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The first time I saw you
My heart skipped, I shook inside
And you turned, and smiled
I felt warm, when your
Body pressed mine and
Our arms took each other in

The first time our hands touched
They flashed in the light
As I turned them over
They tightened and cradled
They pressed and clung
And felt desire

The first time I touched your bare skin
Sensations of cream and velvet
Invaded my mind and body
My desire stood tall in it's shadow
My own fire fanned by
Your cool soft flesh

The first time I saw your
Naked body next to me
I stared in wonder
Of why you were there
And how I could feel more of you against me
Where it would lead
When it would end...

The first time we made love
Nothing else mattered...
You willingly accepted
What I had to offer
and our tension soared
and our excitement flashed
and then we were gone...
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