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Going South 2 Sue’s next seduction

It was the third day of house hunting and I finally found something close to what I wanted. The house I was looking for had to be a good size with at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms and having good access to the beach. Having a pool would be a big plus. And this is what I found and it was a foreclosure by the bank. A lot of property was available in Florida after the recession. The property was appraised pre recession at 240 thousand but the bank wanted 180 thousand. I accepted the price with the bank picking up the closing costs.

Meanwhile it was a wild party in the motel room at night. The little vixen sure loved to screw. And she made a lot of noise when she came. I had to put my hand over her mouth or would be getting complaints from our neighbour tenants. I had started using condoms so she would not get pregnant. I also told her I was going to set an appointment with a doctor to get her on birth control pills.

A week later she had the appointment and got the preion for the pills but could not start till after her period which happened three days later. Meanwhile we had moved into the house and the first thing we bought was a bedroom set. After that every day was a shopping day to furnish the place. I spent two days draining, sterilizing and cleaning the pool. No one had done anything to it for at least six months and it was in sad shape.

We went for long walks along the beach. Sue loved the ocean and loved to run in the surf. At night we would sit by our yard fire pit and watch the flames curled up to one another. And when the fire died down and the chill set in we would go in the house and build our private sexual fire. Life was good and I was enjoying my time with Sue. One night I asked her to tell me about her next sexual experience. She just giggled saying “all you want is a sexy story to get horny and screw me.” I had to admit that she was probably right but would she tell me anyway.” She said “ok.”

She told me Jessie would come around every week or so to have some sex and she had to tell him no a couple of times because she was in a fertile period. Most of the time she would go off with him for a fuck. One time they went into the barn and he told her to take off her panties. When she turned back to him he was taking off his pants. His cock came into view because he did not have any underwear on and he had a hard on already. He told her to suck on his cock and get it all covered with spit so it would slide easily into her cunt.

She said “you did not have to tell me twice to suck cock as I love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth.” She worked on him for few minutes and he said he was ready. He told her to turn around and bend over and put her hands on some lumber that was piled near by. He got behind her and lifted up her bottom of her dress and laid it across her back exposing her ass. He took hold of his cock and moved it around her cunt lips to locate her hole and then pushed himself into her cunt. She said “I let out a grunt as I felt that hard cock fill up my pussy and moaned as he fucked away on me.” She felt herself reach a climax after five minutes of fucking and little while later Jessie moaned he was coming and she felt him pulsing inside her cunt releasing his cum inside her pussy. When he pulled out some of his cum came out and dripped on the ground between her legs.

Jessie put his pants back on and said to me “thanks Sue that was really nice and I put a good load in you but I have to go over to Jackson’s for some fence staples, maybe I will stop around tomorrow for another fuck.” When he left I thought about putting my panties on but decided not to. I walked to the back rail fence and watched Jessie walking down the road, he waved and I waved back. I felt some of his cum running down the inside of my leg. Reaching under my dress I wiped it with my hand and then licked it off my fingers. I liked the taste of Jessie’s cum.

After doing my chores I was sitting on the tree swing when my cousin Jimmy came into the yard. He was about a year older then me and his mother and my mother are sisters. I asked him what he was doing and his reply was nothing. He sat down in the shade under the tree and said it was sure hot. Then he said why don’t we go swimming at the creek to cool down. It sounded good to me so off we went.

We were soon stripped off and skinny-dipping in the creek and having a good time. After awhile we went up on the grassy bank to let the sun dry us. Jimmy looked at me laying there in the nude and says “you know Sue I have been fucking for awhile now and I was wondering if you have?” I asked with whom he was fucking. His reply was with his mother and sister June. This did not surprise me as a lot of family members have sex with on another down here in the hollow.

For some reason I did not want to tell him about having sex with Jessie, so I just said I only put things inside me to get the feel. Jimmy said “I could teach you as I have been fucking for awhile now.” I asked how he started fucking his mother and sister. “Well you know my dad has been sneaking over to Sam Adams widow and fucking her. I think he was neglecting mom and she was getting horny for some cock.” He said him and his mother were working in the garden one day and she remarked on how big he had grown in the last while. She asked “are you having sex with any of the local girls yet.” I told her “no I do not know how to go about it yet.“ She took my hand and said “well I can sure show you what it’s all about.”

When we get in the house she tells me to go into her bedroom and get out of my clothes. While I am taking my clothes off I see mom is taking off her clothes too. With her dress off she is in her bra and panties and she looks over at me and says “come on boy get them clothes off I can’t teach you anything with them pants on.” I finish stripping off and when I look at mom she is nude watching me “not bad, you don’t have a huge cock but definitively enough there to satisfy a woman.” You know my mom is not a small woman and she is not overly fat but she does carry some extra weight. Looking at her standing there in the nude I could see her tits did not sag to much and she had a big black bush in her crotch. She looked really good to me and I was getting excited looking at her,

Mom goes and sits on the bed and says “Jim come over here.“ She reaches over and takes my cock in one hand and my balls in the other and starts moving her hand up and down on my cock and gently squeezing my balls. It isn’t more than a minute and my cock gets hard and she just smiles saying “looks like your equipment is working ok.” Then her mouth goes over my cock and she takes it all in her mouth and starts to suck on it while moving her head up and down. It isn’t very long and the feelings are building and I say “mom I am going to cum.” She keeps right on sucking and I let go and I am pumping shot after shot of cum right into her mouth and she swallows every drop. “Now you will last a lot longer when we fuck” and she get up on the bed and spreads open her legs.

“Come on Jim time to lose your cherry and give your mother what she needs,” and she wiggles her fingers indicated for me to come to her. I get up between her legs and she reaches down with one hand and using her fingers spreads open her cunt lips and I see the pink lining in her pussy. With the other hand she takes hold of my cock saying “young guys sure can keep a hard cock. Come on Jim push your cock all the way into my cunt and fuck me good.”

With her guiding the way I push my cock into her open cunt lips and she lets out a sigh and releases her lips and they close around my cock. It feels hot and wet and really good being inside her. She says “oh yeah Jim move it in and out of my pussy and fuck your old mother till she comes.” I love the feel of her cunt and my ass is moving up and down, my prick is sliding in and out of her hot wet tunnel. She says to keep going and I have no intention of stopping. There is a slosh sound as I fuck her cunt and a slapping sound as my legs hit the back of her legs. I fuck her pussy for a long while with her moaning all the time and then she says “oh yeah baby oh yeah mommy’s coming keep fucking honey don’ t stop.” Then she wraps her arms and legs around me and pulls me down on her. I know she is having a climax and I feel her cunt grip me in pulses and it sets me off and I’m pumping my cum load in her pussy.

It takes a little while for our breathing to return to normal and when I push myself up off her she takes hold of my head and gives me a nice kiss. When I return the kiss mother says “you are a real good fuck baby and from now on I want you to be my regular fuck.” My reply is “you have got a deal mom anytime you need me just crook your finger and I will come running.”

We are both laying on our backs on the bed and mother says “honey I’m still horny and I need another fuck think you can do it.” I just smile, I know I can do it but I say “I need you to get me hard again.” “No problem Jim you will be harder than a rock in a few minutes” and she moves over me and I feel her grip my cock and then her mouth is sucking on my cock. Mother was not satisfied with a quick suck but was working away on me for more than five minutes. My cock was sticking up in the air hard and ready to fuck and then mother started in on my balls. First one was in her mouth then the other and when she finished with them she went back to sucking my cock.

She pulled her mouth off my cock and said “my turn on top” and swung her leg over me. She was on her knees and she reaches between her legs and takes hold of my cock and brings it to her cunt. She wiggles it back and forward a few times till she finds her hole and then sits down on it. My cock is buried all the way in her pussy to the balls. Boy does that ever feel good.

With my cock all the way inside her she leans forward and taking hold of my head she puts her mouth to mine and we are kissing. Then her tongue is in my mouth and she is licking my gums and teeth and tongue. When she pulls her tongue from my mouth my tongue follows hers and then her lips are sucking my tongue.

When I think things can’t get any better she stops kissing and starts moving up and down on my cock. When she gets tired of fucking she stops and starts to kiss again. |After a half hour of kissing and fucking mother says “oh baby mommy ready to come again.” With her ready I let go and start pumping more cum inside her pussy and I feel her climax on my cock.

She rolls off me onto her back and lays there with her legs spread wide open. We both rest for awhile to get our strength back. I get up and start dressing and mom is laying on the bed with her legs spread and I see my cum draining from her pussy lips. That was how I started fucking my mother and I have been doing it ever since. Next week will be three months and I bet I have fucked her fifty times.

I looked over at Jimmy and said “I’m sure hot and wet hearing that story about your mother do you think you can teach me to fuck too.” “I sure can Sue and it will be a pleasure to fuck your cunt.” With that he moved over me and kissed me and I kissed him back. When the kiss broke he said “first thing you have to learn is to suck a guy’s cock to get it hard and wet.”

He lays back and tells me to take his cock in my hand and to start to lick and suck on it till it is nice and hard. “When it is nice and hard and wet I will put it in your cunt and fuck you till you cum and that will be the best feeling ever.” I take his cock in my hand and I start to suck it, I don’t tell him that I love to suck cock and have been doing Jessie’s for more than a month.

He is moaning right from the start and says “you sure learn fast Sue, you suck cock really good and you have got me hard.” He pulls my head from his cock and tells me to get on my back and spread my legs. He gets between my legs and tell me “Sue hold open your pussy lips so I can get my cock head started in your cunt and then I will push it all the way up inside you and fuck you.” I hold myself open for him and feel his cock head lodge itself in my cunt and he says “this may hurt a little bit at first but will feel good after.” He pushes forward real hard and his cock slides all the way up my cunt tunnel and he feels just as good as Jessie.

I say “ow that hurts a little” even though it does not, so he will think it is my first time. He says “that’s ok Sue it will feel better real quick and you sure are wet.” I did not tell him it is Jessie’s cum in me from our barn fuck. He is fucking me very fast and I know he will be pumping cum inside me soon. Then he moans and says “I’m coming Sue” and I feel his contractions in me and his wet cum going inside. I tell him “keep fucking me Jimmy I need to come too.”

A minute later I am coming with Jimmy still pumping me. He comes to a stop and rolls off me. He says “you sure are a good fuck Sue can I continue to have sex with you.” “Oh yeah Jimmy I love the feel of your cock inside me and the feeling of you pumping cum in me. You can do me anytime I am not fertile.”

He goes to the creek and washes himself and gets dressed. “I have to go mother will be needing a fuck before dad come home.” I ask “will you tell me how you started with your sister?” He says “I will be back tomorrow for another fuck and I will tell you then.” I get up and give him a kiss and as he is walking away I feel his cum running down my leg. I wipe it with my hand and give it a taste. I think not bad just as good as Jessie’s and I walk in the creek to wash myself. I smile to myself , tomorrow we will fuck again.

Sue looked at me and said “did you like my story about my cousin Jimmy.” I just nodded and smiled at her and she said “I know you liked it by your hard cock that is sticking up in the air.” I told her “climb aboard and lodge my cock in your tight cunt and lets us have a great fuck.” And that was what she did.

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I would guess that all of these little side stories are going to lead to something, I hope. I've only sucked one dick in my whole life so are. It's been my brothers. I've sucked it from the time I was 11 all the away thru to present day. I love the feel of his dick in my mouth. And his cum is just so yummy. I could drink gallons of that stuff from him. I may have done just that over the last 26 plus years I had his dick in my mouth. This story is cute. I look forward to the next posting of the next chapter.

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You lost the story line from part one. You should have just made this a new story.

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