An over the road trucker get a surprise visit from a lot lizard, she is not the kind of fuck that he wants, but she can find him one who is.
Trucker's Surprise

by Tanya Writer

Copyright© Tanya Writer 2013

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. Any places mentioned, had nothing to do with this story nor do they endorse anything mentioned herein, or have any knowledge of their being mentioned in the story. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

Trucker's Surprise

At the time I was driving a skateboard. That's what we call a flat bed truck. I was hauling a load of lumber from a mill in Washington to a home improvement store in Montana. It was full of plywood, 2 x 4's and 4 x 4's, and it was heavy.

Because the mill and the store were in areas away from the Interstate, I was using the secondary roads and state highways. I got a late start because they had trouble loading me up. With the slow roads, I wasn't making good time. It was getting late as it was already twilight even this far north in July.

My logbook was yelling at me that I needed to be off the road soon or I would be in trouble with the FHA. Those are guys you don't want to mess with. They'll shut down, and take you off the road real quick. If I don't move, I don't make money.

I was out in the sticks, but the GPS it said there is a rest stop up ahead. It was getting dark fast. If I was lucky, they will still have bathrooms that are open and work. When I got there, there was room enough for my truck, but the bathrooms were all closed, boarded up. But they did have a bunch of trees growing along the back of the area. It wouldn't be the first time I had to go into the bushes to do things. Luckily I didn't feel like I needed to do the big job, just a bit of a squirt would do me for the night.

I was back in the cab. I had the log all up to date. I would need to be off the road until at least a couple of hours before first light. This would do as well as anywhere.

I saw a car go by, not too many on the road so it was a bit noticeable, but no big deal. It slowed a bit but kept going. But in a minute I saw it come back. It pulled in the rest stop. Well I thought they are going to find out in a minute the restrooms were all closed. But it didn't go over to where the old buildings were. Instead it pulled up right in front of me. They cut the engine and killed the lights.

A woman got out. She came closer I couldn't see her all well due to the darkness. She came up to the driver's side of the cab and knocked on door. I rolled down the window, and was looking at the top of her head, till she turned her face up. I couldn't see much else of her.

She called out to me, “Hey honey need a little company up there?”

Well I'll be! A lot lizard in these parts! “Come around the other side,” I told her. I reached over to unlock the passenger door. She climbed up in. I turned on the cab light so I could get a good look at her.

“You looking for a good time honey, I can give you the best,” she cooed.

I could see her now, bleached blond hair with the darker roots showing in the middle where she parted it. She was wearing old jeans that looked like they might fall apart on her if she had to get them on or off in a hurry. Her top looked like it had seen better days too. But one thing was true, she was busting out all over. She must have been at least a 38DD. She had a low cut top on so she showed all of her cleavage. She must've had them packed into a wonder bra.

I asked her, her name. “Donna” was her replay.

“How old are you Donna?”

“32” she said showing a few stains on her teeth.

Well hell she didn't look 32. I might have guessed more like 36 and a poorly keep one at that.

She said “I'll give you a great ride for a hundred.”

Now I ain't been laid in more than two weeks, but a hundred for that? C'mon! Not only that, but I bet if she took off that wonder bra they would be down to her knees before you could say jack frost.

“I don't know. Down at the truck stop down in Missoula, it wouldn't cost that much and honestly with a younger girl,” I replied.

“Yeah but honey were ain't down in Missoula.”

“No offense, I want someone younger. And I don't mean to put you down; while you have a nice rack there, I know some guys would go crazy with them, but I like them smaller.”

“So you like 'em younger and smaller up top?”

“Yeah much!”

I was thinking she wasn't like I was describing and she couldn't come up with anything like that, so she would just leave me alone; which looking at her wouldn't be a great lose.

“Do you care how small or how young?”

“Well smaller is better, and being young is no crime to me.”

“You don't have a problem with how young and small, how do you feel about pretty young and flat?”

“Hey that say flat's where it is at!” I snapped back.

“Just a minute honey.” She pulled out her cell and punched a button. In a minute whoever must have answered.

“Hey baby, remember what we talked about, about my work?... Yeah I think I have someone for you. I want you to take a quick shower.... Yeah, OK just put them on after you finish in the shower... No you don't need them.... Yes put that on and wear something on your feet....Yeah that will be OK... I am going to come and get you. Be fast... I'll be there in about 15 minutes, be ready to go.”

She put her phone away and turned to me. “Listen honey I think I have something you gonna like. She is young and flat, that is what you want?”

“Yeah that's cool.”

“OK, I want more for it, because she's something special. You'll give me $200 for her?” her eyes were wide and demanding.

“Well we'll see," I answered. "When I see her I'll tell you if I'll give ya so much.”

“Oh, I think you'll like it. I will be back in about a half hour! You'll still be here?”

“Yeah. I ain't going anywhere tonight.”

“OK honey see you in a bit.” With that she climbed down out of the cab and walked back to the car. She got in and drove away back the way I saw her come.

I had told her that about younger and flatter, partly because those were the things she wasn't, and I wasn't interested in her. But when I have had a lot lizard they were in their late teens or early 20's and a lot smaller-chested than her. I preferred them that way.

In about a half hour a car pulled into the rest stop up behind me. I saw Donna get out of the driver's side and walk over to the passenger’s side. Someone else got out. I couldn't see who, as Donna blocked my view in the mirror. They walked up to the cab along that side of the truck.

She gave a small knock and called, “It's me, Donna.” She opened the door and climbed up into the cab. She looked back and called to whoever it was “Come on up.”

Whoever it was climbed up into the cab behind her. Damn if she wasn't young and from what I could see, flat! I mean real young. She wasn't kidding when she was pretty young and from what little I could see pretty flat.

“This is Megan, this is along the lines you were looking for?” Donna asked, pointing to her companion.

I was a bit dumbfounded all I could do is nod.

“She is something special so she is $200, because she's a virgin.”

“Wait a minute! You mean I have to break her in and pop her cherry with all the mess that will make?” I asked incredulously.

“No, the cherry part is over, there ain't gonna be no mess for you.”

“Who is she?” I asked suspiciously.

“My daughter, that is OK?” Donna was sounding a little defensive.

“You are turning out your own daughter? And you expect me to break her in for you? Does she even know what the hell to do?”

“She knows what to do, and she will do what you tell her. Just be kinda gentile with her, OK? I brought her out here to you, so $200, OK honey?”

“I don't know, I have teach her how to do her job. That alone should get me a discount just for breaking her in for you.”

“OK honey, $150?”

“I was thinking more like $100.”

“How about $125, you do get to be the first in her. You ain't big are you?”

“No I am about average. OK I'll give you $125. But since I have to teach her the business. It will take some time to do that. I assume you ain't gonna be waiting?”

“No, I got some places to go. How long you gonna be here, I mean parked here?”

“All night or at least until close to sun up.”

“OK, you got the cash? I'll pick her up later.”

I pulled out my wallet and handed her the cash. She took it and climbed out of the cab. With her out of the way I could see the girl I just paid $125 for. She wasn't so tall as far as I could tell. She was a bit on the thin side with dark blond hair to about her shoulders. She had it pulled back into a ponytail with a scunci. She sure looked young. She had on a bathrobe over what looked like her pj's. She had little fuzzy bunny slippers on her feet. I reached over and locked the door and got back in the sleeper section of the cab, asking her to join me.

The first order of business was to get comfortable. The cab was warm compared to the outside. I had her take off her robe. She had her jammies on, they were white cotton with pink and blue ponies all over it. It was a two piece set, with short sleeves but long pant legs.

I asked her, her name, even though her mom had said it before. I wanted to hear it from her.

For the first time she spoke. “I'm Megan.”

“How old are you and what grade are you in?”

“Eleven," Megan answered. "I'll be in sixth grade.”

“Will you be going to middle school then?”


I asked, “You think you will like it?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Have you ever kissed a boy?”

With a blush she said, “No. But I seen it done on TV and in the movies. You gonna kiss me?”

“Yes I'd like to kiss you,” I admitted.

“I don't know if I can do it right.”

“Well that is why I asked for time with you, so I can teach you. Would you like that?”

“I guess it's K.”

“I'll fix the pillows and you can lay down here on your back, and we can get started on kissing 101, OK?”


I laid down beside her on my side. I took her head in my hands and caressed her checks, they were soft and she had just a bit of blush in her checks. The skin was unmarked by any acne. I hope for her sake that she could remain that way. I could look into her dark blue eyes. She would look at me, but then look away just as quickly. I thought I could see some curiosity and perhaps a bit of desire, to go with some embarrassment and shyness.

I nuzzled her cheek and softly talking in her ear, telling her how cute she was and how happy I was she was here with me. I moved in and began to softly kissed her ear. I nibbled on the lobes. I licked behind her ear. My hands had handfuls of her hair pulling it away from her neck. I could reach around and touch her sweet spot in the back of her neck. I kissed there with little kisses and little licks. I lifted her head and turned it so I could kissed her sweet spot. I ran my tongue around there on her. I decided to be a bit naughty and started to suck her there, giving her a little hickey. No one, I thought, would see it with even her ponytail in the way.

I started kissing my way back along her neck towards her cheeks then up across them up to her eyes. After a few soft gentile kisses I moved up to her forehead, then down between her eyes. I went down her nose and landed right on her lips. They were like two soft little clouds. I kissed her gently.

But she pulled back and said, “I don't know how to kiss.”

“You just follow my lead, and do what I do, and you'll be fine.”


I kissed her almost one lip at a time getting it between my two as I caressed it with my lips. They tasted delicious with something, but I couldn't place what it was; maybe just I was tasting innocence. She got the idea and was soon doing the same to my lips.

I gave her a bit of time were we did that for each other. I began to lick her lips with my tongue. I think she might have thought that it was my lips still until I began to push it into her mouth.

She pulled back and asked, “Was that your tongue?”

“Yes darling it was. You know about tongue kissing? French kissing?”

“Isn't that kinda gross to put your tongue in someone else's mouth?” she asked.

“Why don't we try it and then you can see if it is gross or not. Where were we?”

We went back to kissing with just the lips for a minute or two before my tongue was knocking at her lips.

She pulled back and said, “What do I do?”

“Just open your mouth and see the wonders that can be just let me do what I want. I think you will like it.”

I went back to kissing her again, in a minute or so, I was back knocking at her lips asking for admittance. This time she opened her mouth, not too much but as I pushed my way in it opened her up more. I started with just licking along her teeth and her gums. As she grew accustomed to that she relaxed more and opened up more. I began to pet her tongue with mine. I got her to lift her tongue and explored under her tongue. Then I explored the roof of her mouth, She was getting used to me, and she seemed to be enjoying it.

I pulled out of her and backed off. I told it was her turn to put her tongue in my mouth. She looked a little unsure of that, but we went back to kissing, and as soon as we started her was pushing her tongue in. I know I surprised her when I sucked her right in. While she timidly at first explored my me mouth I was sucking on her tongue. I gave her a few little nibbles on it.

She got more use to it and was enjoying. I know because she stopped and told me, “This isn't as bad as I thought, it is kinda cool.”

I repositioned her on her so she was lying more on her side facing me. I was laying above her and I could get my hands on her. Up to this point I had a hold on only her head, with both hands. I still used one hand to hold her head. That left my other hand free. I began to touch her below the neck. I didn't touch anything at first; anything that wouldn't have been in a bikini. But at the first touch of her shoulders, I felt her stiffen a bit. But it seemed that she willed herself to relax. I started with her shoulders and down her arms.

She got used to petting that way so I touched her belly. She didn't stiffen up this time. I rubbed little circles on her tummy. Soon enough those circles grew up so that they were up near her chest. I moved my hands up her flanks to her armpits. She giggled a bit at that. I could feel that the cloth on the PJ's was stiff like it was new, never worn before.

Then I went under the tops. Her skin was nice and soft. It felt like I could feel the muscles under the skin. There wasn't any fat on her.

I moved back and now was lying on my side looking at her. She watched my hands pet her belly and chest. I could feel her ribs sticking out on her chest. We were both watching my hand. Eventually they got to her boobs. At first I ran my hands over her breasts quickly. She didn't say anything. After a couple more passes around her torso I can back to her breasts. I couldn't really feel much there. Another pass around her chest and I put my hands on them and didn't moved them off.

She looked at me, perhaps a bit embarrassed and said, “I don't have anything there. You will still like me?”

“Oh Megan! I didn't know your mom was going to bring you here, but I told her I think 'flat's where it is at.' So I don't mind if you don't have anything. You think a girl has to have big boobs or even any boobs before a guy will like you?”

“Everyone likes my mommy and she has big ones. But can I tell you a secret?”

“Yeah sure Megan you can tell me anything you want, we're lovers.”

“One of her boyfriends bought them for her," she said solemnly. "She wasn't that big before.”

I could only laugh. I told her, “Megan, I think you're sexy just the way you are and, no matter what size boobs you have when they grow in, I'm sure you will be ten times sexier than your mom.”

That got her to beam me a big smile. I told her, “Let's have a look at them OK?”

She nodded her head. I reached out she had three large buttons closing the front of them. I opened them up starting at the bottom. Having gotten them open I pulled back the flaps they had made. She actually did have something. She had little areolas about the size of quarter, but they were swollen. They weren't much, maybe if you cut a plump cherry in half you would have about all that she had. But the bright pink of them made me think they were pretty sexy.

I whipped my T-shirt off over my head. I wasn't an Adonis god, but I wasn't carrying around a spare time around my middle like a lot of truckers. I had her sit up and took the top of her altogether. Then I had her lay down on her back. While I sat next to her. I began to pet her belly and chest. I got around to her little areolas and touched them with a wetted finger. That made her little nipples stand up a bit. She her upper part of her body blushed as I played with her like that. I moved so I was lying next to her and with fingers of one hand on one nipple while I sucked and kissed her other one. I switched back and forth using one hand to play with her while my mouth worked on whichever one I didn't have in my hand.

I was hard as I have ever been. I had never been with a girl this young before. I hadn't ever really thought of one before like this. The 18, 19 and early 20's lot lizards had been fine for me. I couldn't believe that I could be turned on so much by an eleven year old.

I needed to see her pussy. I stopped and told her I wanted to take her PJ bottoms off.

She asked, “You are going to fuck me?”

“I would like to do that," said I. "Would you like that?”

“It won't hurt?”

“Not if you don't have your cherry anymore.”

“You mean the piece of skin that I used to have in my pussy?”

“Yeah, your mom says you don't have that any more. You don't have it, do you?”

“No, mommy broke it. She used a carrot. She pushed it up inside me.”

“Your mom used a carrot to break your cherry?” I asked.

“Yeah I grow a garden. Mommy don't make much money in the store working for Mr. Lewis. So I grow vegetables in my garden so I have them to eat. Mommy gets extra money by doing things with men." Megan stopped and gazed straight at me.

“Since she has been sick," she continued, "we need more money, and mommy isn't getting as many men that want to do things with her. That is why she said that I would have to pull my own weight, and I would have to work like her.”

“So used a carrot? This you have to tell me about.”

"I picked one that was almost ready to be taken. I brought it in and mommy washed it off then she peeled it, and she cut the tip off. She had me take my panties off. She put the carrot in my mouth and told me to get all wet. When it was, she took and had me spread my legs and she pushed it up. It hurt and when she pulled it out it had blood on, so she washed it off.”

“What did you do with it after that?”

“I cut it up and put it in the salad.”

“You ate it?” I asked wide-eyed.

“Yeah mommy says I can't waste food.”

“Lift up your butt Megan,” I said to continue our explorations.

She lifted up and I pulled her bottoms down. She didn't have any panties on. Her legs were like two thin toothpicks. Her mons was just a small mound. Her lips and her whole pussy was hairless. She looked at me I could see in her eyes that she wondering what I thought of her there.

“Megan you look real cute there.” With that she gave me a smile which I returned.

“You want to see me too?” I asked. She nodded her head. I slipped down my pants and boxers at the same time. I was standing proud and tall for her.

She got a look at it and gasped, she said, “It's huge! It'll never go in my hole!”

It was nice that she thought that I was so big. But being only a touch over six inches it did make me feel good. It kinda made me feel like I am some huge- donged guy from a porn movie. But my circumcised cock is OK, I never had any complaints about it or how I was able to use it. But the head was a very definite shade of purple as it was fully expanded.

Damn this eleven year old had me hot for her! My balls were loaded for bear, and when I got in her she was going to get a flood. It had been a while since I had been fucked, and I don't waste my cum on just my hand.

“You'll be surprised what we can do, you don't have to worry about anything my little Megan. Move over and spread your legs," I began instructing her. "Bend your knees up like this,” I said as I positioned her further up in the bunk on her back. I got down between her legs with my head up near her pussy.

“What are you going to do like that?” she asked.

“I'm gonna eat your pussy.” A look of fear flashed over her face. “Relax baby, you'll love it. I won't really eat it, but just lick it so it feels real good.”

I began to kiss around the junction between her legs and her hips, with little licks thrown in for good measure. She looked down her body at me at what I was doing to her. I looked back up at her and gave her as much of a smile as one can when licking the labia of a little girl. She caught it and smiled back. She then fixed the pillow behind her head so she could look down at me as I did that for her. I licked up and down her lips, and then I really got busy and opened her neither lips and went inside. I opened her up first and took a quick inventory of the goodies there. Vaginal opening; check, urethral opening; check, cute little clitoris; check. Looks like all the major parts are there. Now to see if they are all in working order.

I used my tongue to check out the entrance to her vagina. She was warm and wet there. But it seems she was going to be getting wetter, as I tasted a little bit of the nectar she was starting to release. As much as I wanted get more of that I continued my tour of her. I gave her a little wiggle of my tongue tip against her urethra that got a bit of jump out of her hips. I didn't spend more than a couple of seconds there on my journey up to her clit. It was the promised land and I had to have it. I backed off her and using my fingers I gently pulled back the hood over her clit and be began a direct tongue assault on it. It seemed a bit much for her until I salivated all over it, then began to go after it with my tongue. She was now tossing her head back and forth across the pillow.

I knew I needed to back off a bit on her since she had lots of her sweet little nectar leaking out of her cunt. I lapped it up like a thirsty dog. I know that it was bringing her as much stimulation as I had when I was licking on her clit, only now it was in a different part. She was very wet, and I could see that she was dilated there.

After I lapped all I could from her, I went to backing her tender clit that was shyly poking its little head from between the top of her lips. I took the whole thing in my mouth and moved up and down on it like I was giving it a blow job. I was wiggling my tongue all over it at the same time. I then slipped a finger in to her pussy, which opened easily to me.

I began to finger-fuck her, while giving her clit it's blow job. I was introducing more fingers into her. I got three in her and she was tight. My fingers were snug in there. I knew that those fingers together were at least as big my cock. She would be able to take me. I could feel her little g-spot in her pussy. As I finger-fucked her and massaged her g-spot, I licked and sucked on her clit. She let out a scream that was loud and long, she then collapsed.

She was lying there quietly. She'd passed out. I licked her to clean her up and then moved up next to her lying on the pillow with her. It took a full five minutes before she came around. She looked at me lying there with her.

She said, “What…what happened to me! It felt like my head exploded!”

“I'll bet it did," I said with a warm smile. "You must have had one really great cum.”

“What's a cum?”

“It is an orgasm," I explained." It's the reason to have sex, to get that feeling you had.”

“That happens all the time when you have sex?” she asked wide-eyed.

“Well most times, but I don't know that most people have one as big as you just did.”

“How did you get up here by me?” she had noticed that I had changed positions.

“You were out cold for a few minutes,” I explained.

“I was?”

“You never had one like that before?”

“I've never had one ever before,” Megan said.

“Do you play with yourself?”

“Yeah, because mommy is working a lot and I don't have any sisters or brothers,” she explained.

“No I mean play with your pussy. You know, masturbate?” I said.

“Masturbate?" Her eyes were full of curiosity. "You can do this to yourself? How?”

“I take it you have never done this before?” I said looking down at her fondly.

“No, never. But if it is like this, then I am gonna from now on, you just show me how,” she said eagerly.

“Well I can manage that. But I want you to do something for me.”


“My little darling, I want you to suck my cock,” I said.

“You mean your thingy? That thing you're supposed to put in my pussy?”

“Yes," I nodded. "I'll show you how.”

I moved over onto my back. My prick had gone down while I was waiting for her to come around. I had her take me in her hand. I started to get hard just from feeling her bony little fingers on me.

“It's getting fat. And it's growing too,” Megan observed.

“It's because it likes you. Here hold it like this.... Now move your hand up and down.... Not so tight. Do it almost all the way up.... OK good, now go a little faster,” I moved her hand so it felt good to me. I had her keep that up for a while.

“This is kinda fun,” she said smiling broadly.

“Good! I'm glad you like it. Move over here. I want you to kiss it, up and down this part, it's called the shaft. I want you to kiss all over it.... That now give some French kisses.”

“You mean like licking it?” the girl asked.

“Yeah, like an ice cream,” I said.

“That's good now do up there," I pointed at the parts of my cock. "This is called the head, lick all around the top of it... OK do just under the head like the underside of the ridge... That's it!" I gasped. "Just keep doing that... Now come up on top and kiss it on the top, and lick it around the top...OK now open your mouth real wide and take the head of it in your mouth." She dutifully complied with my instructions, looking up at me with those innocent eyes, seeking my approval.

"Now be careful, don't get your teeth on it. Kind of wrap your lips around your teeth.... Yes that's the way. OK now lick it like you were doing before.... You're doing real good!" I was getting into this.

"Now I want you to suck on it at the same time that you are licking it....OK that's good.... Now I want you to move your head up and down let my cock slide back and forth into and out of your mouth...." I was in heaven.

"No, don't stop sucking while it moves in and out. Just don't let it go all of the way out of your mouth.... OK that's better, just keep licking and sucking while you move your head and mouth.... You're doing real good. Now take and grab hold of the shaft like you did before. Move your hand up and down the shaft while you move your head up and down. Don't forget to keep sucking on it and licking all at the same time....You're doing great.” She pulled back, gasping a little.

“My mouth is getting tired,” Megan said.

“That's OK you did a great job," I said. "How did you like doing that?”

“It was kinda fun. But are we going to fuck?” she asked shyly.

“Yeah baby!" I cried. "Come over and lay down.”

I moved down to her butt and picked her legs up so her holes were showing themselves to me. I reached to the shelf above and pulled down the lube that I had there. I put some on my cock and more around her pussy entrance. I picked up her hips I had one of her butt cheeks in each hand. I got a bit under her and lifted her up. I could guide her pussy to the right place so I could push my way into her cunt.

I wanted to shove it in her, hard and fast. But this was all new to her, so I figured that I would go easy on her. I pushed in a little at a time. It was tight, soft, and silky all at once. I had her legs up against my chest up towards my shoulders. I could move into her slowly. I moved into her as gentile like as I could. She was tighter than any girl I had ever had. But she was getting wetter as we did this.

Once I was all the way in her I could move a little faster. But this was a good position because I couldn't get-over excited and start to pound into her tender pussy. I could move quickly enough and deep enough that we were both getting a lot out of it. I could feel her nectar all over my dick. We were like that a while with me pumping into her. I looked down and watched my hard cock slowly pulling her inner lips in and out. I positioned my shaft so it rubbed her sensitive clitty.

She was getting pretty wet again. I was sure I was giving her my copious pre-cum too. Then she let loose with that scream again, thankfully not as loud, but her pussy clamped down on my cock. That was enough for me! I pushed in as far as I could go. I could feel the back of her pussy there and I pumped out my long overdue deposit of cum. I knew that I had a lot stored up and this girl got it all.

I gasped with every convulsion of my cock as the white, hot seed rushed through it into the young virgin underneath me. It felt great to unload and even better that she was this was a little eleven year old kid who's pussy I was fucking for her first time. I was glad I could be her first fuck. She was so tight, I loved it. I hadn't ever thought about being with a girl her age before, but man if they were all as this girl, I might have to reconsider that.

This time Megan didn't pass out. I pulled out and put her hips down. I got a cloth and cleaned around her pussy as she was leaking my cum. I wiped off my dick and laid down next to her. I pulled the blanket over us. She snuggled into me. I gave her a kiss.

She said, “That was great! So that's what getting fucked feels like? No wonder mommy does it so much!”

“Yeah baby it is and you're a great fuck, too.”

“I want to do this lots more," she said smiling. "Can we do more in the morning.”

“We'll see. Depends when your mom gets her to pick you up.”

“Do you have to let her take me home?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Can't I stay with you? We can do this all the time.”

“We'll see. Let's get a little sleep.”

“K, but tell me one thing. What's your name?”

“Oh baby doll you didn't know my name? It's Gary. Now get some sleep. Tomorrow will take care of itself,” I said, pulling the covers up on both of us.

Again thanks to my editor Nicknason for his help and contributions.


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