A fantasy become Reality continues....
The fantasy which became romantic reality when finally I met her was destined to be it seems….I had been chosen to continue the line of Mystics (I prefer the term ‘Seers’)
But, in truth, this Reality which became more Magical every minute, more fantastic and mysterious and loving every one of the short days we spent together – it changed my Life into something I could never have foreseen…the Story takes me where it will….

Part 1

(From Ch. 2:
“I gave you your sperm back to impregnate my daughter yesterday, it being the most auspicious time for her. Long J gave you the sperm to impregnate Pung and I, rather selfishly, let you keep more sperm to impregnate me again – and you should know: I believe you have given me twins; well, in fact, I know it, and this is a very rare occurrence in my family line, in our Clan, very special....”
“We must leave within the week, Steve, before we begin to show too much.....”)

And so my beautiful, mystical lover, Long (the ‘J’ for Junior I added to avoid confusion with her mother and even Grandmother, whenever I was to meet her, was called by the same name – right along the line of these Seers (or Mystics as they called themselves, or Witches as many superstitious Thais referred to them) would soon leave me, her mother also, to go wherever they go to have their 3 month pregnancy and their baby/babies.
I was distraught at the thought of being without her, but I had a similarly pregnant Pung, imbued with some of the Clan’s mystique owing to my sperm being somehow brought back from the dead to impregnate the 3 of them, and she and I would make a life together with our new baby – how that was to work when I was already married, I had yet to figure out, but Long had assured me it would.

With Neng now settled in as live-in housekeeper, the house was now taken care of, so I showered, intending to return to Long’s, but my phone rang; it was my wife happy and exuberant to say she wanted me and her family to go out for dinner as she had been promoted and wanted to celebrate her huge extra salary.
Of course, I also had news for her; I had engaged Neng to take care of the house; if Long’s implanted thoughts worked, she should be happy about this also tonight.

She was my wife, and if not for meeting Long J, she and I would have continued in this non-marriage – marriage of convenience; I decided I should share in her happiness this one evening at least, even if she couldn’t understand what part I had played in what had happened for her.
I arranged where to meet her, a restaurant close by we used to often go to, and I went upstairs to change into something a little better to ‘go out’ – my euphemism when I left the front entrance of my Village, in which I wore whatever was relaxing, from nothing at all, sometimes at home, to just t-shirt and shorts.

My clothes were in the big double wardrobe in the spare room – the room I had given to Neng, but I had no solution to this sharing with Neng: the walk-in robe in my wife’s room was full of her clothes and items - hence mine were in the new ‘robe we bought for the unused spare room.
Neng was in the room when I knocked and she laughed; “You don’t have to knock, Khun Steve, come in any time you need anything.”
“Sorry, Neng, I will try and take out my clothes for the day at a more suitable time, but now I need better clothes to go out for dinner with my wife and family; she got promoted and a salary increase today, so I guess I should join her at least for dinner.”

“It’s all right Steve, Long explained both your home life and about your wife’s ‘good luck’ today; I understand most things, though not all between you and Long and her daughter, but I don’t have a need to know everything.”
“Go ahead and change – I won’t look; well, I will try not to look...”She gave that beautiful little laugh I had learned to smile upon hearing, just in one day, so I chose a better pair of shorts and a blue polo-style shirt I liked.
I didn’t need my shirt on yet, and I could have just carried my shorts out and changed downstairs – but I decided we might as well get the introductions fully done, so I took my old shorts off and stood in my black nylon briefs; Neng came to me and felt my crotch, my cock responding and straining to be free; “Does this come with the house also, Khun Steve – perhaps sometimes?”
I stroked her face and down her throat and over her breasts and growing nipples; “Sometimes, young Neng...sometimes.”
She pouted as she said “But not just now, right?” I nodded “Not just now, lovely Neng.”

Neng kissed me nevertheless and then bent down and gently put my shorts over my feet, up my legs and then roughly over my extended cock; she patted my crotch, “See you later, my Boss.”

I had time and went back to Long’s for a beer, sitting at a table out the front; I explained I was going to dinner with my wife – ‘thank you for what you have done Long” – and she and Long J understood; only Pung was a little miffed: her libido was well rested and had fired up again.
I sent my thoughts to Long and Long J; “Ah, thank you for Neng, but ah, she seems to have um, a strong sex drive also; did you plan it this way too?”
They chuckled audibly and Pung looked a little nonplussed, but then a new chuckle came into my mind “Perhaps you just give girls a heightened sex drive, Boss – after all, you do have something special to offer.”
“Neng is able to come into this communication loop too?” I asked Long and Long J; they nodded, and I rolled my eyes: there will be no more secrets in my Life, will there!
3 thoughts came straight back to me “Absolutely no secrets at all, Khun Steve/Steve/Boss.”
I finished my beer and drove off to meet the family for dinner, smiling to myself at Neng’s parting thought as I turned the key: “Oh you have just turned me on, Boss, rev, rev....”
“Now I need concentrate on driving, nong Neng; please calm down and turn off for a while.”

Dinner with the family of my wife had become a rare event lately; I had stopped going to their birthday dinners, festival times, family memory days – just didn’t seem right when my wife and I were so estranged in reality.
But tonight, my wife was naturally in a very good mood – not only from her promotion and salary increase, but her mood was ebullient and joyful, even – or, especially, with me.
So when I told her I had hired a girl to take care of the house, a girl highly recommended by a good friend of mine, she didn’t bat an eyelid; she said “Wonderful, samii, thank you; if you say she is fine then I am sure she is. Did you settle her in the spare room, show her everything?”
“Yes, that is all done, and she did fine today certainly, no complaints at all.” A chuckle came into my thoughts, and I thought back a retort of “Go away for a while Neng, please.”
“I may not be home some nights; there is a group of pregnant women from Chantaburi I have befriended, and I have said I will support them as best I can until they return to their homes, perhaps next week I will take the youngest and drive her there; you ok with that?”
“Yes, yes, you always were a nice man, my husband; guess I drifted away from you, but now it seems all ok, whatever you need to do, yes, that’s fine.”

Another beer later, the family still eating, I kissed my wife on the cheek, bade my good nights, claiming tiredness, and drove home alone. My wife had whispered “Will you sleep with me tonight, my husband?” I kissed her cheek again and shook my head: that is over.

Well, not home; I went to Long’s, parked in the side soi, and I spent every moment I could for the next 4 days in the company of and the arms of Long J; at night, I slept in the middle of the 3 women in Long’s bed, which seemed to have grown to accommodate the 4 of us.
Neng had some thoughts about me not coming home much, but perhaps she didn’t know, as I did, that time was running out.
Apart from Pung, with her continuing insatiable appetite for coupling, the others, both Mother and Daughter, seemed to know I just wanted to be close to them for these last few days, joining in physical union was les by comparison to just being with them.

And then, one morning, they were gone. I woke, with Pung in my embrace, but I knew it: Long and Long J were not felt within me; the aura I always felt in their presence was missing, was gone like a puff of breeze.
I began to weep, my tears falling down my cheeks to Pung’s hair and through there to her cheek; she woke and reached her lips up to my eyes, kissing away the tears as they welled, making little cooing sounds to the crying baby in her arms.
“It was time, my husband; they told me last night. I know you loved them, loved Long J, as did I; but I love you to, and I am here for you now, whatever happens in the future.”
I sniffled away my tears, and held Pung tightly; “I love you also, Pung; but Long J introduced me to a new Life, as she did for you also, so I am upset she and her mother have gone. But I do know you are here, as am I for you, for us...” and I patted her abdomen and stroked it, the body of Pung in which our baby was being nourished.

“Now, we will make a life together, nong Pung, my wife – and we need to make you truly my official consort, somehow, so our baby has a real mother and father on their papers.”
“It shall be done as you request, Khun Steve” Long’s thought came to me; “we had to leave now, trust in Pung’s love.”
I sent back “I do and I will, mother Long.”

Part 2

When Pung needed her rest periods, I went home, not only so the neighbours saw me, but to see if Neng was getting along ok with my wife and if she had any problems.
She smiled gaily to see me, finished ironing a last shirt of my wife’s and took the clothes upstairs to hang in the cupboard. “I have made a list of what we are short of, Khun Steve, so I need to go shopping today.”
I looked at her list, standard washing powder and conditioner, shampoo and conditioner, dishwashing liquid, etc, and I said “If you want we can go now in the car and get it all done, nong.”
She beamed, “I hoped you would offer, Khun Steve; 5 minutes – I need a quick shower and put a bra on!” I hadn’t failed to notice she worked in a loose t-shirt and shorts every time.
Off in the car to Tesco Lotus; I pushed the trolley, showed Neng the aisles where her listed items were, and kept my eye out for special items I bought for my foreign tastes: black sauce, pickles, vinegar, frozen vegetables, potatoes I peel, steam and mash myself, sausages I like, and my particular bread and milk; Neng made notes of all these things “just for you, Khun Steve,”
List complete, I asked if there were things she particularly liked for herself, for her own food; she murmured “yes, a few” so we headed to those aisles and she took items of mainly cooking ingredients and condiments and then some particular vegetables and meat cuts she liked.

We were wandering up the main aisle towards the Cashier’s when she paused to browse the clothes; “Do you mind Khun Steve, just a few minutes?” I smiled ok and just hung around as she pulled items off their hooks to study – flashes of Long J doing the same and asking my opinion a short week ago in my mind, sad yet happy reminiscing.
Neng also stopped at the lingerie and, a la Long, held bras up to her chest asking for my opinion: a see-through black set and then a beautiful purple satin set, cool and beautifully smooth to the touch.
She chose one more, a sexy one, low cups and thong panties; she looked at me and I nodded, jokingly said “But please don’t work in the house with just those on as your ‘uniform’” She giggled and checked her size – “soon I will need 34C size I am sure, not these tiny 32B’s; I am very small, aren’t I Khun Steve?”
A loaded question: “You are lovely, nong Neng; you are still developing, but I am sure you will be even lovelier in years to come.”
Next it was some new t-shirts and shorts, loose shirts for work, more stylish for going out perhaps; shorts hugging into her crotch, showing the outline of her cunt lips – here in the middle of the shopping centre!

We bought it all with my credit card, though I remembered to also give my membership card for my free points – just the normal thing to do – and 9,000Bt later we pushed the trolley down the ramp to load it all in the car, and head home to unload and pack things away.

I took my shirt off, changed into my house shorts and sat down with a beer while Neng cut off the tags from her purchases and I heard her loading them in the washing machine; I went into the kitchen to make sure she knew how to use the ‘delicate’ cycle.
She was standing, her back to me, stark naked, obviously deciding to wash everything. “You should be in a ‘delicate’ wash also, nong Neng; your body seems as soft and sleek as your new satin bra and panties.”
She turned with a smile, beguiling me to study her front; “Would you like to give me that ‘delicate wash’ Khun Steve, or anything else you fancy?”

Was it a betrayal of Pung if I did this?
“No, Steve, it wouldn’t be; your sex drive won’t diminish, and Pung, for all her libido and needs, will rest sometimes when you still want more: this is why Neng is here, for you.”
Long was clearly attuned to my thoughts almost constantly, for some matters of importance at least, and I smiled at Neng; “Perhaps we will start here and make sure the washing is ok for a few minutes.”
I dropped my shorts, lifted her buttocks up, her breasts lying on the edge of the machine, and I inserted my cock into her vagina just as the machine stopped filling with water and the washing cycle began to vibrate her body dancing on my growing pole within her.
She squealed long and almost louder than the machine’s noise, slid herself back until it was my prick holding her up almost by itself; she clearly wanted all of me inside her, and she got it. I decided this first fuck was what Neng had been wanting, neither romance nor a slow gentle build up: just a furious fucking so she would know my words from earlier, ‘that sometimes yes, I do come with the house...’ were for real.
Now she knew, so perhaps next time we joined our bodies it might be very different – then again, she certainly did seem to very quickly raise the subject of sex after I had hired her as housekeeper...we shall see.

I continued to raise her up and down, in and out with my cock, and then the machine began spinning and the vibrations came through Neng’s body to my own; this was quite exciting and a novel approach to ‘having a fuck in various parts of the house’ idea.
She was climaxing now, juices other than washing water were running down my inside thighs, and her moans and head rolling from side to side suggested she was spent, and I let her relax down slowly before pulling out a very wet cock and cuddling her breasts, which I had yet to fondle.
She groaned and leaned back against my body; “I needed that” she huffed out, “I needed to know what you might do with me; thank you, Boss, now I know. Now I do need that shower.”
“You go upstairs to the hot water, Neng; I just want a quick cold one here; what I need is another beer.”

She turned in my arms and kissed me fervently; “Don’t, please, stay away from me too long, Boss; I will need you more and more: we have much for you to teach me.”She kissed me again and snuck around the corner and up the stairs, and I just walked around the corner to my bathroom for a shower there.

By the time my first beer was finished, so was the washing, so I took it all outside and hung it out to dry before Neng had even finished her shower.
She came down and was embarrassed to find I had done her job, but I shushed her and said I had been doing it for so many years: hard habits were hard to break.
We were comfortable together; Long had chosen well for my housekeeper.

I was about to head back to Long’s house when my phone rang; it was Pung, “Samii, I am on a minibus going home; my aunty called to say my mother was ill and I should be there, so I just rushed off.”
“Why didn’t you call me, Pung? I would drive you and stay there with you....”
“I am not sure, my husband, but I had the strangest thought in my head which told me to ‘go’ and my husband would follow soon, when he packs clothes and organises his house and is ready to move down with me in some days or a week. It was really weird, but I understood it, so I am going myself and you come when you are ready to come, my husband.”

Neng was behind my shoulder, rubbing my back gently.
I knew where the thought had come from; Neng was now in my mind, her thought: “Just a week, Boss, give me one week, then go to her.”
“I will be there before a week is up Pung, my wife, trust me; I hope your mother improves, but call me every day or night ok? And take care of yourself, and of our baby.”
“I will samii – there is nothing more important to me than you and our baby.” She hung up, and I turned to Neng, my thought sent to her: “I didn’t know you could do that; Long should have told me.”
She smiled and said audibly “I wanted one week, my Boss; after that Long will intervene and take away this power if I abuse it any more. I promise I won’t, I just couldn’t overcome the need I have for you. Believe me, her mother is ill, but not seriously; she will be fine in a week and your ‘wife’ will be calm and relaxed when you go to her. But for now: you are mine, isn’t that wonderful!”

“Neng, I need to be able to trust you – can I?”
She was calm and demure, circling her arms around my neck, pressing her breasts against my chest, her groin against my cock (rising despite my tone); “Of course you can Boss; I will do everything in your house better than it has ever been done before – everything, for your house and for you!”

Somehow it was 16.30; “I am going for a beer around the corner Neng, I need to think; be home later.”
I took my book to try and read, keep thoughts from my head for a while, but one of the group of ‘old men’ of which I was one came early also, so the 3 pages I had seemed to read were the last.
“Haven’t seen you much Khun Steve” he said. He had a wife and a second wife, but I wasn’t going to share my new life with him: he had a big mouth. “Busy” was all I said and drank my beer.

A second bottle and others of our 4-5 member group began trickling in as the time ticked over towards 18.00 and 18.30; the others also commented on my absences but they weren’t too invasive, though a couple had seen my car parked up at Long’s restaurant: “I love the food there lately” I responded, wondering if I should go home.
But while mulling this idea over, my wife came past on a motorcycle taxi, waved and continued home, so I opened another bottle, letting her go home and meet Neng for a while; she would then probably go around the corner to her sister’s house, where her mother also lived, so I sat on here, joining in desultory conversation at times, but unnecessarily as my Thai ‘friends’ talked more each mouthful/bottle of beer they drank and didn’t really need my input much.
Someone mentioned the date and that triggered a jolt in my brain....but just then my phone rang, “Pung, everything ok, how’s your mother?”
“She’s ok, samii; she stayed in the hospital overnight, but she is home now, just needs medication and rest, but she should be fine. How are you?”
“Yes, getting on ok; hang on....” I got up from the table and wandered out of earshot “...Are you and the baby ok, Pung; I need you take care of yourself.”
“Yes, Steve; don’t worry, just try and come soon, please; I miss you – ‘we’ miss you.”
“I will, Pung; but something has just this minute hit me: I have a flight to Vietnam booked in, must be 6 more days; it is time for me to renew my 12 month Thai visa, and I do it in Vietnam every year without problems. I totally forgot about it until someone mentioned today’s date.”
“Oh no, Steve, how long will you be away?”

“Maximum one week Pung. I will try and ask Long if she can help, but I doubt even she can put Immigration visas and stamps in my Passport. Anyway, I will have everything organised here before I go, fly there, come back and be down to you the following day after I return; promise Pung.”
“Ok Steve, I understand; then we will stay together; it won’t be a long pregnancy, you know that don’t you?”

“Yes, I know, Pung; I promise: as fast as I can. Don’t worry, rest, and feel our baby growing; buy anything you want, you know you can, so make yourself, your mother and the baby comfortable. Call you tomorrow, or better you call me so I don’t wake you from a rest or something, ok? I love you Pung, and our baby, sleep well, love.”
“The same from me to you, my husband; I love you.”

While walking back to my seat, my wife came past in her sister’s car; ‘going for dinner’ she motioned and I waved ‘ok’.
I rejoined the others, drank some beer, lit a cigarette and then sent a thought to Long: “Did you hear what I told Pung, Long? Guess you can’t help at all?”
“I am sorry, Steve, we are bound by our Laws from interference in the Sovereign affairs of the country we live in. What I will do is contact a member of our Clan in Vietnam and advise of your coming; she will help you if in need; be well, Steve. We send our Love, Long J and I.”

I had had enough here with my acquaintances, only one of whom - the ‘Professor’ his nickname, as he was a University Lecturer – did I class as a friend and he and I often sat in companionable silence, if just the 2 of us, or spoke when we had something to actually say; but he wouldn’t appear for a while yet, so I sent a thought to Neng “Had dinner yet, nong Neng – want to go out?”
“I’ll be ready when you come home, Boss! Our first ‘date’ wow!” I smiled, and a thought could obviously convey that feeling also as a sound of laughter came back to my mind.

I paid for my beers, told the guys I was going out for dinner and rode my bike home; went to the toilet inside, changed into my ‘better’ going-out shirt, and called for Neng; she came downstairs, almost waltzing, a short denim skirt (to show off her legs) and a tight nice light-blue shirt (to show her 32B breasts to their maximum); minimal make-up, a hint of gloss, hair long and left flowing free: “You look beautiful, my housekeeper.”
“Thank you, Boss – or may I call you Khun Steve when we are out on a ‘date’?”
I didn’t bite, “Khun Steve will be just fine, nong Neng; ready to go – have any money?” She looked rather askance and I laughed loudly, “Come on, joking, my lovely Neng.”

I drove to the end of the Village, saw my sister-in-law’s car parked there, so knew they were eating at the restaurant; I drove left and right and went to the same place I had been last night with my wife, but to the restaurant next door to that one; parked and escorted Neng in.

Neng was like a newly betrothed young woman, clutching my arm as we sat at a table – outside, I insisted – so I could smoke, and I made her sit opposite me, not next to.
The menu came; I just ordered a beer and ice, Neng only water while she chose the dishes she wanted; fine with me, I knew I would pick at a little food, but never really ate much anyway.
Neng was so happy to be out, with me – she twittered like a little bird, and played ‘footsies’ under the table with me.
My beer came, her water, and then the food – all packed and ready to take away! “I invited you out for dinner, nong; why aren’t you eating here?”
“I am, Boss; wait, one dish I ordered takes longer, but these I want us to eat at home, tonight/tomorrow will be ok.”
I poured her water and added ice and she ‘cheered’ me, and then the 2 crabs came.
As a gentleman, I should have broken them up and served to Neng – but they were too damn hot for me! So Neng did it; breaking off legs and offering them to my mouth to suck the flesh: the way she did it was quite erotic. I felt my cock grow in my shorts – and, as if she knew, Neng’s foot came seeking my crotch, manipulating my cock into stronger growth as she fed me more crab.
“I know you don’t need extra stimulation, my Boss, but I like to manipulate.”
I nodded, “So I have already understood, nong Neng – for one so young, you are quite a remarkable young lady – and a very good housekeeper.”
“There are more talents you haven’t seen or felt yet, Boss...sorry, Khun Steve; you will will.”

The second crab was cooler now, enough for me to repay the feeding; I broke off the legs, cracked the shell with my teeth and offered them, one by one, to Neng’s mouth to suck out the meat, as she had done for me.
The body was harder, but the waitress came over with a nut-cracker and broke through the outer shell and left me, with a gentle nudge to my back from her thigh, to peel it open and break it with my fingers into the gooey insides; I pushed the plate to Neng and said I was going to wash my hands; “You can finish the rest, nong; I have had enough.”
I left her sucking and slurping on the crab and walked over to the toilets, where wash basins and soap were outside; I had just washed my hands and rinsed them when a pair of hands propelled me sideways and forwards and into one of the toilets, the door closed behind me and then I was spun around.

It had taken all of 3 seconds, I guess, and I was facing our waitress as she frantically unbuttoned her shirt, opened her front-clasped bra, slipped out of her skirt and panties and then ripped my elastic-waist shorts and underpants down off my legs, my cock exposed.
It wasn’t erect, but seemed to be enough for this young woman; “I knew it would be magical and beautiful, but never this beautiful....fuck me, quickly, my cousin Steve, I want you!”
‘Cousin Steve’ – how could that be? “Don’t ask questions; you are a cousin to the Clan, and I want to share you before that bitch, distant cousin Neng gets her claws into’s all right, Long J told me what to do: this!”

She leaned against the door as she locked it and pulled my cock to her from behind, extending its girth and length as she did so; and then she plunged me into herself, a wet, dripping vagina just waiting for me.
Long J told her to do this? I was overwhelmed and out of my depth, but my cock wasn’t: it knew its own, independent job, and that was to plumb the depths of any cunt which beckoned.
And here was....”What’s your name?” “Ling; and that makes me 2nd generation of the Clan, down one scale from the Longs, but way above the Nengs!”
My cock burrowed its way in, but was only half depth when she began moaning; she was way too small and tight for me to penetrate, but what was in her gave her a climax and she hissed “Yes, I wanted that” and she opened her cunt wider and sucked me further inside and climaxed again; “Yes, that is so close; one more time...” and she opened her body and pulled my whole length in, hitting her womb’s walls surely, but, against my conscious will, she sucked my cock of its semen without me even feeling it was coming.

Was Long telling the truth when she said my sperm was now back in retirement, so to speak? I hope so, or the force of my semen would have penetrated her womb and bombarded her eggs with fighting little fish like a blitzkrieg of miniature bombs!
She screamed, and I bit at her neck in my passion, for the first time fondling her breasts hard in my hands; they were gloriously supple, natural, sleek and full and heavy in my hands - and her nipples were...oh my, leaking fluid: milk!
Ling stopped screaming, began calming, her cuntal lips holding my throbbing, pumping cock inside, sealing my offering inside, all the time sucking so strongly on me; “Yes, I am pregnant, but he is a nothing; it was a rape, but now your sperm will overcome his and will give me a pure born baby: that is why I had to do this when Long told me you were coming. She and Long J gave me their blessing, but they knew if they asked you to do this, you would have been too shy, so I had no choice, they told me, but to rape you.”
“I didn’t mind raping you at all, Khun Steve!” She giggled and began releasing me from my cock’s assault on her baby-making organs.

“Don’t worry, Neng will want your sperm also, but Long won’t allow this – but I think she will want to try very many times to get pregnant by you!”
“Now, I will thank you” and she made a deep wai and bow to me; “You have saved me from a baby by rape and given me a baby by my own choice of father: a member of my own Clan, as it should be.”
“Now, back to the crab-eater, Khun Steve; she is just about to come and wash her hands – no problem, I will disappear.”
Ling had dressed as she talked and even pulled my briefs and shorts up; she leaned to my mouth and hungrily kissed me, sucking my saliva into her mouth: “for the baby to know you” she said, “thank you again for saving me and my baby.”

I tried to think of what I had said to Ling: ‘nothing’ was the answer, and she laughed; “I talked for both of us” but that wasn’t audibly said: she also could enter my mind with her thoughts. “Yes, I can, Steve, but you can trust me to only tell you of important matters.”
“Such as: Neng is here; you should empty your bladder, I have to go” – and she disappeared in a wisp! That I hadn’t even seen with Long or Long J, but certainly Ling was no longer in front of me, nor behind me for that matter.
The knock at the door prompted my hands to open my fly and fumble my cock out and begin urinating; “Steve, you in there?” “Yes, Neng, just a minute....” I finished with a loud splash and zipped up and shovelled buckets of water to flush the squat toilet, and then exited the door.

“You ok, Steve, you seemed to be a long time....”
“Yes nong; seemed to take a while to empty all my beer out; did you finish the crab?”
“Oh, you did! So, what do I get to eat?”
“You get me, Boss – all night.”
A thought came intruding, new voice, must be Ling’s: “Tell her that’s what you need, or she will ask too many more questions for your truthful personality to lie to; trust me on this, Khun Steve.”

“Good, nong Neng, so we can go, finish my beer, pay the bill and go home – and there I will eat my dessert: you; come on.” She had washed her hands, but they were wet, so I dried them on my shirt – “You can wash it tomorrow” I chuckled, as I held her hand and she clutched herself to my arm again, back to our table.
Ling came and topped up my glass with beer and ice, and I asked for the bill; Neng said “I forgot to go to the toilet, back in a minute, Bos...Khun Steve.”
“Ling, doesn’t Neng know you are of the Clan; she doesn’t seem to?”

She shook her head; “At higher levels, we can hide from the young ones easily; she has no idea. What she wants is for you to make her pregnant and that will raise her and her baby up the scale, to a ‘Ming’ level, but still below the ‘L’ level she craves for”
“She is not exactly dangerous, Khun Steve, but she is determined: you will be tired this coming week, trust me!”

Part 3

Ling was certainly right about that!
Unless I had a really valid excuse to go out, Neng had me impale her and fuck any which way possible, anywhere in the house, at any time she wanted; I was powerless to deny her unless I was ensconced in my car and racing away from my house.
That first night after driving home from dinner, she had all but removed her shirt and shorts in the car, before I cautioned her there would be my wife in the house, as I had not seen sister-in-law’s car still parked at the restaurant as earlier – as well as neighbours of course!
She encouraged me to drive faster, but I didn’t: this was my Village, and I always drove sedately through it to my own street.
At home, I knew there was nothing else I would be allowed to do but go to her bed; my wife’s shoes were outside, the pump wasn’t running as if she was showering, and all was quiet – I guessed she had gone to bed. But before I let Neng drag me bodily upstairs, I cleaned my teeth, changed into my house shorts – “you won’t need them, Boss” – and set my bed up downstairs for later.

Neng went up to her room as I did these little things and when I opened her door, the air conditioning was on, the bedside table lamp, and she was waiting for me, posing in the satin bra and panties we had bought when shopping earlier.
32B her breasts may have been, but they were stretching the fabric already; she had a lovely figure, slim and deep brown sleek, eyes like glistening fire through blue sapphires, and a confidence and ego unsurpassed in any 15y.o. young woman; the purple underwear looked magnificent against her skin colour..
She offered me the front clasp of her bra to undo, pushing her panties down her hips until she could just wriggle her body and shuck them off; my shorts she reefed down in one slide and she came to my body – only my elongated cock keeping us apart, but she took that in hand, pulled it to the bed and laid herself across it and just slid my length inside her waiting cunt: then our bodies were joined.

I used my cock to push her backwards further across the queen-size bed; she moaned with the pressure, but she had taken my all in, my groin hairs mingled with her sparse and wet curly golden-coloured ones.
My cock had been used only a while earlier, and emptied also by Ling, but Neng’s cunt took my renewed strength and length and girth and her cuntal muscles worked to squeeze me, release me, push me out, pull me in; how could she be such a – well, expert – lover at such tender years of age!
I felt my balls churning already, so fast, and I sent a thought – secretly from Neng I hoped – to Long “no sperm, right?” The thought came back “No, Steve, if that’s what you want: no sperm.”
But obviously Neng was party to any of my thoughts and she voiced her wants: “I want your sperm, Boss, and I will fuck you as many times as necessary to get them; don’t try to hide them, I will find one at least, and one is all I need to move myself up the scale of the Clan: just one tiny sperm from you. Just let me do the fucking, and you enjoy it – I promise you will enjoy it.”

So began a week of almost non-stop couplings, anywhere Neng wanted to try, we did; in every room, on every floor, bathrooms at shower time or not; if I managed to sneak out when she had to sleep, she met me at the door when I came home, and had me fuck her right there and then; she never wore panties, she just pulled my cock out from within my underpants and shorts and shoved me inside, standing up, lying down...she didn’t care: she had one goal and she had the determination of a dog digging up an acre of ground for the one bone it knew was buried there somewhere.

Each night, or mostly just before sunrise, I left an exhausted Neng and silently went downstairs for some sleep on my own bed; exhausted myself, I only knew my wife saw me when she left for work because the screen door had a squeak which always woke me; it was a deliberate squeak I never oiled to make silent: it was my warning bell of someone in or out and never failed me. So I was able to stir enough to say ‘bye’ to her and then collapsed back into my own needed rest – until Neng woke me and a new day began.

It must have been the 5th day of my allotted week when Neng came to me on my bed and changed her tactics (she told me all this with great joy afterwards); she cuddled me and I slept on. She gently manipulated my cock into an erection; I slept on. She changed sides and pressed her bottom into my groin and pulled my arm across her chest to caress her breasts; I slept on. She worked her fingers inside her vagina, spreading her always-ready fluids around her opening and eased my cock inside; I slept on, but I must have been dreaming of this as in a dream and I felt wonderful, but I slept on, even through a thought which seemed to be saying “I warned you, Khun Steve: she is determined to get pregnant by you.”

Neng moved her pelvis so gently, so erotically, she had my cock buried inside and being stimulated - not against its will: my cock had a life of its own where cunt was concerned – but without waking the rest of my body or my consciousness.
I was only aware subconsciously that I was making love, but truly: I was so tired, worn out, de-energised; I only knew I wanted to sleep for a week to recover.
But Neng had her own plan, and she just kept moving her pelvis against me, pulling my cock inside, squeezing it within her walls; and then I grew to the length which hit her far insides and she reached a hand for my balls and began massaging them, so gently and wonderfully they responded. She scratched a fingernail on my scrotum and it electrified me and my balls and they began their production cycle.
But now she showed she had some extra talents, even as a youngster on the levels of the Clan, and she squeezed my balls really hard and I squealed even as I felt the semen bursting upwards, along the stem of my cock and bursting out of the flared head of my cock and bashing against the walls of what must be her womb, and she was climaxing and grunting and squealing and laughing –all at the same time as she pushed her body back against my pulsing, busting, throbbing, spurting cock.

“Oh yes” Neng moaned “Can you feel them, Steve? I not only caught one of your sperm – there must be a million trying to find my feels so beautiful; they are attacking me! Never has sex been like this; this is the first time I have felt what Pure love-making in the Clan means to happen: your sperm and my eggs will copulate and begin the life of the baby girl, whose name will be Ming.”
“Oh yes; there must be thousands now inside my eggs, I know it. The strongest will be Ming. You have made me pregnant, Steve; thank you.”

I had woken enough when the pain had caused me to squeal, and now I heard her words, and recalled Ling’s thoughts, but I also recalled Long’s – was it a promise, no, not really; Long had said something like ‘your sperm will not come unless you really want it to’.
Had I allowed my sperm to impregnate Neng because I wanted to, or was she just too clever for me – the latter seemed far more likely: I was naive about all this still: how could I want yet another baby to try and look after; I had to get to Pung and be in her arms, at least until I met Grandmother and made my true Love for Long J known to her to try and break through the Laws barrier which said those of the Clan should not love so much as to want a life-partner, as I wanted to be with Long J.
For this moment, I was coupled with a newly-pregnant – it couldn’t be otherwise I knew with certainty – Neng, and now she just wanted to continue love-making here on my bed in the morning of the day she felt she had elevated herself up the levels of the Clan.
“She was cleverer than I had anticipated, Khun Steve – sorry” Ling sent.
From Long there came “Even in the Clan members there is envy; Neng had to have that which others before her have and had; but, it is done, Steve, we all live by what Fate and our Destiny brings us.”
“Go to Pung, my love, she is waiting for you, and the baby is becoming restless apart from – ok, not telling boy or girl – away from ‘its’ father.” For a similarly-aged 15y.o. Long J was a mature, wonderful woman; “I love you, Long J.”
Then Neng spoke, in words, just to me. “Those uppity Lings and Longs also don’t know I have the power to listen in on their thoughts, my Boss, my lover, my baby’s Father.”
“Yes, I am clever; yes, I envy their status and I want it; and I could even tell you whether all 5 babies you are now going to be Father to will be girls or boys – do you want me to tell you Steve?”
“No, no, Neng, please don’t; it is the magic of Birth to only know when a baby appears – please, I don’t want to know until I am there with mother and baby; please, I beg you: don’t tell me!”

“Ok, my Boss, all you have to do is get back inside me and keep pumping your sperm until I am so full of them I beg you to stop; then you may go to your precious Pung and Long J.”
“I will, Neng; you are too sexy to ignore anyway. But can I ask: a little sleep first, please, you have exhausted me.”
“Yes, Steve, as am I; come and cuddle me and we will sleep together until the time is right to fuck me again.”
I wrapped my arms around her, felt her breasts already swelling within my hands and her buttocks and hips rounding out for birth as my cock nestled itself between her thighs, not soft or wilted, not hard and erect: comfortably lying along the crease of her buttocks and the head poised at her body’s opening, seeming to wait for the word ‘go’ to invade her cunt again; but for now, I fell straight asleep, nipples in my fingers, breast mounds in my hands and my mouth against her neck.
She was a wonderful housekeeper; that I couldn’t deny.

Her body was also a wonderful receptacle for love-making, so when I woke I was already buried inside her and she was milking me yet again.
How she did it – I couldn’t know. I did know I was so tired she could have tied me up in knots and I may well have slept through whatever else she did; what my cock knew was a cunt which could work magic on it and get the best out of it, irrespective of the state of the rest of my body or my mind.
I only woke because she screamed very loudly and kept saying “yes...yes...yes!” And I was ejaculating, hard bursts of myself going inside her yet again. But why would she even need more of me: I knew she was already pregnant: she must have known the same.

“I want more, Boss: twins, triplets...10 babies, I will take as many as you make inside me, and I will start our own Clan – OUR own Clan, yours and mine, pure from the start between you and me.”
“Neng, I think you are doing things outside the rules, the Laws of the Clan; have you asked permission to do this? It might be – I would think – a dangerous path to try and take on your own; have you thought of the consequences?”
“I want your babies, Boss; that is all I have thought of – anything else is of no importance now. Believe me, I am strong enough to do this, and you are mine!”

“Ah, nong Neng, that is where you are wrong; I love Long J first and foremost, and Pung second, and their babies to come soon, and I love Long and her twins to come soon, and I even have love for the baby Ling is going to have instead of the baby from being raped.”
“But I cannot accept that ‘I am yours’; I am sorry, but my Love is already trying to envelop the women and babies I already have coming and to stretch that love to cover them all.”

“Never underestimate me, my Boss; too many have discovered what happens when they do that; if I scare you, I don’t mean to: but when I say ‘you are mine’ trust me: you are.”

Part 4

When Neng went for a shower later, I grabbed some clothes from my cupboard, ran quietly downstairs, grabbed a carton of cigarettes, filled a cooler bag with beer, money, keys; wrote a note “Gone to Chantaburi Neng; take care of yourself and baby, see you soon; look after house.”
I left her 20,000Baht, and dumped everything into the car and escaped.

I stopped at the restaurant to see Ling, parking way around the corner; it was too early for her to be working, but one of the boys pointed me to her bungalow, knowing me as a friend; I knocked quietly on her door, but it opened before I had knocked twice.
Ling – no, it wasn’t, it was someone else “Come in, she was expecting you, Khun Steve; I am her sister, Ling; would you like a cafe?”
I nodded and watched her naked body walk away from me towards a small kitchen; she seemed totally at ease, but she must have felt, heard my thoughts, and turned to smile.
“Sorry, I will put something on” and she took a short, satiny robe from a peg and loosely tied the sash; her breasts were almost as visible as when naked,
“Come and sit at the table, Khun Steve; I will get Ling out of bed.”
I found my voice “Oh, don’t wake her, nong Ling; if she is asleep, she needs her sleep, let her be please.”
“Ok, have your cafe, and if she doesn’t get up, then I will wake her; she is fine, Khun Steve, no need to worry, I promise; since she met you, she is just bubbling with happiness and health.”
I blushed and Ling came over to me, laughing at my discomfort. She placed a coffee mug on the table in front of me and sat on my knees; “I could only wish to feel as wonderful as she does....”
She leaned her mouth down and kissed me; after a hard 5 days of work, my cock responded still and pushed strongly up against her legs: hell, what do I do now?
“You do what feels natural, Khun Steve; that’s all, nothing more, nothing less: just natural – but drink your cafe first: I made it for you.”

What engorged cock wants to wait around for its body-master to drink a coffee, when a wet cunt is on offer to be an alternative liquid!
My shorts slipped down with my briefs easily and I set her legs either side of mine and plunged my cock upwards, straight into – yes, a wet, waiting and wanting cunt which began bouncing on my rod like a piston in an engine.
Ling moaned and mumbled “yes, now I understand my sister’s words and her joy; it is magnificent....oh, don’t blush Khun Steve; your cock has been endowed with the power of the Clan, and combined with your own heart and soul, you have the power of pure-blood Life within you.”

She had been right: I was blushing; I had only ever thought of my cock as ‘standard’ and in recent years all but dead and useless, except to urinate; these days it was a different cock, a different body which surrounded it, a different man who used it.

She squirmed in my lap, my cock feeling bloated inside her, spreading to fill her to the sides and to the end of her when she sat fully down on it; she kissed me continually, slithering another of those very long tongues the Clan women all seemed to have available to them....were there Clan men, the thought came to me: why have I never met any or thought to ask this, I wondered.

“No, there aren’t, Steve; the Clan is purely female; we only choose lovers to continue the lines, but most men are discarded, gently I mean, once they have performed to our needs. But you – well, something different are you, and Long J is doing her best with Grandmother Long to make you have a special status within us....”
Ling hadn’t spoken, only sent me these thoughts, while she was climaxing at the same time and all her thoughts were cut off as she excreted juices out and down my lap and legs and would be wetting my shorts and briefs down at my feet.
“If you give me your cum, Steve, we will have a pure-blood baby on the ‘Long’ level; my sister’s won’t be, because your sperm overcame the bad sperm from being raped, so it will only give her a Ling line baby, which might seem unfair, but even one of your own Prime Ministers said ‘Life isn’t meant to be fair.’ So please fuck me and give me of yourself; please.”

I lifted her straight up and off my cock, spun her around and sat her back down, her back facing me; I reached for her breasts and mauled their mounds and thrust my thighs and hips up into her as I used her breasts to pull her body down: there was no closer I could get to punching a hole in her womb and I ejaculated then for her and felt the rush of my sperm as they came out of my cock head fighting to be first to burrow inside Ling and find an egg to mate with.
She was screaming at the feeling and my pulses remained strong and full for several minutes, unbelievably, before she whimpered “no more, please...” and could do nothing other than slump back against my chest and caress my hands on her breasts, cupping her lightly now and stroking her skin.

Ling, the younger (my first Ling, put it that way) came into the room; “I could hardly fail to hear what my sister was doing to you, Khun Steve, and I can see you gave her what she wanted; so now there is yet another baby on the way – you are going to be one very busy Father, dear Steve!”
“But that is not why I interrupted you – though it would appear my sister is well and truly ‘fucked out of her mind’. Long sent me a message; Neng is coming to look for you; if you trust me, Steve, give me your car key and I will have one of the boys move it, cover it, and then you should stay here with us until it is safe to go to Pung tomorrow. Do you trust us, Khun Steve?”
In response, I leaned below the bottom on my lap, held my shorts up and offered the pocket for Ling (‘J’ for ‘Junior’, I decided) to find my car immobilizer key. She smiled and took it out just as a knock came at the door; she only opened it a fraction, passed the key out and told the boy my car’s make, colour, registered number and where it was currently; then she closed the door and came to lift her sister’s sucking cunt up off my cock and they went into the bathroom; a moment later I heard the shower running.
I took off my shirt, left my briefs on the floor and figured they wouldn’t mind me collapsing on one of the beds and going to sleep: I did.

When I woke it was dark, evening, late night, early morning...I had no idea; I was in that groggy state of waking up, but not yet awake.
I was in a bed, and a light duvet was over my body, which was naked - as I recalled was the state in which I had collapsed on the bed anyway.
There was no sound or sight of the girls; a light was on in the bathroom and I stumbled into it, emptying my bladder, finding a new, folded towel hanging on the shower railing, and assumed it was left there for me – so I showered, used their shampoo and conditioner and felt refreshed as I stepped out and dried myself, even spotting a new toothbrush on the basin’s edge and using that to feel even better.

Still naked, I found my washed coffee mug, and made a new one, using the microwave to heat it; I wanted a cigarette to go with it, and it was then I saw the bag in which I had stuffed some clothes from home, when I ran from Neng – ran away from my own house, for goodness’ sake!
I put on new briefs and shorts and found a t-shirt for later; my car immobiliser, cigarettes and lighter I found on the table, even my money and tissues from my shorts; they were on top of a note: “Come over for food when you are ready; we are at work. Just lock the door, we have our keys; Neng has given up; you are safe with us tonight, Khun Steve.”
I had to smile when I read the last line “From the pregnant sisters Ling – thanks to you.”

Gosh, how had my life changed so much in such a short time: from meeting the girl of my fantasy of years: Long J, to the present situation I was in?

I opened the door a little: no-one within sight, so I took my cafe and cigarettes and sat outside on a stone bench seat there. Their bungalow – one of quite a few used for the restaurant workers, was well away from the lit courtyard leading to the toilets on one side, the restaurant area on the other, so I was effectively hidden.
“I can see you, even if others can’t; come on over for dinner – but a shirt would be better!”

As I laughed at that thought of Ling’s, I realised: that is how my Life has changed: it has become (with the exception of Neng and her envy for higher status) much happier, more Romantic, without a doubt, with Long J and Pung; and even the mystery and magic of it all had transformed my drudgery into a whole new world of endless possibilities for future happiness.

My one depressing thought: I was getting old; how many years would I have to help my new children grow up, try and teach them my values of Life, my version of education, even the 3 R’s – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle – so their future was not destined to see their planet laid to waste by the thoughtlessness of the humans who inhabited it.
How many years would I have to love these new Women who had done so much for me; a 15y.o. Long J partnered – if her Grandmother allowed – with me, 58 years old, with no prospects of being able to offer her anything but my heart.

Ling interrupted “Come over here now, Khun Steve; you need think none of this!”
I put my burned-out stub of cigarette in the closest rubbish bin, went inside for my shirt and locked the door as I headed across to a table at the restaurant, where Ling J motioned me to another table, nearer the cooking area where both girls worked.
She smiled sadly at me; “You worry too much, Khun Steve, and, I promise: you have no cause to worry about those matters you were just dwelling on; my sister can explain it all better, but for now, she is cooking your dinner, and I will bring you a beer; you just relax.”
I did my best to relax somewhat, drank my beer(s), ate my favourite Thai dish, and finally Ling was able to sit for a while and talk.

Part 5

Now was the time for Revelations it seemedāšƒ
Ling motioned it was ok to smoke, so I did – and drank beers as she talked.
“We are an ancient Clan of - Witches, Mystics, Seers, whatever one needs to be called at the time of importance.”
“You like the term ‘Seers’: seeing into the future. Yes, we can, to an extent, and we can change things a little also, a lot you might say.”
“But, we do not interfere unless absolutely necessary, and only to further the line of our Clan, and the goodness of our Clan.”
“So, when we perceived you looking at Long Junior with such devotion, yet denying yourself any contact with her – apart from the one occasion you asked if her mother’s restaurant had a menu in English! – we had to intervene to give you the small amount of extra courage to stop and ask her if she wanted a lift…and so Tesco Lotus shopping became the Romance as was intended by your Fates.”

Ling continued to explain, expound upon the Mysteries of which I was ignorant, and I did my best to absorb the words - and the associated thoughts as Ling J added her comments – until the beer and the tension took their toll, and I excused myself to the toilet and then found Ling J waiting to steer me back to bed in their apartment, telling me “enough for tonight, Khun Steve”.

It was indeed enough – what more could there be to this new Life, begun by the girl in the village…..

(End of Chapter 3)

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