Cannot change the true story this is how I remember it.
I am going to write the sex stories of my life. I was not born a pervert. I became one through a series of fateful coincidences. I was a normal boy chasing normal things until the age of ten. These things all really happened and I have come to terms with them.

This first story will be mostly aimed at getting to the good stuff for latter stories.

I was the youngest of four boys in a house hold of six children; I had one older sister and one just 11 months younger than myself. We were a poor family and lived in a very small house. The boys shared one bed room and the girls another. Dad had died of a heart attack when I was two and a half so Mom just slept in the room with my sisters.
The change came when Mom decided I was big enough to sleep with the other boys instead of with my little sister and we rearranged things in the house. I was now sharing a bed with my second oldest brother. He was sixteen to my ten years of age.
I did not make the connection to the things that went on at home to the things that went on at another house for several years. My brother would whisper into my ear,”Do you want to play?” and I would say yes. I was ten who doesn’t want to play at ten years old? The game however was far from innocent. It involved him doing something to me and me copying it on him. It was almost always him putting his mouth on my penis and sucking and licking on it. At ten I was not able to cum yet but it did feel good so I did not mind at all. The fun was in it being just our secret. He had told me that if he tapped my head that I was to stop and move away real quick. And he would all ways put his hands on himself and hold a wash cloth over it for a few moments. He would say good job and be out like alight.
This went on for about a year. I had started having strange dreams. I was me but I was a girl. I did not understand them but they scared the hell out of me. And then one day I came home after school and the house had been rearranged again. The dining area had a wall between it and the kitchen and there was a bed in place of the table. I was told that me and my brother just older than myself would be sleeping in this bed from now on so that the two oldest could have more privacy. They had been working part time for the farmer who actually owned our house and built the wall and rearranged everything.
This part will be more interesting I hope. My mother had been friends with another lady named Pauline for as long as I could remember. She would usually go over to her house during the day while we were at school and visit for a few hours. The two oldest boys would often hang out at her house after school or even go over on the weekends to hang around her oldest kids. Her oldest daughter was named Rosa and she was probably the one who taught my brother how to play the game. Apparently the game was played family wide at the Valdez home.
After the last change of sleeping arrangements at the house we started going to Pauline’s house on the weekends for lunches and things like that. The grownups would stay in the house and play cards and do whatever grownups do, while we kids would play outside. The Valdez place had more out buildings than our place did and hide and seek was a blast. But the one Valdez boy named Fred caught me off guard one warm spring day. We had hidden in the same building. It was the old out house. It had not been used in forever and had no odor but it was the farthest from the house and you could see through the cracks to know if anyone was coming your way.
“Hey you wanna play a different game?” Fred asked in a whisper.
“What kind of game?” I didn’t know where he was headed yet.
“It’s fun. Me and my brother and sometimes my sister play.” He seemed to be just a little nervous.
“Sure I will play. What do we do?”
Fred looked around the walls to make sure we were still alone and said, “I will do something to you and then you can do it to me, but we cannot let the grownups know what we are doing.”
This sounded very familiar and I had not gotten to play in a very long time with my own brother. “Okay, you go first. I promise not to tell anyone. I will keep a look out.”
“You have to pull down your pants.” Fred was looking at my crotch when he said this. I knew this game and I was all for it.
I undid my pants and pushed them and my under ware down to my knees. My dick was sticking almost straight out already. Fred squatted down in front of me and put my dick in his mouth. He was way more aggressive than my Bro had been. I liked it. He would take most of it into his mouth and stick his tongue out and lick at my small balls. Then he would move back and forth up and down on it without letting it get loose of his sucking lips. Just for the record, Fred was what you would call a pretty boy. He had full lips and large dark eyes. High soft cheek bones and could have easily passed for his older sister all the way through High School. Any ways, he sucked me like this for a few minutes and I was enjoying the shit out of it, but I could see someone coming to find us. Reflexively I tapped his head and said someone is coming. He stopped and stood up as I pulled up my pants and stuffed my dick to the side.
We had gained our composure when the door open and his sister said, “Found Fred, found Phil.” Slammed the door and took off running to base. We were hot on her tail but she beat us back and that was that Fred was it because she had called him out first. We called out to all the others to start the next round. It was getting hot and we had been playing for a long time so a couple of the kids were like okay let’s do something else for awhile. They all went inside to play Sorry the game but me and Fred said that we were just going to hang around in the barn.
After they had left me and Fred looked at each other and headed straight back out to the outhouse. My turn I said to Fred and he dropped his shorts down to his ankles. His dick was sticking straight out as well as mine. I squatted down just as he had done but I sucked and licked him the way I did my brother. He did not complain but just moaned quietly as I played with his dick. His cock was not as big as mine but he was circumcised and I was enjoying the game. After what seemed like no time at all he said, “Phil, you can stick your thing in me if you want.” I did not know about this part of the game yet so I asked him what he meant.
“You can put your dick in my butt hole and fuck me if you like. I really like to have that done.” The look on his face was imploring. Fred was 12 and had already started to grow some pubic hair. I would soon find he had grown up enough to cum as well.
“How?” I asked him and he replied, “Take your dick back out for me.” I complied and he bent over and sucked on it just as before and as soon as it was wet he stood up and turned his back to me and bent over showing me his asshole. “Now spit on my butthole and it will go in easy.” I did as he asked and spit on his butt. I then put the head of my dick against his little brown hole and pushed. Nothing happened, “It’s okay Phil, push hard just slow and hold it, and it will go in.” I did as he said and surely enough it went in. As soon as the head went all the way in he started to push back and it was all the way in his backside. “Now go in and out real slow, don’t pull all the way out just like half way.” He said in a tone I had never heard before.
I fucked Fred like this for about two or three minutes before he started saying, “SHIT, shit , shit, “ over and over. “You Okay guy?” I asked pausing for a bit. “Yes, don’t stop man. I am cuming.” That’s when I saw white cum shooting out of his cock and hitting the wall in front of him. As his orgasm subsided I pulled my dick out of him and he handed me a rag from his pocket to wipe myself off with.
“You don’t get to cum yet do you Phil?” Fred asked.
“No, not yet how does it feel?”
“It’s like everything is going to feel good forever. Your whole body feels good at one time, you don’t want it to stop but when it does you are kind of glad, but sad too and you want to do it again.” Fred had taken the rag back and wiped his ass with it.
Fred was right, I found out what it felt like to cum that very night. I was asleep and my dreams were so strange. I had pushed down a woman in the grocery store and she lifted her legs and I put my dick in her where her pee comes from. I awoke to the most incredible feeling ever. My underwear were soaking wet with my ejaculate and I was sweating all over.
More of this these will be forth coming. Remember that these are not meant to be erotic stories. They are just true stories that happen to be erotic. I tried not to embellish nor omit important things.

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mine began when buster shove his cock down my throat and held my head till he was done peeing in me, got hook on pee that day.

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Great life so far. Can't wait for more, but I guess I'll have to. If you could, I would love it if you desribed in more detail what your cocks looked like and how they felt..

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Great life so far. Can't wait for more, but I guess I'll have to. If you could, I would love it if you desribed in more detail what your cocks looked like and how they felt..

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