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Nice guy meets a friend of a friend
My friend Miranda Ch. 1

My name is Adam, I’m 24 and I’m a “nice guy” I do nice things and I never get the girl. I’m decent looking, I have a good personality, I’m just not aggressive enough to go for what I want. But things changed after I met her.

Miranda is adorable. That’s the best way to describe her. Yeah adorable. She’s around 5’ 1” maybe 110 pounds. Blonde hair cute smile. Striking blue eyes. The first night I ever met her I was in love, well not love, extreme infatuation. A mutual friend of ours had invited me out to the club with herself and Miranda. I heard a knock on my door and when I opened it I was greeted by a smile. The smile belonged to Ashlynn. A good friend and a girl I had a crush on but refused to go out with me for some reason. Ashlynn came in and in followed by Miranda. Ashlynn introduced us and I was at a loss for words. Miranda was wearing a blue strapless dress that hugged her fantastic curves perfectly. Her long blonde hair seemed to flow in the breezeless room. Her smile was brighter than Ashlynn and that was a feat if there ever was one. As I took in the figure before me my eyes landed on the most amazing breasts I’d ever seen. Once I managed to look her in the eye she grinned, winked, and leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

Thirty minutes later we were in a loud club downtown, lots of drunk college kids listening to stupid music. I hated clubs, but I was enjoying my company. Miranda and Ashlynn decided I was their date for the night and they both were dancing with me at the same time. Ashlynn’s ample ass was grinding into my crotch as Miranda pushed her tits against my back. I’m certain Ashlynn could feel how hard I was. She looked over her shoulder at me kissed me on the cheek and yelled over the music

“I’m glad that you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Why won’t you go out with me Ash?” I asked

She replied “I told you Adam, I’m trying

to be single for a while.”

She kissed me, on the lips this time and grinded more. Just then I felt the warmth of Miranda’s body snatched away from mine. I turned around to see some guy holding her upper arm, yelling at her.

“It’s over Jimmy, I don’t want to see you ever again” Miranda yelled

“I’ll be damned you little whore” Jimmy yelled back at her.

He lifted his other hand and just as he started to swing for her face I stepped in taking the slap and throwing a punch of my own.

“She obviously wants you to leave her alone” I say to the guy

“oh yeah what’s it to you?” Jimmy asks

“Go away before you embarrass yourself Jimmy” I tell him

He reaches back this time to punch and I block the blow and deliver another one of my own. This time a left hand hook. He goes down. Just then the club security comes and escorts me out telling me I’m banned from their facility. Miranda and Ashlynn come running out. Miranda flings her arms around my neck and kisses my cheek.

“Oh Adam, that was stupid of you, brave but stupid, you barely know me. And Jimmy has a temper he won’t leave you alone now.” Miranda says

“Miranda, it’s okay, He’s a dumbass and I only did what I had to do. You guys should go back in and enjoy your night. I guess I’m going home.”

“Not a chance!” Miranda said “I have to get to know the knight in shining armor that just took a punch for me.”

I smile and she kisses my cheek again, lingering for a while this time. She wraps her arm in mind and Ashlynn takes my other arm and we make our way back to my house a couple blocks away. We sit up talking about music, Miranda has killer taste, movies, you name it.

“So what was Jimmy’s deal?” I ask

“Oh I was with him for a while until last week when I found out he was banging every girl in town.” Miranda explained “I’m so tired of assholes.” She sighed. “But that’s all we ever fall for right Ash?” She asks

There’s no answer, Ashlynn is asleep on the couch. Miranda and I laugh quietly.

“Well I guess I’m stuck here, she was my ride” Miranda says to me. “Do you have anywhere I can crash?” Miranda asks.

“You can have my bed, I will sleep on the floor here” I tell her.

“No way I’m taking your bed after you helped me tonight.” she says “We could share the bed.” She says, smiling, knowingly.

“Oh okay, are you sure?” I ask.

“Absolutely” She says

Standing she reached out her hand, taking mine pulling me towards my room. She opens the door and looks around. Miranda lets go of my hand and walks around my room. Clicks on my stereo.

“I love blues, it’s a very sexy genre” She says “would it be too much to ask for a big t shirt, I really don’t want to sleep in my dress and I don’t know if you could handle me in just my skimpy panties.” She says, almost purring the last word.

“Sure,” I say and I start rummaging through my drawer

“Red or Bl...” I start.

I feel her arms wrap around me from behind, she kisses the back of neck and says “neither” I can feel the weight of her tits on my back, different than when we were dancing earlier. Less support, more natural. I turn around.

“I noticed you were looking at them very closely earlier. I think you enjoyed the view” She said. She kisses me deep. I’m instantly harder than I’d ever been in my life.

“I feel something hard” She says “That’s not my fault is it?”

“Y..yes it is.” I stammer

“Hmm, well I guess I need to do something about that” She says pulling me over to the bed by the waistband of my jeans. She kisses me and I feel her hands unbutton my pants, then pull down the zipper. She gets to her knees, pulls down my jeans and my boxers all at the same time.

“Nice cock” She says looking up at me. “Ashlynn is going to be rather jealous when I tell her I got to you first. We’ve been talking about how nice it must be after she felt it poking her in the ass earlier.”

“Th..thanks.” I manage

Miranda looks at my cock, side to side, and all around before she opens her mouth and takes half of my 7 inches. I feel her tongue licking the bottom just a slight suction and lots of saliva. It was wet and tight and she was looking straight into my eyes. She bobbed her head a few times and had me in the back of her throat.

She pulls off my dick “You have such a great cock.” she tells me. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me with it.”

She returns my cock to her mouth, then throat, and starts to bob her head. I’d only had a few blowjob and I knew that this one was the best and would probably always be the best. She took me all the way in closed her eyes and started to vibrate her throat.

“Miranda, I’m close” I gasp. She responds by thrusting her face back and forth faster and harder. She takes me in her throat as the first stream shoots out of my cockhead. Four gushing pulses later she pulls off. Stands walks over to my side table grabs some water and washes my cum down with half the bottle. She comes back over and kisses me deep.

“That was a lot of cum stud.” she says “You taste sweet.” She smiles. “Now come here.” she says as she climbs on the bed. “I want to reward you even more for being there for me tonight.”

I crawl on the bed, as I do she lays back and puts her arm around my neck. As we are kissing my cock stirs again.

“Well that was sooner than I figured.” She says. Miranda reaches down and starts stroking me. With just the right amount of pressure. Her hands have me at full stance in two strokes. Next thing I know I feel warmth, wetness, velvety, tight, bliss. She’d moved her panties over and slipped me inside her amazing pussy without my knowledge. My instincts take over and I start to thrust in and out. “Y..yesss, veeery, niceeee coooock.” she moans. She kisses me, pulls away and looks down between us. “Watch Adam, watch as your cock fucks me.” she says “It feels so good, feel how tight I’m getting? You’re going to make me cum.” I pound harder, faster, deeper. Her moans get louder. I push up on my arms a bit and as I do she starts thrusting her hips. She was fucking me, fucking my cock hard. Moaning, “Yes, yes, yessssssssssss!” loudly.

As she does her pussy clamps down on my cock, and my cock starts to swell. Her eyes snap open and she shudders, “FUCK!” she screams. I feel her orgasm contract as my cum starts to burn the inside of her pussy.

We’re both panting, she kisses me over and over. “That was great, we are so fucking again.” She says, “Your cock feels so good, you really have a gift.” She says with gasping breath. As I start to retract from her warm cunt, she moans again. “you’re the perfect size, shape, everything. If girls knew about that thing they would flock to your doorstep. Hell they would take a number and sit in the living room.” She kisses me wrapping her hand around my still pretty hard cock. “It’s still hard, hhmm he is going to have to calm down or I won’t get any sleep tonight”

She bends over and takes the head in her mouth and starts sucking again. “What else can we do with it.” she says. “I could go wake Ash and let her have a turn. But I’m enjoying it way too much.” She takes me back into her mouth and slurps a bit. Up and down, in and out I watch my dick disappear into her mouth and down her throat. I see her eyes light up. She withdrawls my cock from her mouth.

“I’ve got it!” she says excitedly “can you go another round?” She asks.

“Yes” is all I can say.

“Okay get up.” she says as she gets off the bed and bends over presenting her ass too me. Her arms are stretched out towards my pillows. “take of my panties.” she tells me. With trembling hands I peel the lace material from her beautiful bubble ass. She reaches back and does a come here motion with her finger. She takes my cock in her and guides it slipping in down her butt and lining it up with her asshole. “Fuck my ass” she commands. She presses the head to her hole and I push forward slowly. There is very little resistance and the head slips in her backside. It’s the tightest thing I’ve ever felt. Her ass sucks the breath out of me through my cock. She moans and whimpers at the same time. “Don’t stop, just go slow” she says panting. I push forward slower still I feel the tightness squeeze my cock and then before I know it I’m all the way inside. “Your cock feels so amazing in my ass” she says. Her voice a bit higher than it was a few moments ago. “fuck me, slow.” she says. I start to work my way in and out. Unable to believe what I’m seeing. My dick is going in and out this blonde, sex godess’s ass. The pressure is unbelievable. She moans “A little harder” and I oblige. A little harder I thrust. I can feel my balls slapping her cunt. With each tap she moans. “sooooo good” she moans low. She looks over her shoulder and says “Fuck that ass as hard as you can, please.” She says it so sweetly I can’t believe it’s coming from the same girl. I start to pound furiously. She yelps every thrust, moans deep, “fuuuu uuu uuu uuuck” she moans as I go faster and harder. “holy shit, holy shit, I’m coming, cum in my ass cum in my ass.” she says. A mix of pain and pleasure in her voice. My balls boil over and cum shoots out deep in her ass. Wave after wave of cum. She goes rigid and I pull out quickly. She just lays there panting, taking deep heavy breaths. Miranda pulls her panties back up and pulls them tight to her ass. “I want to keep that in there” she says as she crawls into my bed. “are you getting in?” she asks

As I put my arms around her she nestles her ass right onto my cock. She looks over her shoulder and kisses me. “Thank you again, for everything. We should do this again very soon.” she says kissing me one last time. Feeling her take my hands and cup her tits with them. “Next time we use these more though. You can cover them in cum if you’d like.

“Sounds great to me.” I say and I take kiss her shoulder kneading her tits we fall asleep.

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2013-06-27 02:51:15
i like this story i give it a 10 for a rating

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2013-04-07 16:55:13
It's a good story, don't know what that other person was talking about.

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2013-04-07 05:11:20
I'm guessing the author really is a "nice guy". Did not enjoy personally, but not badly written.

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2013-04-06 18:00:02
Your story was very enjoyable. Any more of your writings I will be reading, for sure. How about chapter 2,. (countrycadillac)

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2013-04-06 17:09:41
Two suggestions 1) find synonyms for ' amazing ' the word is over used in the story, and 2) create a part II where the girl sleeping on the couch wakes up and goes looking for you and her friend.

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