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A Tale of Two Islands
Part 3

A little back ground but you should read chapters one and two.

Part three is the last part of a true story. Bobby is the brother , Kay is the 17 year old sister, Ariel younger than Kay at 15, and the neighbor friend, Angelina(Angel) ,who looks like a model out of Victoria Secret catalog, is 16. Kay is built well ; tall with a great set of tits. She has a slim waist and long legs. For Bobby she is smug and already put in her place. BITCH. While Angel, typical athletic shape, has smallish breasts and a needle waist. Ariel has the model shape also with rounded curves and long legs, slightly smaller breasts that Kay, standing 5 foot 8 inches. Bobby is the oldest and very experienced with sex. His cock is not giant but suited for his frame and height . He refers to this as a weapon at 7 inches full aroused. he is 18 years old and in a position of trust from his parents Cathy and John. They occupy East and west dollar Island, two two acre Islands in the coast of Lake George.

They are vacationing on a large Sea Ray 36 foot cruiser, docked at the only dock on the two islands. That allows cooking and more that enough sleeping area. John and Cathy make frequent visits to the island over the one week vacation to make sure all is well. These islands are alone on the edge of the lake shore and desolate. Bobby continues..

About three in the morning I was awoke by Angel crying, entering the cabin, I found that in my absence Kay had been tonguing Angel's sore pussy. Kay fell asleep at the bottom of the king sized bed probably from all the orgasms she had torturing Angel. a dildo was out and a vibrator was still actively buzzing .
I would have liked to see that session. Angel was still tied to the bed but her tits and stomach were covered with Kay's cum. She must have rode Angel cowboy style when she came. What ever happened i'm sure that Kay held the upper hand during the encounter.

Anyway, Angel had pissed and shit the bed. I'm sure it was from the orgasms she received from Kay's night work. No one let her up to pee. The pee had flowed under Kay so now she slept in Angels urine. Angel was crying softly with a nasty red and bloody pussy. Kay showed no mercy on the poor girl. Fuck It she had already messed up the bed so I turned around and left them both as I found them. I happen to notice that Ariel was in a side berth with no clothes on. my dick got hard immediately but passed on fucking her. It looked as though she had a part in torturing Angel. Her cum or some ones cum was all over her legs, stomach and tits. she must have squirted when she came.

It was time for me to take a bath in the lake. Taking a bar of soap, I dove in the water at end of the boat dock. From that angle I could see the other group on East dollar. Keep in mind that it was still late at night and there was a full moon that lighted the other peoples campsite well. They had lanterns and a cooking stove set up. I swam over their way watching for any signs of movement. I was right at the side of their boat and in the shadows. I could just stand up and hold the boat. From here i could see all 4 people. The boy that pissed on Kay's head was about 18 years old and a former high school Basket ball player. His girl friend was sleeping next to him with a blanket covering them both. from the pile of swim suits that was next to them , I assume they had an enjoyable evening and were still naked under the blanket. Boy 2 was a unknown ,looked like a local but hard to tell. He slept sitting with his back against a big rock. His girl friend curled up in the "V" of his opened legs. They were both naked. Her face inches from his cock. Her face was covered by dried cum and ropes of cum that were visible even in the moon light. Her fingers were still up her cunt.

I swam over to our dock and spent the early morning eating everything I could find short of cooking something. All the sex over the last few days and I forgot to eat that much. Sun came up and I went down and untied Angel , she was still asleep .

Kay unfortunately was awake and started to give me a load of shit about Angel. I was to stop fucking her or she would have to go home with bruise marks on her chest and one red pussy which was still bleeding from inside and the pussy lips were raw. Her ass was still oozing fluid that I took as my cum. I must have blasted far up her ass last night. she was really a train wreck. Face was puffy from my beard eyes were swollen. Make up would not cover this when John and Cathy showed up any time now. Road hard put away wet came to mind.

So now I'm fucked for sex. Angel recovering was only good for blow jobs, kay was out of the picture, she would not service me at all. To be honest I had a hard time relating to Ariel like I did kay, she was not interested beyond her participation a few days ago. Possibly she was a lesbian like Kay but just seemed not interested in my cock being anywhere near her. I could have taken her at any time, overpowered her in a minute. My interests now turned to the new group.

Sneaking over using cover from the bushes on the island, I found a spot that was ten yards from the camp but was totally invisible. I had tossed my bathing trunks on our picnic table before I started over. My focus was on the two girls, one was 5 foot 8 inches about and had dark brown hair. Double c cups and a small waist. A clean shave pubic area with a trimmed "arrow" shaped from her cunt hair that pointed to her pussy. She had a little clam shaped pussy with the lips on the inside. what a turn on. She showed no embarrassment as she walked next to the boy friend who I will call Boy 1 , he was a year in back of me in High School. He did have a small speedo on but it just out lined his cock as it snaked up his stomach the head of his erect cock poking above his suit. impressive.

Boy 2 was a younger version of boy 1 and probably his brother now that I can compare them standing side by side. He was also gifted with a huge cock that open to full view in a semi erect condition as he played grab ass with his girl friend. The boy 2 's girl friend was a sophomore at my high school and thought to be prissy and stuck up, looking at her now she was beautiful. taller than the other girl and slimmer at the waist and hips. maybe 36-24-35 with the 36 being D cup. She was standing in front of the fire naked. I noticed a string sticking out of her bald pussy. I knew she was a swimmer and again had to be devoid of body hair. Her pussy was a medium size with a little show of her lips on the outside. Her ass was her best area. that little red dot was high in the cheeks of her ass. Easily available from a doggie style entry. They were both very tan all over their body. The string is what puzzled me. her period? This made her ass hole more desirable.
Boy 2 finally caught Girl 2 and bent down in front of her with his mouth at her pussy level. He started to pull the string out of her pussy. The girl ran for the nearest cover and knelt down legs wide open. The string was attached to a set of golf ball sized metal balls that were in line on the string. Every time she removed one she would shudder in orgasm. The boy finally pulled all them out in one fast move and the girl convulsed in delight,her ass moving rapidly with her hands inside the lips of her pussy, lips that are now being pulled and twisted by the boy. His other hand was stroking his cock.

The first girl with the arrow shaved pussy was on all fours rapidly fingering herself as she looked intently at the other couple. Her boy friend, boy 1, was behind her fucking her twat. I could not see. only the humping motion was in my view. The girl cried and started to pull away as boy 1 chased her as she crawled toward me giving me a great view of her ass and that red anus. He positioned her with her ass high in the air before him pushed his cock into that little hole and started his assault, his cock slammed into her ass from behind. His dick was about half way in but he was stroking hard. No lube, no preparation truly a rape of that girls ass hole. His balls were firmly in the grip of the girl as she had reached under her pussy to capture the swaying ball sack .she gave it a squeeze as he pushed his cock to the limit slapping her ass cheeks hard.

That was all I could stand, with the picture of the metal balls being pulled out of the girl's pussy, I came with such force it shot ropes of cum all over the bushes in front of me. Boy 1 finished on the top of his girl's ass cheeks rubbing the cum around her pussy with the head of his cock. Girl #2 was still resting from a marathon encounter with the ben-wa balls. her friend was also resting after jerking off to the same sight that made me cum.

Everybody was resting and I decided to crawl out of the area back to my island. I left my bathing trunks on the picnic table and they were gone. Kay had found them and when she and Angel cleaned the back cabin, they used my trunks to wipe the cum off the bed . As I had just one pair of trunks, I decided to go around with my cock swinging back and forth always semi erect. I was not dressed for a visit from Mom and Dad , but I could hear the motor as they came from the mainland in their little boat. I looked around quickly and everything was in place except Angel She still looked like she had a bad night before. I ran into the cabin to pull on some cutoffs and Angel when to put some make up on her face and comb her hair. Kay was dressed with a t-shirt and cut offs, Ariel in much the same clothes.

That evening was a combination of good food from my parents and no sex. The downstairs cabin smelled like clorox from the cleaning Kay gave the whole inside of the boat. John and Cathy left early the next morning before I got up. They must have been satisfied because they had nothing they needed to tell me. their small boat made waves as the motor became less noise as they made their way back to the marina. all safe again for more sex.

Sleeping on the swim platform was cool and comfortable all night , I was cradled in my truck inner tube. I did dream of those ben-wa balls most of the night. As I'm sure this adventure with Angel will continue after this vacation is over, maybe I can get a set for my use on her. Except I would like to shove all those balls up Angel's ass and pull them out fast. That may losen up her little red hole enough where I can fuck it next time. Again, off came the cutoff jeans and I kept my t-shirt on . It covered the head of my cock but left my balls exposed. Again I had a raging hard cock ready for adventure.

My first victim was Kay. The bitch was a problem but I was suprised she had not turned me in to Mom and Dad especially given the physically poor condition of her friend Angel. That was entirely my fault but I have no regrets. I may even fuck her hard today. Angel is my constant companion now when I am busy around the campsite. she wears a dog rope around her neck and what ever I command her to wear. now she has a t-shirt on and that is all. It just covers her pussy. Ariel has shone a little interest in the was I have Angel restrained. She too is walking around with a t-shit on and a thong underwear bottom. Not the type that you would want to get wet.

I decided to teach angel what it is like to be a slave for a very demanding master. I hold the rope and she follows at my heel for a few yards on her hands and knees. She is sitting in the sand again and I get pissed.

I yell at her and call her stupid. by having her pussy in the sand is what caused the fleas to crawl up her cunt leaving it raw. If her pussy is raw she will not want to fuck hard. I pull hard on the leash and she stands up crying because she still is not aware of what she was doing wrong. I reach down and separate her pussy lips to see if any sand or fleas are up her pussy. fortunately she is clean. However one grain of sand in the pussy when my cock enteres her will cause a lot of damage to my cock and her cunt. I told her to stop crying and suck my cock. she can't cry and suck at the same time. I put my foot between her shoulder and press down until her tits are in the sand and her asshole is pointing straight up in the air on her knees. I can't decide where to put it, but the dryness of her ass hole makes that decision for me. She is not producing enough of her own lube in her pussy to get her ass hole wet as well. I pull on her leash until she dog walks over to the blanket. Forcing her down on her knees, I flipped her on her back tits up. I drop to my one knee in a swift move that takes my cock half way into her pussy in one stroke. She was sore but she was incredably wet. The force burried her ass in the sand with my cock still in her little pussy.

Raising her up, I hold her in my arms with her still embedded on my cock. She rests on my lap. We seem to be stuck in that half in and out condition. She grunts a few time and manages to suck my cock down her pussy hole with a her lube flowing out the sides. Now for the fun part.

Kay , always an opportunist, saw what was happening and started to suck Angles little tits. Fingering her clit and my dick at the same time. Angel was ready and started to move with a bucking movement. Kay licked and sucked the pussy areas and sucked for a few seconds on my balls. She had cum already and was trying for more . I watched her fingers move rapidly in her own twat. Kay came again and moved off my legs. that left Angel and myself for the final explosion. Five minutes and it was over. she came at least 5 times, and I came but not very forcefull as the week grew later, my semen supply was running low. Into the water in a flash and washed her juices off of me. some of my cum was on her pussy lips. she stood in the water used her own fingers to clean my cock and suck the cum off my soft dick. When Angel sucked my dick clean it was very soft. It was a fantastic sensation to try and see if she could get me hard again. she sucked for 15 minutes until it was raw. but it felt good. but even licking my balls caused no reaction from my sore, worn out cock. She looked at me and asked if she could kiss me ,she did long and hard. We were attched now. I looked into her eyes as she lay in my arms head on my shoulder and her small tits pointing into my chest. Even in her pain from a week of fucking she would do it again if I asked her.

This would be a problem after we got home and she wanted ever ounce of my cum every day.

Angel now lay on her stomach on the blanket she was resting between my legs , she would take my cock in her mouth but she was asleep and it rested next to her face. I eased my balls out from under her chin and backed away after a few hours of sleep.. My fucking was done for the day and more. I opened up the food locker and made myself some dinner. I carried Angel to the rear deck but spread her arms and legs wide apart. any one that came by got a great view of my slave sleeping nude on the deck. Of course at that hour no one was around.

After that evening no one was in the mood or condition for sex. We spent the last day before we were picked up sleeping and dreaming of what we all did

during our Summer vacation. No one told of what went on that Summer as far as I know. Kay was in her Senior year in high school, Ariel was working hard with after school jobs and Angel was always there when I came home for a weekend from College. We fucked each other as if that Summer never ended.

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2013-04-12 18:15:28
I liked it. If it is a true story, I'm sure maybe the root was a true story, but embelished in a interesting way. write more

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Spell check and capitalize names....

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Great 3rd part. part 2 was just OK. is this the end?

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