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My second moment in life where I felt I was doing something so naughty but it felt so right...
Since my very first adventure with Cindy, my body was hooked on the feeling of cumming. I had since lost my virginity at age 15 with a girl of the same age. It was awkward and didn't feel exactly how I thought it would. Again I was still pre-mature ejaculating and she just found it painful and uncomfortable. Although this experience wasn't so good I was still chasing that feeling of someone who knew how to make it feel great!

I began to use MSN messenger mainly having cyber sex with who knows who, but it felt taboo and got me turned on. I began to message a woman by the name of Renee regularly. Added her to my friends list and we began to talk dirty to each other often. I was 16 at the time and very open and honest about being young which she seemed to have no problem with. If I remember correctly Renee was in her late 20's not older than 30. She would log on and command me to talk dirty to her about all the things I would do if I was with her. At that immature age I would say things like make you suck me balls and jack off on your tits... boy was I in store for our meeting. I began to ask her if we could meet but she always said she was busy or people were at her house. Eventually I got so horny I began to beg, but still no luck. I hadn't seen a picture of Renee nor talked to her on the phone, our sexual relationship was solely based on turning one another on over typing.

One fateful night I logged on and remember seeing the message "come to my house and show me your cock." I got very excited but again thought this was just dirty talk over the internet. Renee then dove into the actual thought of me coming over if I could get there in an hour. I had no car but was absolutely in shock and I swear my dick was harder than ever when she messaged me her address and it was absolutely in walking distance. She directed me to Spenard and Fireweed in Anchorage and told me she lived in a house. I lied to my mom and told her I was going to walk to a friends house to hang out. I left Renee with the message that I would be there in 20 minutes and began my walk. The walk took much longer than I anticipated and I remember playing with the head of my cock through my jean pocket, staying at a half chub the entire way there. My heart was racing as I neared a junky dead end road. It was dark and the neighborhood was barely lit my dim street lamps. My heart was was beating through my throat and I remember thinking that everyone in their houses were watching me and knowing what I was about to go do. I walked down to the address and saw a disgusting duplex. Typical junk home for this part of town. Trash in the lawn and scattered broken children bikes and scooters. The house was pitch black and I feared this was a hoax. For a moment I though that a man would answer the door and try to kill me. But before I could reach the door it opened and in front of me appeared a drugged out native Alaskan woman....

She had jacked up teeth, the firs thing I noticed. She was wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a West High School Hockey hoody sweatshirt. She did not look sexy at all but once the door shut behind me I was instantly horny. She had long black hair, her eyes were half closed (high?), she had sexy mocha colored skin and what really excited me, was skinny as hell! After staring down my future fuck I notice a little girl sitting on the couch watching tv. Things became really awkward here... Renee barely said a word and sat on a chair in the corner watching a cartoon show called Franklin, all about a turtle. The little girl lost interest and began to come near me with dolls and a deck of cards, she had to be 4 or 5. I got really weirded out and kept my eyes on the tv finishing a 30 minute span of cartoons with zero to no interactions with Renee. I eventually squeaked out "can we go to your room." Hearing her talk for the first time she told her daughter (not sure if she was) to sit down and watch tv. This is when I heard here thick native Alaskan (Athabascan) accent which for some reason got me hard quick. We walked back to a bedroom and she turned off the lights and locked the door. She was so quiet and nervous and I knew that I needed to take control or my dick would never get played with. I laid on the bed with her and literally shoved my tongue down here throat...

Renee was very responsive and kissed me back. She had breath like a smoker and decaying teeth but whatever it took for us to get fucking I was in. I took of the sweatshirt, no bra. Very flat pancake boobs sat in front of me so I mauled them with my mouth. She moaned very quietly and squirmed her fingers down my pants to place her warm hands on my hard cock. She stroked as much as she could working in the tight quarters of buttoned pants. I tore down her sweats and exposed with no panties on a nice shaved pussy. Again we had some baby scars making me think that was her daughter watching cartoons in the living room. It was at this point this beautiful petite mocha skinned native women lay in front of me that I realized she was in another world (high?) I took my own clothes off as she laid spread eagle play with her pussy lips teasing me to slide my cock in. I knew that if I didn't pursue my wants it wasn't going to happen. I said give me a blow job, more like a question and she said no no, this time sounding drunk. Something took hold of me and I climbed on top of her sliding myself down straddling her body until my cock reached her lips. It was so dark in the house that I really couldn't see too much of her face but it looked like she was sleeping. I rubbed my cocks on her lips assuming she would refuse, but no response. I slid it in her mouth and it was so warm and wet I tapped the tip against her tongue and ran it around her lips like a tube of lipstick. Again no response. I had a split second of wondering if this was rape, was she sleeping?

With no further thoughts in my mind or holding me back i slid my cock all the way in and began to fuck her mouth. She began to use her tongue just barely but god it felt great. slowly i inserted more and fucked hard. She just lay there as my cock was enjoying every bit of her warm wet mouth. i reached for her head and gave one good thrust, causing her to gag and she slapped my cock out of the way. I took my wet cock and slid it down her tiny tits slapping my head on her nipples. I felt like I was in a porno doing nasty things to her. I spit on her tits and continued to slide my cock around which felt amazing on her soft skin. At this point I was visually throbbing but decided I needed to lick and taste her pussy. I dove right in and discovered and pretty smell pussy, yet this didn't deter me. My dead fish came to life! She began to moaned and push her wet pussy into my mouth. I sucked on her loose pussy lips not exactly sure what was pleasing. I had heard a friend who said to write the alphabet with mt tongue on her pussy and that would cover the areas a girl would like. I continue to write my ABC's and her body responded. she was gushing we and moaning louder and louder. Soon she had one hand on my head and was grinding my face. I could feel the area on my chin getting irritated from all the wetness but I carried on! She pushed harder and moaned louder and suddenly released my head and her pussy began to pulsate and her body quivered. I truly had no I idea that I had just made her cum hard, in all honest I freaked thinking she wouldn't let me fuck her now. In her Eskimo accent she whispered, still sounding intoxicated, "put your cock in me" without hesitation my cock slide right in her.... no condom... it was definitely loser than the virgin babe who swiped my card, but this one was so slippery and wet. I fucked her slow at first thinking this would keep me in good condition for not cumming so fast, but it only made it more sensitive so I got in a rhythm of pulling out and squeezing my cock hard to try and keep myself from cumming. All the while I am fucking her bare back no condom. After working my cycle of trying not to cum and squeezing my cock so hard it refused to leak anything out she told me to go to the bathroom and find a condom. I instantly popped out scared and ran to get a condom thinking she was mad but at least was going to let me fuck more. I searched for what seemed like FOREVER and found nothing. I feared she was falling asleep and wouldn't let me finish so I ran out and lied.....

She was so out of it, I command her to lay flat on the bed and spread her legs apart so I could slid in standing up. I got leverage and slid my cock in. Her face down on the bed, my cock sliding in and out and I am watching it, again feeling like a porn movie. Her ass cheeks are spread and I know her but hole is exposed but it's too dark too see. I can smell her pussy and her sour ass but it only encourages me to fuck this dirty girl harder. For the first time in my life I begin to dirty talk. I call her a bitch and a slut and say Renee tell me my cock is big. She repeats everything I tell her to say slurred and almost at a whisper still letting of light moans. I feel so dirty there is no condom but it is keeping me going and beyond turned on. Her pussy is dripping, the room reeks of sex and sour ass and I began to tell Renee I am going to cum. She gives me encouraging moans and i pump my throbbing load bare back into her Eskimo pussy... The feeling was heaven. I dripped every ounce into her and pumped for at least 1 minutes to 2 minutes allowing my cock to shrink back down inside her. Renee lay there and after calming the noises of skin to skin I can hear her catching her breath.

A term we used in college of POD and POF "Post orgasmic disgust" and "Post orgasmic fear"
Immediately the smell of her pussy and ass turned my stomach, my nose smelled of her fishy pussy and my cock felt covered in her filth. I was disgusted but still in the back of my head felt so dirty and horny at the same time. Then kicked in the post orgasmic fear and I thought I just got her pregnant... I plopped down next to Renee on the bed and asked her if she liked it. A woman so short on words she just lay there and would say yes to whatever I asked. I put on my clothes and didn't wait for her to do the same. I exited the back room and again came in contact with her presumable daughter who stared me down as I put on my shoes.

The next day I had a rash on my chin and I thought great I got and STD on my chin! Yet this rash stemmed from her stubbly wet pussy grinding my face. I waited for weeks for my dick to fall off from an STD but that never happened. I too waited for a message saying you got me pregnant but that also didn't happen.
I thank Renee for this dirty time and my first bare back cumming experience. If you ever get the chance to fuck an Alaskan Native Woman, step right up!


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2014-01-25 12:38:41
sounds like you need to get raped by my69yr old auntieweall will be watching then we fuck you upp millie evans could send you toheavenask the boys at post57oh god her toungue is magik ask the workmans sheas 69 and hard-toungued evnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnen the littlennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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2013-04-10 17:52:46
WTF... Well this is truelly an honest man. NOONE would write this to be bragging lmfao sorry i read it

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2013-04-10 16:26:34
This was not a pleasurable story to read. First and foremost it was utterly disgusting and there were tons of errors. Unfortunately there is probably a little bastard out there somewhere with only half your brains and you surely didn't have much to start with!!!! Another fucked up half native nitwit for us tax paying folk to fucking support, thanks for that...asshole!!!!

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2013-04-10 02:37:35
Being Alaskan i know where the author comes from of describing her. Most natives have really fucked up teeth. And chubby cheeks. It would be a wonder to find a native that isnt a drunkard or a coke addict

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2013-04-10 00:03:16
Please dud pruf read your "stories " that sounded like it was writen by my son at age 3 anddI don,t have a?y children lol
go back to secoent gread and fuck the teacher.

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