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He opened his eyes carefully scrutinizing his surroundings. His wrists and ankles were leather cuffed to the walls of the mysterious dungeon and his tattered black feathered wings spread out behind him along the walls...
He opened his eyes carefully scrutinizing his surroundings. His wrists and ankles were leather cuffed to the walls of the mysterious dungeon and his tattered black feathered wings spread out behind him along the walls. His clothes laid strewn across the floor torn and useless, his gun laid on a table just enough out of reach. Then she walked in, she had brown hair in a tight neat bun and she wore a mask. Walking toward him she took off the mask, and he took a second to really just to look at her, try to recognize her. She wore a tight red and black leather corset, her breasts bulging gorgeously out of the top, lacy black panties that her round ass peeked out of the bottom, fishnets that accentuated her long curvy legs and knee high red leather boots. He looked down at her as she stood in front of him.
His eyes glow in anger. She turns and walks back to the table leaning down with her ass up in the air and pulls two pocketknives and an intricate dagger out of her boot and places them carefully down on the table. Then with one pull she frees her hair, standing up and flipping it behind her. As it falls it settles wildly around her shoulders and over her breasts. She take a moment and stare at her subject...soaking in the realization if all she's about to do. His bluish-green eyes full of confusion. The adrenaline is affecting him, matting his curly brown hair with sweat with sweat and causing him to bulge ever so slightly below the waist. His anger subsides, and his wings turn from tattered, black and holed to a gentler tone of light grey, and the feathers begin to become softer, shiner.
"What the hell am i doing here?" he asks in a hushed, submissive tone.
She walks past, examining him chuckling maniacally knowing he's absolutely helpless. She reaches up and runs her hands through his thick curls, tugging his face down to kiss him roughly. She runs the flogger up his leg, lightly slapping it across his skin as she moves higher. As she reaches his hips she whips once hard on the thigh causing him to jump more from surprise than pain. The adrenaline hits again causing his cock to engorge. Lightly running the flogger up the length of his member she whispers "you're mine" drawn out and seductively, her voice low answering his question.
Disoriented, he replies, "All i remember is that i was hired for a job to get a certain item of importance to my employer, some psycho jumped out of the bushes and hit hard enough to black out."
As hes says this she traces shapes and lines on his stomach with her long black nails. He twitches out of discomfort, and tries to reach and grab at her. She throw the flogger aside laughing eerily yet seductively at his pitiful attempt to move. Again, she runs her nails down the length of his torso leaving long pink scratches as she goes. His cock twitches in anticipation, catching her eye.
"The whole job was just a ploy to capture you. I've been watching you for some time and decided it was time to make my move." She kneels down and looking up into his cold confused eyes I take his entire length into her mouth and down her throat. He lets out a deep groan of enjoyment squeezing his eyes shut and leaning his head back against the cold grey block of the wall.
Retrieving the flogger she continue to suck him off tracing the circumference of his head with the tip of her tongue as she lightly flicks the flogger across his balls with one hand while softly massaging and rolling then in my other hand. He struggles, intensely aroused, yet still trying to break free. In an attempt to de-shackle himself, he tries using his demonic powers to burn away restraints. It is successful but along with the leather of the cuffs, he burns away her leather corset, panties, and fishnets leaving her kneeling before him in just her knee high boots. His eyes glow red, the wings burn off their feathers and as they fall to the ground, she rushes away, startled. Now with bat wings and demonic art around his body he tries to retrieve his weapon. But as it's shaking in his direction she grabs it pointing the laser sight straight to my heart.
"I know the bullets are sliver, toxic to demons, lethal if the shot is to the heart." she whisper, silently enough to create an ominous tone. He measures his chances, realizing there's nothing he can do. Still holding the gun, "you must do as I command, you're my captive." She looks down noticing his still enlarged cock. "Still riled up I see." Looking down she notices the thick veins protruding from his cock in all the excitement. 'This is to much to handle...for both of us' she thinks to herself. "Go back and stand against the wall, don't try anything funny, I'm still in control." She follows him to wall and still holding the gun kicks her left leg up on the wall so that the heel of her boot lands above his right shoulder. She keeps the gun pointed, pressing it just under his chin. Really into the moment now, he turns his head and licks the entire length of her boot continuing a bit higher to caress the back of her knee with his excited tongue. She lets out a high yelp of pleasure 'that's it' she think to herself and with her right hand still holding the gun at his throat and her left one holding his thickened cock in the ready position, she leans forward and with a high loud gasp lets her head fall against his chest as his entire length plunges into her hot wet pussy. She looks up, his dark red eyes glowing even brighter now and reach up savagely taking his mouth with her own biting his lip and feeling his tongue with her own as she wildly thrusts herself on and off of his wondrous cock. The demonic powers subside, and she lowers the gun, finally throwing it off to the side hitting the floor.
"Come on now," he says. "it took me forever to find that thing, let alone finding enough silver to make bullets for it." She give a short laugh but then continues focusing back on the situation. He grabs her by the waist, and bring her down on him, smothering his face into her breasts, licking softly around her nipples, and biting at her lips when she kisses him. He plays with her hair, and smells it.
They settle down from the cold wall and wind up laid across the thick straw that covers the dungeon floors. He's on his back with her on top, his hands still on her waist guiding the pace of her up and down, back and forth reciprocations. She runs her nails down his torso again then leans down for another kiss. She kiss his plump lips hard, quickly nibbling them as she moves down. She kisses his neck, his chest, and then starts toying with his nipples pinching them between her teeth and sucking hard between kisses. As they near their climaxes his black wings wrap around them both, enveloping them in a cocoon of animalistic pleasure. Just as the wings are about to seal shut you hear a low grunt and a high loud moan as they come simultaneously. And as the wings close, they collapse in on themselves disappearing entirely and them along with, leaving behind only a gun, some knives a dagger and scattered straw and clothes as evidence. They wake up on the countryside, still the dead of night, still naked.
"Wait, was that a power of your's?" she asks.
"I have no idea,..I never had sex in a dungeon before, let with alone someone so willing to deal with me."
She chuckles. "Well, it was a little more then just willingness, there was a lot of arm twisting involved too," she says while trying to catch her breath.
"Was it worth almost getting killed for?"
"Absolutely." And with this, she draws him in to put his wings over her, and they lie there for the night.

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