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Chapter 5


I asked him about the girl he was going to bring back. He said he never could find a young girl alone so he just came back home. I said I heard about a young Indian girl but he said it was not him. He said that when he found the dog he just came back. He stopped in town to show them he would be buying more food. So what about your serum and the growing limbs? He said that he has not given up on that and thinks one day he is going to find the missing link but he was onto another project at the moment. I was kinda pissed off at this news. He has not been telling us the truth and I yell that to him. He said he is going to but first he stumbled upon something that will be almost as good. He said that when Butch got ahold of me and shot in my ass he scooped some out before he washed me up. He said that the dogs sperm and my juices were growing now in a dish in his Labatory. He said he was not planning on changing his expierement but he was amazed when he put the dogs sperm in my rectum was doing strange things and he needs to study it more. He said he never seen anything like it before and as soon as it is ready he is going to try it on us.

The next day he was busy working on something as me and Billy got to watch the TV. We were watching the price is right everyday now along with soap opera's. I would watch the news but never would I hear news about me still missing. I bet after awhile my parents gave up any hope. I am glad they have moved on because if they seen me like this my mother would be sick and my father too. I bet he would kill this sick old man and that made me worry. I then started thinking about how I am going to be famous someday when the doctor finds what he is looking for. He said it was impossable for me and Billy to re grow our limbs but not sold on the idea. If it grows limbs it has to work on us. I need to think positive if I ever want my arms and legs back. If he gets caught or my father kills him we will be like this forever no legs or arms.

The doc comes in the room with a big smile in his face. He asked me about how it felt when Butch fucked me? I was kinda took back and said well it was different and felt good at the same time. He then said he is going to have Butch do it again with me and he is going to scoop up the sperm and work on the serum. I was excitted and he took me in the kitchen and gave me an enema so I would be clean. He then took me back to the room where Billy was. He layed me on the floor across this comtraption he made to hold me in place. He had two straps to keep me in place. He layed me on my stomach and strapped across my back then called Butch in. Butch smelled my ass and started licking again. The feeling was amazing as he would lick my hole over and over. The doc put socks on his paws and let him mount me. The contraption was perfect height for Butch to reach my ass. He only had to poke once and it was in. Butch must of been around two years old I guessed but he sure had a large pecker. He was pounding me hard and I was sporting a hard on. I asked the doc to help me but he just watched the dog. I needed some help with my nut and soon. Butch had been pumping me very fast and shot in me. It was so warm and seemed to keep filling me up. The doctor was very happy and scooped up anything behind me that was oozing out. As soon as Butch pulled out he was ready with a glass and scooped it all up. He left the room and I was still in the contraption and had a throbbing boner I could do nothing about.

A little bit later he returns and takes me out of the contraption and takes me into the other room to clean me up. He sat me in the sink and began to wash me. I asked him to milk me again but he said he was working on something new and did not need my sperm right now but needed the dogs. I was not happy and pleaded for him to stroke it and let him shoot. He said he is not gay and thats why he used the probe so he did not have to touch it. i asked him to get it now but he said he has a better idea. He dries me off and returnes me to the table and picks up Billy and gives him a bath too. He must of told Billy to suck me because as soon as he came back he put billy's mouth right in front of my penis. Billy quickly sucked it in and it went hard again. He felt amazing with his young sweet mouth all over my penis head. He had baby teeth still and some were missing but never bit me. He only got the head in but it was enough. I warned him I was going to shoot but he took it all in. After he was done i dropped out of his mouth he said that he didnt mind eating it at all because the doctor said it was good for me to swallow it. He said it was full of vitimans and that I needed that. I was happy I had came and did not have to go to sleep with a boner. I looked over at Billys small cock and was about to go for it. I remembered how he shook when I sucked it before but he never came. He rolled over and went to sleep. I went to sleep too after laying there thinking about my life has changed and why was I not upset about it anymore.

The next morning the doc came into the room very upset. We asked him why was he so angry. He said that the first experiment he did with the dogs sperm looked very promissing but what he got last night was not growing like he wanted. He ws confused on what he did wrong. He had plenty of dishes growing his serum but he said it was all useless. He needed to start over again. I was excited thinking about Butch in my ass again and how god it felt. He washed me again and put me in the contraption. He called butch but he only licked my hole a few times and walked away. He was stunned on why the dog did not mount me. He took me out and scratched his head. He then picked up billy and sat him in the contraption just like he did me. I said not too that Billy was too young and scarred but he didnt listen and called Butch back in. Butch licked his hole and sure enough he mounted Billy like he mounted me. I was able to watch as I leaned to the edge of the table top. Butch was really pounding at Billy but Billy seemed to like it. When Butch pulled out the doc scooped it up and went into the other room. I asked Billy if he was ok and he said he was. He said it hurt alot and he tought that Butch's penis was going to come out of his mouth. I laughed and said I knew exactly what he meant. The doc came back and picked up Billy and cleaned him up and layed him nest to me on the table top. I wonder why he mounted Billy and not me. I was kinda depressed thinking I was rejected by a dog. Will the doc still need me? Will he use Billy now instead of me? I got a little worried but soon fell asleep with Billy next to me

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