A middle aged piano teacher finds himself fantasizing about one of his teenage students not knowing that the girl herself is battling similar thoughts
To say Rachael was furious over her mother when she sat at backseat of her car would be an understatement.For the second time in a row,Rachael failed to lose her cherry to her very handsome teacher because of her mother's bad timing. Pantyless Rachael sat quietly on the backseat of her mother's car pondering what else could have happened tonight and how many more times could she had cumm.Although,she didn't really lose her virginity tonight it was a night for many firsts.For the very first time in her young life someone had seen her naked,sucked onto her nipples and ate her pussy .The thought of having Michael's handsome face between her legs made her pussy tingle again and she closed her legs tightly so that her mother won't notice her pantyless state.Rachael hurriedly finished up her dinner once they reached their home since she wanted to attend to her need of getting herself off as soon as possible.After finishing up the dinner she stripped down naked and got inside the bathtub.Spreading her legs she rubbed herself vigorously thinking about all the kinky things her teacher would be doing right now with her panties.She had her last orgasm for the night and slipped off to bed peacefully.

When Michael realised that he's finally going to fuck Rachael tomorrow he decided not to masturbate tonight.He wanted to save every drop of his jeez for the sexy young lady although the sight of her soaked panties lying on the floor was tempting for him,he controlled himself.He told his cock to have some patience and soon Rachael lips would be wrapped around it.

By the time Rachael's classes finished she felt like dying of waiting for them to be over and she rushed to her piano classes .
Unlike the other two nights Michael didn't waste any time tonight he latched onto her quickly and put his tongue deep inside her throatWhile his hands squeezed her boobs making her moan into his mouth..Michael broke up the kiss and pressed Rachael's shoulders signalling her to go down on her knees.Nervously,but Rachael obliged.She was now staring directly at his crotch when Michael opened his fly and took out his tool.Rachael had never seen a bare erect cock before except only in porns and she was terrified at its mammoth size.She had seen the girls in porns give blowjob to the guy but she wasn't sure how to do it yet.By the looks of how she was staring at his dick Michael was sure that she has never given a blowjob to anyone before and he was feeling excited at this thought.He decided to teach her the art of blowjob. In his deep baritone he said"put your hands around it and stroke it lightly beautiful "Rachael followed the orders and put her petite hands on his massive cock.She felt his cock twitch in her hands but she stroked it lightly.Rachael was eyeing his Red mushroom head which was coming into view everytime she stroked him. Michael thought he wasn't going to last long so he said"thats enought,now give it a kiss on the tip".Rachael moved her head closer,gave a small kiss on his dick and looked up to Michael to check if she was doing it right.Michael gasped at the touch of her lips on his throbbing cock and he wanted to shove it rightaway into her mouth."Now put it in your mouth and suck it"michael ordered.Rachael was quite startled by the authorative nature of his voice but she did as he said.She opened her mouth and put his cock in it.Michael lifted her chin and asked "think of it being a popsicle,your favourite flavour and suck on it.You like popsicle right?" Rachael nodded and sucked on to it.Although,the taste of his dick was nothing compared to that of any popsicle flavour she had tasted yet,she imagined it was one and sucked onto it passionately. Michael was moaning heavily "ahhh...thats right are doing great...keep sucking it.Swirl your tongue around and lick it too"Rachael being totally new at this kept on following whatever her teacher said. The thought that she was making this handsome grownup man groan in pleasure though it was her first blowjob was making her feel very proud and shockingly aroused.The wetness between her legs was asking for some attention but she couldn't satisfy herself now,she has to wait she told herself. "Caress my balls too " Michael said .Rachael put her little fingers over his balls and rubbed them lightly while sucking onto his dick and looked up for the reaction.Michael looked down at her deep blue eyes and caressesed her hairs while groaning loudly "ugh...exactly like that girl..." . Michael got hold of the back of her head and gave a push to shove his dick inside her hot mouth. Rachael gagged onto his massive cock and her eyes almost bulged out but being an enthusiastic learner she pulled out his cock.Michael started fucking her mouth like it was her pussy.Rachael's gagging noises filled up the room as Michael kept on fucking her mouth harder.He was holding her blonde hairs very tightly and was manhandling Rachael while she was getting turned on by all this. A large groan escaped his mouth and Michael shot his cumm inside her mouth down her throat.Rachael was shocked at the sudden shot of cumm in her mouth,she wasn't expecting Michael to shot his load inside her mouth and when he did she was caught off guard.She had no other option than to swallow all of it.Inspite of her best effort she couldn't swallow all of it,Michael had flooded her mouth with his cumm and a few drops trickled down the side of her lips. After he had calmed down Michael started undressing the virgin girl.The tanktop,pink lacy bra,shorts and matching lacy panties,they all left her body one by one before falling onto the ground.After making her as naked as she was on her first b'day Michael gave a thorough look to her body.When Michael's eyes looked at her pussy he knew he had to eat it again tonight.Laying her on the top of the piano he sucked onto his nipples one by one bathing them in his saliva making the young girl cry in pleasure.As Michael's tongue did crazy things to her nipples Rachael squirmed in pleasure lifting her chest.After sucking her nipples to his heart's content Michael moved downwards on her kissing everywhere making sure not an inch of her body was left untouched by his lips.When he reached her mound Michael kissed on it lightly too before taking her right leg into her hand. Michael lifted up her legs and started kissing.First,a few kisses on her ankles then on her calves and in no time he was giving small pecks to Rachael's inner thighs making her breathing heavier. Rachael jumped suddenly when his lips touched her virgin pussy.He parted her vaginal lips with his fingers and gave a lick to her insides."nnnggghhh..."was the young girl's response.After getting a taste of her juices Michael moved on to take her clit in his mouth while two of his thick fingers invaded her virgin hole.When his fingers were deep inside her pussy upto the third knuckle Michael started his twin assaults.He sucked onto her clit while stroking her lovehole.Rachael's moans were getting louder and sexier.They sounded more like muffled cries of joy but Michael found them very sexy and arousing.When Michael felt her vaginal wall tighten around his fingers he pulled them out and licked her slit.Rachael ached her back,curled her toes,lifted her ass and cried"ughhhhh..."as a giant orgasm hit her body.Michael not wanting to waste a single drop of her juices drank all of it.After satisfyingly eating Rachael's pussy Michael got undressed getting completely naked .Rachael saw his body a familiar itch hit her pussy but when her eyes stopped at his mammoth manhood,she was terrified."how in the world will that thing get inside me?"she thought and for a moment she pondered if it was such a bright idea to lose her cherry to Michael. If she had been doing it with someone her age then it wouldn't be such a giant she thought.Rachael's train of thoughts were broken when she saw Michael moving towards her with his erect cock.He climbed onto the piano with his giant cock in his hand and spread her legs.He rubbed it along her moist vaginal lips before slowly pushing inside her.She was so tight Michael felt as if someone has gripped his cock tightly with both hands but he kept on pushing it."AHHHH...AHHHH....AHHHH"Rachael groaned in between her deep breathes.She could feel her insides tearing apart by his massive tool making her squirm in pain. When Michael's balls slapped across her pussy,he stopped for a moment and leaned in to suck her erect nipples again giving the young girl some much needed time to breathe. Michael pulled out his tool and shoved it inside her again.This time the penetration was easier and slid inside her in one large stroke."Nnnngghhhhhh...."Rachael cried as her teacher's tool torn apart her pussy.Michael kissed the girl on her lips and pushed his tongue right inside her mouth mainly to distract her from the pain she was feeling in her groin.Rachael felt Michael's hands fondling her boobs when the pain had subsided substantially.Michael started fucking her with slow but powerful strokes at first but when he felt his cock getting more tightly gripped by her pussy walls he increased his pace.Rachael moaned crazily as she squirted her juices all over Michael's cock. Using Rachael's juices as a lubricant Michael gave some more powerful strokes before his balls twitched and he came inside her.

Michael knew they were short of time so,he got up and dressed himself.Finally,he had fucked Rachael and his fantasies of fucking her brains out had come true.He wanted to fuck her more but he knew the young girl will be soar the next morning and he didn't wanted to scare her off.

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