Ok sorry about that 'last chapter' bit. I messed up. I really meant to end the story in Chapter 6 but that chapter turned out to be so long I really have to break it up. I went Harry Potter on you guys I know :P
I wake up slowly. It takes me a while to connect to the real world again. I realize I feel happier than ever. He has attached his entire naked body to me.
Clinging to my warm body with his arms and legs. His hair is in full sleep mode now. Covering his face and sticking out on every side. Softly I wipe them aside, revealing this cute small face.
He looks completely passed out. Breathing slowly.

I turn my body to his as slow as I can. Making sure he stays asleep. I stroke his side softly. He is warm and sweaty and feels so soft. I just look into his face for a long time. Counting his freckles.
Unable to resist his morning thickened lips I kiss him. He wakes shortly. Mumbling random words and passes out again, but with a small smile.

My morning wood is pressing uncomfortably against his slender legs. It almost feels like a violation of his innocence, my hard cock resting on his smooth young legs.
The weird taste in my mouth brings back the memories of his cute ass. I sigh deeply, kiss his warm cheek and taste his breath shortly. Carefully I get out of bed. I wrestle myself from his warm embrace and clamber over him. I accidentally drag our blanket aside. When I turn to cover him again my heart stops for a seconds. I’m blown away by his beauty.
The morning light makes his smooth body radiate yellow light. The careful light shows off his perfect body. There isn’t a dimple or scar anywhere to be found. His skin is wrapped so tightly around his slender body. No hair no spots, nothing but hairless silky smooth skin from his small cute toes to his angelic face. Even the package that is warmed by his erotic thighs is just perfect. So tight and clean.

When I left the bed his body took on the pose of a mix between a cute boy and erotic porn star. Legs spread softly with one knee up to his side. His cute face is leaning on one hand and the other is above his head. His long blond hair has fallen over his face again, so all I can see are his thick lips and cute nose sticking out.
I get an urge to kiss him all over. Starting at his toes and ending at his mouth. But I don’t want him to wake up. He is gone far in a deep peaceful sleep.
I walk towards my door for a shower but at the last moment I turn around again. I grab my phone and start taking pictures of him. Making sure I will never forget him like this. He is just sheer perfection. That perfect mix between erotic and innocence. Once I have the perfect picture I cover him gently with my blanket again and kiss him one last time before I leave him.

After my shower I walk downstairs in my bathrobe for breakfast.
My parents are already awake and set up the breakfast table. The tell me to wake up my brother but I refuse. Telling them he needs some extra sleep.
My dad thanks me for taking care of him last night while my mom tells me it’s my fault anyway. For letting him play those scary video games on my computer.
I try to explain to her it probably wasn’t caused by games but she wouldn’t have it. In the end she got so upset she told me that as long as I let him play those games I would have to take care of him whenever he has nightmares.
I did my best to hide my happiness when she told me that.

After I had my breakfast I collect some bread on a plate and go to my room again to bring my cute brother his breakfast.
He has kicked the blankets off him and has that same erotic pose as I left him. Only now he is troubled by morning wood. His cute stiffy is standing up erotically, slowly bouncing up and down my his breathing.
I set the plate next to him on the floor and finally give in to my urge. I lift up a cute foot and kiss it softly, after that I kiss his ankle, then his legs. I trail his entire body. Kissing him every time his silky smooth skin tickles my lips. Softly I grab his throbbing stiffy and jerk him awake. Letting his skin run up and over his pink head, only to pull it down again. I can see he is starting to wake, but pretends to sleep. He grunts softly and keeps his eyes closed. Thinking he needs more sleep I stop.
But my hand is caught by his small one. Pulling my back to his warm crotch.
I cannot help but smile when I give him what he wants.

I jerk him faster now. Nudging his body to an orgasm. He claps both hands around mine, forcing me to masturbate his small cock as fast as I can. He doesn’t open his eyes. Not even when he comes to a controlled yet rough orgasm. He spasms as he always does. Kicking his legs forward and arching his back, pushing his soft crotch against my hand with all his force.
Even though I can feel the strong pulse in his body only two drops of his lovely white grey juice leaks out of his small pink head. Broken by the morning his quiet moans are more grunts of pleasure.
When his orgasm is over he finally opens his eyes.

I wonder if he realizes how ridiculously erotic he is when he sits upright but keeps his legs spread.
Keeping his softening cute cock in clear view.
He rubs the sleep from his eyes and looks at me with a great smile. He mumbles something.
“What?” I softly ask him.
He talks louder now but still his voice is broken by sleep. “From now on you’ll wake me up like this every day.” He jests and falls over, laying his head on my shoulder and pretends to fall asleep again.
I hug him tightly. “I brought you breakfast.” I tell him.
I feel his cute lips on my neck. “You are cute.” He tells me but keeps leaning on me.
Softly I push him off me so I can hand him his plate. His eyes are closed and he is rocking back and forward. I turn him to the edge of his bed. He lets me position him like a robot. Not moving himself.

I set the plate on his lap and grab his cute hand. I place his hand on a slide of bread and close mine. Together we bring it to his face. When I try to feed him he keeps his lips closed. I see his teasing smile appear.
“Here comes the train.” I joke and push the bread against his face. He keeps his lips closed still.
“Ok here comes the plane.” I try again but he doesn’t move.
“Pretend it’s my cock.” I say. He can’t pretend any longer and laughs heartily. He opens his smiling eyes now. “Your cock doesn’t taste that good.” He jokes.
“Still tastes better than you ass” I retort.

Laughing out loud he quickly removes the plate and tackles me. We fall over onto the floor. We wrestle gently, rolling back and forward, pinning each other down only to kiss erotically and roll over again.
I end up sitting on top of him. Catching his arms between my legs and his body. We are panting exhausted. I grab the plate and softly feed him his breakfast.
Once he is full I keep him pinned down and take my cock out of my tight jeans. He is laughing when I push my soft cock in his cute face. He tries to dodge it and turns his face away while I keep poking him with my soft cock. After a while he accepts it. Opening his mouth and he sucks softly on me. Hardening my cock with his small tongue.
Once I’m fully aroused I can’t push it in him anymore. So I release him from my grip and sit back with my legs spread.
He rolls over on his belly and crawls to my crotch enthusiastic. He gets in his wonderful investigative rhythm. He jerks on my cock softly and pulls the skin down. He kisses the underside of my throbbing head. Licks it, then sucks it in, tastes my cock and pulls it out again to jerk it softly. Over and over in a slow steady rhythm. He loses himself in it. Both his feet are dangling in the air, back and forth.
“So what did you think of last night?” I ask him.
He shrugs, not taking his tongue off my cock.
“Did you like it?”
He nods now. “Yeah it felt really good. Plus you really made me cum.” He adds proudly.
“Doesn’t your butt hurt now?” I ask him gently while I caress his warm bum.
He first sucks on my cock softly before he looks up to me with a smile. “Not really, it does feel a bit funny now.” He says and wiggles his cute butt.
After that I let him pleasure me to an orgasm.

Once I’m close I ask him if it’s ok if I cum in his mouth. He refuses.
“Last night I nearly choked on it you know.” He replies.
“Ok ok, but how about I aim in in your mouth, is that ok?”
He nods quickly and positions his cute mouth in front of my cock. “Let me do it” I tell him.
I fold my legs under me and sit up, forcing my young brother in a doggy positions. I gently push him aside a little so we are in front of the mirror.
Now I have two perfect views. I can see his butt up high, showing off his pink hole in the reflection of my mirror. Looking down I see an eager young boy opening his mouth right in front of my hard cock. Waiting patiently for my dose of seed.
Eyes flashing back and forward between the two erotic sights I cum fast and hard.
The first spray leaks perfectly into his mouth. The seconds gushes onto the floor. Luckily he is fast to bend forward, collecting the rest of my cum right from the tip. I hear him swallow and he winces a little. I feel like I’m on top of the world when I hear how my cum leaves he mouth and enters his stomach. He eagerly sucks the last of my cum right from my pulsating cock.

Afterwards he sits upright. He doesn’t look happy at all. Like he is pouting. I suddenly feel regret.
Before I can apologize he grabs my shirt and pulls his face to mine. Softly he presses his thick lips on mine. The moment I open my mouth to accept his tongue he pushes a big dose of my own cum into my mouth and retracts his head. I’m completely taken by surprise. Nearly chocking I swallow my own bitter cum away with a rigid face. He presents that beautiful and enraging mischievous smile of his. With his big blue eyes screaming of pleasure and fun.
“Since you keep making me swallow your cum I thought you might want it as well right?” He says, trying to keep his voice under control from laughing.
Still looking at me teasing he stands up and shakes his bum.
“Shower time!” He yells and runs off before I can retaliate.
While I hear him hymn one of his child songs in the shower I wipe the last cum of my cock and fall onto the bed.
While looking at the pictures I had taken that morning I realize I have fallen hopelessly in love with him. It’s a wonderful yet frightening thought. I try to think about the consequences it might have.
Luckily it’s my brother I have fallen in love with. For the moment I actually get scared of what might happen if the world finds out he rushes into my room wearing only a towel.
One he discards quickly and he clambers fully naked on top of me. With a great sigh he leans onto my chest, grabbing my shirt tightly with his small hands.
“Let’s stay like this for a while” he softly says.
I couldn’t agree more.

We got more daring in the weeks following. Summer was right around the corner so the increasing heat was a great explanation for why me and my brother were wearing only underwear.
During our sexual moment I placed a shoe right in front of my door. Preventing my mom from catching us should she try to enter at the wrong moment, yet also giving a great excuse for why she can’t enter my room. Video game noises were a great cover for the loud girlish moans my brother made whenever I brought him to a screaming orgasm.
Anal play slowly became a regular thing.
Even though he had accepted my finger with pleasure that first night, the first time after that he asked me stop before my first knuckled had disappeared in his tight pink hole. So I took my time with him. I licked him over and over until my mouth felt dry and his hole was dripping with spit. Only then would I enter his warm body with a finger. Over the weeks he loved it more and more. First he would ask me to stop, later he would beg me to continue.
The only problem I had was self-control. When I licked him, or spread his cute hole with my tongue it wasn’t much of a problem.
But when his crotch was laying on a pillow, showing off his softly throbbing pink hole all I could think of was pressing my cock into him. Seeing how his hole would resist as my thick wet cock would disappear into him. Poke him from every angle with my finger, making him moan and squirm when I tickled his insides, drove me to a point where I just had to look away from his shuddering small body.
I was worried what would happen if I did lose control. Like it had happened that very first day I jerked him. More than once did I lay my cock between his bums. Luckily it looked just unreal. My dark thick cock between those beautiful innocent white bums. I did pleasure my cockhead by rubbing it over his hole. Whenever I felt myself lose control I quickly grabbed his soft skin and pushed it together. I would fuck him, but didn’t enter. I just used his hairless silky skin to bring myself to an hard and intense orgasm. Shooting my sperm between his bums and over his spiny back. Making him giggle hard when the warm seed sprayed over his small body.
He taught me the dirtiness of my violation of his virgin ass by forcing me to lick it clean whenever I did cum onto his bums. My tongue would make him moan in pleasure when it rasped over his pink hole, licking my bitter seed of his sweet opening. He would yell, moan and scream when I teased him by pushing that same seed into his tight ass. Tasting him strongly mixed with my own.

Every time he walked into my room. Either naked or clothed, it always ended up in a fit of arousal. Our two bodies fighting for pleasure. Somehow we both knew we were just waiting for the right time. The perfect moment where our bodies would fully come together.

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