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Saturday morning I wake up excited and looking forward to the day ahead, I jump out of bed and head down to the kitchen, it's only 10am but after a glass of orange I start cleaning up and making sure everything is perfect for Jim’s party.

Jim comes down around an hour later already washed and dressed in the usual light blue stonewash jeans that’s have a hole in the left knee and a blue tee shirt

"Morning baby” he says smiling at me

“You looking forward to later?" He asks surprising me with a kiss to my cheek and a squeeze round the shoulders

"Yes Uncle very much, I'm almost done in here” I say motioning with my arm around the kitchen and living room “then I will wash up and mop the floors before I start cooking the party bits"

"Good. Well… I'm going to pop down the pub with Tony, there is something I need to get from the landlord there, then we will be back to give you a hand with everything"

"No problem Uncle you just have fun, oh hang on" I say running upstairs and grabbing his present and card

"Here happy birthday I hope you like it" I breathlessly add as I run back down the stairs and jumping the last four steps

"Wow Jane” he says as I hand him the big box wrapped in light blue paper with happy birthday printed all over it.

“I haven't had a wrapped present in years" he laughs as he sits down on the sofa and rips it open

"Oh my god" he gasps lifting the box off his lap and examining it closely letting the paper fall to the floor

"Wow this is perfect" he adds looking up at my smiling face

"I'm glad you like it. The man in the shop said it has everything you need for a fishing trip" I say planting my bum next to him on the sofa, too excited to stand.

"It does. it’s amazing baby thank you so much" he smiles pulling me into his arms. I miss this, having an adult proud and happy with me. It shocks me as for the first time since being brought here the tears filling my eyes are tears of happiness.

"Jane? What’s the matter? Why are you crying?" he asks confused

"Sorry Uncle” I laugh

“I'm just so happy you like it" I say as I stand up wiping my eyes with the back of my hand

"You’re amazing you know that?” he smiles standing up and ruffling my hair

“And tonight with you here it will be the best birthday ever. You will make it perfect"

Maybe things are turning round now. Jim has been nice to me for two days now and he seems to really want me there tonight. About half hour later he gets a calla and leaves to meet Tony while I clean the kitchen and put some snack bits for the party into the oven. I put some rice to boil for the coronation chicken that is already done and waiting in the fridge.

‘Everything is going well so far’ I think to myself as I make my way up stairs to clean the bathroom and change the beds.

Not that the beds matter so much but with people coming round I doubt if Jim will want them seeing a dirty bathroom and I might as well do the beds while I'm up here.

About six I climb out of the shower and sit in front of my vanity mirror to start getting ready, I can hear Jim and Tony down stairs talking loudly and the sound of furniture being moved around. They have been back since four and helped me with the rest of the decorations. I start applying cream to my skin like I usually do making sure it’s rubbed in properly I pull my hair curlers from the draw and get to pinning my hair up as I curl it, lastly I put on my new French knickers and dress. As I clip the necklace into place I gently remove the clips letting each curl fall softly from its restraint down to my shoulders where they bounce gently before settling. I look in the mirror shocked at how beautiful I look, the black dress holding me firmly and swaying softly around my legs, the sparkly necklace tight around my throat and dangling down my chest stopping just between my breasts, the matching earrings sparkling behind my hair as I move. As a last touch I apply some cherry lip-gloss pick up my camera and take a quick picture of myself looking in the mirror before I head downstairs.

I find Jim in the kitchen pulling a can from the fridge; he looks quite handsome when he tries, the black leans and dark blue shirt a big difference to his usual clothes and not a rip in site. The place looks good as I look around the big kitchen. The table filled with food while Jim and Tony have filled the kitchen side and the bottom shelf of the fridge with grown up juice and beer, I see that Tony got his own way on the tequila front as my eyes all on the large bottle. I pick a sausage roll from the table and start to nibble it

"JESUS CHRIST" Jim yells as he turns round seeing me for the first time, making me jump and drop the roll

"What?" I ask looking around as Tony comes in

"Look at you, you look amazing" Jim says, his eyes traveling up and down my body, before slowly reaching my face.

"Is it too much" I worry as I bend at the knees to pick up the food I dropped

"Wow" I hear Tony whisper

"you look so god damn sexy Jane" he continues, the way he looks at me makes me slight uncomfortable, shuffling from one foot to the other, his hands resting on the top of his jeans.

"I wouldn't say sexy" I giggle trying to make light of it but still moving away and over to the other side of the table

"I'm only twelve, it's what you bought me Uncle it's not too short is it?" I ask pointing out what I thought the other day and hoping it doesn’t annoy him

"No! It’s perfect" he says moving towards me and sliding his hands round my waist, he pulls me firmly to his chest, his hands resting on my lower back

"Can I have a birthday kiss?" he asks leaning his face down to mine and covering my lips with his.

I try to pull away as his tongue slides into my mouth but as I do I feel myself come up against the firm warm chest of Tony. His hands slide up the back of my thighs and up my dress as Jim continues to kiss me run his big hands over my chest. Placing my hands on Jim’s chest I try to push harder but I'm trapped between them and I begin to panic just as the doorbell rings. Tony steps back away from me and heads down the hall with a frown on his face to answer it, Jim pulls away too but he holds me close for a second before moving his hands to my face and using his thumbs to wipe my lower lip then leaning down to kiss my forehead he ushers me to the front door to greet his guests.

Jim doesn't have as many friends turn up as I thought he would, it’s only a group really and they all seem to be men, why wouldn't he invite women? Or maybe he did, and they couldn’t make it. They all seem nice though and they all keep saying how beautiful I look especially Mr Jones who stops me every time I walk past with a tray of food or a drink to comment how I amazing I look.

"Come. Sit down with us Jane" Alex calls as he grabs my wrist and pulls me down next to him; he starts again telling really bad jokes to the men around us while Johnny pushes a shot glass into my hand

"I can't drink this" I say shyly

"Course you can. Hey Jimmy, you mind Jane having a drink with us?" he shouts over his shoulder to Jim

"Why not, it is my birthday" he laughs back loudly as he moves away from a man he’s talking to and walks towards us, he takes another shot glass filled with a yellowy liquid from Johnny and sits with us

"Bottoms up Jane. Come on it's my birthday.” He adds winking at me and knocking back the liquid, not wanting to look stupid I copy him and gulp the whole amount at once. A bitter taste fills my senses and I cringe as they all laugh

"Way to go Jane" they cheer making me giggle as they pass me another.

They only let me have two which actually suits me since I really don't like the taste. As I sit there watching and listening to them my mind starts to become muddled and I have to really concentrate on what people are saying.

"Here baby drink this water" Jim says as I take the glass and gulp the cold refreshing drink

"Don’t want you crashing out on us" he laughs

After a short while I start to feel like everything around me is funny and I can't stop giggling, I try to walk to the kitchen to get another glass of water but almost fall to the floor before someone catches me round the waist, looking behind me I see Tony smiling down at me

"Thanks" I slur at him giggling, his face starts to come towards me and I feel his lips gently press against mine. Without thinking I open my lips, allowing his tongue to caress the inside of my mouth while his hands move to my hips and lift me onto the kitchen side.

"She's mine remember" I hear Jim’s angry voice say as I feel myself being pulled back to the living room, things are becoming hazy as Jim sits me on the sofa beside him. Feeling dizzy I lay my head against the back of the sofa and try to concentrate on my breathing. Jim’s arms slide round me and pull me towards him; he lifts my face until I can feel his lips against mine. Just like before I open my mouth allowing him to kiss me. I forget that we aren't alone and don't realise everything has now gone quiet as everyone around us watches.

Cold Hands run up my legs causing me to open my eyes again and see Tony sitting there on his knees in front of me, lifting my dress and pushing my legs open. I try to concentrate on my breathing as things start to spin slightly; I feel myself being stood up and someone whispering in my ear

"It's time to unwrap my present"

I open my eyes to find Jim holding me up and unzipping my dress at the side, he slides the thin straps over my shoulders so it slowly falls and pools at my feet leaving me standing there in just my knickers. He leads me to the glass table and tells me to lie down on my back.

‘maybe I should, it might help my head’ I think as I lay down, the cold glass now sticky with spilt drinks presses against my naked skin. My legs are lifted high as someone begins to pull my knickers slowly over my hips and down to my feet.

Low moans fill the room as my legs are pushed open and placed flat against the floor either side of the table allowing cool air to blow over my now naked body and private place. The sounds of zips follow,

‘It's a strange sound Zzzzippp who would call it a zzzzippp?’ I think to myself giggling.

"Jesus Jim she's perfect" someone says from my left side

"Hell yeah" a deep voice I think belongs to Mr Jones adds from near my feet

Voices around me continue to say things as I feel something warm and wet moving slowly from my belly up to my chest, making me giggle again. I look down to see Mr Jones running his tongue over my body and someone I think might be George kneeling between my legs as he starts to lick my private place.

Suddenly Tony leans over my head and starts kissing my mouth while another mouth moves over my breasts.

"Jane baby open your eyes I have your present"

‘Oh my present, I want my present’ I think trying to move whatever's on me away but there's too many things. Opening my eyes I see Jim’s friends.

‘What are they doing? And why am I on the table? Is it bed time?’ I wonder

"Jane comes taste your present." I hear Jim say.

‘Oh my present’ I think smiling and looking up. I see Jim standing there upside down with something big in his hand it looks hard and funny with little lines going up it, why is Jim standing on the ceiling? I giggle. I manage to turn round with the help of various hands to find Jim has come back to the floor and standing the right way up which gives me a better look at my present.

Wait… No that can't be right. Why is Jim not wearing trousers?

I look up at him confused as hands grab me and pull me up off the cold table, pushing me to my knees in front of him. Johnny stands behind me holding my wrists against my lower back while Jim grabs my hair hard causing me to grasp. All of a sudden Jims private bit is forced in my mouth making me gag, I try to pull away but his hand in my hair pulls me back towards him with a moan on his lips. Something slips in my private place making me gasp again in pain.

Whatever it is moves in and out between my legs like Jim’s finger does when he’s checking me, after a while someone says something about me being ready. I'm lifted up again and pulled toward the kitchen. All smiling and laughing together they lift me onto the table knocking plates and food all over the floor, that's when I notice they are all naked;

Tony lifts and holds my hands above my head as Johnny and Mr Jones take hold of my legs to keep them open. I see Jim stand between my legs, his eyes directly connected to mine. I'm scared now fear and confusion over whelming me, I don't know what's happening but whatever it is I want it to stop.

"Uncle please… what are you doing?" I slur at him begging him with my eyes to stop whatever is about to happen, something deep inside me tells me it’s going to be bad and there is no going back. No stopping this…

"Since the day you got here I wanted this. Wanted you! and now… it's time, from this moment on you are mine, mine to take when I want, do what I want with, you are my slut" he says shocking me with his crude words, I look down to see his private bit coming towards me,

‘God no, he isn't is he? Oh my god he is’ I think to myself as everything clicks into place. ‘The way Tony has made comments about me, the way they look at me, oh my god the checking me, it was all lies. All of it was leading to this… my own Uncle wanting to have sex with me’

I feel like I’m about to be sick as I realise he’s moving closer towards me, his private place in his hand as he aims it towards me

"UNCLE N...." Something soft and thick is shoved into my mouth before Tony's hand follows covering my lips

"Shut it bitch” he growls at me as I look up at him, his face contorting into something dark and beast like making me want to cower and hide

I feel a sharp pain unlike anything I felt before. It travels through my whole body, making me scream with all my energy and floods of tears to slide down my face.

“OH FUCK” Jim screams

I look down thinking someone must have stabbed me to find Jims private bit buried deep inside me.

‘Oh god no’ I think as I carry on screaming but the thing in my mouth and Tony's hand stop any noise coming out.

As Jim moves his body back and forth between my legs I try to kick my legs and to hit whatever I can but I'm held firmly, it feels like I'm being torn and everyone is laughing or touching their private place, I want to be sick I can taste it in the back of my mouth but I’m unable to spit it out

“Oh fuck baby you’re so tight, tighter than the others. God you’re perfect and you’re mine, I can feel your pussy squeezing me hard, it feels so good” Jim pants as he moves faster inside me, the pain is not as bad as it was but it still hurts, he pushes my legs up ordering Mr Jones and Johnny to hold them as he grips my hips and pulls me towards him with every one of his forward motions,

Tony leans over my chest moving both my wrists to one hand, his mouth captures my nipple as he sucks hard and reaches down to rub his free hand into my private place against my little knot

I try to beg them to stop but It just comes out as a mumble, closing my eyes I try to forget what’s happening to me, the shock of it as Jim pulls away from me and pushes me to my stomach before pushing my legs open again and thrusting hard and fast back into me. In this new position Tony removes whatever he shoved in my mouth and tries to push his private place in there instead but I manage to close my mouth quick

“Open your mouth slut” he says as Jake slides his finger between my lips and pulls hard causing a pain that makes me open them,
I'm pulled forward by my hair again as Tony fills my mouth with his large angry looking private bit

"Look at me" he growls at me, I can't see clearly through my tear filled eyes, but I make out his smile before his head falls back in pleasure. With hands everywhere I just want it over, I want them to leave me alone.

‘How could Jim do this to me? Let his friends do this?’

The pain between my legs gets worse as I feel Jim’s private bit getting bigger before a hot flood of something shoots inside me

"Move over my turn" I hear Tony say with glee as he pulls away from my mouth and starts to move behind me

"No" Jim says firmly

"What do you mean no?" Tony growls at him

"I mean NO, she's too tight. I'm not doing this like the rest! We take our time. Jane is mine. She is my niece; you don't touch without my permission. You don't get her unless I say. You got a problem you walk away now!"

Even on the table sobbing and my back to them I can hear the order in Jim’s tone. Loud and clear. There is no doubt in my mind these men hear it too and they won't go against him.

"Fuck sake James I need her pussy" Tony whines

"Take her mouth or use your hand"

"Fine not her pussy let me take her arse then" he tries to argue

"I won't tell you again Tony. Hand or mouth your choice. Ask again and you leave now"

Moaning Tony moves back to my mouth. Taking his anger out on me, he grabs my hair hard and pulls my head hard towards him

"Open your mouth bitch. You better suck me good or else" he growls

As I feel the same warm salty liquid thing I felt with Jim the other day coat my tongue I can't help gagging, I try not to swallow but the sudden drops of hot liquid pattering over my back and bum shocks me enough I swallow without thinking.

As his private bit slides from my mouth I look behind me to see Jim standing against the counter his arms crossed over his chest and watching as the others pull on their parts spilling their strange white stuff all over my naked body. I want to get up but he catches my eye and with a smirk on his lips gives me a shake of his head. After each one finishes they either step back or sit around the table,

“Perfect” I hear someone say from the corner, looking over I see Jake Jim’s youngest guest, lowering something big that looks like a camcorder. He can’t be more than twenty-three I think as he walks towards me and runs his hand over my body smearing in all the thick liquid that covers me before coming to stand in front of me

“You’re going to make a great subject Jane, you are an amazing actress. Playing the rape victim well but I could see how you enjoyed it” he laughs pushing his wet fingers into my mouth;

‘He can’t be serious can he? He thinks I liked this?’

“Well at least that’s how it will look once I have edited the film” he winks at me

“If anyone finds out about this, the video will show a girl begging us to fuck her.” Jim pipes up from the back of the room,

“No one will believe you” I look at him tears still in my eyes

“M…may I go to bed?” I ask just wanting to get out of here and shower

“No! you will sit with us for a while, just as you are” he answers taking my hand and leading me back to the living room having to hold me up as we walk, my legs now too weak to hold my weight.

My dress had disappeared and I have to sit there naked, I’m told to sit down and keep my legs open at all times. Tears fall from my eyes but no one notices or cares as they go back to talking and drinking only this time I seem to be the main topic as each pair of eyes flicker to me every now and then, moving all over my body and between my legs. Jim hand me a small glass of the same yellowy liquid I had earlier, I don’t think about it I just knock it back hoping it will help some way or another.

Every now and then someone will move to me and touch me or sit beside me and whisper something nasty and crude in my ear making me cringe, as Mr Jones does this he laughs telling me he is planning to have me every day at school some way or another

“It will be fun Jane, eating your pussy and you sucking my cock” he says making me cringe and feel sick all over again,

“Hey James think your little slut needs to get used to words like cock and pussy” he laughs looking at me

“She cringes every time someone says it”

Has Jim walks over to us I look at him realising that Mr Jones’ comment has caught everyone’s attention, he stops in front of me looking down at me smiling before sitting beside me and pulling me over so my back is against him and my legs are pulled up onto Mr Jones’ lap. He pulls my head towards him and loud enough for everyone to hear says

“Tell John you want him to eat your pussy Jane”

Fear builds inside me as everyone listens,

“Do it Jane” Jim adds as his hand covers my throat and gently squeezes warning me
“If you don’t I will send this video to all your friends”

“P…please, e…eat my…” I can’t get the last word out as Mr Jones opens my legs

“Say it Jane all of it, say ‘eat my pussy Mr Jones’”

“E…eat my p…p…pus…pussy mm…Mr J…Jones” I stammer out closing my eyes, I feel his finger enter me

“I would love to Jane but I need to know you really want me to, look at me in the eyes and ask me properly” he smiles

“I…I can’t” I whisper

“SAY IT JANE AND LOOK AT HIM NOW” Jim’s angry voice forces my eyes open, I look at Mr Jones as I ask him to eat my pussy only slightly stumbling over the words at the end, he lowers his head and starts to lick me, I close my eyes again but Jim growls making me open them again and look at him

“Watch him Jane, watch Jones eat your pussy like you asked him to, watch his tongue slide into your pussy, feel him pushing it into your tight hot cunt, does it feel good? I bet it does doesn’t it. Do you want him to use his fingers as well like Tony and I did? Do you want him to make you cum like we did? You want it to feel good? You told me Tony made you cum that day in here, on this sofa. You enjoyed him licking your pussy,” he says loud enough for everyone to hear and make me feel embarrassed

“John use your fingers, make her cum she wants to” he adds to Mr Jones. As his fingers slide into me his thumb rubs over my little knot and my back arches, I don’t want it to. I hate that my body suddenly feels good

“See you like that don’t you Jane? You like him touching you, what else would you like?” he says laying my head onto his lap, “what about Johnny sucking your nipples? your big beautiful tits? Would you like that? Do you want it?” he asks stroking my face softly

I don’t know what’s happening but as Mr Jones continues to rub me and lick my private place I remember how good it felt when Jim and Tony did it before and I realise I want that again,
It slips out and I hate myself for it but as Johnny’s hot tongue sides over my cool nipple I don’t care,

“Tell him then Jane tell him to suck your big tits” Jim says

“Suck my big tits Johnny” this time I don’t think I just do as he says and as Johnny does I lose all control I had over myself

“What else would you like Jane?” he leans down his lips inches from mine and I feel and smell his warm, alcohol filled breath move over me

“Kiss me Uncle” I beg pulling him the rest of the way until his mouth covers mine just as my body explodes with pleasure, it course’s through me starting in my stomach and spreading through every inch of me.

My back arches and I moan continuously feeling the warm liquid spilling from my private place,

‘Is this what Jim meant about making me cum?’ I wonder as white lights of pleasure blind me behind my tightly closed eyes. I barely feel Jims mouth moving over mine but I can feel his hands gripping me firmly and a hard pressure on my upper back as it presses against his private bit.

As I start to come down my sense floods me as quickly as it left, filling me with the need to be sick at what my body just did and how it reacted to these men, disgust at myself for letting it, how could I enjoy these men doing this to me, how could I beg Jim to kiss me? My parents would be so disgusted and disappointed in me I realise making me feel even sicker than I did before.

I lay there panting, trying to get my body back under control as Mr Jones leans up over me smiling hard

“See Jane, you loved that, look at all this cum you covered me in.” he says lifting his face so I see it glistening in wetness. His mouth moves to mine and I taste the tangy sweet taste of the juices that cover him.

As the party winds down and Jim’s friends start to leave I’m kept on the sofa with my legs up and open for everyone to see and touch. By 4am it’s just Tony left and he shows no intention of leaving, he sits at my feet pulling my legs onto his lap and running his hands up and down my legs

“You know you can’t keep her to yourself all the time James” he says sliding his finger into me and sucking it into his mouth while looking at me

“I know, and I don’t plan to you can all share her but you have to see the reasons we couldn’t all do it tonight” Jim sits on the table watching my face

“I understand the others but you and me have been mates forever, why not me?”

“Tony this time is different, we won’t be able to explain it away if something happens to her, and we can’t just drug her.” Jim replies with a sigh, his eyes moving to Tony as he tries to explain

“I know, I know it’s just…fuck man I need some young tight pussy it’s been too long” Tony’s fingers push into me all the way emphasizing his words as I gasp in pain

“Why not call Janice for now?” Jim smiles

“God man I said young not wide open and saggy” Tony stands up letting my legs fall to the sofa

“Well I suppose I better go, I will have to watch something for now. When?” he adds looking at me then Jim

“Soon I promise maybe tomorrow see how she is” hearing this I start to get worried as he heads to the door, as Tony leaves reluctantly Jim comes over to me and picks me up cradling me in his arms

“You will sleep with me in my bed tonight Jane and you will do so every time I want you to! You won’t have a shower tonight I want you exactly as you are. I’m going to fuck you again tonight and make you come over and over. Know this though, you are mine. You will not let anyone touch you unless I say, if I tell you to fuck someone you will do it. Or I will make your life a living hell here” he says not looking at me and carrying me to his room.

As we pass the bathroom my eyes stare at it longingly but he doesn’t notice, when we get to his room he opens the door and lays me on the bed

“Tomorrow we will go to see Johnny and get you put on the pill so you won’t fall pregnant” at my confused look he continues

“Johnny is a doctor at the hospital, he will be checking you over every month so that we can keep an eye on you, don’t want you getting too damaged, and it’s not as enjoyable”

He lays next to me and pulls me towards him, I know there is no point in fighting this I have no way to get away from a thirty-five year old man especially in the state I’m in, though I am aware of everything now my mind is still muddled and hazy, I just want to sleep.

“Open your legs Jane” he says as he lifts me on top of his naked body, my legs slide down each side of his waist as he sits me on to his stomach

“Lift up” he tells me as he lines his private part with my now open private place, he lowers me down on to him and I moan in pain. He doesn’t care as he lowers his hands to my hips and slides me up and down on him hard and fast

“Oh fuck Jane you feel so warm and tight, I’m going to fuck this little pussy every night and you’re going to love it, my own personal slut.”

His hands grip my breasts as he talks over and over about what he plans to do to me, as his right hand slides down my left side and over my flat stomach reaching my hip and pulling me back and forth on him, his thumb presses against my little nub making me moan and my back to arch again

“You love your clit being rubbed don’t you baby” he whispers as he presses firmly in little circular motions, again my back arches as he flips us over, my back now against the cool sheets. He lifts my legs over his shoulders and presses deep into me, holding there while he leans down and kisses me. Pumping deep, hard and fast the pleasure builds fast and explodes inside me with hardly any warning. I moan loud as the pleasure stays with me and builds again

“Come for Uncle Baby” he says as he pushes deep and I explode again. Not giving me time to come back down he throws me round and lifts me on my hands and knees “my turn” he says as his hand slides round my waist and presses my clit seconds before his private part fills me again, he rubs me near where he fills me before moving his hand and bringing it round to my bum, I gasp and try to move away as his finger rubs over my little brown hole but his hand hold me tight

“Don’t move” he growls as he spreads my juices from his finger around my hole, using his thumb he presses hard until it slides into me making me shout out in discomfort

“I will take this too, not today, but soon” he says as he thrusts into me and continues to press his thumb in and out of my bum. As I feel him getting bigger he moves his thumb away and pushes his hands firmly on my shoulders until my face is pressed against the pillows hard and almost suffocating me. He pounds harder as he screams his release finally falling on top of me.
Lying on his back he rolls my back to his chest and he slides his semi hard private part back into me, keeping us connected his right arm traps me to him.

“Sleep now baby we will continue this when we wake”

I don’t think it will be possible to sleep as I silently sob my pain and anger out, I can hear his slow soft breathing turning into snores, I want to make a run for it but part of me is scared. Where will I go? This isn’t just my uncle raping me this is a group of very intelligent upstanding men, Johnny being a doctor, Mr Jones a secondary school head master, Alex is a vicar at the local church and George is a policeman… these men are respected and they have a video of me that Jake plans to make look like I wanted this… no one is going to believe a twelve year old girl over these men. If anyone finds out they will be excused, me I will be hated and called names for the rest of my life. Amazingly with the help of the last drink I had I manage to fall asleep.

The next morning I wake to find myself pressed tightly against Jim’s hot sweaty body, my head hurts as I try to move his arm and get up to use the bathroom. My body aches all over especially between my legs which feel hot and sore.

“Mm where do you think you’re going?” Jim’s sleepy voice says

“I…I need the toilet”

“Fine but come straight back here,” he says lying on his back and releasing me “just use the toilet that’s all”

I make my way to the bathroom, desperate for a shower but Jim has made it clear I’m not allowed one yet. I walk to the toilet and sit down. Pain moving through my body feeling like I have been to the gym all day. A Slight burning feeling moves through my private place as I use the toilet but I try to ignore it.
I make the mistake of looking in the mirror as I wash my hands, I can see slight red marks all over me as well as being covered in the same white crispy stuff I found the other day,

‘Oh my god, that’s what that was, Jim must have cum on me when I was sleeping’ I realise feeling sick again,

This must have been going on for ages without me realising, Ben was right… how could I be so naive? All this time. I look down at my body and notice big hand shaped bruises over my hips.
I make my way back to Jim’s room fuming at all that’s happened,

“How could you?” I say as I get to the door, he looks up and over at me

“I’m your Niece, how could you pull that thing over me with your hand and spill your cum on my body while I sleep?” I say raising my voice, not sure where this confidence is coming from.

He gets up and sits on the side of the bed

“Come here”

“No! How could you? I’m twelve and you do that to me, I trusted you and you let your friends do it while you RAPED me” I shout.

He stands up and stalks towards me anger covering his face

“YOU ARE MINE JANE! YOU WILL DO AS I SAY” he screams, reaching me he grabs my upper arms


his hand comes flying at me and slaps me hard making me fall to the floor, I look up at him with anger and hatred as I put my hand over my now red cheek. He drags me up and pushes me over the bed his hands gripping my bruised hips and pressing his fully hard cock into me making me scream in pain

“You are mine and nothing you say or do will change that!” he growls as he thrusts in and out of me. I try to claw my way over the bed and get away but it’s no use he just holds me tighter on my hips. All I can do is sob as he uses my body like a rag doll, pulling me anyway he wants, however he wants. Pushing me in every position he can think of and thrusting onto me

“Tonight I will take this hole too” he warns me as he presses his thumb deep into my bum

“No… please Uncle don’t do this, you can’t do this… it’s not right!”

“Nothing I want is right Jane, since I was fifteen I have always wanted to fuck young girls. I found Tony and other friends that liked it too and since then we have done just that, each time drugging them and dropping them at their door after we are done with them, careful not to leave traces. Then I met your mum, and she was so beautiful, I wanted her straight away. But she was always with that prick of a brother of mine; she never did like me no matter what I did. Then they got married and you were born, that first and only time I met you when you was Ten I realised something, I wanted you more than I have ever wanted any other girl including your mother. The fact you was my niece and it would be incest was so much more appealing. I told all my mates about you that day. I told them what I wanted to do to you; we had fun looking at the picture I took of you. Then when you turned up at my door I thought all my dreams had come true. I knew I had to take it slow so much more riskier than the others, but you also have so much more to lose if you tell anyone” he laughs hard as he finally comes deep inside me

“Go shower” is all he says as he leaves the room and makes his way down stairs,

I stay where I am for a while digesting what he has just told me,

‘I’m not the first they have done this to. I know he mentioned something like that before a few times but it never registered in my mind. And he wanted to do the same thing to my mum! I’m grateful she stayed near my dad but why would they send me here if they knew? They can’t have known, not completely. Nan would have still been alive when they wrote the will she only died last year maybe they planned to change it but no one thinks something like that’s going to happen to them’ I think to myself

‘Wait…’ I think pulling myself up and walking round the bed while holding on to keep myself up as I open the wardrobe I take a closer look at the videos on the top shelf that I found the other day.

‘Megan, Rose, Kate, Lucy, Mary, Marie, Amy, Sarah, Lisa, Claire…’ the names go on for two shelves but I’m too weak to stay up realising what I have found, other videos, the other girls. I manage to pull one down with the name Alice on it; I open the case to find a DVD and a piece of paper that says

“Alice Johnson
Age: 15
Place: Forster Park (night)”

‘oh my god’ I think as I feel sick fill my mouth, I climb up and make it to the toilet just in time as I empty my stomach into it, tears running down my face I lean my hot forehead onto the bowl before sitting up and rinsing my mouth with water from the sink

“Found the DVDs I see” I hear behind me making me jump and fall back to the floor, Jim stands there holding the DVD in his hands and looking down at it with a smile on his face.

“You better have a shower,” he says as he walks away leaving me there on the floor.

I manage to get up and climb in the tub but I have no strength to stand, I pull the hose down and turn it on holding the hard spraying water over me as I sit there on my knees crying. I manage to wash myself a few times all over before I have the strength to climb out and make my way to my room.

I have to do something about this; does Alice remember what happened to her? Does she know what happened? Does she remember the men that did it? Does she have nightmares of them doing the things they did? All those girls, all that pain they had to go through. I try to think of something I can do before I remember that I’m now one of those girls.

I lay on my bed crying, not moving just snuggling up with my teddy and trying to make sense of everything that has happened all the things I have heard and seen since the weekend began. Jim ignores me most the day which suits me, but it also worries me, with his half promise to Tony last night about maybe having me today I wonder when he will come to find me.

I want to shut my door and hide under the covers but I know that will make things worse, it will give Jim an excuse to do something to me not that he seems to need an excuse to do what he has done so far, I have to face the fact this is happening. I can’t keep being dumb like I have all this time, I need to wise up.

I need to find a way out of this.

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Why can't I seem to locate part 2?? I see the first, 3rd, and 4th. :/ I love it, by the way. Very nicely done.

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Decent; I have a lot of respect for women, so a lot of what was described here made me cringe. Still, I like the strength that Jane has, even in the face of so much abuse.

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