First story did not do Julia justice
Again I am no writer and don’t need nor want any lessons. I am doing this for me. These are not meant to be erotic stories, they are true stories. I hope you enjoy them.

In my last installment I left off with my first wet dream. I had this dream every night for four nights in a row. It was always the same woman just different places in the store. I would walk up to her grab her shirt and pull it open exposing her breasts and push her backwards until she would fall down. She would always then open her legs and allow me to push my swollen dick into her pussy and fuck her until I came inside of her. Remember though that I had no idea what a pussy was or how to fuck a woman.

It was the next Sunday following Fred’s and my adventure in the outhouse when Mom said we would be going over to Pauline’s house for lunch and be spending the day there. I was instantly hard.

This was the early 70’s and cloths were tight and designed to show things. I had to turn and walk away so that my bulge would not be noticed. Things had changed rapidly with my body after the dreams started. My cock was already half again as big as it was when I used it to fuck Fred’s asshole. No hair had showed up but my cock had gone from a skinny 5.5 inches to about 7 and not so skinny anymore.

We were all loaded up in the truck and ready to go to town. I use the term town very loosely. It was more like a collection of about 100 homes spread out over about 160 acres, most of them old and several abandoned. Riding in the back of a pickup was common place back then. My Mom was in the passenger seat with the oldest boy driving and T the brother just older than me in the middle. G, my game playing brother, B, my older sister, and H, my little sis were all in the back with me. G would look at me and smile and look away. I could tell he knew something.

We arrived at Pauline’s and everybody helped get our part of Sunday dinner out of the truck and into her house. These get together’s were a sight to see. My Mom and her six kids all poster children for white trash and Pete and Pauline bunch, six of their own children and two nieces that lived with them, your average Latin family of those times.
The Valdez kids were stair stepped almost the same as us. Rosa was the oldest of them at 19 and had the biggest titties I have ever seen to this day. Pete the oldest son was 17, his brother and sister Joe and Mary were twins and 15. Olga was just barely 14 and her cousin Julia was 13. Then came Fred at 13 with his other cousin Lisa at 11, she was always so quiet and shy.
We ate we laughed we sang some songs. The big kids left to go to the river in the truck. Mary and my sister B went to Mary’s room to do whatever and the rest of us went outside to play. Fred, Julia, Lisa, H and I had the run of the place for whatever we wanted to do. Fred took charge quickly. He suggested a game that he had heard the bigger kids play before. We were all just hitting puberty or wishing we had, so the thought of playing the same game as the older kids was exciting to say the least. So Truth or Dare it was.
Fred laid out the rules and everybody said they understood and we got started. Fred went first, he asked Julia if she had a boyfriend and gave her the option of truth or dare. She said truth and that the answer was no.
It was her turn now. She looked at Lisa and had a big grin on her face, “Have you ever kissed a boy? Choose, Truth or dare? “
Lisa turned red and said, “I don’t want to play.” We all chimed in with,”Oh no you have to, you already said you would.” She lowered her head and said “Yes I kissed a boy before.”
It took a little while before we found some questions that made people choose dare. And it was Lisa that scored the first hit when she asked Julia, “Have you ever touched yourself down there thinking about a boy?” She chose dare and had to show us all her down there. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. You could see her small pussy lips through her thin dark pubic hair. Her hips had just begun to shape up into those of a woman and her breasts were straining her training bra.
Before the hour was up, everyone in the barn had shown everyone else their naked body parts. And Fred had a new game to play. It was spin the bottle with a twist. We all had to set in a circle and take turns spinning the bottle in the center but whoever it pointed to had to go into the tack room with the spinner and do what was in the magazine on the shelf. Somehow Fred had come up with a porno magazine with hard core pictures of everything from cock sucking to ass fucking.
I do not know what everyone else did but I do know that when Julia twirled the bottle it pointed straight at me. And when we went into the tack room the book was open to a fully naked woman with her hand between her legs and a man with his cock in her hand shooting cum all over her tits. The others had all taken a lot of time in the room so she had no choice, we were not going to back out of this and get laughed at all year by the others.
Julia pulled her T-shirt over her head and took off her bra. All I had to do to be like the picture was drop my pants to my knees. And this I did as she stripped off her tight shorts and panties giving me a better look at her amazing pussy.
Now remember that Julia was just thirteen at the time but I had not turned 12 yet. To me she looked like a fully grown woman at this point. She was about 4’9” and weighed maybe 75 pounds. Her breasts were too large for her training bra but had not become full A’s yet. Her hips had started to flow out from her waist giving a hint of the bombshell she would be. Her brown eyes were set perfectly in her pretty Latin face. She had the most amazing full lips and smiled all the time. Of all the girls I could have gotten lucky with, I could have asked for no better.
She squatted in front of me and started to play with herself as she took my dick in her hand. I was sure that I would explode right away, but she looked up at me and said “Please let me get there too, before you shoot it on me.” I had no clue where, there, was but I tried to calm myself. She was making noises like she was enjoying some kind of desert and rubbing herself very fast while she stared at my dick and jerked it back and forth.
Julia would stop wanking my cock and hold it as she stared at it. She looked up at me and met my stare each time before starting to move her hand again. She had just done this when she she shifted her body slightly and squeezed my cock slightly looking into my eyes.
“I want you to put it in me.” Julia said looking up at me, “They will not know what we did. Do you want to put it in me?” This was too much and I shot a huge wad of cum onto her small titties. But she stopped the cum with her mouth and squeezed my cock insanely hard and held it still.
I shot once or twice more but my orgasm stopped. And she asked me again, “Do you want to do it to me?” I just nodded my head at her.
At this she stood up and turned around just as Fred had done in the outhouse. Her ass was way prettier than his to me though. She took her hand and reaching between her legs she grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her and I followed. She guided it to her pussy lips that were wet from her masturbation and when the head of it entered her lips she pushed herself back onto my cock. “Fuck me really slow please.” As she moved her hand back to her pussy and started to rub it again. I did as she asked slowly moving in and out of her pussy until she said “I am there, do it fast now.” I sped up my strokes and she made soft whining sounds and pushed back onto me with every thrust.
“I am going to shot off again.” I said in a horse whisper and when she heard this she pulled herself away and turning around she grabbed my cock and furiously stroked it with her chest just inches away. As I started to shoot wad after wad she moved slightly closer and rubbed my dick on her nipples until I stopped Cuming completely.
“Damn Julia that was good!” I blurted out in a loud whisper.
“I liked it a lot too!” she said quietly as she started to clean herself up. Then looking me in the eyes again and smiling she qualified her statement with, “We can do it all summer if you want to.”
“I will do it anytime you want.”

This was my first assisted ejaculation. I would never be the same. Julia and I messed around until I turned 15. She was always ahead of the game of sex. It seemed as if she had a coach or something so I asked her about it.
Her uncle who lived in the next small town over had taken her cherry and they had been messing around sense she had turned 12. He was 17 when he started messing with her and had made sure she experienced an orgasm every time they were together. As a result she loved sex and she brain washed me into making sure those I was with enjoyed sex with me.
She out grew our relationship and she moved to the next town over and married some guy who beat the shit out of her when he found out she was on the pill. Apparently he wanted to keep her pregnant all the time.
(Foot note, I beat the asshole so bad when I found out he had done this that they thought he would die. But he never beat her again that I knew of. And She sucked me off in the Bail Bonds office in front of the bail bondsman who jacked off to the whole seen. When I was done and she had cleaned up me and him. The Guy said the bond is paid up. Ass wipe dropped the charges after he found out that was back out and looking for him.) The first is all ways special, just saying.

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