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I noticed the poster for the Hinder concert tonight when I walked into my motel. I thought about it and I considered the idea of the night alone in my room watching some lame HBO over broadcast movie I had already seen. I asked the slightly goth looking chick at the front desk about tickets and she said they were giving 2 tickets to each customer, because it was the last night. I took the tickets she handed me and dropped my stuff off at the room and headed out again. The concert didn't start until 7, so I had a couple hours to kill. I drove over to the local mall to walk around and check out the people. After making a trip around checking out all the stores, I decided to get something to eat before driving around looking for the concert. I sat down with my chinese food off in a corner and took out my tickets to see if there was a clue to where it was from the mall. It didn't escape my attention that you were sitting next to me. If nothing else, I was going to enjoy the view.

You had a skirt on, and a couple tanktops, with a shirt over the top, but even all that couldn't hide those beautiful nipples. I didn't think that you would ever be interested in someone as old as me, but there was no help anywhere on the tickets, so I thought what the hell. I asked you if you had any idea where the concert was going to be, and showed you the tickets. You seemed pretty impressed with them and said that it wasn't far away. You asked me who I was taking and I explained how I got them from the hotel. You said that you wanted to go but it was all sold out by the time you had the money. I asked if you wanted to come with me, and to my surprise, your face lit up and said "Sure!"

The concert was general admission, and we got there early enough to camp out in a good spot, directly between the stage and the sound stage. We talked a little, waiting an hour for the lights to go down. As the arena filled up, the crowd around our spot became tighter and tighter. By the time the lights went down for the warm-up band, we were pressed right up against each other, which would have made my night, except so were about a thousand other strange people, with a lot of artificial metal attachments. The warm-up band wasn't bad, for a small time, slightly bluesy, semi-local group. I could tell that they weren't exactly something you would put on your mp3, but there were a couple songs you were swaying too, which was great feeling with you right in front of me. Your ass was rubbing nicely against the front of my pants and I just leaned in a little bit and you didn't move away. I was enjoying getting away with some free feels when the last song was played and everything got quiet. You turned your head towards me and asked me if I was enjoying myself. I didn't know if you were talking about the music or my hard cock pressed against your ass. The guy started blasting the introduction to Hinder and there is a massive surge towards the stage. Out of a sense of protection I put my hands on your hips, to make sure you didn't get knocked over or crushed or something.

Before it was tight, but now I'm sure that if we were naked, you would be pregnant already. I was enjoying having your whole body pressed against me, thinking how good it felt and the band made a "surprise" entrance in the dark with "Homecoming Queen". Your hands pulled mine around your middle, and I could feel those lovely tits resting on my arm. You start moving up and down, there was no swaying side to side anymore. With every bounce, I could feel them pressing into my arms and it was all I could do to use my hands to give your tits a little more added support! I started grinding myself into your body in whatever it was we were attempting to do to move to the music. I was so hard that I started thinking about what I could get away with, seeing as no one could see anything going on below the shoulder. Things changed as they started playing "Lips of an Angel". Our grinding became a lot more intense and slow. I let my hands slide down to your waist and pressed my palm into the center of your skirt. I pressed and ground my hand into your pussy to the music. I started nuzzling your neck and you leaned your head into me. I couldn't see what I was doing, but I used my fingers to pull your skirt higher and higher as the whole crowd swayed back and forth. When I finally touched your panties, your hands moved around behind you and started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

As I started pressing the crotch of your panties between your pussy lips, your fingers were working on my zipper, and I could feel your fingers sliding into my boxers. You turned your head and our lips came together like a couple of magnets, with our tongues wrestling with one another. I pushed your panties to the side and felt your hot wet juices on my fingers as I played with your clit. The band started playing "Shoulda" and somehow you turned yourself around so that you were facing me. Your hand was wrapped completely around my shaft with a firm grip, and moving to the music. I lost all concern for the mob around us and my hands wrapped around to your ass and pushed your panties right down. It took some wiggling and jumping to the music, and your panties went lower and lower. I could feel your knees moving to get them all the way down to the floor, while I was busy hiking your skirt up and digging my fingers into your ass. You guided my cock between your legs, but being pressed against atleast 6 people each, it was the best we could manage to have my cock sliding back and forth over your clit. I don't know if it was out of desperation or frustration, but I picked you up off the ground and the head of my cock went right to your opening on it's own. As I lowered you down, my cock slid into you deeper and deeper.

Your legs wrapped around mine and I started thrusting my hips into yours. I could feel your juices running down onto my balls. My jeans were down just below my ass and I was hoping I was standing in front of another woman, but the hot sensation of being inside you was all that I really cared about. I felt the bass and the drums pound right through our bodies as I started fucking you like a rag doll, driving my cock into you. Your back was up against the back of someone else, and we used him like a wall as I kept lifting you and dropping you again on my cock. I kissed my way down your neck and into your cleavage
when I lifted you up, and felt my cock pull at the walls of your pussy as I let you down hard on it. I could barely hear your chants of "oh god, yes, oh shit, etc." over the music. I noticed the people next to us cheering us on, but it wasn't like they could do see any more then the expression of ecstasy on our faces.

It was right in the middle of "Nothing Good About Goodbye", when I knew it wasn't going to last much longer. Everything I felt around my cock, the wet hot warmth of your pussy wrapped completely around me, massaging me, our bodies banging together with every beat. When I felt your pussy tighten around me, it was more then I could stand. My balls tightened up, and lifting you higher then before, and pulling you down on me, instead of waiting for you to drop, made me go off like a roman candle. I didn't want to let you go. I held on so tight I thought the air would completely leave you. You held on so tight to me, it was like our bodies had melted together, and we stayed like that through a whole other song. When the houselights came up, we did what we could to reassemble ourselves. Some guy that was watching us more then the band yelled over to me, "That was fucking hot, man!" and I just smiled and nodded at him. I could see you blushing, but smiling more as the crowd finally started letting up. Your panties were gone. Obviously someone got a souvenir from the show. I never even knew what they looked like. I put my hands around your waist and pushed us through the mob and into the night air. I walked you to your car and thanked you for a great concert with a long kiss, before you drove away.

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2013-04-17 00:31:46
10/10 u deserve it. congrats

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2013-04-17 00:31:12
that was fuckin awsome!

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2013-04-15 15:24:19
Wow! Very hot imagery. Could have been a bit longer with more detail.

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