want, isn't it?” Ron asked.
“Oh yes I do, I wouldn't want anybody else to do that with,” Jamie confided. At that moment on the screen, the man pulled his 8" cock from the woman's glistening pussy and shot rope after rope of creamy sperm over her excited tummy.
Later, dinner was over, and nobody was in a hurry to do anything. Ron was nervous and Jamie didn't know how to start. It was up to Sherry to get this party going. She put another porn movie into the DVD and had Ron and Jamie sit together. After watching a while, Ron figured that he should start something. He leaned over and kissed Jamie on the lips. She responded it wasn't long before their tongues got involved and the kisses were longer and more passionate. Ron also caressed the girl's breast buds, which caused her to moan in pleasure and desire.


As things seemed headed in the right direction, Sherry suggested a shower to move things to the next level. The three of them went into the bathroom. Ron wanted to undress Jamie and she wanted to do the same for him. The shoes and socks were quickly done away with.
Ron had her take off his shirt first. His chest was not too bad. He had a few chest hairs of mixed black and gray hairs on the middle. His belly had a small spare tire, but not bad for a guy in his 50's. He took off her shirt.
Her chest was flat and her areolas about the size of a quarter, the nipples lying flat on them. His shorts went next followed by her pants, leaving them in their underwear.
He had on a pair if dark blue jockey shorts. "Go ahead, sweetheart, take them off," cooed Sherry. Jamie reached out with shaking hands and took his shorts by the waistband and pulled them down.
She got a good close up look at his almost flaccid circumcised penis. His balls hung down heavily.
Ron tried to look more confident as he reached for her panties; yellow panties with a famous cartoons face over her crotch. She looked innocent and yet sexy to Ron at the same time. He took her panties by the waistband and they came off as easily his. It was his turn to look; her mons was a raised area, that was split by two full hairless lips.
"Time to get wet, you two," cried Sherry with a grin. As they got into the shower Sherry put a shower cap on Jamie's hair, then took their clothes to her daughter's room.
Ron went first taking a bar of soap got his hands full of later and applied it to her chest. He then had her turn around he washed her legs from the knees up. Next he washed her butt, including her crack. He had her turn around Again he lathered his hands to wash her pussy lips. He had more of a chance to explore her; something she was not objecting to. He spread her inner lips and with a slippery finger washed it all over.
Jamie was having feelings that were new, and so exciting in places she had never touched before. She wanted more, especially when he lovingly touched her newly discovered clit.
It was his turn to be washed. Ron had her wash his lower belly and towards his dick. He told her to go easy on his balls. She could feel the marbles in a wrinkled bag hanging down. They were tender so Jamie went easy on them. She got her hands good and soapy she was wondering what his thing would feel like. At first it was this thing that was soft and small. But it started to grow in her hand. It was getting harder. It felt hard and at the same time it was soft. It was moving on its own as it lifted up its head and began to point at her. That washing had the desired effect, as he rose up to his whole 6 inches.
Sherry coxed them out of the shower with dry towels for them. They continued to minister to each other, as they dried each other. Ron, to be nice, as he wanted to give Jamie the time of her life, picked her up and carried her to her room. He gently placed her on her bed and he got in next to her. Jamie asked Sherry to stay with her while she had her first time, so Sherry pulled up a chair nearby.
Ron took her head in both hands and gently began to kiss her. He started on her ears with gentile kisses that went on to include little licks of her ear and behind them before moving down and kissing neck. He moved on around her neck, and under her chin as he worked his way over to the other side to get that other ear. He soon covered her whole face with soft kisses including her eyes. He went down her button nose to her lips. The kisses tasted of the lemon sherbet they had for dessert. He began to suck on her lips before introducing his tongue to her mouth. But it didn't take that long before she was up to speed it and was doing a fair job of tongue wrestling with him again.
Ron caressed Jamie's chest finding her nearly flat areolas and touching them lightly as he kissed her before he moved down to kiss them. This began to cause her to have funny feelings in her tummy. Ron for his part was a bit surprised that he didn't mind that she didn't have any breasts as he kissed, licked and sucked on them. He switched off them frequently. His free hand started its journey south down her belly. He stopped off to tickle her bellybutton causing Jamie to giggle.
He was caressing her thighs. He followed his hands down and began to kiss her legs moving up from her knees. He was licking her thighs are they were finger-licking good. He kissed both legs before he began to kiss her vulva. He licked the lips along the outsides and covered her labia with kisses. He spread her lips and began to tease the entrance to her vagina as well her inner lips. Her sweet nectar began to flow making her slicker. Ron got a taste and decide that this was something that he could get use to, quickly.
Ron pushed his tongue up and licked at her hymen. He backed up and took a quick look at it. He move his mouth up a bit and began his assault on her clit. It seem to take her to a higher level in her pleasure climb. While Ron used his flatten tongue rubbing back and forth up and down against her clit, his finger began to toy with the entrance to her vagina. The roughness of the papillae of his tongue as he rubbed it across her hooded clit lifted up Jamie's fever pitch. Jamie reached her highest peak and climaxed, her first, with a big moan.
As she was in the middle of her orgasm, Ron ran two fingers through her hymen. Jamie was so filled with her orgasm that she didn't even feel it. But Ron could feel how his fingers met the resistance of her cherry, and how quickly it yielded to him. His fingers ran up inside her. He could feel the tightness of her pussy, but while tight it was willing to expand to his filling fingers. Ron was enjoying the tightness of her pussy as she finished her climax. Jamie then realized that Ron had his fingers in her pussy. He removed them and placed them in his mouth. There was a bit of the metallic taste of her blood mixed with her pussy juices, but he was enjoying it.
He moved back up next to her and lay with her, again kissing her. Jamie said, “Wow that was something! No wonder people have sex! That was fantastic. Does it feel as good for you Ron?”
Sherry spoke up, “Honey, Ron hasn't been in you yet to have his climax like you did.”
Jamie looked at Ron, "That wasn't you in me?”
“Yes it was dear, but only my fingers.”
“Are you going to put your penis in me?”
“You want that?”
“Oh yes!” cried Jamie. "Oh most definitely yes!"
“Well than I'll just have to do it, to make my little princess happy. But give a kiss before I do it.”
Ron and Jamie remained where they were for a bit going back to their previous tongue wrestling contest. Ron broke off the kissing asking, “You think you are ready?”
“Oh yes. I've told you several times! I want your, um…cock…in me and I want to feel your hot sperm inside my tummy, even if I don't have a baby!”
“OK move a bit. Let me get on my back and I want you to sit on my hips.”
Ron positioned her above him. He directed her and helped her line up her now dripping, hairless pussy with his erect cock. When she was in position he told her to sit down on him. He began to sink into her inch by inch. She was tight but very wet. He could feel the tight ring and he knew he was in her past the point where her cherry had been. around where her cherry had been her. It hugged his cock. It was a feeling that Ron was loving. He had almost died and gone to heaven the feeling of being inside Jamie's little pussy. He looked at the beautiful girl astride him, her head thrown back in joy, then down to where his cock disappeared between those delightful lips. Just above that joining, Jamie's clit was standing proud, asking for more and more.
Jamie for her part had a delicious full feeling, like she had found the meaning of life with this man inside her body.
She had paused, but he took her by her lithe, slim hips and pulled her down to him while pushing up with his own hips. In a quick second his pubic hair was against her bare lips. He was all the way in her.
Now he gave her pause to get use to it, saying, “OK Jamie I'm all the way in you now! How do you feel?”
"I feel really good! I feel real full there,” the girl gasped.
“It doesn't hurt?”
“No, it's good! It's a nice feeling, one I love! I feel full and like this was what I was made to do.”
“Good honey! I'm going to start to move in and out of you.” With that he began to withdraw his hips, then push back at her. At first it was only small movements but she was good and wet and he was able to slide in her tight passage easily. He began to pick some speed and lengthened the amount he withdrew and returned in her. It hadn't taken Jamie long before she began to move, timing her movements to match his.
Again she started climbing the mountain that she had just been on shortly before. Her breathing became pants and gasps. She knew what to expect and was working for it this time. Ron for his part was reveling in the pussy of this ten year old former student of his. This was a new thought to him that a girl of that age could have sex, and be a hot fuck for him at that. She came to her peak again. With her young pussy clamping down on Ron's tool, it was enough to drive him over the edge and he moaned loudly as he gave her all his cum, delivered right to the door of her womb. As they came down from their mountains Jamie settled on his chest for a few minutes.


After a couple of minutes of cuddling Jamie got off him. Sherry gave him a little warm wash cloth to clean up while Jamie had gone off to the bathroom. When Jamie came out, he was dressed and he gave her a kiss and headed home.
Out the back door he went, and got on his bike. As he was riding away all he could think was, “Wow! I just had sex with a girl from my fifth grade class! Her mom was there and watched it all. It was great sex, but still was it a good thing we have done?”
Sherry came over to Jamie and asked her how she was. “I feel great, Mom! It was wonderful! I can't believe that I did it.”

“I am so proud of you, my darling. Do did a real good job of it! It was very nice that Ron was the one that you had first. I know that you were wanting him, being that he was your favorite teacher. It is always nice that you like the person and, if is nicer for a girl that her first time is with an older man. I was a little younger than you my first time. He was an older man too. An older man is a much better lover for a young girl her first time than a boy her age.”

“Mama I do feel a little sore down there, and I think there is some more of his stuff running out of me,” said the girl.

“Come on Jamie mommy will get you a nice warm bath that will make you feel better.” Sherry lead her daughter back to the bathroom, and began to run the bath. Being as Jamie was already naked she was able to get into the tub right away.

“Would you like mommy wash you dear?”

“Yes that would be nice mom.”

“How about I get in the tub with you?”

“OK,” was Jamie's reply.

Sherry shucked off her clothes and hopped in behind her. She cradled Jamie in her arms. Jamie sighed and leaned back into her so she could feel Sherry's breasts against her back. She liked the feeling.

“Mom will I have boobs like yours when I get older?”

“Yes I think that you will be about the same size as me. Just as I am about the size of your grandma. But you have cute ones now.”

“I don't have any at all,” Jamie said.

“Yes but, they have cute little areolas. Ron didn't seem to mind that you didn't have any. You saw how hard he was for you. It is a good man that can be so hard for a girl like you" said Sherry, languidly washing Jamie's back.

“It made me feel good to see him do that with you. It made me think of my first time. I know I haven't ever I told you about it. I was just 10 then, and he was a friend of my dad's. His name was Simon. He and my dad were good friends. He would come over a lot, and spend time at our house. Even when my mom and dad went out he would babysit me."

As she told her story, she washed Jamie. It was half wash and half caress. Sherry toyed with Jamie's areolas while she talked of them. As she talked her washing/caresses went down her body until they arrived at Jamie's pussy.

“He would babysit me for a long time. We played games together. Then in the evening he would draw bath for me. He stopped bathing me when I turned 8, he figured that I could do it myself, and not make a mess on the floor. It wasn't long after I turned 10 that I asked him if he would wash me like he used to when I was younger. It was so nice when he did that. He agreed to do that" Sherry remembered.

“He even got in the tub with me, just like I am with you now. He washed me just as I am washing you now. Stand honey let me wash your bottom.”

Jamie stood facing away from Sherry. Sherry was washed her checks and then in the crack between them. She fingered her little hole. It caused a little shiver in Jamie. She turned Jamie to face her. She washed her legs, and then up to her pussy. Opening her lips she cleaned them, and tried to get more of Ron's sperm out of her. She used her finger up inside Jamie. It was a question who was getting more pleasure from it Sherry or Jamie. Sherry wiggled a finger in her while her other hand was stoking Jamie's clit.

Jamie called out an “Oohh!” and almost dropped to the tub.

“You like that baby?”

"Oh yes," said Jamie with a dreamy look, "That was almost like when Ron was in me.”

“It is very nice to have a man in you. But there are other things that can make you feel good too. Would you like to wash me too?”

“Oh yes mom I would like that.”

“You can do my boobies first, then you can wash down the rest of me.”

Jamie did as instructed and spent a some time making sure Sherry's boobs were nice and clean. It also made her nipples stand out rock hard. Jamie worked her hands down her mom's body enjoying the feel under her hands. She reached around to wash Sherry's butt like her mother did and fingered Sherry's butt hole. But it was Sherry's pussy that Jamie wanted to touch. With trembling fingers she ran her hand over Sherry's vulva feeling the mons there. But she could also feel the labia, and it seems that Sherry’s sizable clit was standing up. Jamie wiggled a finger inside her mom.

Sherry said, “That's good honey, let's get dried off now.” They proceeded to dry each other. Sherry led Jamie to the girl's room.

“Jamie, you've always told me all that you have thought and done. Let me ask you, have you ever touched another girl during your sleepovers or do anything like we just did?”

“No mom I never did anything like that. But it was nice when you did that.”

Sherry told her to lay on her bed while she rubbed on some lotion. “When I was 12
I used to have sleepovers with my friends too. Some of them were my girlfriends in school. We touched each other. Would you like me to touch you the same way?”

“Oh yes mom! I'd love for you to do that.”

With that Sherry gave her daughter her first grown up kiss with another girl. The kiss was sweet and gentile to start with. But the kiss grew more passionate, and Sherry opened her mouth to find Jamie's mouth also open and Sherry snaked her tongue into her daughter's mouth. She caressed Jamie's chest all over at first then settling at her areolas. She toyed with them. She could feel Jamie's little nipples began to harden. That caused a flood of juice to come into Sherry's pussy.

Sherry kissed all over Jamie's face and nibbled at her ears. Jamie could only lay back and enjoy. Sherry moved down to her chest. She kissed her all over, and then again settled on her nipples. She was licking and kissing then with little nips and sucks on the areolas and nipples. While she did that she caressed Jamie's belly. Jamie was very worked up by this. Sherry took her leave of Jamie' chest and started her journey south, kissing her tummy, and now with her hands on the insides of Jamie's thighs. She kissed and tongued Jamie's bellybutton. Her kisses proceeded farther down until they reached the top of her immature mons.

Then she moved between Jamie's legs. With caresses and kisses with licks of her thighs she worked up Jamie's thigh. Jamie was about out of her mind with the excitement. She loved what her mom was doing to her, but it seems that something more was needed and there was the hope in her that there would be that more coming. She didn't have to wait very long before she got what her body was craving. Sherry began to kiss Jamie's vulva. She licked up and down Jamie's hairless sex lips causing Jamie to shiver again and again. Sherry spread Jamie's lips and began to lick out the entrance to her vagina. She could still taste a bit of Ron's sperm but the overwhelming taste was that of Jamie's natural lubrication, as she was very excited. Sherry divided her time licking the entrance to the vagina and moving up to her clit. She licked, sucked, nibbled and rolled her clit around her mouth.

Sherry could tell Jamie couldn't take much more. She licked and sucked her clit while using her finger in Jamie's vagina. She sucked Jamie's clit as she finger fucked her sweet 10 year old daughter. This caused Jamie to go over the edge into a great and long lasting orgasm. It seemed to Jamie she would not stop and she was just going to explode there.

As Jamie's peak subsided Sherry backed off and allowed Jamie to relax. “Did you like that baby?”

“Oh mom that was great! How'd you learn to do that?”

“Lots of practice, and I learned from many lovers. I have had men since I was 10 and women or at least girls since I was 12. I was with other women when I was a girl too. It is fun with other girls but I enjoyed it more with older women. They knew so much and could make it so good. But that is the thing when you are older you pass it on to the next generation. Just as Ron did with you. If you want you can be with him more. That is if he wants you anymore.”

“I hope he does mom, 'cause I would want more with him,” Jamie assured her Mom.

“I think that he will want it too, dear. When they get the taste for younger girls men will come back as much as they can.”

Sherry continued, “I know I never told you about your dad. But now that you are a woman, a young woman maybe but a woman nevertheless, I should tell you. Your dad was my mom's brother. He was my uncle Bob. He was great. He died a couple of years after you were born, So you didn't know him. He and I started with each other when I was thirteen. He was my lover until I got pregnant with you," said Sherry looking fondly at her naked daughter.

“I loved it even better with him than I did with Simon. He knew how to do things to me that Simon didn't. But I had a few lovers other than them. Most of them were older men, only a few were boys my age. I am still friends with men my age but the older ones still do it for me. We shall see what you like. But, while I was with men mostly I was with both girls and older women. I liked both about equal. But learned much more from the women. I then would teach my girlfriend's what I learned from them.”

As the relaxed Jamie fell asleep. Sherry snuggled up to Jamie. She felt good. She was glad that Jamie was now a woman, and that they had made love together. She hoped that there would be more be times between her and Jamie. She would love to watch Jamie with Ron again.

Special thanks to Nicknarson for his help with editing.


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My mom let me watch her and her lovers all the time. She felt it would help me learn to please a man. One night after she fell asleep, her boyfriend got up to go to the bathroom. When he came out I turned my light on in my room and sat on my bed playing with my pussy. He stopped at my door and watched. Before the night was over, he taught me to suck cock and how to fuck a man properly . I was 12 and he was 30. He was my lover for over four years.

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