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2 bi-sexual lads continue their relationship with each other and friends
In the 1st part of this story a lot of time was spent in dealing with a problem which Tim has. Although it will be some time before Tim is 100%, his problem is improving. Because of his sister’s birthday party, David has arranged not to see Tim until Monday and is anticipating a boring week end, but he is in for a few surprises.

On Friday David’s father was home all day and so David had told Tim not to drop in after school. This was the first time in a week that Tim had not called in and David was missing him. David had developed a crush on Tim about a year ago but nothing had happened between them until last week. In the last 7 days David had introduced Tim to sex and had possibly saved him from getting a nasty infection of his penis. Tim was still faced with the problem of a very tight foreskin but was working on a way to stretch it. David did not know how long this would take but thought that the time scale would probably be measured in months. So for the time being their sexual activity was somewhat limited. However it was obvious to David that Tim had become very fond of him and he knew that he was falling for Tim.

David had not completely ruled out the possibility of getting a girlfriend. He often watched straight sex on the internet and became pretty excited while so doing. However he had noted that he got hard quicker and had a better orgasm when he was watching boy on boy stuff, so now he had Tim, who was keen to please him, he was pretty sure of some fun times in the future. Even so he thought that he might just try his luck with a girl some time, if the opportunity presented itself.

David was shaken out of his day dream by his father who had a list of jobs for him to do. It was going to be a very busy evening preparing for his sisters birthday party. It was well known that Joan and David frequently argued and Mr Taylor made David promise to bury the hatchet and behave like a loving little brother while Joan’s friends were in the house. David reluctantly agreed and went about the tasks he’d been given. The preparations went on until late in the night and it was about 11.30 when David got to his bed. On entering his room he saw that he’d left his phone on the bed and it was flashing. It read – 3 missed calls. 1 message—Hi called to say hello, couldn’t get you. Sweet dreams – Tim. David looked at the clock and thought that Tim would probably be asleep so he would txt him in the morning.

Saturday morning arrived and the preparations continued. Mr and Mrs Taylor had very courageously decided to go out for the evening leaving Joan the run of the house. A few ground rules had been laid down but Joan was considered to be responsible so these were pretty basic. Joan had invited about 15 of her friends, mostly girls and all were 2 or 3 years older than David who had decided that he would be like a fish out of water and would probably try to stay out of the way.

The guests started to arrive at the appointed hour and Joan stayed by the front door to greet them. When Alice arrived Joan was surprised to see that she was alone and she called out “Where’s Stuart” and Alice replied “We split up 4 or 5 days ago” and with that she almost dissolved into tears. Alice had been dating Stuart for the previous 18 months and was obviously upset at the break up. Well, the party got under way and most were enjoying themselves with two notable exceptions. David, who was just staying out of the way and Alice who, feeling unable to get into the party spirit was just hanging out by herself. After a little while David found Alice in the small lounge (known as the music room) by herself, quietly strumming a few chords on David’s guitar. They talked for about 10 minutes then David suggested that they play tennis and Alice agreed. Unfortunately the weather started to turn nasty and a few minutes after they reached the court a clap of thunder and some heavy rain drops sent them running for cover.

The garage was the closest shelter and as David opened the door he said “We could change to table tennis if you like” and Alice replied “Great” so a couple of minutes later saw them having a knock about on the table- tennis table. David was gentle to start with, not knowing if Alice was a serious player but after a minute it became obvious that she was quite experienced and the standard and speed of the game went up a couple of notches. Then Alice returned David’s serve with an almighty slam which sent the ball whizzing off the table and into the junk in the corner of the garage. David got onto his hands and knees to search for the ball and after 2 minutes Alice joined in the search. “Don’t you have any more balls” she asked David and he, thinking that he detected a hint of a gleam in her eye, grinned and said “None that I would let you hit with a bat”. Alice grinned back at David and the search continued.

After a while, when the ball still hadn’t been found, Alice shuffled up close to David, put her hands on his shoulders from behind and whispered “I really miss Stuart, you know”. A dozen thoughts flooded into David’s mind; He could feel her firm breasts pressing into his shoulder blades and she was breathing into his left ear. Maybe older girls are a bit more fun than the youngsters I last played with, and maybe this is my opportunity presenting itself, he thought as he felt his heart start to pound in his chest. He turned to look at her and as their eyes met she planted a juicy kiss on his lips. Alice wrapped her arms around him pulling him closer still and thrust her crotch against his left butt cheek. David started to tremble as he noticed the tent in the front of his shorts. There was no way he could hide it and he felt sure that Alice had already noticed it. She had, and she was unable to resist dropping a hand down to give the bulge a little squeeze. “Wow” she exclaimed “I don’t believe this, you’re about twice the size of Stuart”. Now that was a bit of an exaggeration, “considerably larger” would have been a more accurate deion, but if David had needed anything to boost his confidence, that was it; she had certainly put a feather in his cap.

“David” she said “Can you turn round, I want to feel you up against me”. David was a bit confused by the speed at which things were happening; he was enjoying this but felt he was being blown along by the wind and resented not being in control. However he capitulated and let Alice have her way. David was wearing underpants and thin shorts but Alice was wearing thick jeans which she quickly unzipped and pushed out of the way. She shuffled forward and positioned herself so that David’s shaft tucked into the crease between her pussy lips and started to hump, pulling on the cheeks of David’s bum. After a while she eased back and started to unfasten David’s shorts, but David decided that it was time he took the initiative and he pulled her panties to one side, found her entrance and slid his middle finger into her vagina. He was amazed at how wet she was and at how quickly she had become so excited. She moaned and bucked her hips as David finger fucked her then he slid his finger out and moved up to find her clit which he gently massaged with his wet slippery finger. Alice thrust David’s underpants out of the way and taking his balls in one hand and his shaft in the other she started to wank him. “David” she said “I want this; I want this in me and I want it now”.

David was even more confused but before he could say anything she said “It’s alright, I’m on the pill”, but you’d better use this to make sure” and she produced a condom from the back pocket of her jeans. David had never put a condom on before and he gingerly started to tear open the packet, but Alice snatched it back, tore the packet open and with a speed that astounded David placed it over his dick head and unrolled it over his length. With that she positioned David’s dick head against her clit and started to rub a lot harder than David had done with his finger. She stayed bucking her hips and her moans were getting louder and higher pitched. Then suddenly she pushed David’s dick down to her entrance and scooped him into her. Alice started to thrust immediately and for a while David matched her action, but then as her pace increased he was unable to keep in step so he stopped and let her do all the work. Alice’s moans were turning into screams and as she got to her climax David fastened his lips around hers hoping to deaden the sound which he feared could be heard back at the house. To David, Alice’s orgasm seemed to go on for ages but in fact it was probably about 15 seconds before she started to calm down and slow her thrusts and she said “That was wonderful, you fill me up much more than Stuart”. David made no reply for a few seconds then he just said “I think I’m going to cum”. To which Alice replied “Go on; that’s what I’m waiting for”.

Right at that moment they were both startled by the sound of footsteps hurrying past the garage followed by a fist knocking on the side door and Joan’s voice calling “David, open the door; Alice, Your father’s here, you should have been home 20 minutes ago”. Alice and David both muttered “Shit” at the same time and tore their clothes back on. David put his boner under the waist band of his shorts to keep it under control and after picking up the bats they opened the door. There was Joan , looking a bit flustered, “Alice, you chump” she said “You were supposed to baby sit your little bro at 9.30, Your father’s dropped him off here now as they couldn’t wait any longer”.

David was hoping that the walk back to the house would allow his raging dick to calm down but in fact his dick started to throb more and more and he hoped he could make it to his bedroom or the bath room before he exploded. Once in the house David crossed the hall to the bath room at the bottom of the stairs but it was occupied. Coming down the stairs was Frank, one of his sister’s friends. “Hi David” said Frank “So what were you up to in the garage with Alice; and don’t say NOTHING”. David moved to one side to let Frank pass but Frank made a grab at David’s crotch and of course found a solid rod. Frank grinned and gave David’s shaft 3 quick rubs then ducked quickly away as though he expected David to retaliate. However David had other things to concern him; the feeling which he had been fighting off for the last 2 minutes now burst through and wave after wave of erotic pleasure swept through his body. Just as Frank scooted through the door into the kitchen David collapsed to his hands and knees on the 1st stair and stayed there panting while he felt warm cum flooding out of him. After half a minute David came back down to earth and he gingerly looked around and was relieved to find no-one else in the hall or on the landing so he hadn’t been seen. He was further relieved to find the condom still in place so he hadn’t made too much mess. He discarded the condom in the 1st floor bathroom and cleaned himself up then scooted back down stairs.

He straight away bumped into his sister who said “Well, is she any good”. David’s heart missed a beat and he just stared blankly at Joan who then said, in an exasperated tone, “Alice; is she any good at table tennis”. David just managed to recover enough to say “Well, she’s better than me”. To which Joan replied “Well that doesn’t say much, does it? Anyway, she’s feeling more cheerful now and has decided to stay for a while, so that means that we have to look after her bro. He’s waiting in the music room so perhaps you can make yourself useful by amusing him for an hour or so”. David was just about to ask how old Alice’s brother was but Joan slipped quickly through the door into the dining room. Not knowing what to expect David strode into the music room pushing the door closed behind him, and then he stopped in his tracks and did a double take. Sprawled in an armchair and looking bored out of his mind was none other than Tim. “What the—don’t tell me that Alice is your sister” David said and Tim replied “Sure is – worse luck”. “Oh dear” said David “So you have big sister trouble as well. I’ve just—I’ve just been playing table tennis with her”. “O she’s quite good at that” said Tim and David thought of saying “Yes; she beat the pants off me” but decided that comment was too close to home. “Well what are we going to do now” he said “would you like to play on my computer”. Tim made no reply but the bored look vanished and he stood up so David, taking that as a “Yes”, led the way to his bedroom.

When they arrived at the bedroom David closed the door and said “How’s it going with the plastic tube” and Tim replied “Ok, I’m wearing it now, so don’t do or say anything to make me horny or it will pop out”. “That’s alright” said David “We have to behave ourselves as the house is full of people, so you pick a game we can play”. They played together for 10 minutes then David left Tim to play by himself while he finished off some homework. He got to a point where he needed the computer to complete things so he pushed it to one side and sprawled on his bed watching Tim play. His mind was mulling over the happenings of the evening. It had been a bit of a shock to find that he’d just been seduced by the sister of his new friend and sex buddy. He could chalk that up to experience but somehow it didn’t feel right; he felt he’d been used. Maybe he would have felt different if he’d been able to complete normally, but as it was, it was Frank’s hand that eventually pushed him over the edge. Frank had deliberately groped him; did that mean Frank was gay or bi, and would he blab. Then there was Alice; was she likely to boast about her conquest; He would hate for a rumour to get back to his sister or to Tim. He would just have to wait and see what happened, brazen it out, laugh it off or deny all knowledge—whatever.

He was roused from his dilemma by Tim who suddenly said “Dave, do you watch porn on your computer”. David replied “Of course I do, don’t you”. “I can’t” Tim said “My dad’s set the parental controls and I can’t find his pass word”. “That’s tough” said David “Tell you what ; I have a cousin who’s a bit of a computer geek, I’ll ask him if there’s a way around the password, but in the meantime you can always watch on mine”. “Gee, thanks” said Tim “So can we watch some now”. “Well” said David “I usually watch when there’s no one home so that I’m not disturbed, but we should be alright. We’ll put a TV film on behind the DVD and if anyone comes to the door, just hit the sleep button”. David took a blank looking disk from a box in a locked drawer in his desk and slipped it into his lap top. Up flashed “pass word protected” and David proceeded to type in a 16 character pass word, grinning at Tim and saying “No one gets to spy on my stash”. Up came the menu and David said “There you are; you pick”.

David was not entirely surprised to find that Tim picked a title which suggested all male on male action and he nipped across the room and locked the door. The film started with a blond haired guy in his late teens, standing in a corridor and peering in through a door which was ajar. His hand was down inside the front of his shorts and a gentle moving of his fingers could be observed. He removed his hand to push the door further open and so revealed a bulge tenting his shorts. Through the partly open door could be seen two dark haired males cavorting on a bed and one was just removing the others underpants. Tim looked at David and said “You know my pen top—well it just popped out”. “I’m not surprised” said David and he guided Tim away from the lap top and sat him on the edge of a padded leather stool in front of the wide TV screen. After fiddling with the remote control the same picture appeared on the TV screen as on the lap top but 4 times larger. “Wowee” said Tim, “It’s like being in the room with them”. “I know” said David “It sometimes makes me feel a bit shy”. “What” said Tim “you actually get to feel that they’re going to look up and catch you watching”. “Well, something like that” said David “I also feel that they can see me wanking while I watch them”. “Can we wank now” said Tim as he fingered the bulge in his trousers. “Shall we just cuddle until the video finishes” said David “And then we can concentrate on one another”. With that David discarded his shorts and got astride the stool shuffling up to Tim and pressing his boner into the small of Tim’s back. He hugged Tim with one arm and the other hand he placed gently on Tim’s bulge.

The film continued with the lad in the corridor joining the other two and they took turns at kissing, licking, jacking and sucking. At each change of action Tim’s dick twitched a little and David thrust his dick a little harder into Tim’s back. After a while Tim said “I’ve got to get more comfortable” and he jumped up and kicked off his shoes, shorts and underpants then sat back down, naked from the waist down. David was still wearing his underpants and he discarded them now, noting that they were rather wet in the front. He resumed his original position behind Tim grinding his boner into Tim’s back and wrapped a hand around Tim’s solid shaft.

In the film one of the dark haired lads was on his back being fucked by the other and at the same time he was sucking the blonde guy and had a finger up his bum. “I can’t wait any longer” said Tim “Please can we wank now”. With that he reached behind and caught hold of David’s very hard and very wet dick. “You’re so wet” he said “Do you think you could slide it along my crack, maybe I can sit on it”. Tim raised his cute little butt a few inches and David put his hard rod underneath before Tim lowered himself squashing David’s dick between his crack and the soft padded leather cushion. After a little manoeuvring Tim got David’s dick head, which was producing copious amounts of pre-cum, to nestle into his little bud and he pressed down. To David, it felt like his dick head had just entered Tim’s anus, but as Tim was showing no sign of discomfort he kept up a gentle short stroked humping action.

David reached around Tim to hold his stiff penis; he peeled his tight foreskin back as far as it would go then placed a fingertip on Tim’s glans. He stretched Tim’s foreskin forward over his finger and found that action much easier than it had been a week previously. He also found Tim’s glans wet and slippery and said “Tim, Do you know you’re producing pre-cum”. Tim said “Is that why it feels so fantastic; please don’t stop; just stay rubbing me”. “How does your butt feel” said David. “That’s great” said Tim, “Keep that up as well; I can’t get enough of this”. David was looking over Tim’s left shoulder and he ran his lips up Tim’s neck making several gentle kisses, then he nipped Tim’s ear lobe between his lips. “Dave” Tim said “I think I love you”, to which David replied “I love you too buddy”.

It was only just over an hour since David had last ejaculated, so he thought that he would be able to last a long time. However the tingling feeling which was building told him this was not the case, so for the 2nd time in the evening David had to hold himself back. Just then, the volume of sound from the speakers increased dramatically causing them both to look back at the screen. The lad who was being fucked was jacking furiously and had just cum all over his chest and tummy and was letting the world know about it. This was the first time that Tim had seen anything like this on a wide screen and its effect was to drive him very close to the edge. With the sound coming from the TV David failed to notice Tim’s little moans, so it caught him by surprise when Tim started to buck and thrust. Tim’s actions broke the contact between his butt hole and David’s dick head and as his spunk dribbled through David’s fingers, David started to thrust hard and fast into Tim’s crack. Tim, who had just come to the end of his orgasm, called “Go on, Dave, Go on” and David’s first shot jetted into the back of Tim’s scrotum. More ejaculations followed and these pooled on the leather cushion with some running forward and trickling over the edge.

“We had better get cleaned up” said David and he ushered Tim toward a mirror fronted door to the left of the TV screen. David opened the door revealing a shower cubicle, wash basin and toilet which caused Tim to stare wide eyed. Then he just said “Wow, so you have your own bathroom” and he followed David in. They got cleaned up and dressed and David removed the DVD and put it away just in time as at that point there was a knock on the bedroom door. David opened the door and there was Frank. “Hi lads” said Frank “Time for Tim to go, several of us are going his way so we can all walk together”. Frank took one step into the room and said “Some room, my bedroom would fit in here three times”. Then Tim grabbed Frank’s hand and pulled him across the room saying “See, he’s got his own bathroom”. As Frank poked his head around the mirrored door David looked at Tim puzzled by his strange behaviour. Tim, with a worried look on his face said “Spunk on the stool”. The white puddles on the brown leather were standing out like a sore thumb and David quickly grabbed some tissues to clear it up. He looked at Tim and said “We forgot to clear up the glue you spilled”, hoping that Frank would swallow his comment.

Far from swallowing the comment, Frank came across the room, picked up a tissue and proceeded to wipe up some “glue” which had trickled over the edge of the stool. He got a small amount on the end of his finger and smelt it then tasted it and said “This is some very strange glue”. David froze but thought he could see the hint of a smile on Frank’s face. As he watched the smile broadened and in a couple of seconds Frank was struggling to stop it turning into laughter. David started to breathe again and smiled back at Frank. Frank ruffled David’s hair and said “Some other time, perhaps”. Then he turned to Tim, who was still looking a bit panicky and said “It’s alright little buddy, there’s no harm done; we’re all friends here. Come on, it’s time we were leaving”. With that he put an arm around Tim’s shoulder and led him out of the room.

There were about 9 people who had congregated in the hall, getting ready to leave and after about 5 minutes the last one had gone. Frank poked his head back in through the door and called “Hey David, how about a game of tennis sometime in the week” and David replied “Sure, just text to say when and either Joan or I will be here to give you a thrashing”. Frank left and David went up to his room and led on his bed watching television. After about 15 minutes his phone beeped; it was a txt from Tim. “Hey Dave, wot we gonna do about Frank”. David sent back “Don’t think he’s gonna be a problem; Talk about it on Monday. Good night buddy, sweet dreams”.

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