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chapter 6



We woke up to Regis on the TV. We knew now how long we have been held captive. It is almost Christmas and soon my Birthday will be here. I think about what I would ask for from Santa but can't think of anything I could use. I have no arms and no legs and I am fed dog food and water. I then think I would ask for a Happy Meal no two Happy Meals one cheeseburger and the other chicken nuggets. I always would get water anyway so I didn't even care about a Coke. I hear Billy waking up and I say good morning. He say's back what's good about it? lol he say's that every day. I have to admit I was very mad and upset at first when I woke up here in this bunker. I thought at first I would be dead within a week but slowly have got to where I feel at home. I never say this to Billy because he cries alot still even though he has been here alot longer than me. He was a year ago last Halloween. Now it is a week before Christmas and were still stuck here. The table the doc made has been improved alot. He made it twice as big with beds bomb one side and a water fountain with a place where we can brush our teeth. He made us both one all we have to do is rub our teeth across this brush he mounted near fresh water anytime we want it. We have learned to scoot around pretty good and can manage small tasks with our mouth. He built the sides out of some kind of glass and made it tall where we are safe from the dog. He put small windows with screens so we an talk to them. Did I forget to mention the puppy? He brought it home one day for Billy's birthday. I never asked him how old he was and I don't think it was really his birthday he just did it. It was small at first but soon grew up almost as big as Butch. Butch has the job of fucking me and Billy about three times a week. The doctor has been working on a serum but he has not had a break thru since the first time me and Butch did it.

Well good morning boys how are you two this morning? We said fine even though I knew Billy was not happy. He said he received a letter that his mother has taken ill and she may not live past Christmas. He said he needed to see her and she lived a day's drive at best. It had been snowing alot and heard some snow storms were on the way. We were safe down here in the bunker. It was about 80' underground. He said it was a missile silo and someone made a kitchen out of it but it failed. He bought it off eBay cheap and it is 15 miles from nearest city. He had a truck he said would make it once he got on the highway. He figured his best time may take 2 days and another 2 days back. He said he expects to be back in about five days. He was going to have time to think about his experiments and what he did the first time and cannot recreate. I am going to leave alot of food for you two. He had two kinds of food. Puppy chow and regular chunk. This I think is one of the things I liked the best. I felt like I was a puppy in a kennel and was being well taken care of. I also got to suck Billys small dick once in awhile and I got to be fucked by Butch all the time. I remember PE class I had to shower with the rest of the boys. I loved to see those small dicks and some guys sporting hair. Mine just started right as I was captured and brought here. The docroe gives us both baths every time Buthch fucks us and cuts our hair real short. He also shaves my armpits and my penis area and balls. He said it was die to hormones and smells.

Ok boys I gave the dogs plenty of food and water. I left the toilet seat up for extra water if they need it so don't worry about them. Here he say's, and pulls out a Hershey bar and a some kind of nut cake. It was square and had cherry's and nut's in it. I have seen this before at my Aunt's house at Christmas time. Everyone would laugh about it. It was the first real food we have eaten since we were eating my body parts. We have been on a stick dog food diet. We started with small chunks and now have two kinds. This was awesome I thought. Real food and chocolate at that. He broke the bar and placed it near our mouths. He turned the station to all Christmas marathon. The room was always at about 84 deg. We never felt cold and if we did we would get close and warm ourselves. He left a light on in the pantry and lay ed paper all over the floor for the dogs to shit. He never did train them to go outside. It was too much trouble he said to climb the stairs all day and night. He said he hopes he can figure out what he is missing on his theory and why it only worked once. And with that he left.

We ate the chocolate before he reached the top of the silo and shut the door. Oh man that was good I said and he said he never had chocolate before and it was great. He then said he cannot eat the cake because it has nuts in it. He said he thought about it just as the doctor shut the door. Oh my I say im sorry because it looked real good. I said he can eat as much of the dog food he wanted and I would eat this instead. He thanked me again and thanked me again for saving his life. Quit it I said, you saved my life. He said he did? I said yes because I would of died here all by myself. He starts laughing and I did too. We felt safe here. Everything we needed we had. Soon my stomach started to rumble. I told Billy and he said he heard it and so was his. It must of been the chocolate we ate. We figured our stomach does not like sweets anymore and were gonna have the shits. Lucky for us the doc put a vacuum tube in that we back into. It is really neat and wonder why everyone doesn't have one. When we back up to it the suction comes on and we press our rear to it and out comes the poop. Our poop smells like dog poop. We cannot tell the difference in the smell. His is always small lumps but mine are always long and wet.

We watch Scooby Doo Christmas special and he said he has to shit. I said I was thinking the same thing. He moves over first and he lays out the biggest wet diahrea and did not want to move but I had to go too and it was hurting to hold it. He managed to move right in time as I did just as he did and it was all over the place. Even though the vacuum thing worked it needed to be cleaned too. Well were not going to get that done for another 5 days. I cannot believe this just as our time alone this happens. He is brain smart not common sense smart. Well lets hope that's all I say and Billy agrees. He no longer that said that and his stomach started growling again. He backed up and did his best to hit the hole and then I said move over here I come. We had the shits for about three hours and it was all over the glass wall. Lucky he had a bathing fountain installed and kept the water sorta warm. I asked him to make it a hot tub but he said it will kill our sperm. That's all he cares about our sperm. Even though he has been collecting less and less and more of Butchs sperm after he pounds me or Billy. I love to get fucked by Butch and so does Billy. He said at first it hurt but now he takes it good and loves the feeling when all the warm sperm comes in his bowels. I say I know man I agree with you on that. We look over and see the dogs playing in the other room. They aren't interested in us at the moment. Sometimes they come over and we talk to them real sweet through the screen on the small window.

I was getting sick of this cake. I tell Billy he is lucky he don't have to eat any. He say's I can have as much dog food as I want and I said thanks because it looked good. The fresh water was a nice feature he installed. It ran off electricity somehow and when we got out mouth close to it it would slowly squirt out water in our mouth. The bathing pool was not clean now and we stayed away from it. We had to clean off the shit in it and it isn't self cleaning. It is on day three now and the doctor should be back in two days. We are doing fine except for the dried shit on the wall. We have seen most of the marathon and it repeats shows all the time now. We sleep anytime we need or want too now that the place is quiet. We can smell the dog shit coming from the other room and the dogs are getting restless. We see a news bulletin that the snow storm of the century is hitting the mid west and no traffic is getting thru. I remember once he left the TV on a local channel and I believed we were somewhere near Flagstaff AZ. This made me worry about the doc making it back here soon.

We were both eating some food and was watching scrooge again when the lights go out. What happened he said? I said it was ok that the old man said this place has emergency back up. After about 10 min the generator kicked in. Even though it was far away it was loud. It squeak like a belt was slipping. The noise was loud but the heat did kicked on and so did our water. After about 45 min and the generator still running, I got to thinking. I was only in middle school but was a smart kid. If the generator keeps this up it will run out of fuel before too long. The snow storm of the century must have something to do with this. It was squeeling really bad now and the dogs were howling. I tried to hide the noise but it did not work. The Tv never ame back on beause it has to be manuely turned on and he didn't want us watching too much news. He tried to keep us dumb I always thought.

We both woke up as the generator took it's last breath. The dogs were still howling but were fighting with each other. It was completly dark except for this emergency ecit sign above the door. I begin to worry now. This quack never thought this thru and now were gonna freeze to death. That's when Jake (the mix pup) jumps up and is looking in our thru the glass where the nut ake was. This is starting to turn into a bad holiday I whisper to Billy and as I scoot close to him he is shakeing......


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