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Little sister is about to find out exactly what they thought of her...
Apparently my story didn't get through. So hopefully it works this time:

Here's a revised form of my first story. Hope you enjoy! :)

The Terrible Ts - Part 1

Talbot POV:

The Terrible Ts. That’s what we’ve been called since we learned to walk. Whether it was meaningless pranks to blood-letting fights in the school hallways, nothing deterred us. We were determined to conquer the world, one way or another. Of course, we are still straight-A students and involved in all the sports our high school had to offer us. Our mother, Zona, drilled that into us since we were young. Being a single mother, she was resolved in making sure we were successful and grew up to be good persons. Well, she succeed in one count; the other not so much. She became pregnant with us while she was still in high school. Our father—if you can call him that—took no part in caring for her during her pregnancy. He left us when we were three, but not before getting her pregnant again, this time with a girl, Shysie (who we call Shy). Regardless of what happened, mom still managed to finish high school and eventually college.

The Terrible Ts: Talbot, Taurean, and Teague. You’re probably wondering about the names.

My mom’s into names and was convinced that names had a hand in who we turn out to be. I was the oldest, Talbot. It meant commander. Fitting, really. I was captain on the football, soccer, and baseball team. I was brutal in my all fights. Next was Taurean. His name meant bull or stubborn strength. He was strong both on the field and off. And lastly, there was Teague. It meant handsome, poet, but he preferred low rider. Why? Well, you’ll find out soon.

Then there was our little sister, Shysie, meaning little shy one. I know, Complete opposite. Our father had a hand in this; he was adamant that when she was born, that was going to be her name. If I met him again, I would thank him for naming her that.

I haven’t forgotten my mom. But that’s a story for another time. Our story begins with our little sister, when she turned 16; we were 18 then. We love to annoy her, infuriate her, and play pranks on her. We’d steal her things, whether it’d be candy or her toys. Blame it all on her whenever we did something; sometimes it worked, sometimes not.
Don’t get me wrong, I mean, we love our little sister to bits, but we had a wicked side to us.

Then she turned 16. She was suddenly a hot little thing and, believe me when I say this, me and my brothers wanted to fuck her and fuck her good, not once but as much as we wanted to. With a huge ass, double-D tits, and a pornstar face, our little sister looked like a slut. Of course, she didn’t dress like one and didn’t act like that and we loved her for that. But that was going to change. And so that became our conquest. We were over-confident and rightfully so. We had girls, and women, all over us, wanting us to fuck them and fuck them we did, and sometimes even together.

But we’re getting off topic here.

Our conquest began subtly. With little sexual innuendoes here and there. Scaring off potential boyfriends. Walking shirtless or with hard-ons.

And then it became heavier. Leaving our cum in her panties. Barging in on her when she’s in the shower. Leaving our doors wide open whenever we had one of our girls over. While all this was happening, she kept mum about it to, well, our mom—like that would’ve have helped. She was true to her name: a shy little thing.

We watched her closely, patiently, silently, ready to pound her hard and fast. A couple of weeks, we made a huge discovery about our dear little sister. And, tonight was the night.


Mom was on vacation. She was on a two-month cruise. We told she needed time off, both from work and us; we (my brothers and me; Shy was an angel) were a little too much for her, causing fights and what not. But we were responsible and we took good care of Shy whenever our mom asked us. Of course, we’d act like it was the worst chore ever or whatever, secretly, we loved it. I mean, she was sexy as hell and she didn’t even know it. All of our friends wanted to fuck her; sometimes even our whores. So we convinced our mom to go, leaving her sons responsible for taking care of Shy. Shy helped too; she thought the same about mom and knew we just wanted mom out of the house so we could bring over whoever we wanted to fuck and have parties. She was partially right: we wanted mom out of the house, we wanted to party and we wanted to fuck, but not some random chick. We wanted to fuck her, but she didn’t know that, yet.


We (meaning me, my brothers and our little sister) just finished our Friday night dinner and a movie. It was a little after midnight.

“Well, I’m going to bed, guys,” Shy’s musical voice drifted over to us. She wore a white tank with no bra and the tightest shorts (or were they boy boxers?) that showed her assets. While she was a little shy about showing off her body in public, she wasn’t too shy in wearing those tight clothes at home. I guess she trusted us a little too much.

I replied, “Good night, Shy.” From the corner of my eyes, I could see Teague snickering silently and Taurean smiling softly, each with a wicked glint in their eyes. I’m sure I looked the same as well, but Shy was too sleepy to notice.

“Ah-Ah, you forget something, sis,” Taurean’s deep voice called out to Shy. Instantly, our cocks sprung to life. It was a ritual in this house, that when Shy was leaving the house or going to bed, she had to give each of us a hug. Whereas, in the past, our hugs were somewhat innocent, tonight and from now on, they were going to be anything but innocent. This was part of our plan and tonight, in the living room, we were going to take her.

Naively walking up to Teague, Shy held out her arms to embrace him. Teague grabbed her by her delicious big ass and ground his hardened cock against her pussy. Shy’s face turned red and slipped quickly out of his arms and went to Taurean. He immediately seized her and placed his hands on the back of her head and on her ass cheek. Not letting her break out of his arms, he kissed her hard on her lips while dry-fucking her pussy.

Taurean resurfaced from her mouth and looked at her, laughing wickedly. “There,” He breathed out, still dry-fucking her pussy. “How was your first kiss, sis?” If it was even possible, Shy’s face turned redder; she walked over to me. She was aroused. How did I know that? Well, her nipples were straining so much against her tight white tank that I could see the areolas surrounding them.

I gently, silently, took her in my arms, wanting to give her the false illusion of security in my arms. I stood there hugging her innocently, with my hands around her shoulders for a while. Then they started to roam. The right hand went to her sexy, fuckable ass and the other continued its journey to her front, where her double-D tits and rock-hard nipples were. I kneaded the two softly, while whispering in her ear. My cock had a life of its own and began to rub at her cunt.

“What did you expect, little Shy? You’re hot. Did you honestly think we weren’t going to fuck you just because you were our sister? The fact that you’re little our sister makes us even more horny. We’ve been planning this for months. Tonight, and from now on, you’ll be our little fucktoy, our little whore.”

Shy moaned slightly, but protested, “No, you can’t. You’re my brothers. Yo—“

Cutting her off, my hand, the one on her ass, reached lower and cupped her pussy. I rubbed hard, feeling the wetness of her cunt juices. “Really? You want to stop? Because from what I’m feeling and what we heard last night, we both know you want to be fucked by your brothers. You want to be a whore for us.”

“Stop fighting, little sis. We know you want to be taken like the whore you are. You want to taken by your older brothers. Such a dirty, naughty, little girl.

“How did—[Gasp]—Hmmmm…That feels good, Taly.“

“Well, you know we weren’t happy when you got mom to put a lock on your door. We figured you were up to no good behind closed locked doors. Probably fucking a guy.” I moved my head away from her hair and watched her face.

Shy’s eyes widened, looking at the ceiling in disbelief, as she tried to control her lust. I changed speed. My fingers pushed and prodded and circled over her thin panties. She moaned. Then I grabbed her nipple and pinched hard. It earned me a gasp and a louder moan.

“So we decided to break in. Picked a lock and everything. We searched everywhere in your room. We didn’t have to look for long. First place we looked was under your mattress.”

“Ohhh----NOoooo-awohhhh,” Shy’s fought feebly, her weak protests falling on deaf ears.

“We read how you’re a virgin. How you wished you weren’t. How you yearned to lose your virginity to us, your older brothers. Nasty little slut.”

“The thoughts in those pages. Shameless, really,” I mocked, my voice saturated in sarcasm. I continued on, “If that wasn’t enough, you even detailed out how you wanted to be taken.”

I paused in my onslaught of her pussy. I ordered harshly, “Beg, whore!”

“Please—“ She tried unsuccessfully to get my fingers back against her cunt and give her her release. I moved my hand back onto her ass, the other hand still on her tit.

“Please what? I won’t do it if you don’t tell me what you want.” My left hand pulled and twisted her nipple, causing the effect I wanted:

“Please, fingerfuck my pussy, big brother,” She shouted in frustration, looking me in the eye. “Fuck my cunt! Take me! Rape me!”

My cock throbbed between our bodies and my hand slipped past the single clothed barrier that was protecting her pussy from my assaulting fingers and delved in the deep warmth of her fuckbox. Starting slowly, I rubbed, prodded, and circled her cunt. The last of her resistance had eroded and she was ours: she started humping back at my fingers. Taurean and Teague stood beside me, cocks out and wanking off slowly, watching the live incestuous act.

Her legs started to give out, but because of my hold on her cunt and tits, she stayed up. It added more to her senses though, making my finger delve deeper, hitting her hymen, not enough to penetrate it, but enough to have her wither in sexual ecstasy. She came; her hands squeezed my shoulders, her fingers digging into my flesh. Letting out a loud moan, her body clasped against me. I gently took my fingers and smelled her cunt juices.

Chocolate and Vanilla. Delicious.

I stuck a finger in my mouth, and savoured the taste of my little sister, as she watched on as a full blitz of horror, disgust, and lust washed over her face.

After a while, I held up my hand, and commanded, “Clean my hand, slut.”

She whimpered slightly, but didn’t object. Taking my hand with her mouth, she licked quickly, grimacing at first, but then attacked my hand with vigor.

Even she likes her own juices.

Pushing her down, I made her kneel in front of me. Then beckoning Taurean forward, I made my way to the couch and collapsed on it, watching the show unfold before me.


2013-04-23 01:46:02
Dear A:

You didn't misread anything. I purposely left the sizes of their dicks. The story comes in several parts so things will be introduced gradually.
Whereas other stories go right into the facts (if that makes sense), I like to take my time and build up the story.
The brothers are triplets, not twins. And yes, they are 18. If I made a mistake or was unclear in some parts of the story, I apologize for that.
Also, part 2 is up. But I'm not very happy with the end result, so there may be a revised/reedit version of it coming out soon.
Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-22 03:38:05
I seriously hate people complaining about the rape part first off its a story not real secondly you know what it's about before you start to read so why would you read and comment? Now on to the writing part of it the writing is ok but I was a little disappointed there was no sex. Besides that the writing is pretty good there is just something missing from it. In this story some more facts you could add would be the size of their dicks and when they we were born because unless I miss read you said the brothers are all 18. This isn't possible unless a pair of them are twins even then it's unlikely.
Sincerely A


2013-04-13 06:52:36
This is a story. It's not real! I just wrote what to mind. Leave it at that. And if you really read the story, there were hints that the girl wanted this.

I submitted it again because I added more stuff to the story (not by much, but enough to change it up a bit). There will be another part to the story (and I don't know how parts there will be). Sorry for the confusion.

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-13 01:26:20
willm you explain why you had to submit the same story againI thought you were writeing another sory not repete

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-13 00:41:44
oh I forgot this sites view on rape. As long as the girl eventually enjoys the activity then it doesnt matter if she was gang forced to participate at the begining. kind of like sexual slavery should be legal because the slaves eventually learn to enjoy it. Unfortunately I know real people who will never get over the trama from forced sexual activity and part of the trama is because of their own actions durring the stimulation of their bodies. I`d like to see any of you try convincing them its not rape.

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