So this is the final chapter as far as my story goes. I didn't write an epilogue on purpose. I want to leave the world of these two cute brother open for all you readers to fantasize or write about. The fact that my story is done doesn't mean I'm done writing. If any of you has a good (or naughty) idea for a story. Either based on this series on just something completely new, send me a p.m. If it strikes the right amount of inspiration with me I will happily write a story of it. Oh and thanks all of you for all your positive comments and p.m.'s.
I woke up very slowly. I had been in a deep sleep. I tried to yawn but was shocked when I made a loud moan instead. My crotch was very warm and wet. Did I have a wet-dream?
My mind was still half asleep when the world started to make sense. I was sweating.
Looking down I saw a big bulge in my blanket that was going up and down. My crotch, belly, cock, everything felt good and electric.
I tugged the blanket off me to reveal my young brother on his knees between my legs. He was looking up to me with that mischievous twinkle in his eyes. He tried to smile but my cock was stuffed in his mouth. His thick lips were spread by my shaft, unable to make him smile.
He made a strong suck on my cock. I softly moaned and felt how my pre-cum ended in his mouth.
He withdrew and strings of saliva and pre-cum connected his thick lips with my cock. With a smiled he sucked it in and swallowed.
“Morning!” He yelled way too loud. With his arms spread he flung himself on top of me.
He spread his legs and sat down on my belly. He was naked and his cute little stiffy and small balls were resting on my chest. He bounced up and down making me groan.
“First day of summer! First day of summer!” He exclaimed. Before I could stop him he pressed his pre-cum ridden lips on mine and forced his tongue in my mouth. He whirled it around, spreading the taste of my own cock in my mouth.
After that he jumped up and ran out of my room.
“Jesus.” I complained and slowly got up. My head was pounding and so was my cock. My mind was a confusion with erotic thoughts and sleep.

In a daze I walked to the closet and randomly grabbed a pair of boxers. The moment I wanted to put them on my brother charged back into the room. His stiffy was bouncing up and down violently by his movement. He jerked the boxer from my hands and tossed them away.
“Not needed silly. First day of summer! Mom and dad won’t be home until late!”
Before his shouting made sense he had left the room again. Slowly I walked to the mirror. I felt to happy when I saw his spit run down my hard cock. I secretly hoped he would wake me up more often with his mouth. Without the shouting though.
I stretched myself a few times and wanted to walk downstairs when he danced into my room once more.
“It get’s better!” He exclaimed. He was holding a note and jumped up and down, stuffing it into my face. I quickly grabbed it from him but turned to him before reading it.
“Have you been drinking dad’s coffee again?” I asked.
He quickly shook his head.
“I’m just happy! No more school!” He yelled and ran off. Only after his bouncing cute butt was out of my sight did I read the note.
My parents wouldn’t be back until after dinner. I had to cook for me and my brother. That was good news. An entire day naked with my brother. My heart jumped at the thought.

I made my way downstairs. He was already sitting at the kitchen table eating his cereals. I got a bowl and filled it as well. I sat down in front of him. At first we just ate our breakfast but after a while he stopped eating. His elbow was leaning on the table and he lay his head in his palm. With his cocked head he looked at me for a while and then that smile of his appeared on his face. That mischievous twinkle sparked in his eyes and I wondered what he was planning now.
I didn’t have to wait long to find out. While I was still eating my cereals I felt a tiny foot touch my leg. Slowly it creeped along my thigh until it hit my cock. He nearly disappeared under the table, having to stretch himself so his foot cock reached my cock. He was still smiling at me.
He used his barefoot to roll my cock over my belly. In seconds it was hard. It felt really good. I did my best to ignore it and eat my breakfast. From the corner of my eye I could see he was biting his lip, focusing on his job. I started to sweat. He really made me horny now.
I still managed to finish my breakfast without moaning.

When my bowl was empty I softly nudged his foot aside and grabbed my cock tightly. I stood up and walked over to him. He had his ‘whatcha gonna do’ face on. The only thing I said to him was “Breakfast” with a smile and held my cock in front of him. He understood it.
Obediently he opened his mouth right beneath my cock. I aimed for his small tongue and squeezed my cock. A dose bigger than I had expected left my cock and fell right on his tongue. A nice string of pre-cum lay on him in several curves when he retracted and swallowed.
I felt so proud of him when he swallowed away my juices with a smile. He looked up to me with his pleading eyes and I offered him my cock again. I pulled my foreskin away, revealing my pre-cum leaking cockhead and let him lick it clean. His little tongue made quick work of it and he swallowed it all away.

After that I let him finish his breakfast while I crouched behind him. He hadn’t showered yet and the air was heavy with his sweet boy smell. When I kissed his soft neck and nibbled on his ear I realized that this was how it all started.
I closed my eyes and with pleasure remembered how I had played with his body for the first time. How I brought him to a shivering orgasm by playing with that cute little toy between his small legs.
I started doing it again. I touched his naked body everywhere. Stroke his sides and squeezed his thighs. I poked, pulled squeezed and pleasured his little stick while he did his best to eat his cereal.

When he was nearly done he shook my hands off him and quickly clambered onto the kitchen table.
He stood up and grabbed his little bouncing cock. With his daring smile he said “Breakfast”.
I laughed softly and stood up as well so my face was on the same height as his stiffy. I pushed my tongue out and held it right under his cock. I saw him squeeze and a nice warm feeling hit my tongue.
I whirled it around in my mouth, spreading his taste before I swallowed. After that he crouched for a kiss. I quickly took some pre-cum off my cock and spread it over his lips. He did the same with his.
We licked and kissed each others lips clean, tasting ourselves and each other.
We never broke our kissing. He moved himself to the edge of the table and hugged me. I lifted him up and carried him to the bathroom while tasting his mouth with my tongue.

We took a long bath where he sat on my lap. I pleasured his stiffy in the warm water till he warned me he was about to cum. I didn’t let him.
Without talking we had agreed to save our orgasm to the perfect moment. We still had an entire day in front of us.

When we were both dried up we played some video games. Of course we both pleasured and teased one another during this. We edged each other so many times we ended up in a weird dreamlike haze of arousal. My mind was fighting to keep control, he was just out there. His eyes were constantly weird out of focus while he moaned and cried in pleasure whenever I played with his body.

We lost our interest in the games and when I pressed on his tight hole he asked me if I could do that in front of the mirror.
“Why?” I asked.
“I wanna see what it looks like.”
“You butt?” I laughingly asked him.
“Yes, no, I mean, what it looks like when you put your fingers in there.” He answered.
I saw that even with a mirror it would be difficult, so instead of using that I set up the webcam for him. I grabbed my pillow and lay it under his belly, so his bums were up high towards the cam.
After hitting the record button I took my time in filling his ass with my fingers. Starting with the tip of my little finger until I had two fingers all the way in. I was as slow as my mind would let me, searching for that hidden pleasure spot deep in his warm tight ass.
He shivered and moaned softly. He sounded so cute, so innocent and girly whenever I pressed my fingers as deep as they could go. In the end both my fingers were all the way in. He was breathing deeply but he wasn’t squirming and I could feel his insides gripping me tightly.

I pulled out and stopped the recording. I let him catch his breath before I played it back. He slowly came back to the world and turned around so he faced the screen.
I sat down beside him and massaged his back while on my computer his little bums were showing off. My room filled with the electric moans of my young brother that was acting like a porn star on the cam. He was mesmerized by the sight of his own butt being stretched and filled by my fingers.
When we reached the end he gasped in surprise and pride when he saw I had managed to get both my fingers all the way in.

“Wha…” He started to ask me, but the video was done and my media player showed that useless screen with ‘Recently played’ videos. Of course it was nothing but porn.
He was distracted by it. Then he turned his face to me and had that ‘naughty’ look on his face. He giggled. “What are those?” he asked me with a big smile on his face.
I couldn’t help but blush a little.
“Adult films.” I told him.
“Can I watch one?!” He asked.
I sighed. “Why not…” I replied.

He randomly clicked one and that awful porn music started playing. It was a good film though.
The moment the two twinks started kissing and sucking my brother was happily surprised that they ‘were like us’.
I couldn’t help but giggle. He was impressed by the film and kept asking me if they were brothers as well. And why they were making so much noise. Halfway through I got my own idea.
“Is it ok if I record how you play with my thing?” I slowly asked him.
He shrugged first, still with his eyes glued to the screen, and then distantly agreed.
Immediately I started thinking of how and where I should record it. But before I made up my mind he stopped watching the film and turned to me.
“Let’s eat first, I’m really hungry.” He said.
I was getting late and my own stomach felt empty. Actually it was a good idea. By the time we were done we would be soft. I could record how he made me hard and he got himself hard in the progress.
I nodded to him and stopped the film. “Wanna cook together?” I offered him. He happily nodded and jumped off the bed.

I was looking in the fridge for food while he cleaned the kitchen table. I saw two pizza bottoms.
“Wanna make some pizza?” I asked.
“Yes!” He yelled. Before I could grab the pizza’s he attacked me from behind and hugged me tightly. I nearly fell forward into the fridge. “I want pizza” I heard him say to my back.
I did my best to ignore him and walked to the table. He kept hugging me so I drag him halfway over the floor. I unwrapped one bottom and lay it in the middle of the table. He released his grip when I turned to the fridge to get the sauce and cheese. “What do you want on your pizza?” I asked.
I didn’t get a response but instead heard some racket.
I turned and saw he had climbed onto the table and had lain down on the pizza. He was rubbing his butt onto the dough.
“Me!” he exclaimed.
I laughed over his silliness. I quickly grabbed the cooking apron that was hanging near the stove and put it on me.
“Ah, so today we are going to make boy-pizza” I said with a fake French accent, pretending to be one of those tv-chefs.
He giggled loudly and pressed his butt more firmly on the dough.

I walked over to him.
“First you need fresh boy sauce.” I said to the invisible camera and nudged him to turn over. I positioned him in a doggy position with his stiffy hovering over the dough. With one hand I softly caressed his hole and with my other I made milking motions over his little cock. It didn’t take long before a nice thick drop of pre-cum landed in the soft dough.
“Make sure it’s spread nice and easy.” I said still in my role. I pushed him down until his crotch was on the pizza. I gently rolled him back and forward, spreading his sweet juice with his hard cock.
I let him lay there and went to the fridge to grab some vegetables and butter.
“The key for a nice soft boy-pizza is butter”. I said to no-one and pressed my finger in the butter and then onto his hole.
“Noo that’s dirty!” He laughingly protested when I buttered his butt. But when my greasy finger disappeared into that pink opening he moaned loudly and stopped his protest. He didn’t feel so tight with the butter so I gently fucked him with my finger. With my other hand I buttered up a carrot.
It was a pre-cleaned one so it was nicely soft and round.
Before he knew what I was doing I had replaced my finger with the carrot. Even though it was a thick one it went in easily.
“Aaaah it’s cold!” he giggled.
I turned to his face. “You need your veggies if you want to grow up to a big boy like me” I teased him and pressed the carrot in deeper.
He kept making noises between a giggle and a moan. He tried to push it out and I let him until only the tip was in him. Then in one fluid motion I pressed it back as far as I could. He moaned loudly, giggled and pushed it out again.
I kept this up until his cute moans started to turn into sounds of orgasm. I quickly pulled it out. I wanted to save his orgasm to the last moment.
Without really thinking I took a bite off the warm carrot. I made a show of tasting it and swallowed.
“Ah yes nearly ready” I said in my fake accent. I teased him by holding the carrot in front of his face.
To my surprise he lifted his head and took a big bite of it. My heart stopped for a second, he looked so dirty and erotic when I saw him chew on the vegetable that he had warmed with his own ass.
I took a deep breath and continued our game.
The cucumber was next. I buttered it up quickly. In the fridge it had looked like a small one, but when I pressed the tip on his pink hole it looked like it was never going to fit.
Still I applied some pressure. Perhaps it was all the foreplay I had done, or the butter, but it went in.
Not very smoothly and I heard him make a soft cry, but his hole opened up until it was wide enough for the green toy.
I only pushed it in a few inches and waited to a reaction. He was quiet.
When I looked at his face I saw he was gone in a world of pleasure. His eyes were open but had that weird out of focus look. His mouth was apart and his lips were almost girly red in arousal.
He was drooling a little.
“You ok?” I softly asked him. No response.

I walked over to his face. I kept the cucumber in but didn’t move it. I kissed his cheek and asked him again. “Hey is it ok?”
Very slowly he nodded. Then, softly, I felt him move his butt. He pressed it upwards, forcing the cucumber deeper into him. The sound the buttered vegetable made along the skin of his hole was erotic. With my other hand I removed the apron and offered the nearly passed out boy my cock.
Instead of sucking me he started kissing my cock.
It was beautiful. Very slowly he kissed my head with his thick soft lips. Over and over while his butt was filled with the food.
Everything happened so slowly. It took at least 5 seconds for every inch that the cucumber moved.
He made long kisses on my head, whenever I leaked pre-cum his small pink tongue would appear to lick it off. I’m not sure how long we stayed like this, but at some point the moment was just there.
We didn’t speak but both moved like in a dream. I took the cucumber out and moved to the side of the table. I quickly placed a chair sideways and pulled him towards me.
I gently placed his knees on the chair, so only his upper body was over the table.

I took a long look at him. At my young brother in a waiting position. I saw his buttered hole was throbbing gently, above it was this spiny back that led to his cute face that was all red and sweaty now. From the corner of his eyes he was looking at me, there was pleasure in there as well as love.
I lay my thick cock on his small back and kept staring at him, asking for permission.
He took a deep breath and softly said “Be careful”.
I nodded and caressed his back. He closed his eyes and I saw him bite on his lower lip in anticipation.
I spread some button on my throbbing cock. I placed my tip right onto his waiting opening. I nearly pushed but changed my mind. Carefully I pulled my foreskin back so I had direct contract between his pink hole and my cockhead. I wanted to feel him open.

I pushed. It was something unbelievable. He was tight so I had to keep a grip on my cock to get it in. All the muscles in his body tightened up and for every inch he cried loudly. I kept looking down. The sight of my cock spreading his pink hole was unreal. I felt my cock going in. I saw my cock going it.
Every part of his inner body was gripping me. He felt so warm inside.
I stopped when I felt him get even tighter. His cries turned into squirms. There were still some inches left of my cock, but it really felt as if I could go no further. I didn’t mind.
His heartbeat was pounding on my cock. Every pulse gripped my cock.
I let my cock go now that it was securely in his white small butt and grabbed his sides. It was just unbelievable how my cock was buried in his slender small boy. His body was more relaxed now that I had stopped moving, but he was gripping the edge of the table so tight his knuckled had turned to white.

I wanted to comfort him by gently kissing his sweaty neck. But I wasn’t careful enough. When I bent over I pushed my cock further in.
“No take it out, take it out.” He suddenly yelled. Quickly but gently I pulled my cock out of my shivering brother.
When my cock was fully out his hole was throbbing fast and remained slightly open. I quickly got some extra butter and gently massaged the no longer virgin opening. I kissed his butt cheeks a few times. It tasted like the pizza dough.
I got up and placed the tip of my cock on his hole again. “I won’t push it in so deep now ok?” I gently told him.
He nodded faintly and closed his eyes again.
It went in easier this time. He was still tight, but my cock slid in nicely. This time his soft screams sounded like moans again. When my cock was halfway in I stopped, making sure I wasn’t going too deep. Now I could bent over and kiss his neck and cheek while I felt his ass grip my crotch tightly.
I couldn’t help but stroke and touch his sides and legs. It was so unreal to have my cock inside this small boy. My own little brother. My heart was pounding, in pleasure and excitement.
“Are you ok?” I whispered. He nodded more fiercely now and opened his eyes. To my shock they were teary but he had a great smile on him. Then he even giggled softly. I could hear a faint moan in it as well. He wiggled his butt very softly.
“It’s really in me right?” He said with so much pride in him.
My heart melted. I pushed my arm under him and wrapped it around his chest.
Slowly I pulled him upright, away from the table and close to me. I had to bend my knees a little so my cock wouldn’t go in further.
I hugged him so tightly and kissed his cheek over and over. When I was done kissing he looked at me.
“How does it feel in there?” He softly asked.
I kissed his lips once and then answered “Kind of like this” I told him and moved my hands to his crotch. With one hand I steadied him and pulled his foreskin back, my other hand, that was covered in butter, I made a firm grip around his exposed cockhead. I moved it back and forward very slowly. The butter eased the direct touch on his cock. He moaned so loudly and shivered.

When I stopped I asked him the same.
“How does it feel?” I said with a smile.
I regretted it right away. His eyes got that damn mischievous twinkle and I knew I was in trouble. Still he answered me.
“Like this” he said and opened his mouth for a kiss. Happily I brought my face closer, waiting for the taste of this thick lips and warm mouth. Before I could react he shot up and bit down hard on my lower lip, at the same time he forced his hips back, making my cock go in deeper than before.
Now it was my turn to make a sound between pleasure and pain. Except it didn’t stop. He was so tight every heartbeat felt like electricity pumping around my cock.
Every breath I made was a moan. I lost all control.
My grip on him got tighter and he let my lip go. He kept his mouth on mine and softly licked the painful spot. I started jerking him fast and finally I let my hips do what they want.
I started fucking him. Not too fast and not too deep, but I pressed my cock in his cute round butt over and over. His insides caressed every inch of my cock so tightly, so warm and soft.
He had wrapped his arms around mine, keeping him tightly against my body. I was shaking violently still my hips kept pumping back and forward. Making my cock slide along his inner sides.
Even though he was yelling loudly he kept hugging me, kept his ass in the right spot for me to fuck.

I felt it. I felt a day of edging, months of waiting, and all my love and arousal for my young brother built up in my body. I wanted to warn him but every sound I could make were moans of pleasure.
My hips slowed down but the pumping was harder. My body spasmed in a weird way, every movement was a strong and long push in him. I withdrew in a short stroke and pushed my cock deep into him, feeling how his small body welcomed my cock with a tight warm grip.
I felt a shot of electricity run painfully through my balls and shoot out into him.
I came hard.
With every push of my cock in his ass I felt my body spray seed into him. In a slow but violent motion.
Over and over cum shot out in long sprays. I even thought I could hear it fill him up.
He felt it and lost it.
I could feel his nails digging into my skin and he threw his head on my shoulder, looking up to the ceiling. With every dose of cum I shot into him he screamed. When I withdrew my cock he took a large breath, getting ready for the next pump and next scream.
Seed started leaking out and I felt the warm stream running down my balls. Still my body kept pumping. Making sure every drop of cum left my body and entered his.

When it was finally over he sagged forward and I let him down gently back onto the table. My hand was wet and warm. His young seed was running down my fingers and leaking onto the kitchen table. I could feel the faint throbbing of his orgasm still linger in his stiffy.
Softly I released my tight grip on him. His stiffy fell on the table and I heard him moan very softly.
I raised myself again and looked down.
Before I pulled my cock out I took one last look. At my young blond slender brother that was still in his erotic position. Laying on the table with his ass up and legs spread, welcoming my thick cock. I could see his legs were shaking a little. I still couldn’t believe it when I looked at this soft small thighs and round butt that was spread apart by my still throbbing cock.
I pulled it out gently and slowly, he squirmed only a little when my cockhead finally left his hole.
A thick stream of cum now gushed out and it landed with a soft pat on the chair.

I bent forward again and wiped his sweaty hair aside so I could kiss his cheek. He was breathing heavily but looked ok. Slowly he rolled over and I helped him sit up on the edge of the table.
His crotch was sticky with his own stuff, and I spread his legs a little so I could really see my own seed leak out of my little brother.
We hardly talked but just looked at each other. I was just filled with love for him, but also worried I might have hurt him. He looked like he had just slept for an entire day. Hair sticking out everywhere and eyes only halfway open. Yet he looked happy in a way.

Once we had caught our breath he took a soft hold of my still hard cock and pressed it alongside his belly.
“This deep huh?” He asked me.
I corrected him and showed him to what part I had got it in. He smiled proudly. I showed him the amount of his own seed that was on his belly.
“You are really starting to become a big boy now” I told him.
Afterwards we kissed and hugged. He clasped his legs around my body and carefully I carried him to the bathroom. I tried to support him by holding his butt tightly, but still we left a small trail of my cum from the kitchen to the bathroom.

I gave him the longest and slowest rub of his life. I clean every inch of his body and massaged everything. He loved it and hymned one of his favorite song the entire time.

Luckily we had only violated one pizza, so I prepared the other one while my brother was cleaning up all the cum he could find. At first he made a couple of happy comments at the amount, but after a while he grew bored of it. When he was finally done he walked over to me and crossed his arms.
Instead of looking at me he looked at my cock.
“Now you listen to me mister” he faked my mothers voice “Next time I will not allow you to spray your stuff all over the place you hear. Or you have to clean it up yourself.”
He giggled at his own joke right afterwards and hugged me.
I couldn’t help but laugh as well. However the words ‘next time’ caused a surge of happiness through me.

We sat down in front of the tv with our pizza. He wiggled himself between my legs and used my body as a chair. We fed each other the last slices of the pizza instead of eating it ourselves.
Afterwards he spread his legs a little and pushed my hand on his soft crotch. I started jerking him but he stopped me.
“Just play with me a little.” He said softly. I happily obeyed.
He fell asleep soon after.

When I carried him upstairs he woke up for a short moment. In a sleepy voice he told me he wanted to sleep in my bed.
After tucking him in I waited for my parents to come home to tell them an excuse for why he was in my bed again. I was berated by my mother when I told her we watched a scary movie.
Afterwards I could finally join my perfect little brother in bed. He woke up when I clambered next to him and he pressed himself against me. I wrapped him up in my arms and we fell asleep.

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