I was staying out at our local camping area in a cabin for the weekend’s activities.
I was staying out at our local camping area in a cabin for the weekend’s activities. Tonight’s activities were canceled so I was just hanging out in the cabin watching movies on my laptop. The weather got worse getting cold quickly and it started hailing. I went out on the porch and saw two girls I knew trying to fix their collapsing tent. I put all of the extra clothes I had on due to the unexpected cold. Basically jeans over my sweats and extra shirt. Then I went over to see if I could help.

Bailey and Tianna were fighting with the tent as the wind and extra weight from the hail had caused it to collapse. The poles had come apart and it was hell trying to fix it in the rough weather and dark. So I ended up telling them to grab what they could and head to my cabin. We were all soaked to the bone and their bags with their clothes were wet as well. I handed them a couple of my wife beater undershirts and they headed to the little bathroom. All I had left was an extra T-shirt, so I pulled everything off and put the t-shirt on. Luckily it was big and long on me, but I quickly got under the covers to try to warm up anyway since the cold did nothing good for my self confidence.

Bailey is about 15, 5’5” tall with a petite model type skinny frame and large breasts. Kind of a geeky girl, but pretty even in glasses.

Tianna was a mix with dark skin and hair. Nice small perky breasts and a nice big bubble butt. Tianna is 14 about to turn 15.

I am 6’4” 250 and have always played sports. I have recently found a good set of energy/power supplements that give me monster vein popping erections when I have them and make me shoot like a porn star. I am no porn star, but nothing to be ashamed of with a 9” cock. Flaccid not being huge either as I am more of a grower than a shower, but the extra help made the blood flow quickly if something excites me.

They came out of the little bathroom in the shirts I provided. The shirts were tight on me, but extremely loose on them as their nipples would play peek a boo with the shoulder straps. I felt the warmth drawing back to my crotch and became semi erect quickly. I could see Tianna’s tan hard nipples and Bailey’s nice puffy light pink nipples as they popped in and out of cover and the side boob shots of their perky breasts were amazing. As Tianna turned I notice that the bottom of her bubble butt was showing, which was even more exciting making me harden even more. I put my laptop over the bulge in the covers. They also had goose bumps all over their bodies from getting so cold.

They stood their shivering picking up their sleeping bags with the water dripping out. Bailey then asked “Our stuff is all wet and we are cold. Can we get into the bed and warm up with you?”
“I guess there is no where else for you to go.” I hadn’t even finished the response when Bailey slid in next to me. Tianna tried to slide in behind Bailey, but there wasn’t enough room so she slid across Bailey and then rolled over me. She slowed as she brushed against my erection and grinned and then continued over. I placed the laptop back on my lap.
Bailey took my arm and put it around her pushing her breasts up against me and Tianna followed suit. Trying to be proper I placed my hands on their hips trying to find a comfortable position myself. Bailey complained about the glare the bedside lights were putting on her glasses and asked if they could turn them off. I agreed and they turned to reach up to the wall to hit the buttons. As they did they rolled over on my hands with my hand ending up under Tianna’s ass and my other between Bailey’s legs. Tianna did not seem to mind at all. Bailey’s thighs squeezed my hand with my fingers stuck up against her bare slit, but she didn’t try to change the position and it was her legs that had my hand trapped in there. The more I wiggled to release the more inappropriate it got. My middle finger now separating her wet little lips as I heard a quiet moan. She finally ended up having to open her legs to reach the switch. Just as I started to move my hand she grabbed my arm. I tensed up thinking that she was going to yank it away in disgust and start a scene. Instead she held it there as if she wanted me to continue. My erection grew to be obnoxiously hard under my laptop as I pressed deeper into her hot damp slit. Deep in the moment I lifted my other middle finger pressing it against Tianna’s anus. She startled a bit and I froze, but she then settled back into the same position without complaint. Both hands were now touching beauty and my cock was throbbing from excitement.

I didn’t push my luck further with Tianna and they both turned nestling their heads in my chest. I laid my hands back onto their hips. Tianna wiggled until my hand was properly groping her wonderful bubble butt. Bailey did the same and I was perfectly content holding an ass in each hand until she lifted her right knee causing it to drop off. I was totally surprised when she reached back taking my hand placing it back between her legs as she angle herself with her legs pointing out to ease my access. I rubbed her clit and she melted against me letting out a small gasp. My other hand stroking Tianna’s ass with more fever.

Tianna then stated “Can we move the laptop down? It is too close messing with my eyes.” I nodded and she pushed it further down my thigh. In doing so she exposed the tent my erection was making in the covers. “What’s this? It is blocking part of the screen.” As she reached down cupping it in her hand. “Oh my god, that is your cock!” Bailey then came to attention as well reaching out to feel it. I thought about what I should or could say, but nothing came out. Bailey had now moved so that my hand no longer reached her pussy, so I moved it up to cup her breast. She must have had very sensitive breast as she let out an audible moan as I pinched her nipple between my finger and thumb. “That thing feels huge! Can I see it?” Not waiting for a response pulling the covers down.

Now they talked as if I wasn’t even there.
Tianna “Have you ever seen one like this?”
Bailey “No, I have only accidentally seen my dad around the house. His was not hard and big like this. Have you?”
Tianna “I have and I have actually had sex once before, but his was a lot shorter and thinner. Thank god, I think something like this would have killed me.” She started stroking her hand over my erection.
Bailey “Not me, at least not yet. I let a guy get to third base before, but he didn’t do anything right so it turned me off before we went any further. Can I feel it?”
As if she owned it due to discovering it Tianna replied “Sure, go ahead!” It was not like I would object anyway. As they were focused on me I reached down and started playing with their asses. Tianna kissed me on the lips in appreciation then Bailey copied lingering there longer in a deeper kiss.

Tianna then became the instructor showing Bailey how to hold it and give hand jobs. By now I had moved to rubbing their anuses to their taint and the bottom of their slits. I found them now extremely heated and gushing with wetness as I started to twirl my finger against their holes to insert my fingers. A little of my precum dripped out onto the head of my cock.
Bailey “what is that? Is he cumming already?”
Tianna “Oh no, that is just precum.” She leaned forward licking the tip of my cock to taste it. This excited me so much that more covered the tip of my cock and Bailey then took her turn tasting it.
Tianna “Do you like it?” Bailey nodded her face now flush with excitement. “Let me show you how to suck it” They both lifted to their knees providing the best view and easy access for me to play with their wanting pussies. I commenced to inserting my fingers and they both pushed back against my hands in approval. Oh my, did Tianna know how to suck a cock with that beautiful mouth of hers. She started by kissing and licking the shaft, licked the head like a lollipop, and then taking the head sucking it in and out of her mouth while twisting her head left and right. The suction was also quite strong.

I was close to shooting so I pulled her to me kissing her passionately and squeezing her ass. She had pulled her t-shirt off giving me free access to her breasts. I pulled her up and started sucking on one of her stiff nipples placing my hand on her crotch rubbing her mound with my palm her pussy was sopping wet and drenched my hand. I pulled my hand up and she watched me as I smelled it licking my hand to taste it. She shuddered at the thought of me tasting her juices becoming even more passionately hot. I rolled her over onto her stomach kissing down her back down to her magnificent bubble butt. While down there I licked every succulent inch and dimple of her ass. Working my way back to the middle running my tongue down her crack spending ample time at her anus, which she seemed to enjoy as she pressed it against my face. I continued pulling her hips up providing access to her sweet sopping wet pussy. The smell of which was so sweet it made me dizzy and more hungry for it. I reached up pushing her shoulders and face into the bed giving me a better angle to sop up her juices and eat her delicious cunt. I looked over to see Bailey furiously rubbing her pussy.

I rolled Tianna over onto her back leaving her momentarily to pull Bailey to me and lick the wetness between her legs. I kissed up her belly to her breasts and tonguing her mouth feeling her body trembling against me. I moved back between Tianna’s thighs. “Can I sit on your face? I have never done that and I am already on the edge”. I had already started the death roll with the first statement actually thinking the last word was cock rather than face, but happy either way. My balls were pulsing in excitement.

She mounted my face like a bicycle seat and I lapped at her pussy like a mad dog shoving my tongue as deep between her lips as I could her juices flowing and covering my face. As I did so I felt a tongue on the shaft of my cock and a hand below it. I was ready to shoot as the lips wrapped around the head. I wanted to warn Bailey but just as I thought to my tongue twirled around Tianna’s clit and she bucked in wild orgasm with all of her weight on my jaw keeping me from being able to say a word. Just as Bailey’s mouth made it around my the head of my cock and she commenced with suction I blew my load into her mouth. She took one shot in and then jerked back pointing the next few onto Tianna’s back. Tianna got even more excited screaming and bearing down harder almost breaking my jaw as I sucked her little nub in and out between my lips. A truly wonderful view and a wonderful taste as she exploded into my mouth and all over my face.

Bailey must have liked the taste as she licked and sucked me clean. Tianna collapsed on the bed trying to catch her breath and come down from the orgasm high she was on as waves of her orgasm seemed to still be hitting her. Bailey grabbed the water bottle next to the bed and took a drink handing it to Tianna. As she reached over me I took the nipple of her left breast into my mouth and she almost dropped it. I reached my hand between her legs and she jumped a little her clitoris obviously overly sensitive from giving herself an orgasm.

She moved down kissing me as I massaged her breasts. I laid her down while having a tongue war with her and started kissing down her neck to her shoulders and further to her nice pert breasts I was now on top of her and she wrapped her long legs around me trying to maneuver her self onto my cock, which at this point was only partially erect. She had already stated that she was a virgin, so I did not want this to be her special moment. She seemed frustrated as I kissed and licked my way down her beautiful slender body. The frustration was lost as I arrived low enough to lick the inside of her thighs. She grabbed my head trying to refocus me on her tight little pussy. Instead I pulled he legs up licked the bottom of her ass and the tonguing her anus and taint. She moaned loudly as I tongued her anus so I concentrated on it until I was able to get the tip of my into her salty tasting little asshole. Her hips were twisting and turning in celebration so I replaced my tongue with my finger first wetting it with her pussy juices. Not wanting to hurt her I just worked the tip in and then started sucking on her little swollen pussy lips. I guess the tip was not enough as she raised her ass off of the bed and the grabbed my hand indicating that she wanted more. Not wanting to disappoint I pushed into the second knuckle and she screamed in pleasure.

Bailey guided me to my back and sat on my face while trying to suck my cock back to full erection. This position gave me better access so I pushed my finger back in down to the second knuckle. I reached up with my other hand squeezing her breast a hand grabbed mine and I felt two mouths working the shaft and head of my now fully erect cock. I guess Tianna liked what she saw and placed my hand on her ass. I moved my hand down shoving a finger into her pussy, but she reached back again pulling it up to her ass. I got the hint and started to work a finger into her ass. I did not waste any time as she asked for it and quickly arrived at the second knuckle. I was thoroughly enjoying the work on my cock, my fingers in their asses, and the musty sour taste of Bailey’s pussy. The smell of her sex was intoxicating.

As I licked her clit I shoved my fingers into their asses to where the second knuckle entered their asses. Bailey collapsed on my face screaming in orgasm as I popped it in and out and continued my assault on her clit. Tianna yelled “I am about to come too!” the next thing I knew she had mounted me and was trying to work her sloppy pussy down onto my cock. Bailey seemed to have a never ending orgasm I was not sure if the sight of what Tianna was doing kicked her into high gear or what, but her body continued to shudder and she whimpered loudly.

Tianna didn’t waste any time slamming herself down onto my cock. She bucked up and down wildly until my cock hit her cervix and she screamed as it kicked off her orgasm. Bailey rolled over still moaning and whimpering as the orgasm still rolled through her body. I reach down as Tianna’s pussy wall contracted on my cock and shoved my finger back into her ass. She screamed again and started bucking her hips again. Her walls clamping my cock like a vice. “I am going to cum!”
Tianna “Do it!!! Cum inside me!!! Don’t pull that big cock out of me, cum in me!!!”
I let lose and shot rope after rope of hot cum onto her cervix while she screamed. As I pulled my knuckles out of her ass it seemed to set her off again and her tight pussy milked every last drop from my cock as she collapsed on my legs.

Needless to say, we slept well for what was left of the night…

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