Interracial love is in the air as more white girls catch the fever
“So, are you going to go out with him, Destiny?” Megan asks, prodding her friend for an answer. It’s a typically slow Monday afternoon at the MicroMart, just a mile down the road from Wally’s, and the two teenage cashiers have ample time to talk in the back of the store. “I don’t know. I already have a boyfriend,” 17 year old Destiny answers noncommittally. “But you know Aaron wants to go out with you. And you know you like him,” Megan persists. “Yeah, but I don’t want to break up with my boyfriend,” Destiny counters obstinately. “You don’t have to break up with your boyfriend,” Megan replies patiently. “All you’ve got to do is go out on one date with Aaron and try him out.” “What do you mean try him out?” Destiny asks in a puzzled tone. “You know,” Megan chides her. “You mean have sex with him?” Destiny asks, realization finally dawning on her. “Why not? You know you want to,” Megan replies encouragingly. “But I thought you like him?” an even more baffled Destiny responds. “Yeah, I do, but he’s only 16. I’m 19. He’s a lot closer to your age. I want you to try him out first to see if he’s any good,” Megan says, finally unveiling her plan. “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go out with him once and see what happens,” Destiny finally agrees. “Cool! Looks like we finally got a customer,” Megan exclaims as the bell sounds in the back room. Walking out into the store, trailed by Destiny, she sees the familiar figure of Jessica. “Hi, Jessica!” Megan cheerfully greets her, as she and Destiny step behind the counter. “Hi, guys!” Jessica returns the greeting. She knows both girls well. Destiny is a fellow senior at Valley High and works part time at the MicroMart after school. Megan, an outgoing, intelligent girl, graduated from Valley last year and is now working full time at MicroMart, putting off college until next fall.

Looking at the two girls, Jessica is struck by just how different they are. The petite Megan is much more striking in appearance than her friend. With her alabaster skin and sparkling blue eyes, Megan is used to turning heads wherever she goes. Her long, thick reddish brown hair is coiled up on top of her head, but when let down, cascades almost to her delectable little ass. Like the much older, but similarly petite Christine, Megan has been blessed by nature with C-cup tits, unfortunately concealed today underneath her sweatshirt. Her pretty little ass is encased in a worn, comfortable pair of jeans, and she shows off her pretty little feet, with their red painted toenails, in a pair of flip flops. The sweatshirt does not conceal the large hickey on Megan’s neck. Jessica can’t help but notice the legacy of her friend’s latest weekend of passion, and can’t help but wonder about the identity of the small town stud who gave it to her. With Megan, you pretty much need a scorecard, Jessica laughs to herself.

In contrast to her friend, Destiny’s attractiveness is much more conventional. Next to Megan’s alabaster complexion, Destiny seems positively swarthy. Her curly light brown hair falls below her shoulders but is nowhere near as long as the tresses of the breathtaking redhead. Her soft blue eyes are less striking than those of Megan, but together with her thicker, more sensual lips they give her a sultry, smoldering appearance that draws the boys at Valley High like a magnet. Jessica knows that behind those pouty lips is a pierced tongue that Destiny has used to bring pleasure to many of her male classmates. Like Megan, Destiny has C-cup titties, which today are straining her pink t-shirt. Her jeans tightly grip her round, full ass, and she too, shows off her enticing little feet with flip flops. Her toenails are painted an eye catching electric blue.

“So what’s going on?” Jessica asks as she hands two crisp dollar bills to Megan to pay for her bottle of water. “Destiny’s going out with Aaron,” Megan announces unabashedly as she rings up the sale on the cash register. “Aaron? Oh, I know him. But, why? I thought you already had a boyfriend?” Jessica asks Destiny with a quizzical look on her face. “I’m just going out with him once to see what happens,” Destiny replies with a shrug. “I already think I know what’s going to happen,” Jessica offers, a sly smile lighting up her face. “Well, he’s always coming in here, hitting on both of us,” Megan interjects by way of explanation. “So, we figure we’ll both go out with him, but we decided Destiny will go first to see what he’s like.” “So you guys both like him?” Jessica exclaims, her big brown eyes opening wide behind her glasses. “I think he’s adorable,” Megan gushes. “But he’s so young. I want Destiny to find out if he knows what to do with a girl.” “Oh, I’m sure he does. He hits on me all the time, but I just laugh at him,” Jessica offers. “He’s definitely a player. Or if he were black, I guess you’d call him a playah.” “Oh, yuck. If he were black, I’d run away from him,” Megan declares, wrinkling her pretty face into an expression of disgust. “I’ve slept around a lot,” she admits unashamedly, “but I’d never do a black guy.” “I’d go out with one if he were nice,” Jessica counters straightforwardly. “Are you serious?” Megan exclaims, her eyes and mouth opening wide in wonder. “Yes, I am,” Jessica replies. “Somebody just happened to ask me on Friday, and the more I think about it, yeah, I’d do it. It’s the 21st century after all.” “Well there aren’t any nice ones,” Megan counters. “Every time I go to the Mall, they’re yelling at me ‘Yo, baby! Yo! You so fine, baby!’” “They want your white ass,” Jessica prods her teasingly. “They can kiss my white ass,” the fiery redhead responds defiantly. “Well, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Destiny interjects, showing her first sign of independence. “There are some good looking black guys.” “Well, I’ve got to admit, I think the little black kids are so cute when they’re running around the Mall, but the problem is they grow up,” Megan explains in a disgusted voice. “Well you’ll change your mind when Destiny and I come in here with our black boyfriends,” Jessica prods again, now blatantly seeking to push Megan’s buttons.” “I think you’re both crazy!” Megan exclaims, cutting short the conversation as the first of a sudden stream of customers makes their descent on the MicroMart.

Not only are they so different in appearance, their personalities are so completely different, too, Jessica can’t help but think on the short ride home from the MicroMart. Megan is vivacious, quick witted and dominating. Destiny is cooler, but slower to assert herself and lets others set the agenda for her. These crucial personality differences carry over into their sex lives, Jessica reflects. Megan has given her body to dozens of young studs, her only concern being to satisfy her carnal appetites. Destiny, by contrast, has slept with fewer guys, preferring longer term relationships with boys that she can show her devotion to. Even so, she’s unable to refuse a horny male in need, and has blown dozens of young studs, telling herself that she’s not really cheating on her boyfriends, since oral sex really isn’t really sex. Megan is a leader, Jessica decides. Destiny is a follower. It’s not going to surprise me one bit to hear that Destiny slept with Aaron just because Megan asked her to.

Tuesday afternoon. The end of the day at Valley High School. Jessica is walking to her car on a beautiful, sunny late summer day. “Yo, sugar! That is one fine ass you got!” Jessica can’t believe her ears. Stopping dead in her tracks, she spins around in the direction of the outlandish greeting. “Excuse me?” she exclaims in her frostiest tone, gazing in utter disbelief at the tall muscular black stud that she is now facing. She immediately recognizes him as the new senior, the only black male student at Valley High. “Whoa, sugar, don’t hate! I just appreciate that fine ass you got,” the black stud offers apologetically. “First off, don’t call me sugar,” Jessica says, laying down the law. “Second, we’re on school property, so you’re lucky I don’t report you.” “I got you. From now on, I’ll just appreciate your fineness when we’re off school property,” the stud returns smoothly. “Holla!” A speechless Jessica watches the black stud make his way over to his vehicle, get in and drive off. Did that really just happen? she asks herself, getting into her own car and starting it up. I may end up dating a black guy, but it definitely won’t be him, she resolves.

Megan steps out of the Beauty Cove at the Mall, her mom’s birthday present in hand. Scanning ahead of her, she notes with relief that they are now gone; the small knot of black teens who had greeted her with their all too typical come on lines. They just want to screw any white girl they can get their hands on, she thinks, shaking her head. Keeping her head down, intent only on getting out of the mall and to her car, she is walking past a bench, when she is startled by a low, cooly uttered, “Yo!” “Yo, yourself!” she responds involuntarily, as some invisible force slows her steps and brings her to a halt in front of the figure on the bench. “What’s a fine looking girl like you doing here all by herself?” asks the young black boy in baggy clothes and backwards ball cap, sprawled nonchalantly on the bench. “I’m shopping. What are you doing here?” the girl responds in a challenging tone. “Just hangin’. Waitin’ for my bros,” the stud responds smoothly. He’s so young, and there’s just something about him, Megan giggles to herself, while maintaining her outwardly hostile facade. “Are you sure you’re not just here trying to pick up white girls?” she asks in her defiant tone, now edged with just the slightest trace of humor. “White girls pick me up,” the stud shrugs. “Oh, is that so?” Megan answers with outward skepticism, while thinking to herself, I’ll bet white girls do pick you up. Now feeling an irresistible pull, she slides her pretty little ass down onto the far end of the bench. “Yeah, they do, but I never met one as fine as you,” the young stud smoothly pursues his prey. “You probably say that to all the white girls,” Megan counters, still maintaining her outward show of resistance. “But you look awfully young. How old are you, anyway?” she queries. “I’m 15, but I’m not too young to get with you,” replies the cocky, baby faced stud. “I’m 16,” Megan blatantly lies, relying on her girlish face and petite figure to cover for the 3 years she’s lopped off her age, even as she edges her pretty little ass closer to her black stud. I can’t believe I’m doing this, she thinks. Why am I doing this? “You got a phone?” the stud asks nonchalantly. “Yeah, I got one, but you’re not getting it,” Megan replies, maintaining her defiant stance. “What’s your number?” she asks, turning the tables on him. The stud recites his phone number, and Megan taps it into her cell phone. “So, what’s your name, stud?” she asks. “Tremaine,” is the reply. “Tremaine?” Megan giggles incredulously, even as she saves his number to her contacts. “Well, my name is Megan, and I’ve got to get going. See ya, Tremaine!” the red headed cutie says, getting to her feet and getting back on her way. “Holla back!” Tremaine calls after her. “Holla back!” she repeats aloud to herself with a giggle, as she hurries towards the exit.

I can’t believe he told me I have a fine ass, Jessica fumes as she lies in bed that night. Who the hell says something like that any way? That took a lot of nerve, she thinks, lying back on her pillow, staring up into the darkness. But then again, he is kind of cute, she thinks, her face suddenly breaking into a huge smile. I think his name is Justin. And I do like guys with nerve. Guys who know what they want. And apparently he wants my ass, she thinks, giggling softly. She lies quietly for a few moments, and then suddenly laughs out loud. You know what? I do have a damn fine ass! With another giggle, she drifts off to sleep with the image of the cocky black stud in her mind.

“So, Destiny, how did you get your parents to let you have a tongue piercing?” Jessica asks her friend at lunch the following day. “Oh, they don’t care,” Destiny replies indifferently. “But don’t they know what you do with that tongue?” Jessica asks, good naturedly ribbing her slutty friend. “I think they kinda know,” is the response. “I know the guys like it,” she says with a smile. “I bet they do,” Jessica agrees. “What’s the most guys you blew in one night?” she asks. “I think like six,” Destiny says vaguely, the experiences of many nights spent on her knees swimming together in her memory. “I really want a pierced tongue, too,” Jessica remarks wistfully. “Are your parents going to let you get one?” Destiny asks. “Yeah, I finally got them to agree to it if I get straight A’s this quarter,” Jessica announces happily. “You’ll definitely get it, Jessica. You’re so smart. And believe me, you’ll make your men real happy,” Destiny assures her with the voice of experience. “I like sucking cock, maybe not as much as you do,” Jessica agrees. “Nobody likes sucking cock as much as I do,” Destiny replies, and both girls giggle. “So are you really going out with Aaron?” Jessica asks, almost abruptly. “Yeah. We’re going out Saturday night,” Destiny affirms. “But what about your boyfriend?” Jessica asks. “What about him?” Destiny replies. “Like Megan said, all I have to do is go out with Aaron once to see what he’s like.” “So you’re going to fuck him?” Jessica asks incredulously. “I don’t know. I guess it might happen. Megan says she wants to know if he’s good,” Destiny replies with a shrug. “If Megan asked you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?” challenges Jessica. “Megan’s my best friend,” Destiny replies earnestly. “Besides, it’s no big deal. It’ll just be one night, and I’ll have fun,” she continues reassuringly. “Well, I hope you know what you’re doing. Personally I think you’re playing with fire,” Jessica cautions her.

Thursday, 4:01 PM
TdoGG: yo who this?
Meggy94: Megan
Meggy94: u kno from the mall the other nite
TdoGG: holla sweet gurl
Meggy94: holla urself! lol
TdoGG: what u doin?
Meggy94: at work. what u doing?
TdoGG: thinkin bout u
Meggy94: yea right! lol
Meggy94: hey, g2g customer just walked in ttyl
TdoGG: later

Cutting short her text conversation with Tremaine, Megan hurries to the counter. Where’s Destiny? Megan wonders. She should be here for her shift by now. “Can I help you?” she rather coldly addresses the tall young black man holding a brightly colored aluminum can in his hand and scanning the shelves for something else. “You got any more of these, sugar?” he asks, flashing a smile as he holds aloft a can of PowerMaxx sports drink. “Yeah, we do. We have some more in the back and just haven’t put them out yet. Give me a minute and I’ll run back and bring them out,” Megan replies in a visibly annoyed tone. “You don’t have to do that, sugar. Don’t want to put you to any kind of trouble,” the black stud replies in a surprisingly gentle voice. “It’s no trouble,” Megan replies, her own voice now noticeably softening. “I have to restock the shelves anyway.” “Well you can restock them later on, sugar. That way I can come back tomorrow and see you again,” the stud replies. “Oh, you can come back and see me anytime,” Megan blurts out, suddenly flushing deeply. “Oh, then I’ll be in here a lot, sugar,” replies the stud to the blushing redhead. “Are you from around here? I’ve never seen you before,” Megan asks the dark, handsome stranger, beginning to recover some of her composure. “Oh, I just started at Valley High, sugar,” the stud responds. “What’s your name? What grade are you in?” Megan now asks in her usual aggressive style. “I’m Justin and I’m a senior, sugar,” the stud replies. “Well, I’m Megan, and I’m always here,” the little white cutie informs him. “Then I know where to find you,” the stud responds smoothly. “Don’t work too hard stocking those shelves, sugar,” he tells her on his way out the door.

“I can’t believe you did a threesome, Tracey!” Donna exclaims in the still deserted barroom at Wally’s. “Yeah,” Tracey replies. “It was a lot of fun!” “Tell me more!” Donna urges. “Well, it was a real hot day last summer. There were these 3 guys working on the house across the street, and they all had their shirts off. And not only were they hot, but they were hot, let me tell you! So I went across the street and invited them to my house for lemonade,” Tracey begins. “And…” Donna prods her. “Well two of them came over, because they said at least one guy had to always be on the job site, and they were all hot and sweaty, and pretty soon, all three of us were naked in the bedroom,” Tracey continues, a lascivious smile lighting up her face as she recalls that sultry day. “Wow!” exclaims a breathless Donna. “And you did them both together?” “Yeah, one fucked me while I sucked the other. And then they switched and we did it all over again!” Tracey recounts proudly. “There’s nothing like being manhandled by two strong, sweaty guys!” “The other poor guy got left out, though,” Donna exclaims sympathetically. “No, he didn’t!” Tracey corrects her with a little smirk. “The other guy knocked on my door after lunch and asked me for a glass of ‘lemonade’ so of course I couldn’t turn him down! He fucked me like there was no tomorrow in bed, and then we fucked again in the shower!” “Wow! Three guys in one day! You’re such a slut, Tray!” Donna laughs teasingly. “You’re no angel, either, sweetie!” Tracey counters. “No, but I like my guys one at a time!” Donna giggles. “And what about those two guys you took home from here that one night?” Donna continues, dredging up yet another episode from Tracey’s overheated sex life. “Oh, those guys! I took them home and took turns with them. For whatever reason, I just didn’t feel like having them both work me over at the same time that night,” Tracey replies, almost with a yawn. “You’re amazing, Tray!” Donna declares. “That’s what they tell me!” Tracey responds with another little smirk.

“Well, we sure have enough condoms,” Megan announces as she and Destiny continue doing inventory in the back room of the MicroMart. “Not that I like them.” “Yeah, I know. I don’t like it when guys wear them, either,” Destiny agrees. “The only way I’d use them is if I fucked a black guy,” Megan says almost casually, glancing sideways at Destiny to gauge her reaction. The startled look on Destiny’s normally impassive face is noticeable. “But you’d never fuck a black guy,” she replies. “No, probably not,” Megan agrees cautiously. “But you never know. Like Jessica said, it is the 21st century.”
“Hey Mike, honey!” Tracey catches the big smile and extra friendly tone with which Donna greets the customer entering the now bustling bar. “I didn’t know you and Mike were such good friends,” Tracey queries Donna in a half whisper as they stand side by side pouring fresh drinks for thirsty customers. “Well we should be,” Donna whispers in her ear. “I fucked him!” she giggles. “Well that would explain it!” Tracey agrees. “You want to go out tomorrow night after work?” Tracey now asks the blonde. “Sure. Where do you want to go, honey?” asks Donna. “No husband and no boyfriend tomorrow night, so I want to hook up,” replies Tracey, whispering in Donna’s ear as she taps another beer. “Let’s go to that place in the City.” “You mean the one where you almost picked up that black guy?” asks Donna.” That’s the one,” Tracey affirms with a smile. “I wanna try my luck again.”

Friday night. The clink of crystal and fine china provides elegant counterpoint to the murmur of polite conversation filling the air at Chez Versailles, the finest restaurant in the City. “I’m so happy you signed the contract with us, Herschel! I know you won’t be disappointed!” Christine bubbles happily, and takes another dainty bite of her poulet francaise. “Your presentation won me over,” the black stud replies, clinking his glass of burgundy with her glass of chardonnay. “Oh, really? What did you like most about the presentation?” Christine asks with a hopefully quizzical look on her face. “The packaging. Definitely the packaging,” Herschel replies, giving her a significant, smoldering look, and taking another sip of wine. “Very well put together.” Sitting across the table in her tight, low cut red dress, Christine can feel her love juices flowing again. The pretty little right foot slips out of the black patent leather stiletto pump. “Well, we’re going to be working very closely together,” the lovely slut replies, maintaining unbroken eye contact with her black stud. The now bare pretty little foot, screened from other restaurant patrons by the table’s long, elegant tablecloth, seeks out and finds the stud’s leg. The slut smiles as she sees the initially startled look on the stud’s face. The pretty little foot moves higher up the stud’s leg. “It’ll get even more interesting once we start peeling back all the layers,” she says, a wicked grin on her face. The pretty little toes slide their way along the stud’s crotch, feeling the hardened mass of his huge black love tool. “I’m sure it will,” the stud replies in a low voice, maintaining unbroken eye contact with his white slut and struggling to maintain his composure.

“Why didn’t you want to go to the Valley game tonight, Megan?” a puzzled Destiny asks as the two girls sit in the bleachers watching the City vs. Twin Rivers game. “Oh, I just like to see other teams in action,” replies the slutty little redhead, wearing her old Valley cheerleader sweatshirt. “You know how much I like football players!” “Everybody knows that!” giggles Destiny, thinking about her friend’s penchant for bedding gridiron stars. “Oh, he’s hot!” Megan gushes. “Which one?” asks Destiny. “37,” replies Megan, craning her neck for a better glimpse of the stud who’s caught her eye. “Nice butt, and look at that bulge in his pants!” she gushes lustfully. “37? Where? I don’t see 37,” asks a baffled Destiny, scanning the blue clad ranks of the Twin Rivers players. “Destiny, are you on helium?” exclaims an exasperated Megan, giving her slow witted friend a playful shove, and pointing to the tall, black figure wearing the white uniform of the City team, dreadlocks peeking out from underneath his red helmet. “But, Megan…” an even more puzzled Destiny begins to protest. “But what? Don’t you think he has a nice body?” Megan rejoins. “Yeah, but…” Destiny tries again. “And look at 22! Look at the muscles on him!” Megan drools, pointing out the pair of black, rounded bowling ball biceps on yet another City player. “And look at 25! I wish he didn’t have that stupid towel hanging from his belt! I’ll bet he’s got a real nice bulge in his pants!” Megan goes on, scoping out yet another black stud. Destiny lapses into silence. Megan has been acting really weird, she thinks. She’s always hated black guys, and now here she is drooling all over them. I’ll bet they do have some big dicks, though, Destiny reflects, now silently training her attention on the tight, bulging pants of the black players. Soon, she is drifting into erotic interracial fantasies of her own. Maybe one of these days, I’ll have to try one out, she muses, beginning to feel the familiar wetness far below.

The black stud lets out a deep groan as the blonde head bobs downwards yet again. Christine is on her knees in Herschel’s hotel room, his bloated black tool sliding halfway down her throat. Backing the slithering black love python out of her mouth briefly, she looks up at her ebony lover and smiles. “I told you I have an oral fetish, babe,” she giggles, and slips the rigid black tool back into her mouth. Still in her sexy red dress and black stilettos, her pussy is completely marinated with her love juices. He’s about the same size as Tyler and this big black snake is going in my pussy! she enthuses. The thrill of forbidden love, the anticipation of stepping across racial lines and copulating with a son of Africa is now overwhelming. Getting to her feet, she looks her black stud in the eye through her designer frames, and breathes in a lustful whisper, “I want you to fuck me!” Reaching behind her, she undoes her dress, allowing it to slip off her shoulders. Braless beneath the elegant dress, her perfectly firm, rounded, glorious C-cups, their nipples hardened with excitement , present themselves, the envy of a woman 10 years younger. The dress crumples to the floor, and in the dim lamplight, the black stud admires the soft, pale white flesh. His eyes rove downwards to the perfectly flat belly, and lower still, to the red thong panties that provide the flimsiest of barriers to love’s ultimate prize. Stepping out of her dress, and maintaining eye contact with the black stud, the gorgeous slut now gives a downward tug on her thong and slides them off her perfectly rounded little ass, revealing the shaved mound of Venus. Stepping out of the thong, she playfully, seductively tosses the saturated underwear at her black stud. Neatly catching the thong, the black stud sniffs the womanly scent of his white conquest. “I love your smell, beautiful,” the stud whispers. The white slut now stands before him completely nude, except for her stilettos. She throws herself into his well muscled arms, and they lock lips in a kiss of passionate intensity. She is seared with white hot lust as her tongue reaches for, and finds his. Almost desperately, she thrashes her tongue at his, and paws his massive chest with her hands as they maintain their kiss for a long, breathless moment.

Breaking the kiss, the black stud scoops the petite white slut, now almost gasping for breath, into his arms and carries her over to the bed. He gently deposits her on the bed, and laying back in the familiar position, she spreads her legs. The black stud thrusts his head between the lovely white legs. Christine squirms with pleasure as she feels the stud’s tongue brush her clit. Squeezing her titties, she moans loudly and passionately as the skilled tongue tantalizes her clit, bringing her to orgasm. “Fuck me, babe!” she implores the stud, and as her black lover prepares to mount her, she carefully removes her designer frames and puts them on the nightstand next to the bed. She feels the fleshy tip of the black love spear push past her nether lips. With an intense excitement she’s never known before, she is thrilled that she is joining a black man in carnal union. Somehow, it’s just different, she enthuses. The big black tool fits snugly into the sweet white pussy, which is not yet used to accommodating so large a visitor. The dark visitor is more than welcome, however, and is saturated by her love juices. “I’ll be gentle with you. I know its your first time with a black man,” the stud whispers as he slowly slides deeper into her. “No, I don’t want you to be gentle!” the white slut exclaims. “Fuck me hard!” The black stud slides his tool in deeper, and Christine moans. It’s just a little uncomfortable she thinks, as she looks down and sees the black tool completely disappear inside of her. Yes! He’s all the way in! she thrills. The stud pulls back, and the big black tool slides back along the slippery path it has just traveled, until with a sudden forceful pelvic thrust, it is propelled forward again. Christine moans loudly, even as the rock hard black tool slams into her again. Soon, the stud has found his rhythm and tempo, and the big black weapon smashes into the white slut’s cervix again and again like a battering ram of hardened flesh. As she is rocked by thrust after powerful thrust, Christine can feel her pussy begin to relax, as it gets used to accommodating its new black friend. She moans loudly and continuously as any earlier discomfort dissolves into the most sublime carnal pleasure she’s ever experienced. I feel like such a whore, she thinks, moaning as a powerful orgasm floods her body. Her stilettos, still firmly on the pretty little feet, bob in the air as she is mercilessly slammed back into the mattress again and again. Her hands rove all over the black stud, as she feels his close cropped hair, so different from that of her white lovers, then moves down to caress his back, and finally slides them yet lower to squeeze his ass cheeks, rising and falling again with each powerfully delivered pelvic thrust. Climaxing again, Christine lets out a scream as yet another orgasm rocks her writhing body. The pelvic thrusts hit her now with an unrelenting and climactic fury, and she realizes that her grunting black stud is rapidly hurtling toward orgasm. “Cum for me, babe! Cum for me!” she exhorts him, and with one last visceral groan, his balls surrender their load. The genetic code of Africa, conveyed by the heated mass of sperm, is blasted deep into the welcoming white pussy. Christine lets out another loud, orgasmic moan. As her lover’s tool continues to spurt inside of her, she feels the greatest sense of sexual satisfaction she has ever felt. She has surrendered her body to a black man, and has tasted the sweetest fruits of forbidden love. The night is still young, and white pussy will welcome black penis yet again before the morning light.

It’s nearing 12:30 when Donna and Tracey finally arrive at the bar in the City. “Are you sure you don’t want to hook up, Donna?” Tracey asks the blonde. “Just call Bruce and tell him you’re staying over at my house tonight.” “No, I’m going to be a good girl,” Donna insists with a giggle. They had closed the bar at Wally’s at the usual lame hour of eleven, and after chasing out the last of the customers, had gotten dressed in the deserted establishment, and then driven to the City in Donna’s car. Now, their jeans and sneakers are gone. Donna is wearing a white low cut blouse, short, ass hugging jean skirt and white heels. Tracey is wearing a low cut red blouse and like Donna is displaying ample cleavage. A short, tight fitting black leather mini skirt and black heels complete her outfit. She has removed her wedding ring and placed it in her purse, where it now resides with the condoms she’s carrying in expectation of tonight’s hookup. The two beautiful sluts are at the same bar in the City where Tracey had almost picked up a black stud several months ago. Tracey is determined; she will hook up tonight, and her lover will be black. The music is thumpingly loud and the crowd is racially mixed. As they stand sipping their drinks, both women are conscious that they are being eyed like pieces of prime meat by all the hungry men in the bar. It’s not long before a handsome young white stud in his mid twenties approaches Tracey and asks her if she wants to dance. Under ordinary circumstances, she would look upon her young admirer as a good potential partner for copulation, but not tonight. Laughingly, she puts off the boy’s request for a dance, and he withdraws after a few more token advances are brushed aside. Tracey begins scanning the crowded bar for a likely black stud to fulfill her fantasy when she spies not one, but two. From the other side of the bar, the duo of black studs are scoping out both her and her blonde friend. She nudges Donna and calls her attention to them. Both studs are tall, with jet black skin and dreadlocks, and both are dressed in baggy clothing. “Look at them! They’re so ghetto!” Tracey exclaims enthusiastically. “And they’re definitely checking us out! There’s one for each of us!” The studs are obviously eyeing the two white sluts with intent, and Donna makes fleeting eye contact with the shorter of the two. Quickly averting her gaze, she feels a sudden and unexpected thrill at being the object of lust for a black man. Immediately, she recognizes the carnal danger that she’s in. “I gotta go, Tray!” she suddenly exclaims, taking one last hurried sip of her drink, and putting the now almost empty glass on the bar. “Don’t you want to stay and see what happens?” Tracey asks, but Donna is adamant. “No, I really gotta go!” the blonde exclaims in an almost frantic tone. “Are you sure you don’t want a ride?” “No, I’ve got a ride tonight!” Tracey replies, giving her friend a significant smile. “Good luck, honey! Have fun!” Donna wishes her friend the best and embraces her. Even though she’s leaving, a spark has been kindled. Casting a quick backwards glance over her shoulder at her black stud, Donna flashes him a flirtatious little smile, before hurrying to the exit. With her friend’s departure, Tracey must reanalyze her strategy. She is definitely getting laid tonight, but her hopes that Donna would join her in an interracial adventure with the two black studs have been dashed. She looks back at the two studs, and can see that they are now quietly discussing their next move. I could do a threesome with them, Tracey muses. Not what I originally planned, but… Tracey’s musings are suddenly interrupted by a deep, low male voice suddenly intoning “What you drinking, sexy lady?” “A cosmo,” Tracey answers, turning in the direction of the black stud who has just materialized at her side. This stud is tall and lean, with close cropped hair. The stud beckons the bartender for, and quickly is provided with, a cosmopolitan that he hands to Tracey. The white slut accepts the drink, and forgetting the two original studs, now knows who she’s going home with.

Lord of MayhemReport

2013-04-17 23:10:36
I appreciate your attempt at constructive criticism, and the narrative may seem somewhat scattered, but the plot is comprised of several different story lines, which will converge as the story progresses. Hopefully as the story unfolds, most of what's presented here will make more sense when read in its context.

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-16 08:01:51
pretty strange perspective's. you need to google first and second person storytelling. this has no true's all over the place from first person to third person. I rate this as thumbs down.

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