Reece is back and he's got plans for the world.
Reece stepped through the school doors with a sly smile on his face. He walked, rucksack over one shoulder, with a kind of swagger he’d never had before. The corridors were deserted; it was the middle of first lesson but Reece wasn’t late. He was right on time.

Making his way to the Geography corridor, Reece passed two blonde girls the same age as him, both sporting short, tight skirts, entering the bathroom. They looked at him, wondering what he was doing out so late into lessons but Reece just held eye contact. With a wink, Reece wished that both would start getting horny; too horny not to be taken care of. But he’d let that heat up for a while, he had half an hour until his free lesson and by then they would be hot, sweet and juicy.

Soon he was at the door of the classroom. With one hand he opened the door and swung into the classroom that only contained four other students and his teacher, Miss Hayes. When he entered, her back was facing him and even though she was meant to be dressed moderately, she wore black tight jeans that hugged her curves so well.

Her ass was a thing of wonder. Over the past few days, Reece had carved spectacular rear ends, making those who wore them look like goddesses. But to have one so round, so perky was a miracle. And Reece was going to have his hands hugging those cheeks before the day was up. And then she turned and Reece was hit by a wave of beauty. Miss Hayes was part Chinese and had skin fairer than any he’d seen. Her straight black hair reached just to where her nipples would be sticking out if she weren’t wearing a top. It was a shame she was. Reece, using his power, knew that she was a 36C and she wore it well. Her top was loose but the neckline sometimes showed a bit of cleavage that made the boys in the class drool.

Her deep brown eyes looked angry and Reece faked an apology, blaming his car breaking down.
As he made his way to his desk, Miss Hayes said, “Well, you know the rule; you’ll be catching up the time with me on Monday, which happens to be today.”

“Yes, Miss” Reece said, smiling inside.

He took out his books and pens and began the work set on the board, sneaking looks at his gorgeous teacher every now and then. Seeing through her clothes, Reece saw that she was wearing fairly ordinary underwear and Reece had to change that.

Making it that only he would notice the change, Reece made her bra a black lace push up which really amped up her cleavage and, Reece saw, contrasted so well with her pale skin. Reece smiled and the bell rang.

He had a free lesson now; an hour and fifteen minutes that he could spend however he wanted. Without any suspicion Reece walked into the girls toilets and saw two cubicles each containing a pair of legs spread wide with quiet moans echoing throughout the room. Reece closed and locked the door before fabricating an OUT OF ORDER sign that he stuck to the door. No one would interrupt them.

“God damn it, Becca, I just can’t finish,” came a voice from the cubicle on the left. It was breathy and frustrated and sounded like she was being violently shaken.

“Shut up, Deb, I nearly had it then,” replied the other equally frustrated girl. Reece smiled. He had made it so that neither of them could orgasm yet, something he had thought of whilst with his sister’s friend over the weekend. By the end, she had begged him, pleaded with him to let her finish and when she did, she was bucking and kicking everywhere; writhing in pleasure as Reece pushed down on her clit.

After hearing their whimpers and moans for a minute, Reece dropped his rucksack on the floor and felt the air in the bathroom tense up. After a beat of silence, Reece, smiling a shit-eating smile said, “Maybe I could help.”

Another pause. Hurried scrambling to put panties back on. Finally, the two doors creaked open revealing two very flustered looking blondes, both with soaking wet fingers.

“Sorry, I don’t think this is something you can help with. Do you still wear those superman undies?” Becca laughed. Reece laughed too, reminded of an old PE changing room memory.

“Well,” Reece said, not missing a beat, “I said that I could help, but what could actually help is this.” With that, he loosened his trousers and let them drop, the air brushing against his seven inch whilst flaccid cock.
Reece watched as their jaws hit the floor. Becca looked at her friend, not believing her eyes whilst Deb kept on staring, mouth open, fingers twitching. Slowly, Deb made her way forward whilst Becca just stood there, dumbstruck.

“Here’s the deal, Superboy,” Deb whispered in Reece’s ear, her hand crawling downwards to his slowly growing dick, “You can fuck me right here, right now and if I like you, maybe more after today. But you’re not leaving until I cum, alright?”

“Deal,” Reece answered and tore Beeca’s clothes off. Her black thong showed of her pert ass and her B cup tits were held in a delicate white bra. But soon, both were on the floor and Reece was holding Deb up, her tight pussy quivering above Reece’s now erect dick. Deb’s hair was bright blonde and so was the landing strip shaved above her slit. Her skin was soft and pale, even her areolas were a more pink colour. Her boobs were pert and were pressed against Reece’s chest.

He made his clothes melt away as he kissed the blonde cat on a hot tin roof. Her tongue darted eagerly inside his mouth and he felt her slowly grind against him. She picked up a rhythm and soon the tip of Reece’s now eleven inch cock was just touching Deb’s soaking lips. With each jab, Deb let out a small moan and Reece could feel her mouth curl into a smile.

“Feels like a good deal so far don’t you think?” Reece asked, lowering Deb slightly so that the head of his dick, with one small push, could slide into her.

“Uh huh,” Deb drooled, “Do it… please.”

Reece was about to carry out her wish but felt something already sliding up and down his shaft. Looking down, he saw Becca, on her knees, licking his dick as if it were an ice-lolly in the height of summer. She lapped it in long luxurious licks, starting from the base and working her way to the head.

“Having fun?” Reece asked.

Becca didn’t answer, she just kept slurping away.

“This could work,” Reece said and pushed Deb slowly onto his cock. She cooed as her tight walls begged for more space but clenched tighter still. He slowly lifted Deb again and pushed her down, this time completely pushing his head in. Still, Becca licked and sucked his shaft, sliding her thin fingers over the half of his girth that she could manage.

Building up a rhythm, Reece soon had Deb nibbling on his ear and he could no longer control himself. He grew his dick three more inches inside Deb, making her scream out but he also made her crave more and soon she was trying to push herself down more onto Reece’s dick. Heat leaked out of Deb’s chest as Reece made her bustier. They grew to a DD cup and her sex drive grew to match them. Inhaling deep, Deb bounced on the tip of Reece’s, her ass cheeks rippling.

“Oh,” Deb began to pant, “OH!”

“Shout it,” Reece commanded, feeling Becca’s constant stimulation begin to pay off as his orgasm began to rise.

“Fuck! Shit! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna…”

She broke off at that point and let out a huge moan. She was lost in ecstasy, shouting to the Gods about the pleasure she was feeling. Reece lifted Deb off and felt her juices run down his shaft, collecting on Becca’s fingers.

In an instant, Reece wished for Becca to want nothing else but his cum. A fire lit behind her eyes and soon she was jacking him off, her tongue playing on the tip of his cock. With Deb still wriggling from her multiple orgasm, Reece wished for a huge load of cum to erupt from his cock. A stream of cum burst onto Becca’s face and into her open mouth, her drool mixing in with his seed. Reece gritted his teeth as the last rope flung onto the partially clothed Becca who revelling in her pleasure.

Laying Deb down next to her plastered friend, Reece fabricated some clothes and walked out of the bathroom. A stream of people greeted him, some noting the large bulge still in his trousers. He kept it big; he liked the new attention. But he would save his energy until the end of the day. Miss Hayes wouldn’t know what hit her but she would crave it again and again afterwards.

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