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This one is dedicated to my older sister. Need I say more
Laura charged through the front door to meet her younger sister Alexis sitting on the sofa watching the TV. Alexis didn’t expect her sister home so soon and was dressed in a light tank top, no bra and tight pj shorts. Laura was looking just as hot as when Alexis watched her longingly leave only an hour before. Laura’s sweet body was poured into a pair of white jeans, that showed off her perfect bubble butt. Laura was wearing a bra under a nearly see-through pink top. Both girls had light blonde hair, blue yes and the same sweet sexy nose.

"I'm through with guys!" grunted Laura as she threw her jacket onto the floor. "Yeah, me too" mumbled Alexis through a mouthful of popcorn.

Slumping down on the sofa Laura took a handful of Alexis's popcorn and began to watch the movie. She had a glazed expression on her face. Gulping down her last handful of popcorn Alexis gazed over to fifteen year old sister Laura. 'Fuck, sis is so cute when she eats.'

Laura turned to face Alexis, who was smiling at her. "You okay Lex?" Alexis's smile broke and it quickly turned into a frown. "Yeah of course I'm okay. What are you staring at?"

"Nothing...honestly it doesn't matter" muttered Laura as she reached for the remote. Alexis folded her legs beneath herself and became engrossed In the TV. It was a romance.

Halfway through the film Laura begin to cry. Alexis put her hand on her sister’s shoulder. A jolt of electricity ran down Laura's spine.

"You okay Laura?" questioned Alexis. Laura looked at her thirteen year old sister’s pretty face. Laura shook her head began to weep again. Alexis removed her hand from her shoulder and closed the gap between them. She put her arm around her sexy sister.

Laura wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and looked at Alexis. "He's dumped me Lex. Danny has dumped me." Alexis fought hard to keep back a smile.

"Don't worry sis it'll be ok, you'll find someone new, someone better…someone who deserves you." Alexis began to stroke Laura's hair slowly. Fanning it out between her fingers. "All guys are dicks Laura. You’re better off without one"

Collapsing into Alexis's arms, pressing her perky titties into her sisters smaller ones. Laura began to breathe deeply. She was fighting back the tears.

'Fuck! This feels so good!' Alexis thought, as her body pressed tightly against her sister, her hands gently cupping her perfect ass.

"I don't even know why he dumped me though Lex," Laura sniffled, "He just mumbled something about us not being compatible and then left me…" Laura began to cry harder. Her whole body shuddering with each sob.

Alexis began to rock her sister gently. "Alone In the restaurant?" questioned Alexis. Laura nodded.

"The asshole!" muttered Alexis through gritted teeth. Alexis continued to stroke Laura's hair.

"You deserve better than that sis," said Alexis as she kissed Laura on the forehead as she let one of her hands lightly caress Laura’s breast. With the other hand Alexis began to trace her fingers up Laura's spine.

'How could I be enjoying this…hugging my sister?' thought Laura. She let out a little groan of pleasure before holding Alexis at arm’s length. Alexis was stroking Laura's face with the back of her hand. Staring into Alexis's eyes, Laura saw something flicker in her eyes... was it lust?

Again Alexis threw her arms around her older sister pressing her thin body against Laura’s.

"Alexis! What the hell…" Laura's sentence stopped by Alexis's lips pressing tightly against hers.

Laura tried to push Alexis off her but Alexis gripped her by the arms and pushed her back onto the sofa.

Alexis broke the kiss. "Alexis!! What the fuck, I’m your sister? You aren't a lesbian?! Are you?" said Laura her voice trembling slightly.

"Ever wondered why I don't date guys sis?" questioned Alexis. Her eyes glinting mischievously.

Seeing the quizzical look on Laura's face Alexis nodded as if she had read her thoughts. "I want you so much sis my pussy hurts," sighed Alexis before she began kissing and nipping at Laura's neck.

"No Alexis stop…please," Laura half-heartedly tried to push her thirteen year old sister off her.

Alexis's lips pressed once again against Laura's. Her Her hand wormed its way between her sisters legs and roughly grabbed at her pussy mound through the tight jeans. Alexis’s Her tongue forced Laura's lips apart and she began to kiss her passionately and deeply. Before she even realised it Laura was returning her sisters kiss. Their tongues wound around each other like vines. 'What the fuck! I’m kissing my sister?!' Thought Laura. The kiss was deep and sensual. It seemed to last forever.

Finally Laura pushed Alexis off of her and slid off the sofa and scrambled to her feet. Alexis sat up with her legs bent beneath her. "It's not a big deal ya know sis," cried Alexis throwing her arms up into the air.

"Not a big deal!?!? NOT A BIG DEAL!" Screamed Laura. " I’m your fucking sister and you just kissed me and felt my pussy up."

"Excuse me, come on sis, at least be honest, you fucking kissed me back!" alleged Alexis as she got to her feet and walked towards Laura.

"No. No I fucking didn't," muttered Laura.

"Yes you fucking did," Alexis grinned as she put a hand on sister's shoulder; another jolt of electricity was shocked through Laura.

Laura's gasped as she felt Alexis's hand on ass then suddenly her fingers were between her legs and caressing her cunt through the damp crotch of her jeans.

"Alexis!…me," breathed Laura as she pushed Alexis once away then raced to her room and slammed the door behind her.

Alexis decided to give her sister a little space and time. She was sure that she had ignited something between them but she knew if she pushed too hard all would be lost.

She decided to make her sister one of her favorites a 1 percent milk shake, strawberry. Fifteen minutes later with milkshake in hand she arrived at Laura’s door.

"Laura can we talk? I’ve got a strawberry shake for you?" Alexis’s voice was soft and sweet.

After a moment, the door opened. Laura stood there, looking as sexy as ever. Alexis could see her stiff nipples poking out from under the pink top, and the crotch of her white jeans revealed per pussy slit.

"Oh Laura, I'm so sor-" she began but she was hushed by a finger placed gently over her lips.

"Laura you know I love…" Alexis stopped as Laura stepped closer her breathing was steady and her voice was hushed, while Alexis's breath was now ragged and hoarse.

Laura traced her finger gingerly along Alexis's jaw-line, her hand caressed her sister’s cheek as she tilted her head slightly and moved in closer until their mouths were nearly touching.

Alexis slid her hand down Laura's back, causing Laura to let out a small groan of pleasure. She spread her hand along the small of her back and guided Laura carefully towards her lithe form. Laura slit a leg between her sister’s thighs, they fit perfectly together. Alexis began to grind her leg against her sister’s pussy mound.

Laura smiled as she pressed her leg into Alexis’s cunt. Smiling Alexis groaned quietly as she began to grind against Laura. Laura took her young sister’s face in her hands and kissed her long and hard. Alexis's hand slid down past Laura's back and squeezed her inner thigh tightly causing her to moan. Laura teased Alexis's lips apart with her tongue and began to kiss her deeply. Alexis didn't respond.

'Have I gone too far?' thought Laura.

But this thought was washed away by Alexis's tongue meeting hers.

She began to return the kiss, more passionate than before. The wet heat inviting, arousing. Stroking Alexis's thigh Laura bent it around her petite form and continued to kiss and grind her pussy into Alexis’s firm thigh. Alexis slid her hand down Laura's spine and squeezed her ass hard, sending another jolt of electricity through her. Laura broke the kiss and began to moan, as Alexis slid a hand underneath Laura's shirt. Alexis tickled her sister’s midriff childishly, causing Laura to let out a little giggle.

Alexis's eyes locked with Laura and that tension was there again. Laura seemed to be glowing. Pulsating, inviting Alexis. She looked into her sister’s eyes, as if asking for permission, Laura nodded and Alexis slid off Laura's shirt and bra, revealing her firm round titties.

Alexis bent down and began kissing at Laura's titites, nipping, sucking and teasing her nipples, enticing a moan out of Laura. Laura bent her head back and moaned loudly. "Oh…Alexis, oh my lovely sister," breathed Laura.

Alexis cast her eyes up at her sister s she let her teeth scrape over her tender stiff nipples before sucking them deep into her mouth. Alexis would have sucked and licked her sister’s lovely breasts for hours had Laura not led Alexis to her bed then sat down behind her, and began to nipple at her lovely neck.

"Oh fuck Alexis, I want you so bad too," mumbled Laura into Alexis's neck, "Come here!" she grabbed Alexis around her waist and pulled her down onto the bed.

Alexis turned around to face Laura she became overwhelmed with passion. Laura smiled down at her sister and slowly took off her tank top. Alexis pushed off her pj shorts and panties to reveal her young, supple body. Laura let out a small groan as she cupped her sister’s firm little titties, giving the small pink nipples a pinch.

Alexis groaned as she unbuttoned her sister’s jeans, pulling them off and tossing them to the floor. Immediately Alexis thrust a hand inside her sister’s thong and quickly slipped a finger into Laura’s soaked cunt hole. They both let out a loud moan.

“Oh fuck, you are so beautiful little sis,” hissed Laura.

“Let me show you who is fucking beautiful,” cried Alexis, as she rolled Laura over and mounted her, carefully, and bent down to kiss her. Alexis roughly removed her sister’s thong and slammed two finger s deep into her wet cunt. Laura groaned and lifted her arms above Alexis's head and pulled her down to kiss her. Alexis gently parted Laura's lips, and their tongues met in a torrid wave of passion. As Alexis continued to pound her fingers in and out of her sister’s cunt, grinding on her clit with each stroke.

Breaking the kiss, they stared back at each other, they're breath ragged. Alexis started nipping at Laura's neck, whom tilted her head slightly giving Alexis more access. She trailed kisses down Laura stopping near her mid-riff to entice a moan out of her; she plunged her tongue deeply into Laura's navel, Laura groaned loudly. Alexis became extremely aroused by this, and continued to trail kisses down the entire length of her body, halting between her legs. She looked up at Laura, yet again. Her eyes awaiting permission.

"Are you sure you want my hot little tongue inside your cunt sis?" asked Alexis "Cause I'm not going to stop this time."

Laura nodded.

Alexis smiled, and began to tease Laura’s cunt lips apart with her tongue. She let her tongue circle her sister’s stiff little clit, flicking over the little head with abandon.

Alexis had to get inside her tongue inside her sisters pussy. Taste her, become her, but not before she brought her to the edge. Mercilessly Alexis licked and sucked at her sister’s engorged her clit.

Laura began to moan, "More you hot little bitch, more," breathed Laura.

Alexis sprawled her hand across Laura's stomach and squeezed her thigh with the other, as she continued to nip and suck at Laura flesh button. Laura's breathing became shallow and she began to breathe Alexis's name. Alexis became extremely aroused by this, and began to moan as she pleasured Laura. Her moans set small vibrations throughout Laura; who ran her hand through Alexis's hair, then pulled hard on her sister’s hair as she became more desperate to have her sister’s talented tongue deep inside her.

"Please fuck me with your tongue," begged Laura, between her moans.

Alexis was more than happy to oblige and plunged her tongue deep into Laura’s cunt. Laura began to grind her hips meeting every thrust of her sister’s tongue. Alexis continued to push her quick, tongue in and out of her sister’s dripping pussy. Laura’s breath began to quicken.

“Oh fuck, my bitch sister is going to make me cum. Oh fuck Lex don’t stop, sis, please never stop!”

As she tongue fucked her Laura hard and fast, Alexis captured her sister’s clit between her fingers and began to yank it back and forth, grinding her knuckles hard into the slick clit flesh.

Laura’s entire body began to shuddered, as high pitched wail escaped her mouth. Alexis could feel her sister’s cunt walls clam onto her tongue and she knew Laura could take no more.

Laura let out a loud screech as she humped her ass off the bed and her cunt erupted sending cum into Alexis’s mouth with such force it nearly gagged her. Swallowing hard Alexis clamped her mouth over her sister’s cunt hole and took the next cum squirt down her through ion two long gulps. After several torrents of cum that soaked Alexis’s face and tities, her sister’s climax finally subsided. She let out a big sigh of relief and began to moan quietly as Alexis lavished at the fruits that were left for her.

Laura's body began to quiver as Alexis slid up to meet her, her thighs pressed tightly in between Laura's. Alexis pressed her little cunt hard into Laura's soaked pussy. Flesh against flesh. Before Laura could catch her breath Alexis began to grind her slick pussy into hers. Laura took her young sister’s head in her hands and kissed her deeply. Laura could taste herself on Alexis, and was highly aroused by it. She slid her hand down Alexis's back enticing a moan out of Alexis. Before sliding it between her legs, and slipping her middle finger into her sisters churning cunt.
Laura began to nip and suck gently at Alexis's neck, Alexis arched towards her grinding her clit into her sisters cunt while Laura entered her from behind.

Laura couldn’t get over how tight her sisters cunt was, she slammed her finger deeper seeking that special spot that would make her sister go wild. Alexis began to rotate her narrow hips grinding down harder and pushing her cunt back onto her sister’s finger. Laura knew is she let her sister persist for just one moment more she would cum.

“Not yet you hot little bitch, I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your little girl juice!” said Laura with a wicked grin.

Laura skimmed down Alexis’s sweaty, cum soaked body. Alexis writhed beneath her.

Laura roughly spread her sister’s legs began to gently kiss at Alexis’s puffy pink cunt.

"Oh fuck Laura" breathed Alexis, as she gently guided Laura’s tongue towards her aching need.

Laura slid her tongue fiercely into her sisters sloppy little cunthole. Grabbing Alexis’s perfect little ass Laura twisted her tongue deeper into her sister’s tasty pussy.

Alexis screamed her sister’s name and rocked her hips toward Laura, meeting every stab of her lovely tongue.

Alexis bit her bottom lip as Laura continued to tongue fuck her while she scrapped her long finger nails over her sensitive little clit. Laura couldn’t believe that she had her tongue deep into her little sister’s cunt when only a short time ago she was heartbroken over a useless guy. She smiled to herself as she let her fingernails pinch her sisters little clit. Alexis groaned and thrust her little body off the bed.

Alexis looked down ad her sister, her lovely mouth clamped to her young cunt and was overcome with lust and love. How many nightrs had Alexis rubbed her wet little cunt to climaz imagining this very moment. Her want for her sister was finally being fulfilled. Now between tongue thrusts Laura nipped and sucked her sisters tiny throbbing clit. Alexis sat up and pushed Laura's head down, forcing her to tongue fuck her deep and hard. Laura hit that spot deep within Alexis, and the the young girl screetched like a cat in heat. Franticly Alexis traced her hands down Laura's back, tilting her head back, her jagged breathing returning. She humped her cunt toward Laura’s tonge, her breathing know in time with Laura's thrusts.

Alexis began to rock her hips wildly, grinding her cunt into Laura’s face. Alexis threw her head back and moan her sister’s name as she was pushed to the edge. Not being able to fight it anymore, she gave in. Laura dominated, and the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Gritting her teeth, and moaning in ecstasy. "Oh, fuck Laura, I’s going to cum all over your face!" she screamed "Laura!"
Her eyes were half lidded and retreated to the back of her head, she thrust her hips one more time and a torrent of girl juice entered Laura’s mouth, spilling out and down her chin. Alexis griped the sheets and screamed as another load of sweet creamy come squirted into Laura’s mouth, which she swallowed and moaned wanting more. Alexis squirting a third volley of teen girl cum into her sister’s wanting mouth.

Alexis fell back onto the bed her chest heaved. Laura crawled up the bed. Grinning.

Alexis's eyes were glazed, as she tried to calm her breathing. Laura rested her head in the crook of Alexis's shoulder and stretched her arm over her tight little tummy. Alexis bent her arm beneath Laura and brought her into a tight hug.

Their hot wet bodies entwined.

Laura looked up at Alexis, who's breathing had now matched hers. Alexis smiled down at Laura, and kissed her gently on the forehead.

"I Love you sis," whispered Alexis. Laura nestled against Alexis.

"I know, little sis. And I love you," Laura said with a sigh.

“Tell me, am I a better fuck than Danny?” Alexis asked with a devilish grin.
“Oh baby sis, that dick head is nothing to me. You are my lover now. And I’m going to fuck your hot little body every chance I get. But we can’t let mom find out…” Laura said then kissed her sister long and hard.

“Well, it wouldn't be so bad if mom found out. Maybe she would join us. I’ve been having fantasies about going down on mom since I saw her in the shower a few weeks back. Oh fuck, Laura I saw her shave her cunt! It made me so wet.” Alexis said pulling her sister closer.

“Oh fuck, my clit just got hard again.” Laura moaned

The two sisters giggled as they held each other closer they both drifted slowly off to sleep.


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