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Original story by JWDD just a new twist thank you. Hope spelling is not that bad



Waking up the next morning felt void. I realized that I wouldn't see my parents until the Christmas break. It felt bad you know. I slowly got up and made my way to the restroom, I took a shower to refresh myself.

When I came out everyone was awake getting ready to go. I went to my room to dress the old fashion way. I put on my robe and shoes and teleported into the kitchen were mum or should I say magic was making pancakes.

I sat in the table and a plate full of pancakes made its way to me. While I was eating mum took notice of my sad mood “is something wrong sweety" she asked her motherly instincts kicking in.

"Yes, mum it’s just that I won’t be seeing you or dad for months and it feels weird"

"Baby I know what you feel me and your dad went through the same thing but don’t worry this is something you will get over rather quickly ok" she said while giving him a hug.

Everyone else made their way down stairs and got their pancakes. Jess sat next to me she also noticed my sad looked as she wore one herself we both she stayed quiet while eating everyone had mini conversations while waiting to go.

“Ok everyone grab your stuff and let’s go or we will be late" dad said getting up from the table.

We all got our bags and went to the backdoor my mum raised her wand and said "Javick”.

We opened the door to the usual noise and buzz of Bacra the mage capital. As we made our way to our destination I noticed that there were a lot more kids than before, guessing they were also attending mage school.

There was a small crowd forming next to a giant door and we were going in that direction.

"Ok, all students going to Harrington Mage School please fallow me" said a lady looking to be in her mid-forties from the misplaced door.

She turned around waved her wand pointed at the door. The door opened to a rather woodsy area it had tick trees and it was foggy. There were carriages waiting for us at the other side.

"Give me a hug honey “my mum said turning me around. I noticed she was almost in tears. I gave her a hug and one for Dad. Jess was doing the same and when we were done she we met up and walked to a carriage. As we walked past the door the temperature dropped to almost the negatives it was freezing.

We finally made it to a carriage placing our suitcases on an empty carriage we both climbed in with our pets closing the doors to try and save valuable warmth. Seconds later the doors either side swung open as two girls stepped in with us, closing the doors they were shivering like crazy in their shorts and t-shirt “Here let me help” I said creating a small fireball in my hand making the entire carriage warm and toasty. “I’m Rosie” the girl in front of me said smiling “Jamie” I replied looking to her sister for her answer “Becky, were from Australia” she said relaxing into her seat whilst the warmth of the carriage surrounded her. Looking at the two girls it was obvious they were twins, same hair, same eye, well same everything that’s what makes them twins.

“Tell me, if your twins does that mean you have the same powers and talents” I asked shifting my gaze from twin to twin, “Yes, were both air, as well as talented in Electricity and we even have matching pets being two hawks” Becky said speaking up as she sounds proud to be exactly alike her sister. “Who was born first” I asked looking curiously at them both as Rosie perked up “I was, by 4minutes” she said with such pride “That makes you the duplicate” I told Becky causing us all to laugh. “Why don’t you call your pets in, we don’t want them freezing” I told the two girls as they quickly opened the window allowed two twin hawks to enter in from each side, once they were in I hurriedly used my energy power to close the windows heating up my fireball so we would warm up.

"So does any of you know how the school is" I said looking around the carriage.

"Well my mum said that we have to take a sword fighting class" Rosy said looking around, I made a face like why would we need to learn how to sword fight if we are mages and Jess seemed to think the same when she asked "Why would we need to learn how to sword fight"

"Because of disputes between weak mages and strong mages, you see when you want to fight someone like Brad Cross with magic you fight him in the physical side with swords" Bethany said.

"Ok, but won’t people get really hurt while fighting one another" I said getting nervous at the thought of dying while being so powerful.

"No you don’t need to worry they have a protective spell over the arena that only lets you feel the pain instead of getting hurt physically it stops the attack right before it hits you" Rosy said

"Is there other rules we should be aware of while in the school" Jess said looking rather annoyed that she had to learn how to sword fight.

"Mage points" said Bethany

"Mage points? What’s that" I said

"Well to promote students to do better in academics and in challenging each other they have Mage points, each week according to your grades and fighting record you get mage points which you can use to get food better apartments and such" said Rosy

"Wait a minute you mean if you don’t get good grades you don’t get points and you can’t eat food" I said amazed at the new rules.

"Yeah pretty much" Bethany said "But don't worry they will explain the rules in more detail when we get to school"

"Ok" said Jess

We relaxed through most of the ride to school enjoying the warmth of the fire I had created.

Bethany was noticing how I was relaxing while keeping the ball fire going "Are you the mage that broke the 12 spikes record?"

I was planning on keeping it a secret for as long as I could but she seemed trust worthy "Yes, but keep it to yourself for now I don't want people to know just yet"

"AHH I knew it, you just had this aura of power about you that I had never seen in anyone else" said Rosy while she jumped around like a child that has been given candy.

"SHHH, Rose we don't want people to hear, so are you single" Said Bethany

I knew she wasn't asking so she could go out with me she was just curious "No, I going out with this pretty thing next to me" I said motioning to Jess. She smiled and leaned into me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "And I going out with this hot thing next to me too"

Rosy and Bethany seemed to be having a good while we got to school in my opinion I was having a good time. We kept chatting for the rest of the ride getting to know each other better by the end of it we had made two new friends.

Getting out of the carriage I dispersed the fire ball, grabbed my bags and walked with Jess and the twins to the school entrance. The School had Granite bricks all through the outside and the steps the school pretty much looked like it was carved from a granite boulder.

"Leave your bags here the keeper will get them to your room, after fallow me to the Dining hall" The lady said and she turned around and kept walking and we kept fallowing.

Walking into the Dining hall was like walking to the Kings palace everything seemed so expensive and luxurious.

"Please take your seats according to your class" Said an old man at the very front of the dining hall.
I slowly walked to my table and sat down. Everyone was having a good time talking and more talking everyone was pretty obsessed by the fact that there was a new world’s strongest mage among them although they didn't know who it was. The Old man which I leaned his name was Mr. Kron got up from his chair and got everyone’s attention.

"For those of you that are new this year at Harrington Mage school, I would like to guide you through our rules" He waved his wand and in front of each student sat a piece of paper titled Rules.
"Please take your time to read this paper as you will need to know this by tomorrow, Some rules are not written in here but you will learn them through the year" Mr. Kron said from his podium.
I started reading the paper and it said


1). Fighting outside the arena is punishable. Students that disobey this rule will face deductions in their mage point’s allowance.

2). Fights must take place with a teacher as supervisor. To schedule a challenge you must talked to a teacher and they will let you use the arena.

3). Bets are usually allowed you can bet mage points when challenged.

4).If you never lose a sword fight with another mage you get a bonus in your weekly mage points

5).Mage points are based on academic grades, Fighting record, and discipline record.

6) .First year students have a week to create their sword before challenges are allowed.

7). If you are challenged and you don’t have a sword you will be disqualified.

8). To create a sword you must first find the element you want it made of then you will go to the Swords teacher and he will help you create the sword.

9). Taking swords class is obligatory. Failure to do so could lead to disciplinary measures being taken.
Other rules you will learn as you go through the school year.

I was pretty much informed of most of the rules on the way here. I continued to eat and chit chat with the guys and girls around me but I was starting to miss Jess as I turned around to look for her I noticed this guy bothering Jess I was pretty pissed at him already but when jess said something he probably didn't like he grabbed her arm. My world started to flip I wasn't pissed anymore I was angry before I knew it I
teleported next to him and using both my hands I grabbed him by the throat I made a fire ball with my other hand and had it real close to his head. The kid was surprised at the sudden outburst but quickly regained himself and I started feeling sick under his gaze and I noticed my body getting weaker and my skin started to deform I instantly knew he was giving me leprosy.

I was even angrier at him now than before. I put up my life energy aura and started healing myself his eyes got big but before he and I could continue a teacher was already behind me.

"Mr. Dovell what do you think your" The teacher said trying to sound intimidating but failing I dropped the kid on the floor and looked at the teacher. The teacher took a step back and looked rather scared I was wondering what it was when Jess got up and gave me a hug.

"Relax baby your eyes are on fire" She said. I remember hearing that some strong fire mages can get their eyes to catch fire which is special as it means they have a strong affinity with their element.
The teacher composed himself and started throwing insults at me and as it turns out the other kid was Brad Cross. Everyone's attention was on me and some of them were looking scared others looked amazed at the fact that I almost beat up Brad.

"You two have one more chance if I see one more fight between you two outside the arena you will have Mage point deduction" The teacher said before returning to the other teachers at their table.
I quickly gave Jess a hug and teleported back to my seat.

"So is it true that you are the new worlds strongest mage" One of the girls on my table asked.
I was calm after the accident so I answered "Yes, I am"

"How many spikes do you have I heard it was 25" another kid by the name of mike said.
"I have 66 spikes" By know everyone in the hold dining hall was listening to the conversation and when I finished my statement a few jaws almost hit the floor.

"66 really" Steven said (another kid)

"Yeah, so what your just a wimp" Screamed Brad from across the room I ignored him and continued eating. After eating each one of us was shown a room on your class dormitory.

My room was ok but I was informed that you could upgrade it using mage points during the year. That night I went to sleep happily.

Waking up the next morning I found my schedule with my name at the top of it on my desk and it said

1st Potions with Mr. Kron

2nd Swords class Mr. Dragon

3rd Animal class with Ms. Light

4th Fire talent class with Mr. Fox

5th Spells class with Ms. Avila

Lunch period--------50min

6th Life talent class with Mr. Void

7th Electricity class with Mr. Electro

8th Free period for elective or apprenticeship

It was pretty straight forward. I went to the dining hall and got my breakfast and sat with Jess this time.

"What classes do you have" I asked Jess wondering if we had any classes together.

"Here take a look" She handed me her schedule and as it turned out we had Animal class and Spells class together. I also noticed she only had 6 periods instead of 8 like me.

"Cool I have 3rd and 5th period with you"

"Guess I will see you later we have to get going or we are going to be late" I looked at the clock and noticed we only had 10 minutes before class would start. I stayed put and finished my breakfast in peace 3 minutes before class started I teleported into the room.

As I was looking for a seat I saw Mike waving for me to seat next to him I went and sat and before I could start in some meaningless conversation Mr. Kron the head teacher walked in.

"Ok class please open your books to page 100 I want to start you with the history of potions” From there he blasted into the most interesting class I have ever had. By the end of the class I had actually learned something.

My second period class was With Mr. Dragon walking into class I was directed into the locker room to put my exercise clothing on. When I came out my the class was gathering at the other end of the gym next to what looked like furnaces I instead of walking teleported there.

There was and old looking man whom I assumed was Mr. Dragon was gathering everyone in the class to explain the process of making your sword.

"Ok class when making a sword you need the base element, Once you have that you will need to take the impurities out and heat up the metal" He went into close detail how to make the sword but I wanted my sword to be special so I made sure to pay attention on which element to use.

At the end of class I changed out of my clothing and went to my next class which I had with Jess.
I teleported outside of Jess 2 period class and went when she came out I grabbed her hand and teleported us to the schools marble roof.

"AGH than its going to take a while for me to get use to that" she said while rubbing her stomach.
"Come here let me take of you" I said while I pulled her towards me. I pressed her against my chest and kissed her softly on the lips she kissed back and as we were kissing she nudged my lips with her tongue I opened my mouth to allow her intruder to come in and I did the same to her and in less than seconds we were in some serious make out section french kissing felt so different but not a bad different a good different. After 2 minutes she pushed me away trying to get my breath back.

"WOAH that was AWESOME" Jess said blushing at her statement but I felt just the same “Woah is the right word to describe that" I said out of breath” We better get going or we will be late for Animal Talent class" I said

I grabbed her wrist and teleported us into the class we took a seat next to each other as the teach walked in to the class.

"OK class as many of you have probably know this is advance animal talent class for those of you that have a greater power of magic"

"We will start with your pets as many of you have them a familiar is a pet that will stay with you for your hold life which makes them a little special but depending on how strong you are you can unite your pets characteristics with yours" A few faces in the classes turned into "What the fuck" looks the teacher apparently noticed because she said.

"Ok it’s pretty simple stay with me. Your familiar is a part of you when you choose them they already have all the qualities and personalities that match each other, and as the familiar expends time with you the more they take of your personality so what you can do its more like make their natural powers yours for example let’s say you’re familiar it’s a rat their power is mostly smell right" I few heads nodded in agreement.
"Well what you do is copy their power and make it your own so the person has a really strong sense of smell, for those of you which familiar is more magical like a dragon thats when this trick come in handy once you establish a connection with their power you can use their talent for fire so as long as you maintain the connection you can use fire at your will" A few smiles went around the room and a few groans from the people that did not have magical animals I had a question about the power so I asked.

"For how long can a person maintain this connection to their familiar" I asked the teacher when she had acknowledge me.

"First not all mages with the animal talent can connect to their familiars but those that can last depending on their power and connection to their pet, doing this is not easy it takes a lot of concentration and practice before you could even use it in real life battle" During class she went into more detail about the talent and how to use it and achieve it by the end of class she assigned for homework to bring you familiars next class to practice on them.

I walked out of class with Jess I decided to walk her to her class we were talking about how cool it would be to be able to connect with your pet and as we were talking I noticed I didn't know anything about my pet’s powers. I made a mental note to ask him later. I left Jess in her class and teleported to mine right before the bell rang I didn't know anybody in the class.

As Mr. Fox walked into class he wore a robe and glasses he was a little pale but the look in his eyes told a story like he had been alive for way longer than he showed.

"Ok class please pay attention this is Advance Fire talent class in here you will learn how to use your fire talent in day to day things and how to use it with other talents you may or may not have" As he was talking he made lots of eye contact with me.

"It also came to my attention yesterday that there is a student here who has a connection with the fire element which as many of you know is rare and highly respected. Jamie please meet up with me in your apprentice ship hour" he then continued through class talking about how to make fire figures and how to maintain them.

When I left I teleported into the door of Jess class so we could walk to spells class together as I was waiting Brad Cross passed me by he was looking at me like he wanted to kill me or something. When Jess came out we talked as we walked to class we took a seat next to each other and then Ms. Avila walked she looked to be in her mid-forties.

"Class this is spells class but you will learn how to cast spell and curses and how to overwrite them we will just go over the mental and different kinds of spells and curses today and then tomorrow we will practice"
"Some of you know about curses but there are many different kinds of curses which fall under certain categories such as Morphing curses/spells there are different kinds. The is also Persuading curses this two we will cover over the next Quarter" She talked about the different spell but by the end of class I was feeling nervous about the next day and how I would explain how i could do spells with my hands. Jess took notice of my nervousness.

"Whats wrong" She asked "nothing is just that I was thinking about how to explain to everyone about this" I said while I motioned tomy hands

"Just don't lie as long as you are confident you will be just fine" she said while giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

We walked into the dining hall and we parted ways to seat with our own tables when I sat a fairy pop next to the table to take my order and then pop and left. A few minutes later the food that I had ordered which was a steak well done with some baked sweet potato and some wine to drink. Most people were ordering sandwiches and burgers but I wanted steak. Mike came and we sat and talked with the other people in the table and had fun.

I left lunch early like 20 minutes before I had too. I walked around the school and decided to teleport into the library. Harrington mage school library is one of the biggest in the mage world so I wanted to check it out. The library was huge the wall were filled with books all the way to the top the ceiling was made of crystal letting a lot of light come in there were books flying around putting themselves away. The Liberian was at the front she was an old lady probably in her late eighties. I made my way around and as I looked I made my way to the dark section. There were books that talked about curses and many weird things. I grabbed one that seemed to have information on the infinity talent. I sat in a table and started reading.

Dangers of Infinity Talent:

This talent is rare but the few that get it have many problems when the person downloads information from the world wide knowledge bank they are opening themselves to suggestion from the individual that has that information. To understand this you have to first understand what this bank of world knowledge is.
The World Wide Knowledge Bank or the WWKB is just the knowledge of both regular humans and us mages put together or connected together but when a person with this talent grabbed information that only an unique person knows they also take a bit of their subconscious personality. This can be either good or bad because that leaves their mind opened to corruption. This does not happen every time the person gets knowledge from the WWKB but you never know when it could happen that is why people with this talent must be precocious of how much and what they download.

There are some ways to watch out for these viruses. The person with the talent must have a strong mind and soul. Here are some tips to achieve this.
Meditation can achieve both
Healthy body can promote a healthy soul and mind


The bell rang before I could finish I put the book were I had founded and grabbed my stuff and teleported to the Life Talent Class. Mr. Void was a really cool teacher he obviously had a real connection to the life talent. He only went over what I already knew how to heal things around you.

When class ended I just wanted to walk slowly to Mr. Electro class. When I came in I found a seat and relaxed Mr. Electro walked in and sat down and waited for everyone to calm down.
"Class of electricity" He said in a thick Russian accent.

"Electricity is a powerful talent if used correctly, as many of you know already you can take electricity and from once you have it inside yourself you can shoot it out" he said while doing the hand gestures.
"But what you will learn in this class is how to use it for other things apart from making lightning."
He went off to explain how the electricity talent works its weaknesses and his positives. By the end of class I knew a lot more about electricity talent.

When class ended I teleported into Mr. Fox class and waited for him to let his class out. When he did he motioned for me to fallow him into his office. Once inside he sat in his desk and told me to take a seat in front of him.

"Jamie I want to ask you a question and I want your opinion on it" he asked he had his hands folded in front of him and had a serious face.

"Yes sir ask me anything" I said

"I want you to become my fire apprentice."

"I don’t quite understand what you are asking Mr. Fox"

"Well I am the world’s strongest fire master and I want you to become my apprentice. Let me explain to you what it means to be a master each fire user once they graduate are given the title of Gendai these title says you graduated school and know about your class type. After Gendai there is Master which means you were the apprentice of a fire master which every class teacher in this school has to be before they become a teacher. But then there is the Master of the Masters which by lucky chance is me. My title is called Infernos Master only one person has it and I want you to be my successor" He said

I didn’t even have to think about it "Of course sir it would be my honor to be your apprentice" I said excitedly.
"Well to do so you would have to come to me this period and you won’t need to come to my Advance fire class this would be you're class for fire from now on."

"Ok" I said

"So how about we get started with the symbol of being my apprentice" He turned around and walk to a solid wall he said some words that I did not recognize and the wall turned into a door. He walked in and when he came out he was carrying a really cool looking amulet he handed it to me as he told me what it did "This a secret only to us Infernos Masters this amulet makes you completely immune to any fire attacks as long as you have a connection with the element, Sadly this amulet only works on very few people only people with a connection to fire. You have a connection to fire it can help you become stronger" I took the amulet an put it in the watch looking thing my dad had given me it went right in. The second it went in i felt the connection to it. It was like the amulet was a part of me and I was a part of it.

"Ok my apprentice, for today lets just get to know each other you can think of me more as a friend than an enemy for starters my first name is Erick you can call me that also tell me anything you think I should know about"

I was nervous about what I was about to say but if anyone could help keep it a secret it would be Mr. Fox "Well there is one thing I think you could help me with, you see during summer I came opun a spell that merges your hands with your wand and it almost cost me my life if it werent for my life talent and the fact that I am really strong" He was looking a little confused at my statement and I slowly went to my hand and removed my ring the illusion was banished and I was left with my distantly familiar light consuming black hands. Mr. Fox or Erick was looking shocked at this new statement" I know of this spell its was created but no one alive could achive it this is amazing but most people will classify you as a freak and try to get the spell done to them we need to keep this a secret" he said obiously thinking over a plan
I will ask Victoria if she could give you classes privately instead of in public with you classmates I will also tell her about your condition she will find it most intriguing" he said

" I was also thinking if you could help me with finding a material for my sword that I must built my the end of the week" He looked at me with serious thinking face. I was getting nervous under his gaze thinking I had done something wrong.

"I think you are the right person to be given this" he went back into the closet looking room and came back with a a sword it looked old but new like age didnt affect the material it was made of.

"Here this sword is another relic of the infernos Master this sword was forged from the rock of an exploting star with the fire of a dragon and enhanced with magic to make it undistructable". he gave me the the sword and I slowly unsheated it. The sword was red like blood red but the heges where is supposed to cut where black the sword was light weight like a feather in my hand.

"Thank you very much sir for the presents and for choosing me to be your apprentice"


Hope you like it i really worked hard the next update is going to take a while probably a month on more.

1 mage point = 1 USA dollar

questions on why he did't pay for food they take the mage points out when you get the food.

suggestions always accepted dont forget to participate in my contest. ????

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