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I had had all the fun with Brownie I could for awhile because her owners had came and picked her up. I was still horny as hell though and as always needed some relief. I thought I would drive over to my Girl friend’s house and see if she would like to fool around some. On the way there I noticed a car broke down on the side of the road. As I slowed down to see who it was I noticed it was the dick head English teacher, here to fore to be referred to as Mr. Det, He was always giving me a rash of shit about my spelling and story layout so I was tempted to drive on by. However being a much more respectable form of human being than Det, I stopped and offered help.
Det was drunk and had forgotten to get gasoline, because he was a fucking idiot and at best a lousy shit for brains. Any how I told him to get in and I would run him over to his house and when he slept of his drunkenness he could come back and get his car. He agreed.
He must have been up for a good while his eyes were red and his face drawn with fatigue. But always true to his name. Mr. Det started in on my grammar and spelling on my previously written works, telling me how much better my dumb ass should do. I let him rattle along as there was nothing I could do about it.
When we arrived at his pathetic hovel of a residence, I watched as he stumbled through the yard and up the steps. Just as I was about to drive away I saw him trip and fall with his head hitting the door. I opened my door and trotted over to his prone body. I could see the rapidly growing bump on his head but he was breathing.
Now Mr. Det lived alone. His wife had left him because of his shrivalled useless dick. Everyone at school knew this because she had screamed it at the top of her lungs at home coming, “I am tired of your shriveled useless dick. I am leaving you.” So I could not in good conscious leave him just laying there. I opened his door and lifted him by his arms and drug him through the threshold and into his living room. When I got him to the center of the room I figured he would be fine there and started to go my happy way when I noticed a magazine on the lamp stand next to the only chair in the room. It was a gay magazine, not just any kinda gay but the kind where old dudes were doing it to young boys. Oh hell no, this weirdo probably road the guys at school hard about shit all day long at school and came home and jacked off to it.
I thought to myself we will teach him a thing or two about respect and commenced to rap an ace bandage around his eyes and duct tape his sick useless ass to the table in the kitchen. I had dug around some and found a old Polaroid camera and some film. I used this to take pictures of Mr. Det naked as he came into the world with nothing on but duct tape and an ace bandage. I did not stop there. I had just learned that fucking horses was fun, how much different could a Jack Ass be? Especially a sick perverted self righteous Ass like Mr. Det.
I took a few more pictures of him with the magazines laid out by his head leaving no doubt who he was and what he was into. I then put on one of his old man jump suits from his closet collection and grabbed the Crisco out of the cupboard. I then positioned myself behind him and greased my cock up all 10 glorious inches of it. And threw a cup of water onto his face. He came to and tried to free himself and started to scream and struggle to no avail.
“Mr. Det,” I said in a calm voice, “this is going to hurt a bit, you’re probably gonna want to relax a bit.” The way I had him trussed up he would never get loose, and would not be able to prevent the inevitable ass rape he was fixing to endure.
“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” he tried to sound stern.
“Why I am going to fuck you in your old ass, and there is nothing you can do about it.”
At this I took a step forward and touched the opening of his ass with the head of my cock. He tried to move away but he could shift no more than an inch in any direction. “Please, don’t!” he whimpered at the realization of his helpless state. I grabbed my cock and held it firmly against his asshole and pushed forward until the huge bulbous head drove past his sphincter. His yell was ground shaking, but it just amused me and I pushed in harder until half of the shaft was buried in his ass. At this I paused long enough to tell him I had taken pictures of his house and of all the porno magazines and of him taped to this table. I told him I was going to fuck off a nut into his asshole and that he was not going to tell anyone. I told him he was going to have a change of heart about his teaching methods and find a new job.
I waited for him to respond and when he nodded his head I withdrew about an inch and drove back into his ass. His squeals just made my dick harder, and I withdrew and drove back into him at a slow and steady pace until my dick was buried to the balls in his ass.
By this time he was slobbering all over the table and mumbling, “My ass, oh my ass….”, Over and over again. I pulled my dick all the way out and looked at his butthole; it gaped in front of me. And surprise of surprises, just below it was his dick swollen and hard. Mr. Det lied getting his ass fuck while being taped to a table.
I pushed my cock back into his gaping hole and showed no mercy as I fucked him harder than I had ever fucked anything before. I must have hammered his ass for ten minutes or more burying myself to my balls in him every thrust, before I finally shot a huge load of cum into his bowels. As I was leaning into his ass enjoying my cum I felt hot drops of something hitting my feet. Worried I jerked away pulling out of his shredded ass. Only to see his dick shooting stream after stream of jism onto the floor.
I showered and made sure he could free himself and taking my picture with me leaving him one to remember me by, his ass with my cum dripping out of it and his dick with his cum clinging to the shriveled end.

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2013-04-24 17:23:51
Dang. That made me wish I was taped to the table in front of you.

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