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A young woman is the only human left on our horny planet
The sea touched her over her whole body, and kept Ari afloat. It wasn't even needed to make an effort to swim. It looked like the sea had a mind on its own. Ari was very sure of that when she was risen up.

Now her tits were in the air. They were quickly covered by a layer of water, it just moved on its own! Ari then felt tentacles, also of water, move around her legs, waist and arms. They held her tight and lifted her up high above the water. She could now see the waves far under her whilst she was held 200 meters above the sea. She could see she was still traveling with high speed. Another three tentacles moved out of the water towards her. One entered her pussy, which was now wet (as if it wasn't already from all that water), one moved into her ass and the other one remained under her.

Whilst the first two started moving inside Ari, the third one started to grow until it had the size of a mini tornado. It moved towards Ari and encircled her. Now her body was covered until her shoulders and penetrated. The water freely flowed around her body, stroking her nipples, her clit and the rest of her. This erotic massage started to get Ari horny and soon moans could be heard. The feeling was incredible. She soon came, but unfortunately for her the water didn't stop. It kept fucking her for hours and hours, she lost count how many orgasms she had. It felt like it was just one big orgasm. This way her journey continued, coming over and over again. She then saw land, and even the buildings of a coastal city ahead, but due to the constant stimulation she soon passed out.

She woke up at a beach. The sea had gently laid her down when she reached shore. When she opened her eyes she saw several feet on the ground before her. Then she looked up and saw something that she didn't know what it was. In front of her stood beautiful humanoid creatures. They looked like female top models, the only differences with humans were that they wore no clothes, had no body hair, had a blue skin and apparently there were no males around. Instead she saw girls like her, and girls with a dick instead of a pussy. Shemales were the second sex here. Their cocks were almost horse like, being easily twice as long as human ones and being a bit thicker at the tip. One of the creatures stepped forward and telepatically talked to Ari.

"Hi, human. Yes we know what you are. We have lived next to you for millions of years. We originated from small bacteria, and we still were before those big red flashes you must have seen. In one hour your time, our time went thousand times faster and we went through the same evolution your species had. Now you can see, we are as intelligent as you. What's your name and what are you doing here?"

Ari then introduced herself and told what happened to her the last days. The woman nodded understandingly and told she was actually the mayor of a city nearby. The creatures, they called themselves Caerulii, had built a city that was even more advanced than the cities Ari used to know. They were highly civilized and very intelligent. It was eventually decided Ari would not be a threat to their community and she would be given a foster family to live with. That way she had a home and someone who could show her how the Caerulii lived.

She was placed in the Cyana family. It consisted of a near 40 years old woman, Viola, and her shemale daughter that was of the same age as Ari. Her name was Azura. They were both beautiful and very friendly. So the three entered the family's house. It was placed just outside the city. There the girls chatted for a while and talked about their hobbies. Ari couldn't keep her eyes of the Cyana's and they kept looking at the hot redhead in front of them. When they all noticed they blushed.

Then it was decided to give Ari a tour of the city. During the walk to the city Viola explained that her people were not only very smart, but also very sexual beings. So Ari shouldn't be suprised if she saw an erection or two. Azura jokingly added that at home she had a hard time not getting an boner, because she wasn't sure if Ari would get offended.

"Well, I've seen enough dicks now, I'm not shocked easy haha," she assured the girl.

"Yay!" Azura shouted and gave Ari a suprise hug.

"Can I look at you freely?"

"Oh, sure, why not?" Ari answered.

And now both women were ranking Ari's body parts. They found her beautiful too, for them she was really exotic. Ari noticed Azura getting an erection, it soon measured 25 centimeters easily.

She didn't seem to be ashamed of showing her dick off. No, she told Ari, in their culture sex was something you could enjoy, not something to cover. She told Ari that Caerulii shemales could choose if they wanted to shoot sperm cells when they orgasmed or not, so that way no unwanted pregnancies occured and STD's didn't exist either.

The sight of this girl talking so freely about sex and exposing her boner aroused Ari a bit. Curious the asked if she could touch it. Offcourse she could, and then she put her hand around Azura's penis. All three women acted like it was the most normal case of the world, which it actually was too now. They continued walking and by the movements made by them while walking to the city Ari stroked Azura's dick until she suddenly came and spurted out cum. Ari then heard Viola saying:

"Look what you have done, now your cock is dirty AGAIN."

Then Ari saw Viola bending down and licking Azura's penis clean! Her dick was licked by her own mother! What a strange world she had entered, Ari thought.

The women entered the city and it looked quite like a 21-st century human one, except everyone was naked. There were cars driving around, large warehouses and broad streets. The news of Ari's arrival quickly spread around town and when they entered the main street everyone was looking at Ari. And as expected almost the whole shemale population got a boner when they saw her. Ari could even see a shemale leaning to the wall of the grocery store while her girlfriend was giving her a blowjob, when the three walked by the girl stopped and said her 'boyfriend' found Ari one of the most astonishing creatures he ever saw. Then she went back on sucking 'his' dick. Ari could now easily see how sexual these people were. All around, next to people going to work or chatting, there were people publicly engaging in secual acts.

When Ari was shown all the touristic hotspots the family returned home. It was just 15:00 so Azura and Ari decided to leave Viola back home and to hang around in the tree house in the garden. It stood some 200 meters away from the house, covered by other trees. It was quite large and had a tv, a computer, a microwave and a mini fridge. Azura would often sit there for hours, watching the dirtiest porn she could find, masturbating all the time. And sometimes Viola came in too, sucking off her daughter all those hours when she was watching porn.

Azura let Ari in and they talked about their lives. It became clear Ari and Azula had the same hobbies: doing sports, listening to music, discovering the beauty of the world and off course sex. Azura showed how flexible she was by doing a split on the ground, her dick already straight up again. It proved to be an exciting sight for Ari.

She wanted to impress Azura and did a handstand to the wall. She then spread her legs in the air and said:

"See, I can do that upside down, now you again!"

Azura stepped over to Ari and moved down a bit.

"Yeah ... you're better than me ... let me congratulate you".

She then held Ari's legs horizontal and buried her tongue in Ari's pussy. It was three times as long as a human one so it went deep into Ari. The latter was getting wet quick and Azura started licking up her delicious love juice. Azura let Ari's legs go and pulled her tongue out of her. She grabbed her waist instead and lifted her up of the ground.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"You'll see, just grab my hips now."

After Ari followed the instruction, Azura directed her head towards her cock. Ari understood what she had to do and took it in her mouth. Azura pushed her down, forcing Ari to deepthroat her. So now Azura pushed Ari up and down, forcing her cock deep into Ari's throat. This way they continued, Ari serving as a fleshlight for Azura.

Both girls enjoyed this idea of bonding very much. Azura screamed and moaned so hard that even Viola could hear her. She walked outside and jokingly screamed "Not so loud!" Ari scared, and her body shocked. This drove Azura's tongue deeper in her pussy, and Ari over the edge. Azura told her to keep quiet and silently Ari orgasmed. Azura got her up on her feet and Ari sat down. Azura was close to orgasm too and whispered:

"Watch this".

She walked to the window of the treehouse Viola was standing under, gave her dick a few strokes and climaxed. The next moment Viola was surprised when a rain of sperm hit her body from above. Laughing at the prank of her daughter, she went back to take a shower.

A few minutes later Azura instructed Ari to follow her. They climbed out of the treehouse to a shed. There stood a beautiful large horse. Azura explained it was a cyborg, most of it machine but its skin was nothing but living tissue. So that way it had beautiful manes and looked very real. Its brain was controlled by a computer chip, but the factory that made cyborg animals had left enough space for a horse's natural behaviour to not look like a mindless puppet.

"We can take a ride around the area," Azura suggested. Ari liked the idea so the girls led the horse outside. It could be instructed telepatically, just like Ari and Azura were talking to eachother. Azura mounted the back of the horse. She then stood upright in the stirrups and out of the horse's back came a metallic dildo. Azura sat down on it and pushed it into her asshole.

"Much better!"

"But where do I sit?" asked Ari.

Azura pointed to the part of the horse's back before her and said: "Here!" So Ari mounted the horse too and felt Azura's boobs against her back. They rode a few steps away from the shed when Azura told Ari to bend over a bit. She did, but Azura told her "More!" Ari pressed her tits agains the horse's manes, giving Azura a nice view of her nether regions. She then felt something against her pussy. It was Azura pushing her hardening cock inside.

"This is so much more fun," the latter concluded. She then gave the horse the instruction trot forward. The movements of the horse shoved Azura up and down Ari's pussy. She was rock hard now and Ari was also enjoying the ride. Ari slapped her ass. "Told you it was fun!"

They continued this way until Azura instructed the horse again and now it went into gallop, what made the fucking on his back a rough wild sex session. Now Azura rode Ari hard, Ari was stimulated more by the horse manes stroking against her boobs. Azura was being double fucked with the dildo in her ass too. Both girls enjoyed the feeling of the horse's back hairs stroking Ari's pussy and Azura's penis and balls. They rode this way all over the plains moaning, screaming, sweating and breeding. When the girls came Ari was pumped full of Azura's sperm and both girls left a pool of their joined cunt juice on the horse back. Azura stopped the horse whereupon both girls dismounted the horse and laid down in the grass to rest for a while.

Azura stood up and told Ari she had another secret. "Watch this." Out of the horses side came four claw-like robot arms, two on each side. Azura stepped under the horse with her head to its rear and laid herself down on the arms. She let her shoulders rest on one set and her waist on the other one. Now another set appeared and those two gripped her thighs. Now she was held horizontally with her boobs and dick against the horse's belly, and her head hanging upside down.

"You see, one thing of this horsey is almost unknown: it has a penis! I like to hang in here and suck his seed while travelling, that way I don't have to eat and I do someone a favor too". The horse was already getting an erection. Azura took it into her mouth, shoving it down deep. Then the horse started pushing itself in and out, fucking her throat as it had done many times before. It didn't take him long to come and a gush of horse semen raced down Azura's throat. She pulled the dick out, and stepped out of robot arms. With cum dripping from her mouth, she asked her friend:

“Want some too?”

“Fuck yeah!”

Ari noticed that the horse cock was still hard after he had come. Azura explained that the penis' insides were filled with plastic. That way it could stay hard on commando. Ari was led into the robot claws and also took the horse cock in her mouth. She liked to to such nasty things with Azura watching. Azura then instructed the horse to walk around. This drove its cock deeper in Ari and that made both girls horny again! Azura started masturbating while walking next to Ari and the horse. The horse came deep inside Ari filling her stomach. Azura could also not hold out longer, pointed her penis at Ari and showered her with some aditional semen. After that Ari was led out of the robot arms, which were put back into the horse's robot body.

It was time to go back home. Azura mounted the horse again with her ass being entered with the dildo. Ari stood next to the horse.

"Are you going to come up here or what?"

"I have a better idea! Can you extend the robot arms again?"

Azura obeyed and was checking what Ari was planning. She did step in the arms, but then Azura noticed she did it the wrong way. Or not? Ari stepped in with her head under the horses chest, leaving her pussy right in line with the horse cock. With her feet she stroked the flaccid cock and it sprang back to life. It pressed against Ari's cunt now. The horse understood what she wanted to do. He pushed his cock down into Ari's waiting pussy. This was way better than a throat! A soft love tunnel giving his organ delicious feelings, wherever he pushed in it.

Ari was stretched to her limits and moaned loud from excitement. Both horse and Ari were in heaven! Azura decided to help too and got the horse galloping again. The three of them now had the times of their life. Azura was fucked hard by her dildo now. She came hard, and much. Often Ari saw cum falling down or dribbling down the horse's body. She herself was fucked hard too. The horse cock pushed deep until it reached her cervix. It still wanted more and pushed down in one fast move. Now Ari's cervix started to open and happily the horse pushed in. Now his whole cock was inside the ginger girl. His balls slapped her ass and her nipples were rubbed against his fur. She had come many times, when they started approaching the family's house.

Viola stood outside watching this awesome scene before her eyes. She was masturbating now. The front door had a door stopper so the doorknob wouldn't smash through the windows. Viola squatted down on it and started humping it madly. Meanwhile Ari and Azura were reaching one of their many orgasms and now the horses balls also started boiling. Sensing the horse would soon climax, Azura led it another lap in front of the house. She made the horse take a run-up towards the house. It began running faster and faster.

Just when it was about to orgasm, Azura made it prancing. This drove her deep down on her dildo. Ari was pushed down on the horse cock when the cyborg beast jumped up. Loud neighing could be heard from the cyborg stud. The horses cockhead flared up and cum started shooting from his balls. Viola came first on the door stop. Almost at the same town her daughter shot another sperm load through the air. Ari came hard, impaled on the horse cock. And the horse itself climaxed harder than he ever had before, filling Ari's womb with his seed, flooding it, letting it overflow so it spurted outside her cunt as well. It kept filling her until a pool of sperm grew under Ari. Azura was the first one to calm down. She dismounted the still cumming horse and also freed Ari. Now both girls dived under the horse, letting semen fly all over their face and bodies. They smeared eachother with it until both girls were completely covered and the horse was spent.

Viola walked up to them, first led the horse in the shed, and returned. "Well well, that was a great sight. I guess you girls need a shower?" The girls nodded and Viola led them into the garden. She grabbed the garden hose and washed them with the water. For her own pleasure she stroked the girls boobs as well. Temporarily laying down the hose she started stroking her daughter's dick and fingering Ari. After a while the girls orgasmed for the last time, Ari covering Viola's hand with horse cum fresh from her pussy and Azura shooting her load on her mother's face. The girls washed themselves another time and then went inside for dinner.

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