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We all lay on are backs in the water, basking in the sun. My cock was still sticking out like a low branch but neither woman looked like they were in any condition to do anything about it. After a brief nap, we looked around for our clothes and found nothing. We said to hell with it and spent the rest of the day naked. The girls scouted a place to set up our shelter and I went to scout for food. I felt a little like the Professor on Gilligan's Island, tying a knife on the end of a pole. It worked wonders though. It wasn't long when I came across a family of pigs and I nailed a young one right away. The mom was none too happy with me though and I had to make a mad dash for a tree until she decided to move on. I found some wild lettuce and something that looked edible and grabbed that too. Then I went over to the north beach and dug up some clams with my cool knife stick. I rounded everything up and took it back to the beach for cooking. I rigged up a nice spit for the pig and rounded up some wood. The monocular on the ship was busted but I pulled out the lenses and used them to start the fire. I didn't take long before the smell brought the girls running. I told them that cooking this way was going to take a while so they took me to the area that they picked out for the shelter.

There was a tree that was squatted out in four directions about ten feet up. I sent the women out to pick reeds and elephant leaves and I started hauling the lumber over. The ropes on the ship were pretty much gone but there were plenty of pulleys on board. A few vines and I was set. Before long I had a good floor to walk across and I was setting up walls with bamboo poles. I went to check the roasting pig and put the clams around the rocks lining the fire pit. Having all the framework done on the house, I decided that having more then one room would be convenient, and just look cool, like the Swiss Family Robinson. It took a little work, but I got too more floors laid out in neighboring trees before dinner.

Jessie and JoanI were a pleasant site walking back to the beach. My eyes rocked back and forth with the sway of their tits as they walked closer. They sat down cross-legged at the fire and I had a hard time concentrating. Our previous fun and games had left me wanting and now there were two pussies staring right at me. I was having a difficult time looking the girls in the eye and my cock was in danger of stretching out over the fire as I got the meal ready. The women were amazed at how the food tasted and apparently the green stuff I picked was edible cuz we didn't die. I knew that we would have to start being efficient with the animals we killed because our lack of clothes would be an issue under the tropical sun, and bone tools would be a big help too. I grabbed a roasted ham and cut some off for each of the girls and I ate off the bone. The most we had for plates yet was a bleached board that I hadn't used yet. We split up the clams, and though I've had better, I was hungry. The girls had collected enough elephant leaves and bundled them to do the first room, so we started putting in the ceiling. Layering it just right took some doing but by bedtime we had it done. It was strange not having anything to cover up with but I had a naked woman on either side of me. I wasn't complaining.

Well maybe a little. I had still had not had any relief from our activity during the day and my cock hadn't gone down in the last hour. JoanI had rolled away a little but Jessie had snuggled her ass up against my thigh and was sleeping on my arm. The feel of her soft skin was too inviting and I did a little half roll until I was spooning her. I kissed the outside of her shoulder and then moved an inch closer to her neck and did it again. The next kiss, my tongue slid out and wet my lips a little and tasted her shoulder at the same time. The day's salt on her was like an aphrodisiac. My tongue slipped out a little further and I made a wet line to her neck. Jessie started to stir and I kissed her neck softly as my free arm wrapped around her body and cupped her tit and I felt her nipple stiffen under my fingers. As I kissed my way up her neck I felt her hand cover mine and press it to her. I sucked her earlobe into my mouth and her back arched and my cock slipped between her thighs. When she gasped and opened her eyes, I put a hand to her mouth, to keep her from waking JoanI. She looked at me and smiled silently as I rolled her onto her stomach and started kissing my way down her back. I buried my face into her ass and as I worked my way down, I raised her up on her knees and slid in behind her. The head of my cock was drawn to her opening like a magnet and I slid it up and down between those bare pussy lips. Jessie started rotating her ass, encouraging me to enter her and I complied.

There is no deion that would do the feeling of her pussy justice, but I almost drew blood biting my lip trying not to make a sound as I entered her. I only got the head and a couple inches into her on the first try, and eased out until just the head was parting her inner lips. The second thrust got me three quarters of the way in and she started to work with me to get the last couple inches inside her. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't avoid the rhythmic slaps of our bodies coming together from this position as I looked over to see JoanI still sleeping. My cock was totally engulfed by Jessie's pussy walls and it was so tight that it didn't feel like it would let go after the magic moment. I turned Jessie again in hopes of going even deeper inside her. I raised her leg up over my shoulder. JoanI was stirring so I started moved painfully slowly in and out of Jessie's pussy. Jessie's eyes were glued to JoanI and her teeth were clenched as I buried my cock so deep into her that I thought my balls would get sucked in too. I pressed my hips up tight against Jessie's pussy and ground us together and rotated my hips, moving my cock in circles inside her until I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled all but the head of my cock out of her and pushed all the way back in over and over again. Jessie's mouth dropped open and little moan's were coming out.

I let Jessie's leg slide to the floor and leaned close to her ear. "Tell me to cum in your pussy...I won't till you tell me too...".

Jessie looked over at JoanI and then at me with the most beautiful look of ecstasy on her face. I could feel the walls her pussy start to tremble and I knew that she couldn't hold out much more. She grabbed me and tried to pull me closer to her, but I stayed away. She bared her teeth at me and I stifled a laugh. She looked again at JoanI and said, "Cum in me NOW!", quietly but with emphasis. I started sliding my cock into her with emphasis. I pulled my body back and rocked forward on my arms, driving my cock into her again and again. Our bodies were slapping together and Jessie threw her legs around my back. I felt my balls release and it was like the air left my whole body. My cock shot over and over deep into Jessie's pussy. Jessie's whole body tensed hard and her pussy walls locked hard on my cock. As I pulled back, Jessie's pussy pumped excess cum out between her legs. Jessie's hips rocked and let go twice more with after shocks. I kissed my way up her stomach and between her tits and her neck. I kissed her lips and slid my tongue deep into her mouth, slowly withdrew, and rolled to the side. I looked over at JoanI and it appeared that she hadn't woke up, except that her hands were now firmly planted between her legs. I lay on my back and Jessie snuggled up to my side again with her head on my shoulder and was asleep again in seconds.

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2015-02-28 04:27:41
Yes the author does. Notice the 2 at the end of the title. This is part 2, part 1 (same title except a 1 instead of a 2). Gives many details. Some like how they knee each other isn't part of part 1.


2013-04-19 15:30:16
I have a problem with this there is no introduction is to how they became shipwreck (no storm ) (no reef to hit) nothing there just there out in the big blue ocean. There on an island with animals to hunt. To me that is way to easy no details ...

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