Joyce sends her daughter to high school after being home schooled all her life and her daughter comes home with interesting question the boys asked her.
Mommy: The Sex Ed Teacher

Just a fun little story that I started to write a long time ago and never finished. Tell me what you think.

Joyce was an average woman. The most average as a woman can get. She was in her mid 40’s, a body declining in looks but still very attractive, C cup tits, long brunette hair and a typical mom. Joyce had recently been widowed, a year and half exactly, and the unfortunate death of her husband left Joyce heartbroken. Along with Joyce, her 13 year old (at the time) daughter was hurt even worse by losing her dad. But as the time passed, Joyce and Janet adjusted to life again. Joyce had one thing about her personality that made her not so average. Ever since she was a teenager, she was absolutely obsessed with the fantasy of incest and anything that came close to it. When she was just an innocent 16 year old girl, she and her 21 year old cousin spent an entire summer fucking.

Ever since then, nothing could make Joyce cum as hard as incest. Her husband was the complete opposite of her, he barely even liked sex let alone anything kinky. He knew about her fantasy but always did his best to kill it and for awhile Joyce thought she was past the obsession, but the truth was it was just buried underneath her normal side. Since her husband was so against sex, Janet was kept in the dark about anything provocative and sexual for 13 years. Joyce knew that kids these days discovered sex at a very early age, and when it came time for Janet to attend high school, Joyce knew it would be bad. Janet had been home schooled all her life, and with her husband’s high paying career, it wasn’t a problem paying the teacher. But when he died, Joyce wasn’t left with much money.

Joyce and Janet lived on a large farm, with limited internet and TV. Joyce wasn’t really making much with her crops but it was enough to pay the bills. The biggest of the bills was Janet’s teacher and since there was a free public high school only half an hour away from the farm, Joyce figured that it made more financial sense to send Janet to high school.

Joyce never really had “the talk” with Janet and didn’t know how much she actually knew. When Janet got her first period, Joyce just told her she was becoming a woman, but went no further because her husband didn’t think it was necessary. About a week after Janet started school, everything seemed normal, but on the first weekend of the semester, Joyce was asked a question by her daughter that she didn’t really know how to answer.

“Mommy, what’s cum?” At first, Joyce thought she misheard her daughter.


“This guy at school asked me if I swallowed cum and I didn’t know what to tell him.”

For the next hour, Joyce proceeded to explain where babies came from and all of that. Joyce had never seen her daughter so interested before and just the way Janet talked about sex and asked about almost every single detail turned Joyce on a lot. Her incestuous urges were kicking in. Her pussy was nearly soaked by the end of the hour. Once Joyce was ready to go upstairs and fuck herself senseless, Janet shocked her once again.

“So if cum—er semen, is meant for girls’ private parts, why did Kyle ask me if I swallowed it?” An image of her daughter drinking down cum made Joyce almost fall from her feet. She had never thought about fucking her daughter, but now suddenly her daughter was oozing sex.

“Some girls like to swallow it honey.”

“You mean they put the penis in their mouth? Why?” Janet was so innocent to Joyce that it was adorable and sexy at the same time to hear her talking about sex.

“Yeah they like the way it tastes.” Janet paused for a bit, like she was thinking it all over and then asked her mom another question.

“Have you ever swallowed cum mommy?” Joyce actually felt her pussy produce more liquid when her daughter asked that question and decided to sit back down.

“When I was your age, I did yeah.”

“My age?”

“Well I was 16, but close enough.” Since Janet knew nothing about sex, she didn’t know that moms and daughters didn’t usually talk about this stuff and it was so erotic to Joyce.

“What did it taste like?” Joyce was ready to shove a hand down her pants and finger herself right there in front of Janet but held back and kept a straight face.

“It’s hard to explain. It tasted kind of sweet and salty all at once. Like an explosion of flavors in your mouth.”

“Hmm. Who’s cum did you swallow? Did you swallow dads?”

“A cousin of mine that you’ve never met. Your dad wasn’t into that kind of thing.” When Janet heard that her mom did it with her cousin she raised her eyebrows.

“You can have sex with family too? I would have never thought of that.”

“Sure you can, as long as both of the people agree, who’s to stop you?”

“Hmm, sex is funny.”

The conversation eventually slowed down and after Joyce managed to sneak away into her room and finger herself to orgasm, she came downstairs to see Janet doing her homework as if their talked earlier never happened. Joyce started to prepare dinner and a few minutes later Janet came into the kitchen.

“Mommy, can we go shopping tomorrow?”

“Sure sweetie, you want new clothes?” Janet nodded.

“All the other girls at school dress differently and I want to fit in and make friends.” Joyce told Janet that they would go to the mall in town first thing in the morning.


That whole night Joyce tossed and turned in her bed, very bad thoughts of her daughter came to her mind. Janet was a very beautiful girl, a cute short blonde girl with small tits and small little ass that was asking for a nice spanking. She was quite short too, and very skinny and fragile looking. It was very late when Joyce finally managed to fall asleep, but when she woke up the next morning; it was like she had the best sleep of her life. She was excited to get Janet new clothes. Janet dressed more tomboyish then most girls and Joyce wanted to change that today.

When they got to the mall, Joyce let Janet choose what stores she wanted to go to and bought her some normal teenager clothes. Everything Janet bought was very non-revealing and Joyce wanted to see her daughter showing off her body a bit more. After all, that was how Joyce got so popular in high school and college and Janet was even prettier than her even during her best years.

After Janet was all done shopping, Joyce pretended she wanted to buy something as well and they headed towards the store in the mall that had lots of lingerie and very provocative clothing. When they got inside, Janet laughed and asked her mom why she wanted this type of stuff. Joyce just simply explained to her that every woman needed to look sexy. Joyce started looking around the shop for miniskirts and cleavage showing tops in sizes much too small for her figure. After a while, Janet started to notice her mom kept picking out clothes too small for her.

“Janet sweetie, why don’t you try some of these things on? They would look adorable on you.” Janet made a face at her mom like she was not interested in the clothes.

“They show off too much mom, all the boys will be looking at me funny.” Joyce started to get a little turned on, picturing her daughter as the slut of the school. Like mother like daughter, Joyce figured.

“Well you said you wanted to fit in and make friends. What better way then to show everyone how gorgeous and sexy you are.” Joyce picked out a miniskirt much too short for anyone to wear and held it up for Janet to see. Janet took it in her hands and then after a few moments said,

“It does look cute.” Joyce told her daughter to go to one of the changing rooms and try it on and Janet did so. As Janet walked away, Joyce stopped a man on the other side of the shop. Actually she had noticed him earlier too because he was constantly glancing their way. Joyce gave him a smile when they made eye contact and the man seemed a little nervous and quickly looked down at the clothes. He was alone in a shop clearly just for women and something told Joyce that he wasn’t shopping for a wife or girlfriend.

Joyce picked out a few more things, including some thongs, small bikinis, and t-shirts that would definitely show off Janet’s tight stomach. She carried the big pile of clothes to the changing room that only had a curtain to cover it and sat on the chair in front. Janet walked out in the miniskirt, her pussy probably less than an inch from view.

“How do I look?” Janet stood in front of her mom looking shy and nervous but when Joyce gave her a big grin and told her she looked beautiful, Janet relaxed a bit more.

“Try these on as well.” Janet’s eyes widened when she saw how much clothes her mom had picked out. It was almost as much as how much Janet already bought. Janet took the clothes and one by one tried them on and then modeled them for her mother and anyone else in the store that happened to look. Joyce kept looking around the store and kept seeing the man she had seen earlier, slowly coming closer to the changing room.

Once Janet was done trying all the clothes on (Joyce had decided she looked good in all of them) Joyce gave her daughter her credit card and told her to go pay. Janet walked over to the counter while Joyce decided to head over to the man that had been staring at her daughter the entire time. The man was tall, and average looking but Joyce could also see he was muscular. When he saw Joyce approaching him, he looked like he was about to run away but kept his ground and just watched her approach.

“Hi there.”

“Erm hello?”

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t help noticing you kept glancing over at me and my daughter.” The man got very red in the face, he obviously thought he was about to be called a pervert and smacked silly.

“I didn’t mean to or anything, I-I-I’m really sorry if it bothered you.” Joyce saw that she was making him scared so she decided to let him know she wasn’t mad. She laughed and shook her head.

“Don’t worry I’m not a cop or some moral freak.” The man seemed to relax a little and then he glanced over at Janet, who was still at the counter. “I’m quite the opposite actually.” Joyce gave him a devilish look and the man smiled a little.

“I’m Steve by the way.” He extended his hand out for a shake and Joyce shook it.

“Joyce, and that’s my daughter Janet.”

“She’s very pretty, you both are. Not many moms that come in here with their daughters.”

“Well she just started high school and wants to be more popular, so I’m helping her out with that.” Steve nodded and Joyce could basically see his mouth watering. Joyce leaned in and whispered in his ear, her pussy burning.

“I’m very horny, and a very bad mommy. You’re more than welcome to come home with us.” Steve started to sweat a little, and Joyce looked down to see a small bulge forming in his pants. He barely managed to nod and Joyce took him by the hand and led him towards Janet, who was now picking up the bags of clothes.

“Janet baby, I want to introduce you to Steve.” Joyce noticed the college aged girl at the counter looking over at them in a suspicious way and for some reason this was a thrill in itself, like Joyce knew the girl was judging her.

“Hi Steve… Is he coming with us?” Joyce smiled first at her daughter and than at the counter girl, who quickly looked away and walked a few feet back pretending to be doing something with the returned clothes.

“Yes he’s gonna be joining us for dinner.”

“Janet looked at Steve and he awkwardly smiled at her. Janet didn’t know what her mom was doing but she trusted her and Joyce gave her daughter a reassuring nod and smile as they walked out of the store.


On the car ride home, Joyce and Steve sat up front and Janet sat in the back. For the first little while, nobody talked but then Janet just had to ask why this random man was coming home with them.

“Umm Steve?”


“No offense but, how do you know my mom?” Steve and Joyce looked at each other and then Joyce looked at her daughter in the rear view mirror.

“We just met actually.” Janet raised an eyebrow.

“Oh… And you just invited him home?”

“He’s gonna make dinner for us. Something new that you’ll love.”

“Oh you’re a cook Steve?” Steve seemed confused but before he could say anything, Joyce interrupted.

“Yeah he’s a cook. Trust me, you’ll love it.” Janet had never been so confused in her life, but of course, she trusted her mom no matter what. She wasn’t even sure about the clothes she had bought but her mom said it would make her popular and that thought really appealed to her.

When they got home, Janet went to her room to put her new clothes away and wondered what Steve would make that would be so delicious like her mom described. Her stomach started to ache with hunger a little so Janet hoped it really was as good as Joyce built it up to sound.

When Janet went back downstairs, her mouth dropped open. There, on the couch where she sat and read books and did her homework sat Steve, his pants around his ankles with Joyce in on her knees on the floor sucking away at Steve’s massive cock. Janet’s heart was beating so fast she thought she might pass out, her mom’s head was bobbing up and down and her hand was going in rhythm with it. Steve tapped Joyce on the shoulder when he noticed Janet standing there in shock but Joyce didn’t even make an effort to slow down or stop what so ever.

“Mom what the hell are you doing?” Joyce kept sucking, making Steve let out a little moan before she pulled the dick out of her mouth, wiped her mouth and then turned to Janet.

“I’m helping Steve make dinner.”


“Well you wanted to know what cum tasted like.” Joyce smiled and then called her daughter over. Janet seemed rooted to the spot so Joyce got up and walked over to Janet, and grabbed her by the hand, leading her back to Steve where he sat with his 7 inch dick covered in spit waiting.

“I don’t feel comfortable with this mom…”

“I told you sex with family was okay, what’s wrong?”

“It’s just odd… Seeing you do that…”

“It’s fun baby.” Joyce then started to strip and right in front of her daughter, she pulled down her pants and panties, letting her daughter see her small bush for the first time.


“Why don’t you get naked too sweetie?” It was Steve talking, who now seemed much more comfortable with Joyce naked as well.

Joyce got over top of Steve’s dick and lowered her wet pussy down on top while looking at her daughters expression. Joyce was now riding Steve reverse cowgirl on the couch while Janet just stood in front awkwardly not knowing what to do with herself.

“Come on baby, take off your clothes, let us see your sexy body! Oh goddd Steve, smack my ass!” Joyce hadn’t been fucked in months and she was loving it especially since her daughter was getting first hand sexual education. There was a loud smack as Steve complied with Joyce’s demand and Janet still stayed dressed.

Joyce and Steve fucked for a good two minutes, at which point Joyce had taken her shirt and bra off, showing off her large tits. Steve was cupping them and pinching her nipples as Joyce had her back arched her hands on Steve’s thighs. Janet wanted to just slowly walk away and leave her mom and Steve to finish but as she took three steps, Joyce told her to stop.

“Janet come help Steve take his pants off.” Steve still had his pants around his ankles and Janet sighed and walked towards her mom and Steve on the couch. She bent down with her face about a foot away from the place where Steve’s dick ends and Joyce pussy begins and started to tug on his pants but Steve didn’t help by keeping his feet on the ground. Before Janet knew what was happening, her mom grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head towards the sex and Janet’s face was rubbed into her mom’s pussy. She quickly pulled off and looked at her mom astonished to see her giggling.

There was some juices on Janet’s lips and she licked her lips without really even realizing, making her mom moan as she watched. Steve kept pounding his cock into Joyce, and Joyce was about to explode. Janet just sat on the ground now watching the action, half in disgust, half in wonder as Steve’s large cock was now covered in juice, throbbing hard.

“You like what you see slut?” Joyce was now taken over by lust, and all she wanted was to turn her innocent daughter into a slut. The thought of it drove her crazy. Janet didn’t respond to her mom’s question, she just looked at her in the eyes and didn’t recognize her mom anymore. Joyce started to cum, her gaze on her daughter, while Steve pounded up from the couch as hard as he could, prolonging Joyce’s orgasm as long as possible.

“Ohhhh fuuucccckkkkk!!!!” Joyce was breathing heavily, her large tits bouncing on her chest. Once her orgasm died down, it only made Joyce kinkier and hornier. She stood up off of Steve’s dick, which was still throbbing as Steve sat on the couch breathless. Joyce walked over to her daughter on the floor. “Get up.” Janet looked up at her mom.

“Why?” Joyce did not feel like asking nicely again so she grabbed a handful of her daughter’s hair and forced Janet up onto her feet, making Janet scream a little in the process. “What the hell!”

“I told you to get up. Now you wanted to know what cum tasted like, I’m gonna give you a chance to find out.” Janet was shocked.


“You’re gonna suck Steve’s cock until he cums in your mouth.” Joyce pulled her daughter by the hair again and they walked over to where Steve was stitting, slowly jerking his cock up and down.

“You really are one kinky mommy.” Steve smiled at Joyce and she smiled back.

“I was a slut when I was younger and I loved it, I just want what’s best for her.” Janet tried protesting again, now getting forced to her knees in front of Steve.

“But mom I don’t wanna be a slut!”

“Shut up, you don’t know what you want. Now suck his cock before I send you to your room for a month!” Janet felt like she had no option. She looked up at her mom and she seemed dead serious.

Janet then looked down at Steve’s cock, still glistening and wet from the fucking he gave her mom. She hesitated a few seconds too long and her mom pushed her head down so close that her nose actually touched the dick.

“Come on sweetie.” Steve was now completely comftorble with both mom and daughter and he smiled at Janet, nodding his head. Janet sighed, made a face of slight disgust and then stuck her tongue out and took a short lick near the tip of Steve’s cock. She tasted her mom’s pussy juice mixed with Steve’s pre cum that had been leaking out and it didn’t taste horrible. She was expecting something completely nasty, but this was just a little different.

“Suck it slut!” Joyce was now sitting next to Steve, her legs spread with Steve’s hand playing with Joyce’s pussy as they both had their eyes focused on 14 year old Janet about to suck her first cock.

Janet then stuck out her tongue again and this time started to lick the cock from near the bottom, all the way up to the tip, collecting more juice on her tongue, before pulling her tongue back in her mouth and swallowing. This time, it tasted even less weird. Steve moaned loudly and so did Joyce as she took Steve’s wrist and forced his two fingers deeper inside her cunt.

Janet continued to do some licking, at one point directed by her mom to swirle her tongue around the head of the cock. This time, Janet was much more obident and she closed her mouth around the entire head of the dick and made some sloppy circling motions around Steve’s cock.

Steve moaned again and started to finger fuck Joyce with three fingers instead of two, as he started to talk dirty to Janet.

“That’s it slut, that’s a good daughter. Suck my cock baby.” Janet was swallowing everything that was coming into her mouth, not minding the taste at all now. In fact, her mom was right, cum didn’t taste bad at all. At least not the pre cum and pussy juice mix she was getting right now.

Janet now started to bob her head up and down on Steve’s cock slightly, getting more of his cock into her inexperienced mouth. As she did this, she noticed that the taste was getting a little stronger, as sometimes a bunch of clear liquid would leak out of Steve’s cock. Now that she had basically cleaned all the pussy juice of the dick, she could start to really taste the cum Steve was producing.

“You like sucking cock slut? Hmm Janet baby?” Joyce was talking again but with Steve’s cock about two inches inside Janet’s mouth and her head bobbing up and down, she didn’t respond, she just made eye contact with her mom for a second before looking back down at the cock continuing to suck.

Now that Janet was getting more used to this, she started to fill her mouth with more of the dick and soon, she had about half in her mouth before her gag reflex started to present itself. Steve loved hearing her choke on his dick and so did Joyce because as Janet kept struggling to get more of the dick in her mouth, gagging and scrunching up her face, Steve made Joyce cum very hard, sending a short jet of cum flying out of her pussy and onto the couch and some on the floor.

Janet heard the splash that was made and opened her eyes again looking at her mom, to see her mom moaning loudly, her back arched on the couch and squeezing her nipples as Steve started to slow down. He then pulled his fingers out of Joyce’s pussy and held them up for her. Janet and Joyce kept their eyes locked on one another as Joyce started to seductively suck Steve’s fingers clean moaning very loudly in the process.

Steve started to mumble about how he was going to cum soon and once again, Janet felt an icey blade strike her in the heart as she started to get very nervous again. How much of it was there gonna be? Would she hate it and throw up? Or maybe she would love it? Janet’s mind was racing but her bobbing head did not stop as she pretty much did the same exact thing she had been doing the entire time, just bobbing her head up and down on the cock, her tongue licking the underside.

“Ohhh fuckkkk here it comes!!” Steve felt the rush of cum in his cock as he pushed his hips out, meanwhile Joyce dropped to her knees beside her daughter and pushed on the back of Janet’s head, getting the most of Steve’s cock inside her daughter’s mouth. Janet was scared, she put her hands on Steve’s thighs trying to push away but couldn’t. Then it happened, at first, she felt the cock jumping inside her mouth and before she could pull away or do anything due to her mom’s hand, she felt a large amount of gooey liquid fill her mouth and hit her in the back of the throat.

She started to cough very loudly, panicing trying to get her mouth off the cock but it was no use. She didn’t do anything with the cum in her mouth, it just sort of stayed on her tongue but when Steve shot his second and third jet of cum, Janet felt her mouth starting to fill up and knew she had to swallow or spit it out, and spitting wasn’t an option at the moment. The taste was very strong, much stronger than the pre cum and pussy juice she had been tasting earlier. She didn’t really know if she liked it or not because of her panic but when she started to swallow it, it felt good and when her mouth was almost empty and Steve shot more cum into it, her taste buds came to life and she found herself actually caving in her cheeks from sucking harder to try and get more out. It was shocking to her, but the cum didn’t taste bad at all. She swallowed it all even though Joyce had moved her hand off her daughters head and was now stroking her hair with a smile on her face.

“Good girl! You are just like your mommy!” Joyce was so proud of her daughter, thinking back to all the cum she willingly took into her mouth as a teenager. Finally when Steve stopped producing cum, Janet pulled her mouth free from his dick and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. She looked over at her mom who gave her a big kiss on the lips. “I love you so much baby!”

“I love you too mommy.” Janet looked up at Steve who was out of breath from his orgasm and just gave a little chuckle as he looked at Janet. For the first time since they got home, Janet smiled and when both her and Steve complimented her a bunch more times, she felt her face going scarlet and her heart filled with warmth. She felt really good.

“You were right mom, the cum didn’t taste like I thought it would. It was actually kinda good at the end there.” Janet could swear her face was now beat red. Her mom hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. Joyce was no longer in her dominant mood and was back to being a loving mother.

“I’m always right hun, I just want the best for you. Do you think you might wanna suck some more cock?” Janet looked at both her mom and Steve and then nodded her head in embarrasement.

“I like sucking cock mommy, it makes me feel good.” Janet laughed and then her hand went in between her daughters legs as she gave Janet’s crotch a slight rub through the jeans.

“Baby, you have no idea how much better it can feel. But that’s okay, you have mommy here to teach you.”

The End.

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