how i met the king
I was just a 14 year old boy when I first had sex. Only problem was I didn’t want it at all. In fact I was petrified. My “ lover” wasn’t even a human, it was a lion. That's right, I was raped by a lion.

It all started on my 14th birthday. As a surprise trip, mum and dad took me on safari to Africa. I had always loved animals. I was the picture of happiness, I had just turned 14, even though I looked about 12. Had blond hair and blue eyes. Even though I was 14 I hadn’t developed any physical signs of puberty yet, I was short for my age and quite thin, no hair anywhere except my head. But I didn’t really mind because despite not looking my age, my penis was good. Small but good. It was 3 inches but dad said it would get bigger, it was small compared to the other kids in my class, but I didn’t care because I could release sperm. I learnt it a couple of months ago, and every time I masturbated, I felt so good. I was happy with everything...well almost everything. I hated my bum. I had a girls bum, all the older boys at school I would always see them checking my butt out, I always turned bright pink when that happened. Some older boy had started to call me "bubble butt" the name stuck and now everyone in school called me that or "sweet cheeks". It was a nightmare for me, but what could I do? it was not something I could tell my parents. Hell even my father had a tendency to want to dry me when I step outta my bath, always paying particular attention to “between the cheeks”, always without a towel though.

Anyway back to my story, as we were driving through the safari trail in Africa, me, mum, dad and a tour guide who was the driver. We almost ran into a lion cub. The poor thing was just laying there. Even though I didn’t like lions I felt my heart go out to the cutie who was making such a pitiful yelping noise. We all got out of the jeep to see what we could do. The tour guide then went to the back of the jeep and bought out a rifle. I was devastated, how could he kill it? but the tour guides gun wasn’t for the cub, it was for us!! He pointed the gun at mum and dad and told them to lay down on their stomachs. I froze. I had no idea what to do, and I started whimpering like a girl. The tour guide then tied up mums hands, arms, feet and legs and taped her mouth. All the time dad was telling me to run, but I couldn’t hear him, I was too scared, he then did the same to dad. He picked them both up and threw them into his jeep. He then turned to me and got down on his knees, me and him were now eye level, and I almost pissed myself in fear. He leaned over to me and said

“sorry kid, but your gonna have to stay here, don’t worry about your mother and father, I wont kill them. I just need some money is all. If your government pays me quickly they are free to come back for you, if your alive” that's when it hit me, he was gonna leave me here, by myself. He then got a small plastic bottle out of his pocket, it looked like a perfume bottle. Then without warning grabbed my shorts and pulled them down, he then spilt the liquid all over my balls and penis. He then turned me around and bent me over. My ass was near his face, close enough to kiss.

“my, my, what an ass u have son” he said “fucken delicious, oh man if only I had time” he gave my ass hole a quick lick, it made me jump a bit and my dick stir. He laughed and got the same bottle and pushed the head of the bottle into my asshole and squeezed the liquid to my ass, filling it up. “That should keep the hyenas and jackals away, but you better watch out for lions” he warned me. And with that he drove away.

The odour from the liquid smelt strong and musky. I hated it. I was alone, I was so sure that any animal could smell this from a while away, and wondered how it would keep me safe. Then something strange happened, the little cub smelt the air and quickly its cries of fear turn to happy little mewing a chirping. that's when it realised he must have doused me with some sort of mummy lion smell. Then as the cub came towards me I now realised it thought the same. I crouched down to pick it up and as I did I felt its little mouth clamp across my dick and start to suck. The baby had very small teeth so it hurt a bit, but as it sucked me it ran its tongue across my dick as well, and I suddenly got hard. I knew this was a bad thing to do but I couldn’t help feeling so good. And literally in a matter of seconds I released my cum into its mouth. It felt heavenly, but the cub hadn’t had enough and kept sucking and licking. My dick was too sensitive so I had to push it off. It was at that time I heard another tour jeep driving towards me. I was mortified, what would they think if they knew I just orgasmed into a lion cubs mouth? They would have me arrested. I quickly turned and ran into some nearby bushes, pants and underwear still around my ankles cub in my arms.

I heard the jeep stop and a two men got out, I lisened very intently to the conversation, and at the end I realised I was screwed.

“well Greg” said the first man “can u believe the safari season is over?”

“yeh, man I can” said greg “I love driving around and showing people these animals and stuff, but they need a break, you know what I mean? And I think we should too. I smell some really powerful lioness pheromones, that means the male can’t be far, you know how they get when their horny ”

“yes I do my brother” said the first man, and as they started the car and began to drive off he said “can u believe for the next 3 months no human will be in a 100mile radius?” and they left.

Again I froze with fear, that was my undoing, if I had gotten up and run to them, I might have been safe at home with my parents by now. But again I froze, and they left. Now I was alone in this nightmare, and worst of all, I smelt like a lion in heat. I wanted to run after the truck, but by the time I got my shorts and pants on it was off in the distance, I ran down the track as fast as I could, but I knew I couldn’t catch up. I saw a massive flat rock, I climbed it, still with the cub in my arms to see where the jeep went when I heard a terrifying roar, a female lioness had me in her sights and was running full speed at me. I instinctively rolled the cub. As I did she ran to her cub and checked if it was alright. Then It started to stalk me. I was petrified, I ran and it very stayed with me, bidding its time. I ran until I came to cliff edge, I had no where to go. I turned to face the lioness, behind me was a 3 meter drop. she quickly ran towards me, I thought that this was it. I would die. But then a few meters away from me stopped and sniffed the air smelling the female lion musk. Then she stopped again but this time her ears flattened back in fear, she took a jump at me and pushed me backwards over the edge. I fell down the cliff, and winded myself pretty badly, luckily though I had landed on some thick bushes. As I slowly came to my senses I heard gentle growling, as it got louder and I looked around when I saw what was making this noise my heart jumped to my mouth and I literally started shaking.

With my back to the cliff wall, I had nowhere to go. And in front of me was a massive male lion, taller than me and definitely much much bigger than me. Behind him, were 3 other males. All almost the same size as the first lion, mature with thick manes, strong legs and rippling muscles, each of them with large balls dangling and their noses twitching at this newly arrived scent. Or rather, a newly arrived fuck toy......


ok guys so this is the beginning of the story, if you guys like it let me know so I can get into the actual story.
comments and suggestions are always appreciated

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