There are some things that dads were just not supposed to have to deal with. I mean, the usual growing up, especially for boys, shouldn't be a big deal. Dad's should be horsewhipped if they don't do their share in the raising and giving their kids attention, but there are somethings that if a guy attempts to do with a daughter, it's just going to get him into trouble.

It's not that I didn't know stuff. I'm pretty knowledgeable about parenting and things that kids have to learn as they grow up. But knowing everything is one thing. Explaining it to a child...especially your own child, is not all that easy. Throw in that, being a child, she has no idea what your talking about, it's like first contact with an extraterrestrial. Anyway, it's been Jessie and me for the last couple years. When she was ten, her mom left. Didn't say anything, just packed a bag and left. I watched after her thinking, "Where is she going?". That was the last I saw of her. I didn't mind to much. She was not very nice and a little crazy, too. Since then I have been taking care of Jess. It helped a couple months later when I hit the powerball and became an I-got-a-lot-of-fucking-money-aire. I won't go into how much money we have, but our house has more rooms then the local hospital. When Jess gets pissed off at me she just goes for a walk around the house and it takes me 2 days to find her. I kept working, for something to do, but not too hard. I spent as much time as I could with Jessie. I helped her with her homework and went to her school activities with her. We did almost everything together. So what happened?

One word. Tits.

Dad's are naturally a little sensitive on the subject of their daughter's puberty. They go through phases just like someone going through grief. First there is the cold sweats. This, for a rational, intelligent guy like me, is when that birthday party comes where you realize that she's of the right age for it to start. Denial comes soon after, as a kind of relief to the cold sweats. You realize that she still isn't showing any signs, so you still have time to put it off. Then there is shock. This happens when you notice that those little nipple buds start getting bigger and rounder, until they start pushing her t-shirt away from the rest of her body. Lastly, there is the run-and-hide phase, where your daughter keeps asking you to take her shopping for a bra and other feminine necessities. You mumble something, turn into a door frame, bounce off, adjust, and skitter away to some dark corner of the house. There are other phases like the wet-bra-drying -in-the-bathroom phase, the no-bra-wearing stage, and others along the way I won't get into, cuz I have yet to get to that point. I was still in denial until that fateful day that Jessie jumped into my lap and used me as a recliner while we watched an old horror movie.

I know your not supposed to let kids watch scary movies, but Jess thought they were just hilarious. At some point during the movie, Jessie pulled my arms around her and then rested across her chest. I noticed that her chest seemed a lot more squishy then usual, until Jess piped up with, "Dad, your squishing my boobs". I realized as my shock was kicking in, that my arms had tightened more and more around her. Might have been some kind of Freudian thing, but it took Jessie's voice to snap me out of my trance, and I immediately moved my arms down around her waist. It was hitting me hard when I let my attention of the movie drift to look over
Jessie's shoulder and see those cute little nipple buds at full attention. I couldn't tear my eyes away, looking down the collar of her t-shirt to see some serious swelling going on down there. Things ran through my head, making me wonder why I hadn't noticed this situation before.

I had grown up during the 70's, and my parents were still living the 60's. The attitude of teaching children to love their bodies was still going strong, and being nude in front of your child was not punishable by 1-3 in state lock-up. No, they weren't sitting around in the buff, but walking naked to the shower
happened often enough, and there was always the occasional shower in the rain. I always felt this was a healthy attitude, and now that the wife wasn't arguing about it anymore, I pretty much had the same attitude with Jessie. I thought back to the last few times I saw her nude form and had pictures in my head of her cute little butt running away from me, her hairless and pouty "cookie" between her legs, and pretty flat chest. As I went through my mental files, however, all the images I had of her chest, her boobs were smaller then mine. I couldn't produce a single recent memory of her now apparent headlights. I thought I had a handle on the whole female reproductive process, until I had to determine whether Jessie needed slims or semi-wide, or if the ones with wings came with landing gear or you had to buy that separately.

There also were no classes in college on buying bra's for pubescent girls, cuz I would have taken it if there was. Jessie's monthly's started promptly a month before her twelfth birthday and she was a sport about it. Of course, she came to me as nervous as any young girl telling her single father that she needed to go to the store and buy pads, but my own ineptitude at portraying the calm and supportive father while having a total meltdown inside my head, was so comical that Jessie started laughing so hard that she didn't recover until we were half way to the store. Luckily, Jessie knew exactly what it was that she needed, other then my wallet, and the time at the store wasn't particularly painful.

I had no issues with buying Jessie panties. I had been doing that for years already. Buying a bra had a lot more components to it then panties. First, there was telling her that it was time to get one, then being fitted for one, then picking out something appropriate for a 12 year old. I decided that what I needed to do was prepare for the event, knowing what I was going to say and do before it all happened. I worked out the speech I was going to give her, picked out a store that could do the fitting and still had a nice selection for young girls, and would not cause me undo embarrassment while I waited. On the fateful night that I picked to present the subject of wearing a bra with Jessie, she sat quietly through my whole speech and provided me with the only response that I wasn't prepared for.


I sat confused for a bit before I finally asked, "What do you mean no?" "I don't need to wear a bra. I don't want to wear one, I don't like them, I'm not not going to. If you want to buy a bra so bad, YOU wear it". I wasn't quite sure where to go with this. First off, I had done all this planning and put all this work into doing this the right way and it was all going to waste. On the other hand, it meant that I didn't have to deal with it. I decided to take the high road and let her have her way. The thing that I hadn't counted on is how hot those nipples looked. My final word on the matter was, "Well you better do something about those then, before you take an eye out". From that time on, Jessie started wearing two t-shirts, whenever she left the house. At home, she still pranced around in very little, and those nipples were always sticking out, begging to be fondled, and I was continually turning the other way to adjust my hard cock in my pants.

So it came to pass on a night that Jessie was once again in my lap. I was sitting in the recliner in just my boxers. Jess came into the room to watch TV with me in just one of my old shirts and panties. She didn't hesitate to climb over the arm of the recliner and settle on my lap. With an inappropriate amount of wiggling, she managed to settle with my cock neatly wedged between her asscheeks. With her bare legs laying over mine, almost the same length now, her smooth skin against mine was pleasantly arousing. It wasn't long before my cock was rock hard along the crease of her cute little ass.

The movie was a typical hero action fantasy thing. It gave me the opportunity to wrap my arms around Jessie and pull her tighter onto my lap. Every time that Jessie fidgeted, it felt like the cheeks of her ass was stroking my cock. She leaned her head back into me and I nuzzled her, softly rubbing my course beard across her bare neck. I looked down and the top of my shirt had opened up and I had a clear view of Jessie's beautiful new breasts, topped with those cherry nipples, that were as usual, standing straight out.

"That tickles, daddy", Jessie said squirming and giggling.
"Does it?", I asked in a quiet deep voice, breathing warm air down on her shoulder.
"Yeah, but it feels nice".

So now that I knew that her attention was on her neck, my hands slid under her shirt and caressed her belly. Not an overtly sexual act, but the intimacy of my hands across her soft skin made my balls boil. I could tell she was enjoying the attention, yet I assumed she was completely oblivious to my perverted desires. I let my hands relax and they slowly dropped down her stomach to her waist. I could feel the waistband of her little bikini panties against the edge of my hand. It made me squirm in my seat, grinding my hard cock into her ass. My hands broke apart and settled over each of her legs. She did a stretch over me and let her legs fall to the outside of mine. My fingertips had a mind of their own, as they naturally came to rest on her inner thighs, softly stroking them. We were at the part of the movie where the hero and the saucy "woman-in-charge", while they couldn't stand each other, realized that they wanted each other. Jessie was breathing steady and letting out a little purring noise, as she reached up over her head and put her arms around my neck behind her. The scent
of her hair made me forget about the movie. I was letting my hands move higher and higher, ever so slowly, as I stroked her thighs. I was so intent on my finger play on her thighs that it took me by surprise when I felt the gusset of her panties. I froze when Jessie closed her eye's softly and let out a barely audible moan.

"Are you ok, baby?"
"Mmmm Hmmm", was all that came from her. We both had gone from a state of total relaxation, well at least most of my body, to a much more rigid state. I edged my hands away from between her legs, when her arms came up and wrapped around mine, forcing my hands back together and pushing them back between her legs.
I now had a firm grasp on my daughter's pussy, and not only did she know it, she was making it happen. What was I supposed to do now? I'm sitting here contemplating the most perverted things a father can imagine, scheming of ways to get away with it without her knowing. At the same time, I am struggling with the morality of destroying my daughter's innocence. Mean while, my daughter is humping herself on my hand. Do I stop her? Do I use it to my advantage? I know that even if it's what she wants, it doesn't relieve me of my guilt. I'm the adult, the parent. Fuck it.

"Yes, daddy?"
"Whatcha doin?"
"I like your hands there, it feels good", she almost whispered, but trying to maintain the illusion that she was watching the movie. With her legs clamped down on my hands, I noticed that the crotch of her panties was very warm, and getting damper by the second. Her legs squeezed in pulses around my wrists. "But your breaking my elbows, baby".
"Sorry, daddy, but don't move your hands, ok?"
"Baby, you know I shouldn't be touching you there, right?", I asked quietly. It was like I was asking permission from my daughter to molest her. I was such a pig, but damn.
"I know, daddy, but I really like how it feels. You like it to, I can tell. That's not a spring poking me in the butt". Busted. Now what, my daughter knows I'm a perv.
"I'm sorry, baby. Maybe you should move."
"No, daddy, please? I like feeling you against me. And I like when you touch me there, too. I know we aren't supposed to, but I won't tell anyone. I promise!!"

Ok, now I'm supposed to argue against something that I really, really, really want to do. Somehow I don't think I'm going to win this one.
"Alright, but ease up on the elbows, baby, your turning them inside out. Just lay back and relax".
"Ok, daddy", Jess giggled, "but I don't know how relaxed I can be". Jess eased back again and relaxed her arms, but she kept her hands over mine, like she was worried I might pull them away again. This time there wasn't any pretense, I was stroking my daughter's pussy through her panties. My middle finger was tracing the crease in the middle lightly, back and forth, over and over again. Jess raised her knees up and put her barefeet on the seat of the recliner, opening her up even more. With each stroke of my finger, the crease went deeper and deeper between her round pussylips. Jessie was pushing back more and more insistently, each time her ass cheeks would clamp around my cock.

"You like that, baby?", I whispered into her ear, kissing it lightly.
"Oh, yes, daddy, please don't stop!", she responded in a strained voice.

"I won't, baby, I promise", I assured her quietly. I could feel the hard nub at the top of her cleft. I started to focus on it, making little circles around it, then back and forth over the top of it. Jessie was arching hard now, making little Uh-uh noises in rhythm with my fingers. I kissed up and down Jessie's neck and ears while I did my best to hold her against my cock. I let my free hand drift up her belly to those cute little mounds that had started all this. I let my hand slide over each of them, back and forth, feeling her hard nipples drag across my palm. Jessie pulled the crotch of her soaked panties to the side and jammed my fingers into her open pussy lips, but rather then penetrating her, I let my finger drag back and forth across her opening and clit.

Jessie's sounds became a mixed chant of "yes, daddy" and "faster, daddy" with an occasional "harder, daddy" thrown in. It didn't take long before her body went from pumping my hand to a couple seizure like jerks followed by her whole body clamped tight around my arm. I let my arm relax and provided just a little pressure against her pussy mound with my hand while she went through the thralls of her orgasm. I knew that she would be a little sensitive for a bit, so I just held her like that while her body slowly relaxed over me. After about 5 minutes, Jessie turned onto her side over me and curled up. In another 5 minutes I could hear her steady breathing against my chest, telling me that she had fell asleep.

The end of the movie was pretty typical. Everyone died including the woman co-star, except for the hero. Some hero. When the credits started to roll, I gently lifted Jessie up and carried her to her bed. As I laid her on the bed, I could see that her panties were still wet and clinging to her, and decided that it was a good idea to remove them. It was no small feat to remove them while she slept, but I eventually got them off her without waking. I covered her up with all her blankets, taking one last longing look at her bare asscheeks before laying them over her. I was about to throw her panties into the wash when my perverted nature got the better of me. Jessie had a mind-numbing orgasm, and I got to play with her pussy, but I was still horny beyond belief. I walked to my bedroom and closed the door. I pulled my boxers off over my cock, which wasn't as easy as it sounds.

I laid down on top of my bed and brought Jessie's panties to my face. They were still warm from her body heat, and the crotch was soaked. I breathed in her scent and then brought them to my mouth and tasted them. My other hand wrapped around my cock and slowly moved up and down. I knew I was only a couple minutes away from cumming as I flashed between the feeling of Jessie's ass on my cock and thoughts of running my tongue in and out of her little pussy. I took her panties from my mouth and wrapped them
around my cock and balls and started stroking faster. At the thought of the tip of my tongue sinking between Jessie's pussylips, I shot a long stream of cum past my belly up to my chest. Followed by 4 more lines of cum covering me from nipple to navel. I just laid there for a while as I regained my strength. I kept thinking how warm Jessie's sleeping body had been against mine. I wondered what she would think about her pervert father in the morning. Even as I was thinking about the consequences of my actions, I was contemplating
how I would get another opportunity to feel my daughter again.

I was still asleep. Kind of. It was that feeling you get before you wake up that you can think and tell yourself that it's time to get up, but your not really awake yet. There was a feeling, a really nice feeling, in the region of my balls, like they had a nice warm blanket covering them. As the blanket moved a bit, I knew that wasn't right. As I struggled to bring myself to full consciousness, I remembered a couple things from last night. First, I had fell asleep just as I was, laying naked on my back on top of the covers. Normally that wouldn't have bothered me too much, but the dried feeling over my belly reminded me that I had fell asleep before cleaning up. My next concern was that I was not alone. I forced my eyes open to see my daughter with her hand cupping my balls. Her hand was making soft massaging motions over my ball sack. Her eyes were glued to the pair of panties that were still wrapped around it and my raging hard cock. As it became more apparent that I was awake, Jessie turned and looked up at me with a smile.

"Good morning, daddy. Your thing is really big and hard. No wonder it was sticking into my butt last night. But why are my panties all wrapped around it?", she asked with a quizzical look on her face. I was trying my best to shake off the fog in my head now. I couldn't come up with any good excuse for this, so I decided to go right for the truth. It was all I had. "When I was touching you last night I got excited, baby. After I put you in bed last night I touched myself like I was touching you. Your panties felt so good when you were sitting on my lap, I wanted to feel them against me more", I explained, hoping that it would suffice.

"How?", she asked, not letting go of my balls.
"How did you touch yourself?"
"Kind of like how you are right now", I replied.
"And it feels like it did when you were touching me?"
"I don't know, I can only tell you how it feels to me, baby".
"Show me", she insisted. Still looking at me like I was a teacher and she was a student anxious to learn. I moved my hand to where I had it last night but Jessie stopped me. "No, daddy.
Show ME how to do it. I want you to feel as good as you made me feel last night".

Cautiously, I took her free hand in mine and wrapped it around the area that was still covered by panties. I moved her hand up and down along my shaft as I had done the night before. I showed her how to turn her wrist as she stroked my cock, and where it was most sensitive. I don't know what was getting me more turned on, the feeling of my daughter's hands around my shaft or the look on her face like this was a science experiment that she wanted to do well on. I wanted to warn her what was going to happen but all I could get out was "Oh, yes baby, stroke daddy's cock faster". When I came, it didn't shoot quite as far as the night before, but it was still enough to impress Jess. She kept stroking, albeit slower, while I unloaded more
and more cum onto my belly once again. I removed her hand and her panties and pulled Jess up to me and kissed her. I looked at her and said, "I think I need a shower. What would you
like for breakfast?"

"I think I want a shower to. Can I come in with you?", she asked smiling. It was hard to look at that face and say no to anything, and I couldn't think of anything that would convince me to say no. I opened the door to my bathroom for her and let her lead the way in.

I set the water temperature and led Jessie into the full glass enclosure of my deluxe shower. Jessie walked right in and soaked up the hot water coming from 3 different directions. It was like standing under a waterfall. I stopped a second and took in her beautiful adolescent form as water cascaded over it. The shower was 25 square feet inside, with a bench-like seat built into the side. I moved into the water with Jessie and our bodies bumped into each other as we turned and soaked ourselves. I grabbed the bodywash and started rubbing it over her body, lathering her from head to toe. I ran my hands over her tits and watched her nipples rise and poke straight at me.

My hands slid all over her smooth young body and pulled it up against mine. The feeling was so great that my cock began to stiffen again and poke out in Jessie's direction. Jessie didn't hesitate to grab it and start using the lather from her body to soap it up thoroughly. My hands engulfed her asscheeks and I let my fingers slide between them, pushing lather in along the crack of her ass. I pulled her out of the water for a minute and poured some shampoo on her head and started washing her long hair in an attempt to slow everything down for a bit. I loved the look of her body covered in white, with a few spots of flesh showing through. Jessie grabbed the shampoo and started returning the favor but couldn't reach my head as easily, so I sat down on the bench in front of her while she massaged my bristled scalp. She stood between my knees, allowing me to run my hands up and down her body, in particular her legs. Like a lot of young girls, Jessie was three quarters legs and it was fun to run my hands up and down them especially on the inside. After a couple minutes under the water, the soap was washed away and we were bare skin again.

I pulled Jessie to me and let her place a foot alongside me on the bench. I kissed my way down her belly to her bare pussy and noticed a slight bit of stubble over her mound, and I wondered how long she had been shaving it off. My kisses started covering her pussylips and I could feel her hands on my head again. The way she was posed, her pussy lips were naturally parted and my tongue was drawn to it like a magnet. By Jessie's reaction, I was right in assuming this was something that she had never felt before. There was no doubt at this point that she had been playing with her pussy, I just wasn't sure if anyone else had. I knew that she couldn't quite reach it with her own tongue, so this was going to be better then anything she had felt so far.

I slipped my tongue out from between her cuntlips and up to her clit. I ran my tongue around and around her little nub till her body started to shake and then moved back down and covered her whole pussy with my mouth. I moved my tongue in slowly and steadily, until my tongue was as deep inside her as it would go. I explored the walls of her tunnel with the tip of my tongue and lapped up every bit of the lubricant pouring out of her. I flattened my tongue and stretched her open and started fucking it in and out of her. She had moved her hands behind my head now and started fucking her hips into my face. To give her a little added excitement, I placed a finger over her little asshole and started pressing against it.

When I heard her familiar chant of "Oh, daddy, Yes, daddy", I moved my mouth to her clit again and started butterflying it with my tongue. I moved my thumb into her pussy and started fucking it in and out of her and within seconds, Jessie's knees were shaking under her own weight. I used my free arm to support her as she had a screaming orgasm against my mouth. She bent forward as she came and I was supporting her mostly with my head. I eased her onto my lap and pointed one of the shower heads at us to revive her and rinse us off one more time.

We had pancakes for breakfast with plenty of syrup. I made up a pound of bacon for the two of us, because I figured that we would need our energy, at least I did. As Jessie was stuffing pancakes into her mouth, she started feeling the need to start talking about what happened in the shower. "Daddy, what is it like to lick down there?", she asked stabbing some more squares of pancake. "Baby, at this point, I think it's ok for you to use words for your body parts, and as long as it's clean, licking pussy tastes great, especially yours", I tried to explain.

"Do you like having your cock licked?" she asked, looking to see how I was going to react. I had to smile a little at her following my lead. "I haven't actually heard of any guy not liking his cock sucked, baby, girls don't always like to do it though", I responded, trying to be as educational as possible. Somehow it justified all
the liberties I was taking with Jess.

"Yeah, but would you like it if I sucked YOUR cock?", she asked looking right at me, blushing a little. I saw the question coming all the way down the street, and my nervousness built as it got closer and closer. How far was I going to take this? How much was I going to risk?
"It would be nice, baby, I know. But I don't know if it's a good idea. You know we aren't supposed to be doing stuff like this together and I could get in lots of trouble. People aren't supposed to have sex with their daughters".
"I know daddy, we already talked about that. I still want to, and I promise not to tell anyone. It can be our secret".

"I don't know, baby...", I said, weakening.
Jessie got up from her chair and walked over to my side and gave me the biggest boo-boo lip possible and whispered into my ear. "Please, daddy. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel".
With a loud sigh, I gave the classic parental response. "We'll see, baby. Let me think about it".
A few days went by and I could tell that Jessie wasn't forgetting much. Either was I. She occasionally snuck into the shower with me and we would soap each others privates up real nice. She had started sleeping naked in bed with me at night and it was honestly more then a man could stand.

Every time I rolled over I was facing her with the scent of hair in my face and my cock between her smooth asscheeks. It all came to a head, so to speak, late on a hot night. I was sitting in the recliner in just my boxers again, watching a movie when Jessie walked in completely naked and took up her usual place on my lap. The movie was a little racier then the last one we watched together, but I didn't mind as much. Clearly she had matured to a point where she could handle a little sexual content. She let her legs fall apart right away and all but pushed my hands down between her legs. There was a particularly torrid sex scene going on and I stroked the line between Jessie's pussy lips. Jessie started wriggling around on my lap and it didn't
take long for my cock to work it's way through the pee-hole in the boxers. Jessie felt it's hardness right away and climbed down off my lap and knelt in front of me. She got between my legs and wrapped her hand around my cock. She moved it up and down and turned her wrist like she had been doing it for years. She leaned forward and ran her tongue from the base to the tip and started over again. She continued this till she had made my cock slick all the way around. She leaned over a little more and her mouth engulfed the head of my cock, and her hand kept working. My hands clenched the arms of the chair as she bobbed her head up and down a little over the head of my cock and her hand worked the rest of it. The little moans and sucking
sounds she was making was more then I could take. "Oh, baby, daddy is going to cum...", I choked out.

This only made her hand move faster and it was all I could do from fucking her face and pushing my cock into the back of my daughter's young throat. I blew like a howitzer. I swear that I could even feel the recoil. All the pent up urges from the last week were released. The first two spurts had pretty much filled Jessie's mouth. The next two were running down Jessie's chin and dripping on those beautiful tits. Jessie just looked up at me smiling. Seeing the cum run down her body was all it took for me to reload. I picked Jessie up off the floor like she was still a little girl and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I pressed my lips to her cum-covered mouth and slid my tongue in as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

We kissed like that all the way to OUR bedroom, and when we got there, all I had to do was lean forward and let her lay back on the bed. Her legs hung over the edge, and I knelt down and planted my mouth directly over her clit and started playing with it with my tongue. I worked a finger inside her already slippery pussy. I wanted to get her as lubricated as possible for what I had planned. As my finger went deeper, I noticed that there was nothing left of a hymen to mention, probably from all the practicing she had been doing. This pretty much decided my next move for me. I slipped my tongue deep into her pussy a couple times and then spread Jessie's legs nice and wide.

I layed my cock over the top of her pussy lips and let it slide back and forth, covering it in Jessie's pussy juices. Jessie was bucking her hips up against it, trying to get more friction between my cock and her clit. Then I slid back a little more and pushed the head of my cock into my daughter's tunnel. It was tight, but slippery, and I eased my way into her, a little bit at a time. I slid a couple inches in before having to stop. I backed up and pressed in again, looking right into Jessie's eyes and watched them close as she whispered, "Yes, daddy". Half the length of my cock had made it inside my daughter, but I wanted it all the way in. I wanted to make her feel better then she ever had before. I slid back again and pushed until I could feel my balls up against Jessie's ass. I stayed there for a minute, pressing harder against her, giving her some time to get accustomed to me being inside her. I started moving painstakingly slow, just little movements at first.
It was easy to say that I wanted Jessie to have a mind blowing orgasm, but the feeling of her pussy around my cock was almost more then I could stand. With my cock still embedded inside her, I raised Jessie's legs till her feet were at my face. I kissed the soles of her feet from heel to toe, then up to her ankles. The whole time I rocked back and forth, moving my cock inside her, making more room to move around. I reached around her leg and placed a thumb directly over her clit and massaged it in circles, steadily moving my cock all the way back, and all the way back in. My free hand moved up to her tits and began working her nipples back and forth. Jessie was biting her lower lip and I started pushing into her with more and more force. I started becoming more vocal with Jess with each stroke, and she willingly followed suit.

"Oh, God, Jessie, you feel so good. Do you like feeling daddy's cock inside you?"

"Please, daddy, fuck my pussy! Fill me up with your cum. You feel so good inside me! Fuck me hard!!"

"Mmmmm, yes baby, daddy's going to fuck you so good. I want you to cum nice and hard on daddy's cock".

"Yes, daddy, yes, oh yes, fuck me daddy. Your making me cum, daddy. I want you to cum to. Cum inside me daddy".

I felt the walls of Jessie's pussy clench down hard on my shaft and it was all I could take. As she arched herself up into me as she came, I shot my first load of cum deep inside her. I pulled back and slammed my cock into her again, shooting another load of cum into her. After doing this a third time I collapsed over her, grabbed hold of her body and rolled her over me.

She had to hit me on the head to get me to release my grip on her so that she could breath again. My arms fell to the bed and I just laid there with her head on my chest and my cock slowly sliding out of her. I realized that from now on, our relationship was going to be different. We would still be father and daughter, but with a nicely added bonus of being free and open with each other like we never had been before.

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