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Changes and new people
Lonely Julie Chapter 10

General 10

The Five of them were exhausted after their shit-fest and then a beans meal - and when they got back to the cabin they collapsed onto the big king bed and fell asleep in seconds. Betty, 52 year old wife of Ken was on the outside cuddled up against little 11 year old Timmy. Sally was in the middle then Julie and the big black body of Ken on the outside.

Ken and Betty had to leave in the morning and Julie had agreed that she would “look after” three more of the pupils at the school of which she was matron who would join would Join herself, Sally and Timmy after lunch the next day and stay for a week.

As it got light around 6 00 am Betty woke up feeling horny for her Timmy and already needing the toilet after the beans the night before.

She snuggled into Timmy and whispered in to his ear “Timmy are you awake?” He mumbled and instinctively put his young hand between her legs. Betty shuddered and whispered “ Timmy darling, we have to leave this morning and I want your cock in me again before we go.” She took his prick in her hand and felt it stiffen.

“You remember fucking me in our flat when I pooed all over you ?” Timmys penis got harder as he grunted “Yeah”. “Come out side Timmy and I’ll bend over so you can screw me and I can shit again on you”

Betty slid out of the bed and took Timmys hand as they went the few steps out of the door and over to the stream running through the open trough across the grass. Ken had woken and watched as his wife and the 11 year old stopped straight in front of him just outside the door. Betty had begun to piss as they walked and Timmys cock was hard as he saw her urine running down her legs and then straight into the stream as she leant forward in front of him.

He stepped up to her to put his penis into her vagina but stopped for a moment as her anus opened and a long soft lightbrown turd slid out and splashed into the trough. He couldn’t hold back and thrust his cock hard into Bettys 52 year old cunt – just as more dung eased out of her ass and onto his hard penis rapidly pushing in and out as he fucked her.

On the bed Ken watched as his wife was screwed by the 11 year old and as his own black cock goy super stiff he turned it towards Julie beside him. Julie and Sally were awake and also watching Timmys penis fucking the middle aged woman while her shit poured out all over Timmys cock and balls.

Julie lifted her right leg as Kens cock crashed into her – she gasped to Sally “ God Sal hes fucking me oh SHIT Sall I’m going to crap all ov er the bed in a sec. Sally turned towards her friend and kissed her mouth putting her tongue deep into Julies throat as Julie responded passionately. Sally reach down and began to masturbate Julies cunt through her bush of hair and feeling Kens prick slide through her fingers as he fucked Julie harder and harder.

“Ken Ken I’m going to fucking shit on you if you don’t stop. KEN I HAVE to shit !!”

Ken kept his eyes on his wife being fucked as he kept boring into 29 year old Blonde Julie and knowing she was going to crap all over him any second. Ken could feel his cum starting and then it happened !!

Julie had a big black cock inside her, her friend Sallys hand masturbating her, she watched Timmy and Betty exploding in a joint orgasm outside – and she was about to dirty the bed spectacularly – and piss herself as well.

Julie came! With a scream “FUCK FUCK I’M bloody CUMMING !” And shelost control.

As her orgasm grew she had to loosen her bowels and a burst of hot thick dung shot out of her ass and Ken felt the shit hitting his prick and stomach and he too shot load after load of spunk deep into Julies womb. He realised that her urine was also pouring out around his cock and into the bed as she rocked and shuddered with her orgasm.

The bed was soaking, Julie Sally and Ken were lying in Julies shit and gasped for breath as Betty and Timmy stepped back into the room - themselves covered in dung and semen.

It was an hour before any of them had the energy to gedt up and they laughed as they looked at the wet shitty sheets they had rolled in.

Sally who did not quite cum laughed and gathered up the sheets to take down to the sea to wash. They all walked down to the water and swam around, washed the sheets and then strolled back naked to the cabin.

They all kissed as Ken and Betty said goodbye and put clothes on for the first time in days.

Timmy put on swimming shorts and the 29 year old Julie and Sally slipped into T shirts and Panties.

They waved goodbye and sat in the sun to sleep and wait for the school car that would bring the pupils to the beach cabin. There were two boys, Terry and Hank, both aged 14 – and Hanks younger sister Mandy who was 11, the same age as Timmy.

Julie, Sally and Timmy were all wondering what would happen and whether the new group would accept the relationships and intimacy that had developed between them. Sally got up from the chair and stepped over to the stream. She pulled aside her panties and urinated . Julie and Timmy looked at her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the piss pouring out and Julie said” Timmy darling we will have to explain that our intimacy is necessary in the cabin without any toilet etc – but I guess the boys wont mind – they can watch us crap and they’ll soon get used to it.”

“Yeah and I’ll tell Mandy its all our secret Thatll work”.

The three slept in the chairs outside the cabin and waited for the newcomers.

Chapter 11 later

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woww great story but your adding way to many to the three and stop delaying already we want it

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This is great but the chapters could be longer and although I love the nastiness and all the shitting on each other, better deions too.

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