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Leslie was a 19 year old girl, and as with any 19 year old girl, slightly bored with life. She was a successful student at a state college, working part-time, and teasing college boys full time. She was still a virgin, despite the fact that she could get any guy she wanted, since she was a 5’6 brunette, with c cups that always seemed to spill a little out of her bra.
Leslie was sitting in her dorm room with her roommate, Sam.
“I’m booooored.” Whined Leslie.
“I keep telling you to get a boyfriend, but I guess my opinion doesn’t count for much…” Sam retorted.
“I don’t know, I want the right boyfriend.”
“Well he’s not just going to just pop out of thin air, Leslie.” Said Sam.
“I wish he would. That would make things so much easier…”
That night, as Leslie lay in bed she let her mind drift to what kind of guy she thought would be right for her. She knew that he would be a strong man, with a chiseled jaw and defined muscles. He would also have confidence that flowed out of him. That she knew, but she was clueless as to what else she wanted from him. As she started to drift to sleep, she continued thinking about what kind of guy she really wanted to call her own.
“Leslie.” She looked around. She was still in her room, but she thought she had heard her name.
“Leslie.” There it was again! Who was that?
“Leslie, are you ready?” She sat up in bed, absolutely startled now.
“Who’s there?” She cried out, uncertainly. “I’ll scream if you don’t show yourself!”
Just as the last word left her mouth, she felt a hand close around her throat and mouth and force her down on her bed. She wanted to scream, but before she could the voice whispered in her ear, “If you scream for help, this will only go over so much worse for you.”
She felt a round, rubbery ball enter her mouth and then tighten with a strap around the back of her head. Now she knew she couldn’t scream even if she wanted to.
“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, Leslie. Now I finally get to. This is a dream come true. But don’t worry, I might let you enjoy some of this, too.” He forced her onto her stomach and fastened her hands behind her back with handcuffs, tightening them so much that they started to dig into her wrists. He rolled her onto her back, her arms underneath her as he spread her legs and tied one leg to each post of her bed, leaving her spread, but covered with her pajamas and underwear.
“MMMMMPHHHH” moaned Leslie. She was frightened by this stranger, but also in denial that she was slightly aroused and excited at what might be to come.
“Now the fun starts.” The man whispered into Leslies ear.
He reached into his backpack on the floor and pulled out a small plug, at which Leslies eyes shot wide open. Suddenly, she knew this was for real. He then pulled out a bottle of lube, and applied the smallest amount of lubricant to the plug, before stretching Leslies pajamas just enough to reach in and find her anus. Leslie was trying to squirm to escape from the inevitable invasion of her rectum, but it was no use. The man pushed the plug into ass, stretching it in a way that Leslie had never known before.
“MMPHHHHHMMPHH!” moaned Leslie, as she tried not to enjoy the intrusion. She was getting aroused, and this scared her. Why was she so horny at being raped? But thinking about this fear and loss of power only excited her more.
“Yeah, I’ll bet you like that. Don’t worry though, I have even more excitement planned for you.” As he finished this sentence, he reach to where the plug was and flicked a switch. The plug gently started to vibrate inside Leslie, and she moaned in pleasure, rotating her ass in pleasure to match the vibration of the plug. She started to lose some sensitivity in her hands at this point due to the handcuffs, but she didn’t notice or care very much.
The man reached into his backpack and pulled out some scissors. “Those clothes are definitely in the way.” He cut a line straight up her shirt, then to the sides so that it feel apart leaving only her exposed stomach and bra. “Well a bra is just going to get in the way for what I have planned.” He said, as he cut that away too, leaving her tits to harden slightly in the chill night air.
He reached down into his bag of toys once again, this time pulling out two clothes pins. Leslie closed her eyes and started to hope that he wasn’t going to put those on her nipples. Before she opened her eyes, she felt plastic bite down on both of her soft, perky tits.
“AAAMMMHHHPPHPH!!!” She cried, opening her eyes in horror and shock.
“Haha, I’ll bet that feels good, huh? The best is yet to come.” He hinted.
He picked up the scissors again and cut two lines down the length of both legs, removing her pajamas and panties. As she lay fully exposed on the bed, tied up and at his power, he full admired her beauty before continuing. He removed his own pants, kneeling over her. He spit into his hand, planning to use his slobber as lube, but when he reach down, he found her already slopping wet.
“Wow, you really like this, don’t you bitch?” He said, even more excited now.
“Mmmmmm” She moaned in confirmation.
He reached down to guide his penis in, ever so slightly. First the tip entered between her lips, and it felt huge to Leslie. She moaned in pleasure as she felt herself getting stretch, with the ass plug still vibrating inside her, increasing the stimulation on her clit through his penis. He slid the rest of the tip in her, and she felt like she already wouldn’t be able to fit much more in.
“How much more can there be?” She wondered in horror and excitement.
He then slammed all 9 inches into her as hard as she could all at once. He vagina suddenly felt like it was on fire as he popped her cherry and stretched her insides apart. She knew she was bleeding at this point, but she was thankful she couldn’t see it. He started to slowly pump in and out of her, every stroke causing her insides pain as her torn cherry cried out in protest. It was painful and humiliating, having her arms tied tightly behind her back, mouth gagged, legs spread open with a vibrating ass plug, tits clipped, getting her virginity torn from her forever. But she loved it. And she knew she loved it as this stranger, this large, confident man took her as his own, forever claiming her innocence.
“I’m gonna cum. I’m going to take the gag off you, and I want you to swallow all of it. If you scream, I’ll leave you here to be found tied and humiliated like this. Understand?”
He pulled the gag off her mouth, immediately shoving his pussy juice covered dick down her throat as far as it could go. He pumped her throat once before he bust into her mouth. It was like nothing she had ever tasted. It was warm, and most noticeably salty. It hit the back of her throat and felt like it stuck there, not matter how much she tried to swallow. He quickly replaced the gag, making sure that the cum wouldn’t come back out of her mouth.
“Now, that was fun, bitch. I’ll just do you a favor and let you have some fun tonight.”
He untied her legs and spun her on her stomach before tying her legs back up to each post. He uncuffed her hands, and then tied each hand to her top most bed posts, leaving her spread eagle on her stomach. He turned the vibration setting off on the butt plug, but left it it. From his bag, he removed a 6 inch dildo vibrator. He slowly slid it into her vagina until it was completely inside her before turning it on.
“I’ll be back to 5 to check on you. When I get back, the dildo had better still be inside you. Until then, know that you’re my property now, and for as long as I want to keep you as my bitch.”
She heard him leave before looking at the clock. It was only 1. She started to reach her first orgasm as she knew, this was going to be a long night.

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2013-11-21 08:29:25
The story lacked some places, but I liked it don't listen to the troll.

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2013-04-14 14:34:11
no we don't want more

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