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A brother and sister try to make a living, but can they survive when werewolves are so hated?
I'd like to start by apologizing to those who are/were waiting for me to continue the last of anubis, however it's been delayed due to a case of inexcusable writer's block and a three week boating course. However I did manage to pull this out of my brain earlier this afternoon, please let me know what you think, I may or may not make it a series, and I still am working on Anubis. Comments are greatly appreciated.

While they cry, we fight...
That's just the way it is, that's the way it's always been. My father told me it was because they are weak, that they don't have the strength to face death, but I know the truth. We may have the three-inch fangs and razor sharp claws, but they blend in. They have time to mourne their dead, we must always fight. We fight for food, we fight for a place to sleep, we fight over girls, our very right to exist is a fight. Yet they sit around lounging in their fancy mansions, having all the flirty romance they want. Drinking and watching cheesy love movies with cute actors, and I just get to sit in this freezing rain, trying to lick the mud out of my damned fur. Fucking vampires and their fucking good looks.
We get the long shaggy hair, the dark angry faces, the sharp teeth and the raggy clothes. We get left on the street to die, to steal cars and TV's just to get enough money to buy a loaf of stale bread and a can of stiff soda. And for what, to watch as our enemies prance around in tailored suits and sleek shoes, to watch them become rich and famous while we starve in the gutters.
I pushed the angry thoughts to the back of my mind and set my focus back on the twelve year old girl in the heavy grey jacket skulking through the pale yellow light of the dying street lamp. Her hands were set loosely in her pockets and her long blonde hair obscured her depressed face as she kicked a rock past the barred windows of a rough neighborhood convenience store. Uneasily I shook the rain from my muzzle, a group of local gangsters had gathered on the corner and were eyeballing the girl, my instincts raged to tear them all to shreds, but I promised her I’d let her do this on her own.
She glared at them as she pulled open the reinforced glass door and shook her hair out as she entered the well lit store. A growl rose in my throat as one of the low pant wearing thugs spat in her direction then headed towards the door, followed by two more of the dark skinned punks. Angrily I rose, but I promised her, I had to have faith that she could handle it, frustrated I slashed at a nearby tree and glared at the four deep claw marks gouged into the shattered bark.
Now agitated I sat back down and watched the girl through the large display windows of the convenience store. She walked calmly to the refrigerated drinks and pulled out a soda, good girl, just play it cool. Then she walked over to the snacks, and I lost her from view, but I could see the gangsters at the counter, one wore a loose black hoodie and the other wore a heavy carhart jacket, but both had black and red bandannas hanging from the back pockets of their sagging jeans. They had just bought packets of cigarettes from the cashier when the girl came up to the counter with a green bottle and a pack of beef jerky. I steadied my breathing, alright, just a little further, we may not have to kill anyone tonight, please let us not have to kill anyone, my heart started to rush with adrenaline as the cashier rang up the total, the two gangsters at the counter left the store and lit up their smokes leaning against the wall just outside the door, where’d the third one go? My fur stood on edge as the girl reached into her pocket for the cash to pay, but I knew it wasn't cash she was reaching for.
Then it happened, the blonde girl pulled out a sleek black .9 mm pistol, semi-automatic, 15 round magazine, hand engraved with silver filling spelling,“Happy Birthday Little Sister,“ how did I know that? Because I’m the one who gave it to her.
With my hearing in such a sensitive state I could easily make out her shouting,“Open the register, NOW!“ C’mon sis, don’t let him stall!
Outside I could see the thugs looking back into the store with curiosity, I tensed, waiting for them to make a move as they shouted to their other two friends on the corner, who quickly came to watch the spectacle. Inside I could see the cashier stuttering something to my sister, I grinned as I heard her reply,“Don’t give me that crap, open the register before I blow your damn brains out, and DON’T even think about hitting that panic button under the counter!“ just to make her point she triggered off a round that tore its way through the man’s ear. He cried out in agony as he quickly typed in some numbers on the register and the machine dinged open.
My sister was about to jump over the counter and grab the money herself when the third gangster tried to sneak up on her from the back of the store, I know my girl is smarter than that you dumb shit, I smirked as he pulled out a handgun slightly larger than my sister’s, maybe a glock, but she heard him coming. Swiftly she spun around and dropped to one knee, bracing her weapon with both hands and fired of two shots in rapid succession, straight to his heart, just like I taught you, that a girl.
But that’s when things started to get serious. With my sister’s back turned the cashier ducked under the counter and grabbed a shotgun as he hit the panic button under the counter, so much for not killing anyone, dammit, hurry sis you got three minutes before the cops get here, c’mon. That’s when the chollos decided to get involved,“EDDIE!“ the scream came from one of the thugs smoking a cigarette, great, now it’s a turf war...each of the gangsters pulled out their own handgun and unloaded on the store through the shattered windows. Explosions of gunfire blasted through the night’s silence as the cashier let lose with his twelve gauge along with the chollos. And then the police arrived. Sirens blared and tires squealed as the overpowering odor of burnt rubber filled the air as the squad cars slid to a halt in front of the store.
“Ah shit, it’s the pigs! Get in the store!“ instantly the gangsters jumped through the window and ducked behind the shelves, from the four cars jumped out eight police officers with an assortment of handguns and shotguns loaded and trained on the store. Luckily for them the cashier had run out of ammo, and now he cowered behind the register trying not to get caught in the crossfire as the thugs reloaded and three of them opened fire on the squad cars while the fourth one went to search for my sister, who had disappeared into a back room, please Lily don’t do it, use your head, you can get out of this, just think! I snarled in frustration as I heard a scream of soul filled terror come from the back room, Dammit, sis! The gangster came stumbling out of the back room as the gunfire stopped and all eyes watched as he staggered into his friends, his chest dripping blood from multiple lacerations along his ripped shirt. A feral howl echoed from the back of the room, just as the door burst open and a golden furred werewolf smashed through the shelves towards the gangsters, who had enough sense to jump through the window on the police’s side of the firing line.
“Watch out men, it’s a werewolf, switch to silver nitrate ammunition!“ the police captain’s command was followed by,“Yes sir!“ as the officers dropped their magazines and inserted fresh ones, filled with silver tipped rounds.“Conserve your rounds, it’s only a cub! Hit it with a spotlight,“ With that one of the officers jumped into his car and hit a switch, the five foot ball of fury snarled in anger as she stumbled back, blinded by the intense light. Dammit Lily, I’m sorry but you’re not getting out of this without help! I filled my lungs just as the police captain let out a shout,“Ready, fire on my command!“ That’s when my heart stopping howl filled the night, echoed by a number of other werewolves who were likewise skulking throughout the city.
In a panicked confusion the policemen took their aim off my sister and pointed outward, blindly searching for the real threat, me! Snarling in rage, I leaped from my hiding place in the park and tore out the throat of one officer as they opened fire. Luckily my years of fighting had paid off and I jumped from one car to the next, waiting as they consumed their ammo. Once the fire died down as they reloaded I burst into the store and locked the scruff of my sister’s neck into my fangs and tore from the store, hoping not to get hit by any rounds. Agh! Of course it was too much to ask! I pined as I felt a searing heat chew into my side, at least it’s not silver, but shit that hurts! The gangsters had opened fire as I fled into the dark alleyways of the violent city and I held on tightly to the young cub in my mouth, not daring to let go as I turned corner after corner, searching for somewhere, anywhere where we could be safe, the police would have already called in professional hunters and they would be on our trail in no time, but was there anywhere I could take my sister?
Eventually I settled for a pile of trash behind a weird emo night club, at least if someone found us they would be too high to figure out what they were seeing, and luckily the smell would cover our scent from any hunting dogs, but I had no choice, I couldn't carry her any farther. I let her down from my jaws and I crashed into a pile of boxes next to the wall, hoping my sister would be able to hide herself before someone found us.
“Nathaniel, I’m so sorry, if only I had used my head, I wouldn't have gotten you hurt, please, don’t die...“

Lily had transformed back into her human self, sobbing uncontrollably over the still form of her older brother,“Please don’t go, I need you, I still have a lot to learn, I won’t be able to make it without you!“
Her heart crushed, the young she-wolf just sat there, staring at the near dead form of her only protector, her only friend, the only one she ever needed in this world to be happy, and now he was about to leave forever, she couldn't help the wrenching death howl that tore itself from her throat.
“Woa...hey scary girl why are you howling, and...why are you naked?“
“Damn you humans and your freaking guns!“ Nothing but rage filled her mind as the blonde werewolf shoved the stranger into the brick wall next to a blinking red exit sign,“I swear I’ll kill you, every last one of you murderous bastards!“
Calmly the stranger put up her hands,“Woa, take it easy with those crazy yellow eyes of yours, those fangs don’t look very friendly either, besides since your trying to kill me I might as well let you know I’m not even human.“
Something about the older girl’s low, soft voice sent a chill down Lily’s spine and warily she backed off, standing defensively over her brother’s body. Growling, the blonde twelve year old sized up the girl standing in front of her.
What most bothered the she wolf was the girl’s icy blue eyes, she had no pupils just a white space that faded into light blue, similar to that of a frozen block of ice. Her hair was also light blue and she wore a short white miniskirt belted with a gold linked hip chain and a transparent mesh shirt that left her small perky breasts visible to all and her cute nipples protruding through the mesh weave.
„So what, are you a hunter then, come to finish the human’s dirty work, just try, I’ll rip your heart out of your chest!“
Dispassionately the older girl shook her head, „I’m just here for the party, besides, I doubt you’re even strong enough to kill, me, the name’s Yuki by the way, so I’m guessing your boyfriend’s hurt pretty bad huh?“ Yuki did not at all seem surprised at the presence of the near dead werewolf.
„That’s none of your business! Why would you care anyway?“
The blue eyed girl just shrugged, I’ve been with a few wolves in my time, they’re amazingly kind-hearted once you get to know them, not to mention great lovers, it would suck big time if an one of your guys died, especially one as old is he is, I can help if you apologize for shoving me.“
Lily glared at Yuki, glancing at her brother’s weak form, her pride gave in and she dropped her stance in resignation, „Not like I have a choice, I’m sorry for shoving you, would you help my brother?“
Yuki grinned and crouched next to the large gold wolf, „Damn, they got you good.“

„Oh gods, gods, oh ah that-is-ah-ah,“
Yuki panted and moaned at the feel of Nathaniel’s massive wolf cock slamming up and into her pussy. Smells of wet cum and sex filled the air as Yuki struggled for breath under the massive wolf’s body as he road her mercilessly, her folds dripped and squelched under the soaking onslaught of his huge girth and her excitement multiplied with every burst of hot breath he sent running up her spine. Nathaniel paused for a moment and his dripping cock popped as he removed it from her vagina’s vice grip, her breathing slowed and she closed her eyes and began rubbing her clit in ecstasy, „damn you, get back in me, I want more!“
The gold furred werewolf just chuckled as he effortlessly flipped her on her stomach. Her abdomen clenched and relaxed in uncontrolled sexuality and she arched her back, and clenched the sheets of the single mattress thrusting her hips at him, begging for his dominance. Nathaniel smirked as he came down on her clit with his muzzle, she let out another loud moan as he shoved his nose into her labia and snorted a hot breath in between her legs, which tightened mercilessly around his thick neck as he shoved his tongue into her cunt and began licking every inch of her wet salivating cunt. „Oh fuck, nghh, god-damn-it-fuck-me-harder!!!“ her screams came in ragged breaths, punctuated by each thrust of her crotch on his face. Yuki couldn't hold it any longer, she bit her lip in sexual agony, her back arched and her stomach thrusted toward the ceiling as her thighs held the wolf’s head in a death grip as she climaxed wave after wave of hot gushing cum all over his face. Finally spent she fell to the mattress, exhausted, but Nathaniel had other plans.
Yuki couldn't help but giggle as her lover pulled away and tried to lick the juices off his face, finally he managed to get the majority of it and gently ran his tongue through her crotch, cleaning the sticky mess he had made. The young teen shuddered under his attentions and when he finished he gently licked her stomach. His tongue caught on her belly button piercing and the cute silver snowflake jingled as his rough tongue massaged her tight belly, moving his way up to caress her small pert breasts, she shivered, turning horny again she began to moan as he worked his way up to her neck and gently nibbled on her ear.
„You just don’t ever stop do you?“ Yuki’s cute voice accentuated the wolf’s pleasure as he blew a stream of warm air down her breasts, to her stomach and through her crotch, „MmmM, yes! Make me your little bitch!,“
She stuck her tongue out at him playfully and climbed out from under him, gently massage her clit as Nathaniel layed on his back, waiting to satisfy his needs. „You read my mind you nasty little dog-nnghh!“ she lost her breath as she sat down and slid her still soaked cunt over his massive dick, „not-so-little-are-you,“
Nathaniel let out a bark of excitement as she slid down his shaft, stopping just short of his throbbing red knot. She began riding him wildly, thrusting forward and back, rotating his cock with all her strength, she began to moan in rythum with his thrusts and he panted as he rammed her, deeper and deeper he went, but she grabbed his dick and blocked the knot from entering her liquid dripping clit, denying him the pleasure of owning her, but jerked him off instead. Angrily he began to growl, his climax building and ready to explode, but still she held on to his knot, pumping faster and faster as she rode him. Growling he unclenched his paw from the mattress and yanked her hand from his cock, the release of pressure forced her to come slamming down onto his thick bulb and she cried in pain as it stretched her pussy to its limit. With a satisfying wet schlop her painfully tight clit clamped down and locked with his knot and milked him as his dick shot wave after wave of painfully hot cum into her womb.
Yuki fell sobbing onto his chest, still knotted with his massive red ball. He gently nuzzled her short snow white hair and her solid soft blue eyes fell lost in the endless pool of his dark blue ones. „ I've never had, such amazing sex, with anyone, ever,“ her soft whisper was music to his keen ears, „I just, wanted you to know that,“
Passionately he wrapped his toned golden furred arms around her soft naked body and held her. After a few moments, still knotted, he released her from his embrace and she sat up and stretched, „so, umm, how long are we ‚gonna be like this?“

I let out a snort of laughter, making my point clear, „ OK, so I've never actually knotted a wolf before, or even a dog for that matter, I guess it will be a while then huh?“
I nodded as I sat up and gently laid her back down. Yuki’s vagina was tender and felt like it was on fire, there was no way she was going to be able to fuck for a while. She tensed as I bent towards her but relaxed when I began licking our joined areas. She sighed as my gentle lapping cooled her aching clit and softened the tight bonding of my massive girth. Her cum tasted delicious, sweet with only a hint of salt or calcium, I enjoyed cleaning every last bit as I lapped at my cock and her wonderful vagina stretched tight over my dominating knot. Her clit was just starting to cool when I froze, „Nathaniel are you-ah!, uumm, I uh-„
I looked up as my sister gasped. She was standing in the sheet covered doorway to my left, with her hand still holding aside the curtain, while her other one nervously pulled on the string of a white hoodie and she nervously scuffed her foot against the grey stone floor.
„Uum, I heard growling, and I uh, just wondering if you were ok, but,“ blushing furiously she hung her head, not sure what to do. Luckily Yuki spoke up, „Hey it’s okay, your brother and I are gonna be here a while, why don’t you get the stove going, I've got some eggs and some steak, and OJ in the fridge if you’re hungry, and your brother will probably be hungry too, we’ll be out in a little bit,“
„Uh, yea, sure,“ Lily all but sprinted from the doorway back into the room she came from, I could hear dishes, and drawers clattering as she set up the makeshift kitchen and lit the kerosene burner. I sighed, trying to get over the awkwardness of what just happened, but I still couldn't get over it, Yuki however burst out in giggles, „hahaha, well that’s never happened before, haha, I bet she must feel really embarrassed,“ I glared at her in frustration and she stopped, „well you gotta admit, it was kinda funny,“ I shook my head and snorted in confusion, how was I going to explain that to my sister. The awkwardness of it all loosened my knot and with a loud tight pop it fell out her now loose folds and the built up ejaculation spilled out onto the sheets. „Aww, dammit, now I’m gonna have to wash these twice as much,“ I grinned at her as I casually licked myself clean, then concentrated on my transformation back into my human form.
„Ugh! I hate that sound,“
Yuki made awkward faces as my bones crunched and bent back into their proper places, and after I finished I laughed at her, „You didn't sound so grossed out while I was ramming your brains out,“ she stuck her tongue out at me,
„Yea, that’s cuz your a hot sexy wolf, and when your a human your cute, but in between it’s just weird,“
„Oh well,“ I finished pulling on my jeans and zipped up my black, furred hooded coat, „I guess I’d better go talk to her.“
Yuki giggled and blew me a kiss, „Have fun with that, I’m going to take a shower, then wash these sheets...jerk.“


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