Gillian tries to leave and gets punished.
“I’m sorry” Gillian sobbed as Marcus pulled her petite body onto his cock again, her long red curly hair falling in front of her bruised face as he pounded her relentlessly until all she could see was a wall of red as her body thrashed forwards every time he thrust.
“I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk” he growled as she felt his thick shaft slam painfully against her cervix as he slammed into her from behind.
“Please..” she cried, as tears streamed down her face.
“You tried to escape.. if I hadn’t had that metal coded door, you would have been gone and I would have had no pussy” he said angrily, one hand fisting her hair.
“I’m sorry.. I won’t do it again.. I swear” she pleaded recalling the two hours she had pounded on the metal door with the steel headboard of the bed which she had dismantled in an attempt to escape.
“I think you need a week in the Belt” he declared. The Belt, as he had nicknamed it, was his favourite piece of restraints, a piece of custom head gear which included a ring gag and once worn could be attached to a belt which could be strapped to a mans waist and upper thighs and secured the persons head to the groin area. He made her wear it for hours and forced him to suck his dick. She hated it.
“Please don’t….” she begged as he forced her face down against the desk and buried himselfdeeper into her.
11 inches of thick black cock lifted her up onto her tip toes and she gasped in pain as it felt like he was going to split her tight pussy. “You tried to leave me” he growled.
“I was stupid, I swear I won’t ever do it again..” she cried.
“Damn right you won’t” he groaned in satisfaction as he fucked her harshly. His powerful thrusts shook her whole body. “I paid for you, my dick feels at home in you. You belong to me” he growled. “Say it!” he demanded.
“I’m you’re favourite whore” she said gasping through the sobs.
“Louder slut” he growled.
“I’m your favourite whore!” she cried.
“And?” he encouraged, his thrusts slowing as he forced himself deeper into her until he knew it hurt.
“I live to serve your cock, I’m a slut, and I want your cock” she continued, tears pouring down her face as she recited the words he forced to say a thousand times before while he raped her.
“This cock?” he said as he grinded himself against her and rotated his hips. She felt sick as she felt the full thick girth of his huge dick filling her unwilling body. She swore she could feel the tips of his dick touching her stomach.
“Yes! Give me your cock! Pound me like a dirty slut” she cried out, feeling disgusted with herself. This was soul destroying.

“Again” he said as he began to pick up speed, buried balls deep inside her, he pulled he hips against him and pushed himself slowly against her pussy, never removing an inch from her tight moist embrace.
“I’m your favourite whore, I’m a slut, and I want your cock.. I live to serve your cock….. Oh God it hurts.. Please stop… I’m a slut, I’m your favourite whore and I want you to pound me like a dirty whore.. give me your cock, pound me like the stupid bitch I am. I’m yours, Pound me until I cant walk” she said through her tears. “I want your dick, give it to me, fuck me harder” she requested as he ravaged her at his leisure. He loved listening to her forced words that betrayed her desperate silent pleading that it all be over soon. He loved how when he left his dick hard and buried in her without moving it, the muscles in her pussy tried to push him out, but gripped him tighter instead. He knew the thought of his 6 ft 2 muscled body terrified her, how frightened she spent her days pacing the guest room where he imprisoned her for the last 5 months. He had fucked her in every position imaginable, had whipped and beaten her. Tie her up whenever he got bored so he could video tape it as he used all kinds of toys on her. Then he would watch it while he put her in The Belt and force her suck him for hours.
“I want it, please fuck me, fuck me Master, deeper, break my body with your dick, take me” she pleaded. “Fuck me harder, I want it, please give it to me” His stillness was torture. “Master, please… I need to be fucked, Hard” she encouraged, he sneered at the helplessness in her voice.
“I decide how long you wait whore” he replied as he reached a hand between her legs and stroked her clit.
“Oh God… Please.. no….. “ she sobbed, squirming she tried to pull away from his touch but she was impaled on his dick and pinned belly down on the desk.
“I thought you wanted it, slut” he growled as he thrust his hips forwards again, lifting her to her tiptoes.
“OUCH!!! I cant touch the floor.. please put me down!” she exclaimed. Panicking she tried to support her weight with her hands, but his thrusts knocked her off balance and she slammed her face on the table. She gasped in pain and was shocked by the feel of his fingers strumming her clit.
“I’ll ride you all night” he told her.
“I am your favourite whore. Ride me Master” she sobbed. “Do what you like”
"Open your mouth Slut" he ordered her
She could feel him moving his cock in and out of her mouth, looking into his eyes she could tell he was enjoying it. Everytime his cock went further in, she could feel it hitting the back of her throat and she tried to protest.
She tried to gag as his cock tried to continue down her throat, wondered how any girl could enjoy this. Her throat seemed to stretch as his cock entered, she could feel his balls hitting her chin with each thrust. She wondered when he was going to stop, tears swelling in her eyes. His thrusts getting faster and more intense. She would taste her own juices and she desperately wanted to bite down on him, to make him stop but she couldnt. Her head felt light and she thought she was going to pass out.

"Im going to cum down your throat" he snarled
Slowly he started pushing himself further in, her face twisted in pain, her jaw felt like it was almost about to dislocate. He pushed until he was fully in her, she felt him slowly release his hot semen down her throat.

Moments later she was free of him.

Gasping desperately she fought for air. unable to remove the taste of him from her mouth. He grabbed her by the hair and trailed her to her feet. Slapping her harshly across the face.

"I havent beaten you since I brought you here" he stated matter of factly. "Not like that night I punished you in the Dolls House" he reminded her, refreshing her memory of the night he had savagely almost beaten her to death. She had been so broken she hadnt been able to be force fucked for about three days. He had split her lips open, bruised several ribs and even the Mistress, the woman who had organised her kidnapping and continual rape had been horrified by the aftermath.

"I had thought having you here as my own personal fuck toy, of the gift of getting speared on my Cock several times daily, would... make you more appreciative of the time I spend with you" he continued. "I thought a daily anal raping would be enough to break your spirits and make you.... more agreeable. Controllable" he said as he reached for studded paddle sitting on the desk beside him. Her eyes widened. She looked frantically around the room properly for the first time. The walls were covered with an assortment of whips tipped with blades, rods with jagged nails at their ends. Metal clubs and various bindings with strange looking vices on them.

Her eyes locked with his again, how could she not have noticed this torture chamber when he first brought her into this room?

"Its flattering to know how well my dick focuses your attention" he laughed before he struck her across the face with the paddle. Her vision exploded in white hot pain and a flash of red.

Dazed, she could barely raise her hand enough to protect herself as he delivered another blow.

"I'm not going to break your legs on this occasion, but I will sprain them" he declared as he slammed his foot down on her left ankle and crushed it before hitting her again on the shoulder with the studded paddle with all his might. She screamed in terror and pain.

"Next time you run bitch.... I will fucking break them"

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