I finally finished the new chapter and I'm posting it before I head for bed. I'm trying to pick up my writing pace but it's hard to get back into the swing of things. I'll try and do better with the next chapter but in the meantime enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think.
Chapter 8
Linda was still watching Dave fuck Jane in the ass while Uncle Ted fucked Kim’s pregnant pussy for the first time. The two sisters were moaning so much that Linda couldn’t hear herself thinking, but she didn’t have to because all she could think of was how much she wanted one of those cocks in her own pussy. While she waited for her Aunt Beth to get back from her bedroom Linda slid her fingers in and out of her own pregnant pussy, switching hands every few strokes so she could suck the cum from her fingers while she continued frigging herself.

“Here we go,” Beth said, making her way around the two fucking couples on the floor who didn’t even seem to notice that she was there. Aunt Beth had taken the time to strip out of her clothes while she was in her bedroom and she carried some kind of harness in one hand and a collection of dildos in the other.

“What is that?” Linda asked her aunt without taking her eyes off the harness.

“This, is a strap-on,” the older woman told her niece. “You put the harness around your waist and then you put a dildo in this strap that goes right over your pussy and then you can use it to fuck someone else. Haven’t you ever heard of a strap-on.”

“I have,” Linda admitted with a blush, “but I never saw one before.”

“Well, now you know what one looks like,” Aunt Beth chuckled while she buckled the harness around her waist. “I brought a selection of dildos with me, but if you don’t mind I’d really like to try this one.” Linda looked at the large double headed dildo her aunt held up for her, “This way I can have a dildo in my pussy at the same time that I’m fucking you with the other end.”

“OK,” Linda said a little nervously, “I’ll give it a try.”

“Great,” the older woman said, fitting the dildo into the harness and easing one head into her drooling pussy with a moan of pleasure. “Why don’t you get up in the recliner and put it all the way back with you legs on either side of the arms. Don’t worry, when we bought this chair we knew it was going to get a lot of use so we made sure we got a heavy duty one.”

Linda followed Beth’s instructions, climbing into the chair pushing all the way back before she locked the chair and stretched her legs out over the arms so that her pussy was fully exposed to her aunt.

“What a beautiful little cunt,” Beth purred, putting her head right between her nieces thighs and blowing on the horny little girl’s engorged pussy lips. “It looks so neat and pink with just a little thatch of hair right here at the top.” Linda gasped with pleasure when aunt reached out to comb her pussy hair, brushing her clit with her finger in the process.

“You’re pussy’s almost as bald as Jane’s, I wonder if it tastes as good as hers does.”

Linda didn’t even try to stop her aunt when the older woman leaned in close and started eating her pussy, in fact she tried to open her thighs even more so she could get a close as possible to her hot little slit. “Oh that’s good,” Beth muttered, thrusting her tongue deep into her nieces tight little fuck hole so she could get to the juices.

“There’s nothing like the taste of fresh cum in a newly fucked pussy,” Beth said, pulling back long enough to lick her lips before she dove in for another taste.

“Even a freshly fucked pregnant pussy?” Linda asked, shuddering with pleasure when her aunt’s tongue reached deep into her bald slit.

“That just makes it that much better,” Beth said, smacking her lips with obvious pleasure. “But I’m not here to eat your pussy - no matter how good it tastes - I’m here to fuck it.”

With obvious regret Beth pulled her head out of Linda’s crotch and straddled the pregnant preteen so that the second head of her dildo lined up with the girl’s drooling slit. She hesitated for a second and then asked the girl, “have you been fucked by anyone besides your brother yet?”

“Well,” Linda said hesitantly, “Uncle Ted fucked me in the ass just a few minutes ago, but Dave is the only one who’s fucked me in the pussy. I didn’t want anyone else to fuck my pussy until I knew I was pregnant with Dave’s baby.”

“So Dave’s cock is the biggest thing you’ve ever had in your pussy?”
“Until now,” Linda agreed, turning to give her aunt a grin.

“In that case I’ll go slow,” Beth promised, “until you beg for it that is.”

Before Linda could reply Beth eased her hips forward, forcing her niece’s pussy lips open as the double headed dildo slid into her cunt. At first Linda clamped her lips together to avoid screaming as the plastic prick forced it’s way into her tight pregnant pussy. Once the dildo entered her cunt it felt so good that Linda relaxed her jaw muscles and pushed her ass back to meet her aunt’s thrust.

With each stoke Beth buried a little more of the oversize dildo into her nieces pussy until she was sliding the whole length of the plastic prick in and out of Linda’s fuck hole and both of them were moaning with pleasure.

As much as Linda enjoyed the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy she couldn’t help but notice that the piece of plastic just didn’t feel as good as a real prick. She missed the heat of a real prick as well as the way a real prick pulsed in her cunt, but she had to admit that it was better than her own fingers while all the real pricks were occupied.

“Harder, Aunt Beth,” Linda groaned, thrusting her ass back to meet her aunt’s thrust and rolling her hips at the same time.

“I knew you’d enjoy it,” Beth panted, enjoying the other end of the double sided dildo in her own cunt. “I’m going to speed it up now, let me know if I get too rough.”

Beth was as good as her word, increasing her speed with each thrust until Linda was sure her was going to be red by the time they finished. With each thrust Linda could feel her orgasm building in her belly and she did her best to give her aunt as good a ride as she was getting. From the sounds her aunt was making Linda felt sure Beth was enjoying the fuck as much as she was.

From the couch Dave could hear his sister begging his aunt to fuck her harder and he almost felt jealous - but he was enjoying his first ass fuck too much to hold it against the other two women. Besides, he was the one who’d knocked them both up and he knew how much both of them enjoyed his cock. Dave turned his concentration back to Jane and her ass. He couldn’t believe how good it felt as he watched his hard cock sliding in and out of his cousin’s butt. All the girls had been so intent on getting pregnant that none of them had allowed him to fuck them in the ass until now and he was enjoying the change. Jane’s ass felt different from her cunt and Dave had to wonder if the fact that he knew he couldn’t knock his cousin up by fucking her in the ass made some kind of psychological difference. Somehow fucking Jane in the ass just didn’t give him the same thrill as fucking her cunt, but he was still enjoying every thrust just as much as his cousin.

“Fuck me, Dave,” Jane begged her cousin, lifting her ass off the couch cushion so Dave could reach even deeper into her bowels with each thrust. “I’ve been a bad girl, Dave, I deserve a spanking along with my ass fuck.”

“Oh yeah, you’ve been a very bad girl, fucking your cousin and letting him knock you up like this. You deserve a spanking and I’m just the one to give you one.” Dave was as good as his word, slapping Jane’s ass until it turned red under his palm.

“Oh my God,” Jane yelped, her ass cheeks jumping with every swat from her cousin’s hand. “This feels so weird with your cock sliding in and out of my butt like this. It still feels good, but it feels different from when you fuck my pussy.”

“Jane, this isn’t the first time you were fucked in the ass,” Dave pointed out.

“No, but it’s still different when you fuck my ass instead of dad fucking my ass. It’s different when he fucks my pussy too. I don’t know if it’s because daddy’s prick is bigger than yours or because his fucking technique is different from yours, but you both make me feel so good in different ways.”

“In that case I won’t ask you whose cock you prefer,” Dave chuckled. “I know I’d hate to chose who I like to fuck the most. You, Kim, Linda, and your mom are all different when it comes to fucking and I enjoy all your pussies, just in different ways.”

“And what about ass?” Jane asked. “Whose ass do you like best?”

“Well your ass is the only one I’ve tried so far,” Dave pointed out. “So right now I’d have to say yours, but once I’ve had a chance to try a few more I may have to change that answer.”

“As long as you prefer mine right now,” Jane said, shoving her ass back to meet her cousin’s thrust. “Oh God, Dave, I’m going to cum.”

“So am I, Jane,” Dave groaned. He grabbed Jane’s hips and slammed his cock as deep as it could go in her ass and held it there as he pumped him cum deep in her bowels.

“Fuck me, daddy, fuck me,” Kim screamed as her father fucked her pregnant pussy like a jackhammer. “I never guessed you cock would feel this big in my cunt.”

“And I never knew your pussy would be so tight around my cock,” Ted said as he watched his cock sliding in and out of his daughter’s red fringed slit. “So, whose cock do you like best? Mine, or Dave’s?”

“I can’t answer that, dad,” Kim said with a groan of pleasure. “Your cock is bigger than Dave’s, but the size and shape of Dave’s cock just hits all the right places in my pussy. I love both of your cocks, but for different reasons.”

“Well I love your pregnant pussy,” Ted grunted, “and as long as you let me fuck you I’ll do it, and I’ll love every second of it.”

“Me too, daddy, me too,” Kim cried, wrapping her arms and legs around her father and pulling him in close so he could fuck her as deep as possible. She could feel her orgasm getting closer every time her father slammed into her cunt and she knew it wouldn’t be long before they both came.

“Fuck me, daddy, fuck me,” Kim screamed. Fill my pussy with your cum.”

“Whatever my little girl wants,” Ted groaned, shoving his cock as deep as it could go in his daughter’s pregnant pussy and filling it with his cum while Kim’s cunt clamped down on his shaft.

“Wow,” Dave said glancing at everyone else around the room. “It looks like we all did something – or someone – new today. So, what do we do for an encore?”

“I don’t know,” Aunt Beth said, stroking Linda’s but since you and Linda have to get back home soon that will give us time to come up with some ideas before we all get together for our next orgy.”

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