This is a re-post of the opening chapter of the Toy Store Boy series with its published title.
Prologue: Virginity

I opened the bedroom door. It wasn’t my bedroom it was the room that we all were sharing this week. All other thoughts of people and where we were just disappeared out of my mind as the door opened and I saw her standing there. I didn’t know she was in the room when I had left the pool, but there she was none the less. I was downstairs swimming in the pool when that dumb ass song came on, that stupid dumb ass song. I could feel myself getting hard as that washed up pop star sang, so I slipped away as fast as possible.

I was pissed that at age 19 that Dumb ass song was still affecting me like I was 12 years old. I had planned to just go jack off really quickly and then head off to lunch, but there was Katie standing in the room. Opening the door to see her standing there wearing only a pair of pink swim suit bottoms with a daisy on the front, she looked at me as if I had walked in on her intentionally, she was leaning over to pick up a shirt off the bed her breasts hanging down looking soft and supple.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, I couldn’t take my eyes off her nearly naked body, it had been so long since I had seen her this way and my need was more than evident. The obsession I had felt for her all those years caused me to jump into an erection so hard that it hurt, yet I still couldn’t say anything to her or shift my gaze. She was so beautiful, still wet from the pool her body glistening, her full breasts, nipples tightening hard and pointing from the cold air in the room.

I had dreamed of seeing her naked again and now she was standing there topless and there was no way for me to hide that my erection was trying to burst through my loose swim shorts. Even after all the times we had fooled around in the past I still had only seen her as naked as she was now, I longed to see what lay under those panties. I so desired to feel what lay in that hidden paradise.

I wanted to move but was still rendered paralyzed. She too seemed to be in some kind of shock because she was saying nothing or moving herself. I wished I could know what thoughts were running through her head as we stood there staring. I was so worked up that I thought I was going to die of embarrassment until I realized that she wasn’t looking at me in the eyes but she was looking at my shorts.

She had a look on her face that I couldn’t place it slightly resembled the look the day she was 14 in the back of the toy store. In the 6 years I had really gotten to know her since then, I thought I understood her, but she was looking at my erection and all I could tell was that it wasn’t a look of embarrassment.

I don’t know what took me over in that moment but I grew suddenly bold, I pulled my pants down letting them just drop to the floor, but not stepping out of them. I stood there nude and the first real look of embarrassment burned in her cheeks but she didn’t look away. I was surprised that she was embarrassed because it wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen my dick hard for her before, that’s how we met for crying out loud, but somehow this was different. We were older now and things had been indifferent between us since that night when I was 16.

Then I grew bolder I worked up all my courage and moved across the room to her. Without a word I leaned in and kissed her neck, it was a slow and gave gentle kiss. I could taste the sweat on her neck and I licked it as I kissed her again. My body was pressing against hers as my kissing grew stronger, she didn’t push me away as I feared.

I had expected her to push me away, I expected her to tell me we’d moved past this, years ago, and I expected her to say it was never going to happen again. I was about to pull away when I felt her shudder slightly then she moved my face from her neck and kissed me on the mouth.

Her lips were soft and very warm as we kissed lightly to start. I slowly, nervously, and with great need began to explore the inside of her beautiful sweet mouth, it wasn’t long before she did the same back to me and our tongues danced together in a ballet of repressed love we felt for each other. It was the most passionate kiss we’d had since the first night at the barn, back before everything had gone to hell. In this kiss we put aside all the things that had kept us apart for the last 3 years and fell into each other now.

I couldn’t believe that I was kissing her I’d wanted this for so long but on so many levels it was so wrong. The problem was I didn’t care about right or wrong in that second I was finally getting to kiss Katie again. I was grinding my erection against her thigh now and had worked my erection to point down against her leg; it hurt and felt so good to touch her at the same time.

All I could think about was I could lose my virginity to her right here and now and it was all due to that dumb ass song, that god damn song that always seemed to play at the worst times ever. I had issues with the song before I met Katie but now the song always made me twice as hard because it reminded me of the first time I met her. That dumb ass song was the catalysts to our whole relationship years ago, and would be the cause of so much more problems in the future.

We were still standing and kissing deeply when my excitement became too much and I came on her. It happened without much warning, she was leaning against me still pressing my erection down against her thigh, when all of a sudden I let loose and I shot cum down her leg. I was embarrassed, and I pulled away from her turning my head in shame.

“It’s ok, it wouldn’t be us without you going off early,” she whispered in my ear pulling my face back to hers, “I can’t deny how wrong this is but, your my toy store boy and you’ve always been so........” she spoke softly right before leaning over and kissing me on my neck right under my ear.

“I love you,” I told her. I hadn’t meant to say it but I just kind of blurted it out. I loved her very much but I was in love with someone else. I felt a touch of guilt and knew I needed to stop this. But my need overcame my will power as Katie took my hands and pulled me to her.

“Don’t make this worse than it is,” she said lightly, kissing me again. She pulled me with her as she lied down on the bed.

“I don’t know how much time we have,” she whispered in my ear as I lied on top of her.

Despite my early release I was still really hard. There was no way I was going soft at this moment with my oldest dream coming true. She reached down and slid her swim suit off. I moved between her legs looking intently at her beautifully shaved pussy. It was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing it.

As I kissed my way up her body she reached down and took my dick in hand bringing me to her love spot. I thrust forward not really knowing what I was doing. She moaned sharply and I came again after only a few moments of feeling her soft wet folds taking me in. She was tight but and warm it felt like I was thrusting into wet silk, she smiled as I came inside her and ran a hand along my cheek. I didn’t, I couldn’t stop thrusting inside her and I was on fire.

I’m not sure how long we were together before it was over, but it probably wasn’t as long as it felt. I know it was way too short to cover for the 6 years of yearning behind it. I was lost in a world of my own creating. I’d never felt so good or emotional, I couldn’t believe I had done this as guilt touched me again. As guilty as I felt right at that moment I still couldn’t get enough of her; I began to kiss her neck again when she told me we needed to stop.

“This felt so wonderful, but we should get back outside before someone notices were both missing,” she said softly. I could tell there was something else in her mind that she wasn’t telling me. Then it hit me, was she dating someone in college she hadn’t told anyone about? We really needed to talk.

I rolled off of her putting my arms around her, pulling her close, putting my head on her breasts. I could hardly breathe from exhaustion and both orgasms. She was soft and I felt like I could fall asleep laying there with her. But this would be bad if Ash came back to the room and saw us like this. The three of us were sharing a room this week and it was just pure luck that Ash hadn’t come up and caught us already.

“No one will suspect that we were up here doing this. We can hang out here for a few more minutes. We need to talk about this, we’ve needed to talk since you left for college but we both keep avoiding it.”

“I know, your right but we’ve been up here for a while and I don’t want to be found out. It would be bad if.......... we were overheard,” She paused and started stroking my hair.

She got up off the bed and her hair fell over her face. I didn’t move, she looked at me in a sideway glance her hair covering half her face I couldn’t see her expression. It was all starting to hit me what just happened. As my breathing and thoughts returning to normal I started get scared. What were we going to do now? What if someone found out? Oh god I had cum inside her! She could get pregnant. A mixture of emotions started swirling in my head. Love, fear, happiness, and more guilt, I had really made a mess of things today.

“Katie..... I.....?” I started, I was ready to talk to her but I couldn’t find the right words. She looked over at me while she got dressed. She was so hot as she was putting on her shorts; they made her legs look incredible. I had always had a thing for the way girls legs looked in shorts; maybe it was because I had a thing for legs in general.

“Don’t.......... We should talk about this tonight.” She said picking up her shirt off the other bed she put it on without a bra and said, “We have some serious issues to talk about and we don’t need Ash walking in asking questions. I’ll see you down stairs.”

“Ok.” I kind of croaked as she walked to the door. She smiled at me weakly as she left the room and I wondered if she regretted what had just happened. I hopped she wasn’t ashamed of doing it with me.

I got off the bed and pulled on my jeans and lied back down reliving it in my head. It wasn’t so much the fact that I got laid for the first time but the realization that I finally slept with Katie. My oldest fantasy had come true but now I had to live with it. I laid there and drifted off to sleep.


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