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The week following was summer holiday, I had finished school now and was due to start an engineering apprenticeship in two weeks’ time. Both of my parents worked and so did Tom and Terri’s, so we were left to our own devices.

It was Wednesday morning when I woke earlier than usual. Kenny was still sleeping, we shared the attic bedroom and his bed was on the opposite wall to mine. It had been a warm night and Kenny had thrown his bedsheet off, he always slept naked and as a looked over to him I could see he was asleep on his back, his head turned away from me. I felt a little tingle in my groin as I noticed his cock was hard and lay across his thigh.

I got up from my bed suddenly noticing that I too had a hard-on. I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, glanced once more at Kenny’s hard-on, and headed for the stairs. Down one floor I heard the shower running in the bathroom, damn, little sis was up early too, I needed to pee.

I opened the bathroom door, ‘hey, I’m in the shower’, I heard Tracy above the noise of the water spray. ‘sorry sis, I’m desperate for a pee’. As I approached the toilet I glanced toward the shower cubicle, it was pretty steamy in there but I could make out Tracy’s bare bottom, soap suds streaming down her back and down her legs, my groin tingled again.

I stood in front of the loo, and freed my hard cock from my shorts, standing there with cock in hand pointed towards the bowl, damn it was hard to pee with a hard-on. ‘hey bro, are you going to pee or wank off’, Tracy’s voice startled me. I looked towards the shower and she was facing me, naked, water streaming down her young naked body and over the developing breasts. I could just make out the smooth curve between her legs.

I couldn’t pee, so I shoved my cock back into my shorts, ‘sorry, gotta go’, was all I managed as I left the bathroom. Damn, why am I so horny, why did I enjoy seeing my brother’s hard cock and my little sister naked!.

I hurried downstairs and into the kitchen, opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice, I gulped a mouthful from the bottle and put it back in the fridge. I was desperate for a pee now, and my hard-on had dwindled somewhat. I thought of peeing in the sink, but then remembered next door still had the outside loo. I went out into the garden, hopped over the wall into next doors, and headed for the outside loo.

It was heaven to release the flood of pee and my bladder emptied. As I left the loo I glanced towards next doors kitchen window, Tom was looking out into the garden, he saw me and waved me to come, I headed toward the back door. Tom opened the door and let me in, he was still in his pyjamas, the button up top open apart from one middle button, his bottoms tied at the waist. I noticed the fly opening parting to expose his cock.

Tom poured two glasses of juice and threw some bread under the grill, lit the grill, and brought me the juice. ‘Where’s Terri’? I asked, ‘Already out’, was the reply. He dropped onto the sofa beside me, one leg underneath him, again his pyjama fly opening exposed his cock. We both smelled the toast burning, Tom dashed into the kitchen and pulled out the grill, the bread was black and smoking, ‘damn, that was the last of the bread too’, I heard him say.

Tom wandered back into the lounge carrying two slices of black toast dripping with butter and held one out towards me dropping one knee onto the sofa beside me, this time his cock popped out from the open fly. Without thinking I grabbed the toast with one hand and his cock with the other. Tom pulled away from me, standing up he flipped his cock back into his pyjamas.

‘Hey dude, it’s not Friday night’ he spluttered with a mouthful of toast, he sat beside me and finished his toast without a word. After finishing my toast, I needed to say something to ease the tension. ‘I’m meeting my new girlfriend tonight, she has a friend, do you wanna tag along’? ‘No thanks’ was his answer as he stood up, ‘gonna get dressed’. As he stood his pyjama bottoms slipped down exposing his bare ass, I instinctively smacked it.

His reaction was not expected, he squatted slightly pushing his bare ass towards me and wriggling it, I smacked his ass again, he wriggled again and his cock swayed between his legs, I reached out and tugged it. He pulled up his pyjamas, and tied them at the waist as he turned towards me.

‘Right mister, get your shorts down’, it was a command more than a suggestion, so I complied instantly, pulling my shorts down and raising my bum to pull them down my legs, I laid back on the sofa. Tom squatted between my legs and took my already growing cock in his hand, ‘This time I’m gonna wank you off proper’.

His hand was moving up and down my cock, wanking me gently but firmly, my cock grew to it’s full potential. Tom speeded up his motion, and I saw him playing with his cock through the open fly in his pyjamas. The sensation of being wanked by another took hold, I felt dizzy with sexual excitement, then it happened.

The feeling started in my legs, just like last time, flushing over my body and threatening to blow my head off. This time I didn’t stop him, and as the full ferocity of orgasm swept over me, my cock started spurting cum, the first spray hitting Tom’s bare chest, other spurts covering his hand and slopping down onto my belly. As the feelings subsided, Tom’s hand slowed down on my cock, finally as he let go my cum covered cock slapped onto my belly. ‘Urgh man, I gotta wash my hands’ was Tom’s only words as he stood up and headed for the stairs.

I grabbed some tissues and cleaned myself up, pulling up my shorts I headed for the door somewhat embarrassed now, I hopped back over the wall and headed back into the house. I didn’t see Tom at all for the rest of the day, but the thoughts of the pleasure he had given me and the fact that I had now had my first full cum were always in the front of my mind.

I had a date that night, a new girlfriend I met at a disco, she was a bit younger than me, long brown hair, a great figure, and for her age, big breasts. The thoughts of meeting her dispelled all others as I got ready to go out.

We had a great night, we kissed many times, and I managed a carefully stage managed feel at her tits. As I drifted off to sleep that night my thoughts were sexual, but tangled, I had enjoyed my first real cum, but it was my best mate Tom who had given it to me, then my first date with my new girlfriend, enjoying the sexual tingles as we kissed and as I fondled her. Once again, I awoke with a hard-on.

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