4 years ago...
“Hey Amanda.”


“I was wondering if you would want to... maybe... see a movie or something. Maybe on Friday... if you want to go that is. You don't have to.”

“I'd love to... well I want to... umm. Sure!”

“Great! I, uh, guess I'll talk to you at lunch.”


“Amanda, are you even listening to me?”

My cheeks still burned. “I sounded like such an idiot, I was so awkward.”

“I know, I was there. But don't worry about it, you were both awkward. You're welcome by the way.”

“I told you not to tell him.”

“Well it worked, didn't it? Besides, if I hadn't told him, you would have been wondering what if all summer. School ends in three weeks, and you been swooning over Jason since before Christmas.”

She's right. Ever since our English teacher paired us up for the term project I haven't been able to stop thinking about him.

“So are you gonna?” Rachel said, with her eyebrows raised.

“Gonna what?”

“You knew exactly what I meant.”

I did. “You know I think it's gross.”

“God, Amanda, not this again. If it's so gross, why does everyone love it? Why do we need it to continue living?” Rachel paused for a moment and looked at me. “You still haven't masturbated, have you? How can you stand it? It feels so good! I started three years ago, and I definitely can't stop.”

“Will you keep your voice down.” I can't believe how loud she said it, and in the middle of the school hallway.

“For god's sake, will you stop being such a baby.” she, thankfully, said quieter. “If you're that worried about germs, just do it after you get a shower, or something. Trust me, you'll love it.”

“Whatever you say.” I grabbed my bag and shut my locker. “See you tomorrow.”


The whole way home, Lucas was shoving his feet into the back of her chair.

“Mom, can you tell him to stop.”

“Lucas, you're thirteen years old, grow up.”

“Fine.” He groaned, but didn't stop for a second. I taught myself to ignore it though, and, even though he was six inches taller, I was still two years older, so I usually got the front seat. I didn't really care where I sat, but I knew it drove him nuts.

As I look out the window, I notice the clear sky. The sun is out, summer's nearly here, and I have my first date on Friday. Perfect time to start a tan. Mom wouldn't approve, but her and dad are taking Lucas to the first soccer meet of the year. It is extra long, so I don't need to worry about them coming home too soon.

Brownie barks as the car enters the driveway. When he sees us get out he starts jumping around, waiting to get inside, as he knows he is going to get some treats. He always comes to me first, another thing I can hold above Lucas' head. It's his own fault though, he has a tendency to get mean when the dog doesn't do what he wants.

Brownie jumps up when I open the door, trying to lick my face. The chocolate lab is tall enough, so he can reach sometimes, but he doesn't always have enough power in his jump. This time, he gets one good jump, and manages to soak my nose with his tongue, while smudging my glasses with his nose.

After I give B a treat, and wash my glasses, he follows me up to my room, where I fall back on my bed, and he curls up in his, which I have in the corner by the closet. I close my eyes for just a moment.

“Hey Amanda.”

“Hey Jason!”

“You want to see a movie tonight? I've got a pass here with your name on it.”

“Sure, I'd love to!”

“And maybe if it goes well, we can head back to my place.” He put his arm around my shoulder as he said it.

“Sounds perfect!”

“Amanda, we're leaving now! We'll bring home supper tonight, so don't worry if we're a bit late!”

“Okay!” I call out, half asleep.

That's not how it happened. He asked me to see a movie on Friday, he didn't say anything about his house, and he definitely didn't put his arm around my shoulder. “What the hell was that?” I say out loud.

I suddenly notice a wet feeling in my crotch. “Damnit, not this again.” Over the last few months, I had been waking up more and more often with wet panties. Rachel told me if I masturbated it wouldn't happen so much. But I find it so gross. Or do I? It's only a natural thing. But no, I pee from there, and blood comes out of it, so it's gross.

I check my pants, inside and out. My underwear will need to be washed, but the jeans are fine. Either way, I like to shower before I tan, so I would have to take them of anyway.

I only have one bikini, which I got myself. It has a solid black bottom, and a red top with black trim. Mom won't buy me a two piece, because 'a young girl doesn't need to show off to perverts.' After I shower, I put the bikini on, and look at myself in the mirror.

My raven black hair barely hangs past my ears, and my baby blue eyes shine in the fluorescent light. My boobs are nonexistent, with my small nipples creating two bumps on the flat surface of the bikini. There is a slight groove where the lips of my vagina, or pussy, as Rachel calls it, and my bum is as flat as my boobs. I sigh as I grab the suntan lotion and my watch and walk outside.

The sun is on it's way down, but there is ample time for tanning. Our backyard is in the perfect position to catch the sun in the early evening, and the L shape of our house keeps the creepy old man next door from watching me while I'm outside. We have a corner lot with a high fence, so I don't need to worry about the other side either.

After I spread the tanning lotion on my back, I lay down on the sun chair and set the timer on my watch. I hear Brownie walk outside and lay down next to me. After I untie the strap across my back, I close my eyes for just a moment as we both enjoy the hot sun.

“Hey babe.” He slipped his arm around my waist.


“You want to come over to my place tonight? I brew a mean cup of coffee.”

“Oh, I love a nice hot cup of coffee.”

“You've never had one like mine before.”

“I'm sure I haven't.”

Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep.

Time to turn over. I hold my top on as I turn over, as the chair is more comfortable without the strap digging into my back. I pick up the bottle and begin to spread the lotion across my front, making sure to get right to the edge of my bikini. As I lean forward to spread the lotion on my legs, I feel the dampness in my pussy.

What is up with these daydreams? They seem to be slowly changing my memory of Jason asking me out. Making him bolder, more attractive, and more... irresistable. I lean back and set the timer on my watch. How can I make myself look better for Jason? I think about my flat boobs. I can't make them bigger, but surely they would look better if they weren't pasty white, if they didn't have tan lines.

I look around. There is no way anyone can see me. I haul the top over my head and grab the lotion. I notice my nipples are rock hard as I begin spreading the lotion over my flat chest. I also notice how good it feels when I touch them.

I begin slowly grazing my fingers around my nipples, over them. I give them a light pinch, and even tug on them. I let out a light moan as my nail slips against my left nipple. I continue caressing myself after the lotion is rubbed in, after I close my eyes to relax.

“Follow me.” He slipped his arm around my waist and under my belt.

I stayed quiet as he led me into an empty classroom.

“Take off your clothes, we don't have much time.” He began stripping himself.

“Ooh, I like where this is going.”

“I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.” He dropped his pants, releasing his large penis.

“I'm sure I will.” I said as I stared at his length.

I wake up with one hand still holding my breast, but the other one has found itself under my bikini bottom, over m small bush. I quickly haul away my hand. But suddenly I become curious as I feel my own juices drenching my pussy, and soaking through my bikini.

My body yearns for release. Of course, if I don't have tan lines on my chest, why should I have them on my crotch. And I need to at least know something about sex. If anything does happen between me and Jason, I need to at least know how to help him please me. Although, he doesn't need help, the size of that... monster he is hiding in his pants.

But that was just a dream. I have no idea how big it is in real life, it could be the size of a pencil for all I know.

But Rachel did say that black guys had huge cocks. The pictures she showed me of white guys was big enough. Imagine having that inside me.

I slip my bottoms off, and I am now butt naked on my back porch. I feel a cool breeze brush past my pussy. The cool wind feels great against my soaking hot juices.

I go for it. I shove my middle finger inside myself for the first time. The pleasure ripples through my body. I can't believe I waited this long to experience this. I start rubbing my finger back and forth inside my pussy, the pleasure quickly increasing with each stroke.

Soon, I bring in another finger, and another. I can feel how tight my pussy is, as I shove something up there for the first time. Not even a tampon has seen the inside, as I have only ever used pads. I pinch my clitoris with my thumb, and let out a scream much louder than I probably should have. Brownie jumps.

I rub my clit, and the inside of my pussy, faster and faster. The pleasure is still building, greater than I ever would have imagined. I think I am about to come. I give myself a few hard strokes.

My body locks up as I arch my back, the pleasure pulses through my body. Juices flow past my fingers, drenching the sun chair. Three years of built up pressure flows out of my body like water down a cliff. I just had my first orgasm, and I have never felt so good.

The watch beeps. A few extra moments in the sun won't hurt. A cool breeze feels great as I brushes across my bare skin. I close my eyes to savour the feeling.

He pushed me into a classroom and hauled up my skirt.

I watched as he ripped off my panties.

“You're going to enjoy this.” He leaned in and shoved his face into my pussy

His wet tongue glides up my slit, lapping up my juices.

“Mmm.” It felt so real.

“I can't wait, you're just too hot.” He stood up and dropped his pants, releasing his large cock.

“Fuck me, Jason!” He moved in for the kill.

He slips his large cock inside of me.

What the fuck?

I look down. Brownie has his two paws on either side of my stomach. I can feel his cock inside my tight pussy.

“B, no...” I say, as I weakly try to push him off. But he is locked in.

I can't do this, this is my dog, it's so gross, I have to push him off. Somehow...

B starts rapidly thrusting himself inside me.

...But it feels so good. Dogs can't get you pregnant anyway, and they don't carry diseases.

I shudder as I succumb to the pleasure. This is the greatest feeling ever, and my dog is giving it to me.

B doesn't slow down. He fucks me just like he fucked that Rottweiler in the park last week. I can't believe how good it feels to have my dog fuck me. I feel the pressure build up in me again, and I think about how good a man's cock would feel inside of me.

Jason fucked me hard, his huge cock filled my virgin pussy.

“Oh fuck! Don't stop! Fuck my pussy hard!”

“Amanda, I'm gonna come. Fuck, you're so tight.”

“Don't pull out, I want to feel your come inside me”

My pussy seems to get tighter than ever as his spunk fills whatever space it can get.

Jason pulle out, and I felt our mixed juices pour out of me.

I laid back for a moment and closed my eyes, exhausted.

I open my eyes as Brownie curls up next to me again. There is a small pool of come below my pussy. I get up and walk to the hose, juices pouring down my leg. I hose myself off, and the chair, and I grab my bikini as I walk inside.

In the shower, I shave my pubes for the first time, anticipating what might happen on Friday night.

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2015-10-30 22:57:03
It was a great story and the transition from reality
to dream was fantastic. That was one lucky dog. I
if her imagination of Jason is going to out better than
the reality that was with the dog. I loved it. Keep it coming


2013-10-03 23:38:35
Im still wating for the next prom story. Plzz post it soon.

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2013-08-30 15:40:01
so far great story got a little lost when the dog fucked her that was a dream right. but other than that great story thanks RW


2013-08-16 19:42:31
Occasionally lost, but you sure got me hot!

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2013-07-26 12:03:19
Difficult to figure out whether she is day-dreaming or awake and who she is with at the time. Please make it clearer. I gave up after struggling to decipher the first half. Rated 4/10.

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